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Miscommunication leads to mistaken fucking.

In short order, Glenda removed her sheer robe and lay her nearly naked body down next to me on the blanket. Then something curious happened. Sara produced another blanket from her beach bag and lay it down next to me on the sand, even though there was plenty of room on our blanket next to Glenda. Then, she too removed her robe lay her tantalizing form down next to me, only a foot or so away from my already overheated flesh. With two incredibly hot and scantily clad women sandwiching me, it didn't take me long to realize the entire scenario was contrived.

With our backs to the ground, I soon felt Glenda's right hand at the top of my suit, searching for access to the erection she'd felt only an hour before. I froze, fearful that if I said or did anything, I would alert Sara to Glenda's derring-do. Without saying anything, Glenda slid her hand inside the drawstring of my suit and began rubbing the length of my semi-flaccid dick on the inside of my trunks with her baby oil glazed hand.

Soon, she was caressing my balls, and gently scratching the nail of a well-manicured index finger against the sensitive ridge around my cockhead. Then, she went back to rubbing the length of my stiffening member. An instant later, I felt Glenda's left hand untying the drawstring of my suit, and before I could do anything, she wrapped her entire right hand around my girth and began insistently jacking me off, sliding her oiled hand effortlessly up and down my length. I was fully erect now, and I knew that I had better act soon to put an end to this craziness before Sara noticed. But that was a na__ve and ultimately erroneous line of thinking.

Only moments later, I felt Sara's left hand conducting its own reconnaissance mission on the outside of my trunks. With Glenda's foray to the inside of my suit having already produced predictable results, Sara's incursion was gifted with a large and growing target for her own roving fingers.

When she realized the drawstring of my suit was already undone, she too slid her hand inside my trunks. Then, Glenda made room for her by sliding her fist to the root of stiff member, and Sara engulfed the top of my erection with her small, similarly greasy hand.

Now, I had two incredibly hot girls jacking me off simultaneously. Somehow it seemed as if the whole scene was choreographed -- each of them moving in unison, gripping me tightly, and sliding up and down my entire length. Sara's fist concentrated its stroking from the middle of my shaft until it moved up and over my sensitive glans, while Glenda followed her up until her fist bumped into Sara's, then slid downward forcefully until it bottomed out at my root -- the thickest part of my cock.

It was already too late, but I needed to say something anyway. "Jesus Christ, what are you two doing? You're gonna make me cum. Fuck!"

"Duh!" Sara joked sarcastically.

"That's the goal," said Glenda.

They had both rolled onto their sides, facing me, and now I tilted my head forward so that I could see them both smiling over their handiwork. Jesus, they were both so fucking sexy looking!

At first I was afraid that we were going to get caught, though no one on the beach was within fifty yards of us, and their two bodies were shielding their actions from anyone else. Thankfully, Glenda was facing toward the rest of the people on the beach. No one was behind her to see her bare ass cheeks, while Sara's body was blocking the view that anyone else might have had of Glenda's front side. Sara's own back side was visible to anyone on the beach, but at least her bikini bottom was somewhere in the range of acceptable propriety.

After a little while, I didn't care any more. It felt too good, and as my breathing started to quicken, I couldn't help but begin moaning softly. When I arched my back upward, both Glenda and Sara knew my orgasm was imminent.

"Fffffuuuuuccccckkkkk!" I screamed, as quietly as I could, while I began erupting, expelling gobs of thick goo all over both of the girls hands, my own

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