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"It's okay, I'm on the pill." She'd barely finished the words before his warm, hard cock was poking its way into her. Hard little jabs, further in with each dart inside. Bruce's pants were around his ankles, Jane could just see his hard butt muscles clenching up with each push. His face was scrunched up tight and Jane leaned up to hear what he was whispering.

"Need this. Oh, so long. So good! Oh, fuck yeah baby, take it!" Suddenly his jabs became harder, pushing his cock all the way inside her over and over again until she could feel his balls bouncing against her ass. He pinned down Jane's arms and her legs reflexively moved higher and further apart.

"Oh yeah, fuck me. Oh, fuck it into me! Yes your big dick is inside me, fuck me, oh fuck me so hard."

"You're a little bitch, yeah. Whore wants some dick?"

"Yes." She whined. His cock driving her into the desk. Thrust! Thrust! Thrust! Thrust!

"Your pussy feels good with my dick in it?" Jane squeezed and moaned out her answer.

"Yes! Your hard, fat cock was made to fuck me!"

"Maybe." A different voice said. "But his ass was made to be fucked by me."

Neither of them had noticed Davey use his key to unlocking the door, looking in, entering or re-locking the door behind him. They managed to stop moving, Bruce still buried balls deep inside Jane who was spread like a whore across the desk.

"Don't get up." Davey said, one hand raised palm out as he walked towards them. Bruce, his face like a deer in the headlights moved like he was going to withdraw, but lanky, long haired Davey said, his voice like stone.

"Don't. Move."

Bruce and Jane watched Bruce's boyfriend come up to them with wide eyes. Breaths hitched in passion were quickly turning to fear. Davey was unreadable as he moved up directly behind Bruce and reached down, fumbling for a moment. Bruce yelped a sound of pleasure/pain and Davey held up a still lubed butt plug.

"I'd been keeping him prepared for my afternoon visit, but it seems he couldn't wait that long." He said, looking directly at Jane. Then turning his head so his lips where at Bruce's ear.

"Tell me. Do you want to fuck this woman? Hard. Fast. Coming and coming inside her until your cream is pouring out of her?"

Bruce moaned and Jane realized Davey was running his finger around the place where she and Bruce were joined. It sent electric sparks right to her clit. As if sensing this Davey's fingers made their way up and started rubbing her clit in ever shrinking circles. She started to relax back down.

"And tell me, do you want to get fucked by me? Hard. Full. Holding you down as I mate you with my seed?" Davey had removed his pants as he talked and at the first graze of Davey's hard cock against his open, lubed ass Bruce screamed and eyelids fluttering started frantically fucking forward into Jane and back against Davey.

Davey smacked his hand over Bruce's mouth.

"Shut up!"

Bruce went statue still.

"I said Don't. Move." Davey growled.

Jane could hardly believe this was the same young man she'd met at the Christmas party. He'd seemed so laid back. And Bruce had always been so controlling in the office, so completely in command.

She watched as Davey's hand trailed over Bruce's lips, down his neck to settle at the base of Bruce's collarbone. Then smirking he leaned Bruce further over Jane, pushing his if even possible now harder, bigger cock further into her ready pussy.

Davey looked down and Jane assumed her was using the hand that wasn't holding Bruce in place to aim his dick into Bruce's waiting hole. Pretty soon he was moving up and down as he slowly fucked his dick all the way into Bruce's ass and back out again. Bruce was barely holing in his pitiful whines.

"You." Davey said, and Jane realized he was talking to her. "Get the fuck up and start pushing him into you. Slowly."

Jane couldn't imagine disobeying him.

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