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For you are mine and I am yours.

She was shaking her head from side to side as if saying 'no more' but she still had not used the safe word so I continued.

Whoosh ~ crack!!! - "Owwwwwwww, oh Sir orange, oh God I mean amber, I don't know if I can take anymore." Kristen's whole body was shaking, partly with pleasure and partly because of the pain.

"One more Kristen or will I stop?" My voice was firm and commanding but the decision was hers.

"Yes! One more Sir, oh fuck I am so close to cumming, please.........."

WHOOSH ~ CRACK! - "Aiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!" The cane landed across both her cheeks and Kristen screamed loudly and she jerked uncontrollably as the orgasm swamped through her body.

I dropped the cane and held Kristen as she collapsed across the desk. I reached out and replaced the telephone, smiling to myself as I pictured Deanne's face on the other end of the line. I stroked Kristen's back as she slowly calmed down, her panting body testimony to the intensity of her orgasm. After a few minutes I gathered Kristen in my arms and carried her across the large conference table where I laid her face down on the cool timber top. Moving to cupboards against a side wall I found a pack of tissues and then the bar fridge where I grabbed some ice, then I returned to the table and gently rubbed the ice over her still very warm arse cheeks.

"This will reduce the pain and also limit the bruising a little Kristen," I said, "You will still feel the pain for some time, a nice reminder for you of your first punishment session."

Kristen turned her head sideways and looked at me as she wiped the few last tears away. "Oh Sir that was amazing, as the stories say it hurt so good, I have never cum like that before in my life."

I smiled down at her as I continued to cool her buttocks with the ice. "Turn over onto your back Kristen and spread your legs wide apart, if you want me to continue."

Kristen's reply was to turn over immediately, wincing as her arse cheeks touched the hard timber. I went to my brief case and took out four lengths of soft rope. It wasn't long before I had Kristen's wrists and ankles secured to the legs of the solid table.

"I wonder what your fellow director's would say if they could see you on top of the table instead of at the head?" I asked with a grin.

"Oh some of them would love to have me on top like this, I can see it in their eyes," she replied as her eyes watched my movements, widening as I held up some nipple clamps.

I rubbed a piece of ice over Kristen's nipples to make them even harder and then attached the clamps to each of the nipples. Her breasts heaved with the sudden pain and the joining chain rattled quietly as her hips rose off the table. I grasped the chain and lifted it straight above her breasts, watching her face closely as her nipples were pulled upward. Kristen's eyes narrowed and she clenched her teeth; and as I increased the pressure a long low moan escaped her lips. I lowered the chain to ease the pressure on her nipples and then jerked it up again causing a shriek from her lips. I played with the chain for a short time, never having the same pressure on each nipple, while I watched Kristen's body pull against the ropes as she moaned and groaned at each tug.

Dropping the chain I left the clamps attached to her nipples and grabbed my bag of tricks. I pulled out a handful of clothespins and attached one to each ear lobe. Kristen grimaced and then watched as I squeezed some skin of her left breast between my thumb and first finger. I clipped a clothespin to the trapped piece of skin and repeated the procedure over again. Soon I had five clothespins and the nipple clamps attached to each heaving breast and Kristen was moaning loudly.

"Please Sir, the nipple clamps are killing me, red to those please," Kristen pleaded with tears welling again in her eyes.

I quickly removed the clamps, leaving the clothespins still attached.

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