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A divine orgy.


"You mean your ..." Scott asked, looking at her waist where she doubled over.

"You had an ... orgasm?" Riley asked.

"Shhh. Yes." Jessica muttered and dropped her head to the sofa.

"And now you can feel ... between your legs?" Jim asked. When Jessica nodded he shot to his feet. "I'm heading into town." He declared and moved for the door.

"I'll come with you." Josh said.

"Are you okay?" Angus asked. "You look like you're in pain."

"It was really ... intense." Jessica said. "I don't think I can move right now ..."

"Holy shit ..." Scott hissed.

"I need to whack off again." Riley muttered.

"Can we help you ... with anything?" Angus asked and there was no misunderstanding what he meant. "We can get rid of them." He said motioning to the three men in the kitchen.

Jessica shook her head. "I think it would hurt. It feels really ... sensitive."

"Holy shit ..." Scott said and rose into a crouch, "Are you okay?" he asked touching her head. She looked up at him, "I have to go ... you know ... are you okay?"

Jessica nodded.

"Are you okay on your own?" Riley growled.

"I have to go too." Angus muttered when Jessica looked up at Riley.

"Go ... I'm fine."

No sooner had the three disappeared than Abe asked, "Jess, are you okay?"

"Fine ... fine."

"Do you have a stomach ache?" Corey asked.

Jessica groaned. Clearly they were done in the kitchen.

"Yeah, I think I ate too much." Jessica said. "I'll be fine."

"Let's do a parameter check." Scott said returning.

"I'll stay with Jessica, you guys go ahead." Riley said. He sat down on the sofa and rubbed her back.

"They're gone?" Jessica asked when she heard the door close.


"Leah's on her way." She said. Riley nodded but didn't seem to be paying attention. "And, ah, when she gets here, can we be alone for a while?"

Riley nodded again but seemed distracted. His initial gentle and slow rubbing of her back had been speeding up and gaining strength.

"Riley." Jessica said, sitting up and pulling her knees to her chest.

"Hmmm?" He asked.

"You do realize that the polite thing to do tonight is to wait for everyone to go to bed as they normally would."


"Not only is it polite but it's the only way we can be sure they won't walk in on us."

"Damn it." Riley swore, his eyes finally focusing on Jessica.

Jessica pressed up against Riley. "You know what really turns me on?" she whispered.

"No, what?" he asked, clearly surprised in the direction Jessica was taking.


"Anticipation ..." Riley repeated clearly confused.

Jessica nodded.

"Really ..." Riley asked turning in to her, staring at her mouth.

"Yes, but ..." she said planting her hand on his chest, "without rushing it ... you know, letting our guests go to bed at their normal time ..."

"Mhmmm ..." Riley said bringing his lips to hers. Contact brought an instant and intense reaction in Jessica. She felt like she was on fire. Like she had to be as close to Riley as she could be. Jessica threw herself against Riley, ignoring the pain of her shoulder. She kissed and thrust against him, and when he began to move away in sudden realization of what they were doing, Jessica used the momentum to push Riley against the sofa and slide onto his lap.

"Okay, okay ..." Riley panted, talking around her kisses, "Jess I get it." He said, "Be polite, be patient. But if you don't stop ... Christ!" he yelled when Jessica slid her hand down his pants and grasped his fully erect cock. "Jessica, stop!" he bellowed, grabbing her wrist and pulling her hand out of his pants. "We need to all be together, and we need privacy, remember?" he asked panting, "Remember?!" he said again when Jessica tried to kiss him again. "Jessica!"

"I ... I can't help it." Jessica panted.

"Very creative Jess. You got your point across but you definitely went too far ..." he said shaking her wrist.

"No, Riley ..." Jessica panted and when Riley looked her in the eye she looked possessed. "I really think you need to get away from me ... I can't control ... myself."

"So .

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