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A white woman explains the phenomenon.

From time to time Master would tease His kitty a bit but she didn't stir because she was dead asleep. He liked doing that even when she was sleeping because it always got a reaction. He knew better then to go too far with His teasing with her sleeping though.

The next morning, kitty awoke like she always did before Master's alarm went off and saw to her morning business. she did not return to bed this morning though because she wanted to check a few things on the computer before He rose for the day. she only meant to be on the computer a short while, but time quickly passed by her. Master woke to His alarm and looked over to see if kitty was there and found the bed cold.

He went to the bathroom and saw to His morning business and walked out into the living room and found her typing away to a friend. He wasn't upset about this but was a bit concerned. He didn't say a word but leaned and nibble on her earlobe. kitty jumped in her seat because she wasn't expecting that.

"How long have you been up kitty?"

"Just about a half hour Master. kitty is sorry for having not come right back to bed as she normally does. she only meant to check email real quick but jan was online and we have not talked in a while."

"Just don't make a habit of kitty. you are fine for this morning. Now I'm hungry so go fix breakfast."

"Yes Master. Let me say good-bye real quick to jan first please?"

Master simply nodded at kitty and went to go shower while breakfast was being made. Sunday generally meant eggs, pancakes, and bacon. kitty made her good-byes to her friend online and made her way to the bedroom to retrieve her night shirt. she did not cook in the nude when bacon was involved.

Master sat down at the table and waited for His morning paper. kitty sat His breakfast down before Him and quickly made her way to the front door to retrieve the paper. she undid the wrapping on the paper, setting it down beside His plate, and waited for further instructions from Him. He did not ask her to join Him this morning or have her use her kitty bowl.

kitty quickly realized that she had a small infraction but nothing major on her plate. she realized it was because she hadn't returned to bed like she is supposed to. she waited patiently for Master to say something about it. she knew it may be a while because Master never said or did anything when He might be upset. Master finished His breakfast in silence.

"kitty, clear the table and you may have your breakfast in your kitty bowl. eggs with pancakes only. No bacon for you this morning. When you are finished and cleaned up for the day come see me. W/we need to talk about this morning but not right at this moment."

"Yes Master, kitty will do as You ask of her."

kitty ate her breakfast from her kitty bowl. she could tell by His tone of voice that He was unhappy with her. she did not like it when He was. she knew that He would be fair it was just the disappointing Him factor that got to her. she was always hard on herself.

After finishing her meal and cleaning up the kitchen, kitty headed to the shower to get cleaned up. she thought about asking Master to take off the collar for her but thought better of it. she quickly went through the process of getting cleaned up and made certain every bit of her was washed well. she patted herself dry and even dried her hair for a change.

kitty found Master in the computer room when she was done. she did not bother to get dressed as being nude around the house was a common place. He took one look at her and she retreated to grab something to wear. It was not often that Master gave her that look, but she had come to know it well. she came back into the room when she was dressed.

"Sit down kitty."

"Yes Master"

"We need to talk about this morning.

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