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Less conversation and more action.

"Well I voted no," Grandma said, looking sternly at the men.

"I voted no as well," Mom said.

"Yes, but you lost," Nancy pointed out.

"Hmmmm. Yes, we did lose, Grandma, didn't we," Mom said, looking concerned.

"Yes, we did," Grandma said. "Your mother and I did what we could, dear. I guess you will have to get up on the table. Let me just clear off some things."

I couldn't believe what Grandma said.

"Mom, aren't you going to veto it?"

Mom put her chin in her hand this time and then she moved her mouth back and forth a few times, so I guessed that Mom wasn't going to veto the vote and save me from getting up on the table and that she was trying to think of how she would say that to me.

"I would, dear, if I could think of a good reason. You know I can't veto something if I don't have a good one."

"Well, it's naughty, Mom, like super naughty. That's a good reason," I said.

"Oh no, just a little naughty, Elsie. We all saw your panties when you fainted before so what's the difference if you give us another peek. I don't think that would be a terribly good reason."

"Yes, and what about the fact she is a constant tease and walks around like a piece of ass all the time," Nancy said, getting some laughs for calling me that.

"Right, Nancy has a good point there, Elsie," Mom said. Grandma and Mom took away the dishes and silverware and the plates of food that were left and made a big space on the table while Nancy and the men watched them quietly. No one even looked at me until Nancy told me the table was ready. Then everyone looked at me and suddenly people were smiling and joking with me and making a few claps, and saying what a fun idea it was and that I had to do it whether I wanted to or not because they had voted and, like I said before, in our family the vote is final unless it is vetoed.

I thought about vetoing it myself even though I don't get a veto, and if I refused to do it what were they going to do, force me? Of course, I was still worked up thanks to Daddy, plus I had the punch, and I thought to myself, oh well, maybe I could tease these naughty grownups since they already think I am a tease and make certain ones of them wish I would even take my panties off! I totally shivered at that idea. Of course, it was ridiculous, that I would take my panties off and turn my panty show into a cunt show. Mom and Grandma would never stand for something as naughty as that, and I bet Greg and Grandpa wouldn't stand for it either. The only people naughty enough to stand for it would be Daddy and Nancy, they would totally love it. Just plain posing for them in my panties was kind of harmless when you thought about it by comparison. It was naughty, yes, but it wasn't really serious. It was kind of dumb, actually.

"Elsie, get up on the table," Nancy said. You could see she was impatient.

"I don't have to if I don't want to," I said, just to be stubborn. I don't like Nancy being bossy all the time.

"I'm sorry, dear, but the family voted," Mom said. She smiled, like she was sorry if I was disappointed about the way vote came out but a person can't get her way all of the time.

"I know it," I sighed.

I looked at Grandpa and Grandma and Greg to see if any of them would help me out but not one of them said anything or even looked back at me. They acted as if nothing was happening. It made me a little mad, to be honest.

"Oh, all right," I said, and I stood up and put my hands on my hips and gave everyone a good stare to let them know they were making me do it and that I wasn't going to do it because it was my big idea. And then I took a deep breath and I climbed onto the table.

I started to feel nervous.

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