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The most fuckable fiancée.

I work part time in the office here. Your dad talks about you constantly. You and your sister."

Flushed from the kiss, Jennifer said, "I know. He won't shut up."

"No," Laurie said. "He's really sweet. And you ARE a total fucking hottie."

She turned to Dina before Jennifer could say anything and gave her a hug and a kiss as well. Perhaps she lingered just a bit longer on Dina's lips than she did Jennifer's. "Hmm," she said. "Frankie's right. You are a cutie. Taylor and Kelli are already hooked up, so me and Frankie will be fighting over which one of you we get."

Jennifer and Dina saw Taylor sitting on the floor with the other brunette who could only be Kelli. Actually, by now, they were not sitting but laying and they kissed slowly as they lay, with neither girl being shy about where she put her hands on the other one. Now, Jennifer and Dina both blushed and Laurie laughed. "God, Frankie," she said. "They're both so shy. Which one do you want?"

As Frankie kneeled back to the floor and picked a gold straw up from the coffee table, she said, "We'll work that out at some point tonight."

Then, for the first time, Jennifer and Dina noticed the several lines of cocaine already laid out on the glass tabletop. Their eyes grew as they watched Frankie snort two of the lines and hand the straw to Laurie. Laurie snorted first one line with her left nostril and then another line with her right. Then she handed the straw to Jennifer. Without even thinking about it, Jennifer took the straw and kneeled in front of the table. She snorted one line quickly into her nose and felt the sudden rush as she absorbed the cocaine into her bloodstream through her nasal cavity. She shook her head and said, "God fucking damn."

Then she switched nostrils like Laurie had done and snorted another line. She felt another rush just as intense as the first one had been and shook her head again and said, "Shit! That's in-fucking-credible."

Then she handed the straw to Dina, and after witnessing that reaction, there was no way Dina was going to pass up finally trying coke. Besides, she and Jennifer had always said they'd never do cocaine unless they were together. Dina took the straw and just as intently used each nostril to suck up two of the lines of coke. Taylor was still kissing the other girl, so Dina offered the straw back to Frankie. Frankie placed the straw down on the table and said, "Huh uh, cutie. I want you."

Then she took Dina's hand and pulled her into her until their lips meet. At the same time, Jennifer felt Laurie's hands reaching around from behind her and cupping her breasts. She shivered, as her nipples grew erect from Laurie's thumb flicking across them. Then Laurie was licking her ear and then whispering into it. "God, girl," she said. "You are so fucking hot, and I can't wait to get Scott's little girl's face between my legs."


Another round of beers came and Scott asked, "So what made you want to be a cop?"

Pam shrugged. "I don't know. I'm not an adrenaline junky or anything like a lot of guys on the job. I was looking for work, and I saw an ad in the Times. It said females encouraged to apply, so I said what the fuck and went down and filled out an application. They called me in for an interview, and I started the academy the next month."

"Cool," Scott said. "How do you like it?"

"It's alright," she said. "Sometimes I wish I had something more regular hours wise. Most of the time it seems like my kid is raising herself."

"You've got a daughter?"

Pam took a sip of her Corona and nodded. "Yeah. She's sixteen. Never got married though."

"Sixteen?" Scott said, not sure he had heard her right.

"Yeah," she said as she rolled her eyes. "Sixteen. My boyfriend and I screwed up listening to what my tenth grade biology teacher was telling us about certain times of the month being safe. That, or I just counted the days wrong."

Scott chuckled, "Sandy and I did pretty much the same thing when she wasn't much older.

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