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Inhibited young man has his first sexual experience.

He noticed that she had nothing on underneath the bib overall shorts she adorned. He got a peek at her breasts every once in awhile when they would reveal themselves from behind the shield of clothes.... This made his mouth water and his excitement grow as he held his control to keep from ravishing her.

She appeared to be calm and collected but inside she was very excited. She could feel her juices flowing as she held her calm front. She could feel the heat and wetness between her loins as she sat there taking in his every word. Wanting to kiss those lips and feel his strong-arms around her. She wanted to feel his naked skin next to hers and feel his hard rod grow inside her. Her passion and excitement grew and she did not think she could control herself, but she appeared to remain calm and poised. Oh the thoughts that was running through her head. She just wanted him to take her there and now and make her writhe with passion. Yet, she remained calm.

The air started to turn even breezier so they ventured into the house. He sat across the room from her and continued the conversation. It seemed as though they could not take their eyes off one another as they continued to speak.

Her skin looked so silky smooth and creamy soft. His fingers yearned to touch her and caress her skin. He wanted to make love to her and show her the depths of the burning that he was feeling in his loins. He wanted to hear her moan and groan with ecstasy and see her move with unbridled passion.

He looked so strong, handsome and sexy sitting there she could not help but wonder what those lips tasted like. She yearned to feel his touch and his caress. She wanted to take him and show him her wiles and devil in his pleasures.

She got up the courage and moved closer to him and he welcomed her with his arms. She felt so good to hold and his embrace felt strong and comforting. She could feel the fluttering in her stomach as he touched her. The warmth covered her body. She leaned in to kiss him and as their lips touched the hunger that had been, building was unleashed.

He slid the straps from her bibs off and suckled on the bare breasts before him. She held his head to her chests and moaned with delight. His touch felt so warm and gentle but yet so passionate and hungry. She felt her clothing being removed from her body as her head was in a whirl from the excitement. Her womanhood was overflowing with great floods of passion. He moved down to her clean- mound and began to dally in the juice that ran from her vagina. This sent her into frenzy as she moaned and groaned at the pleasures he was bestowing upon her. Her juices had an indescribable flavor as he lapped them up as they kept flowing from the joy she felt. He could hear her moaning with sheer delight as he tickled her clit with his tongue and made her body convulse with pleasure.

She took time out to remove his shirt and caress his chest.

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