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After a terrible day, I just wanted to unwind...

It showed off my figure wonderfully, and the four inch stilettos were a perfect fit. They gave me the height I needed to make five foot ten. I was given a white garter belt, thong and stockings. The bra that went with the set was not needed, but I took it anyway. I had a little time before my next appointment so I wandered the shop. They had quite a collection of lingerie so I picked out a few new teddies, and panties, but the best find was the new peignoir set. It was off white and floor length, the wrap that came with it was as light as a feather and completely transparent. The gown was silk and almost as thin as the wrap; it had spaghetti straps and was very low cut.

When I picked it out, the seamstress said that they would have to take in the bodice, just like the dress. I was not very blessed with cleavage, an A cup at best, but my nipples were long and very sensitive. Sometimes Peter could make me cum just be sucking on them. I told them that I needed everything for a party tonight and they said that it all would be delivered to the hotel before five.

I headed to my next appointment which was just down Rodeo Drive to a spa. I gave the receptionist my name and was told that a complete treatment was scheduled for me. I had never been so pampered in my life. I had a manicure, a pedicure, a facial, mud bath, seaweed wrap, my blonde hair done, and a complete waxing. The technician did not want to take all my pubic hair off, but I convinced her that it was necessary due to my swimming. I had been on swimming teams since middle school and kept myself complete hair free because of that. When I was finished I felt like a million dollars. I headed to the hotel to get ready for the party. I still had my make up to do and I wanted to be ready before Daddy got there.

I hopped back into my car and headed for the hotel. Daddy had planned the gala at the best hotel in town. The ball room was reserved and nothing was left to chance. He was tied up at the office and had asked me to check on all the preparations. Daddy had arranged the menu with the chef, arranged for bartenders in the room, even carolers to sing while people arrived and ate. There was a band for after when dinner was finished and rooms for those staying the night. For those who wanted or had to go home, taxis and limos were ordered and standing by.

I checked in at the front desk and gave them my name. Daddy had already ordered our room, or rather suite. The concierge summoned a bell boy and he led me to the elevator and pushed the button for the penthouse. The doors parted and there was a hallway with only two doors. The bellboy produced a cardkey and opened the left hand door. He handed me the key and said that my husband would be arriving later. Before I could correct him, he left.

The dress shop delivered everything before I got to the hotel and it was all waiting for me in the suite. I was able to be ready before six. The gala was to start at seven and I had to make sure everything was ready. The room was decorated with several real Christmas trees, a platform with a big chair in red velvet stood on one side of the room. The tables all were done in white table clothes, sparkling white china and real silverware. The center pieces were large wreaths of Christmas roses, with poinsettias in the middle. Streamers with tinsel hung from the ceiling and piped in Christmas carols echoed through the hall.

I checked the rest of the room, the bar, the kitchen and the menu, Daddy had everything ready to go and just as I was about to check on the carolers, I was paged to the front desk. The concierge had a message that I was to meet my husband in the suite. Again before I could say he was not my husband, the concierge had another call and I went upstairs.

Daddy was dressed in a black tux, with a red and green tie and cummerbund.

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