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A surprise visit by husband's friends ends hot.

I reached up and touched my breast, and sighed in anticipation of what was to come.

I reached down to my jeans button and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I pulled down the sides but not all the way as if I were trying to tease my audience. I turned to the side, imagining how a picture of such would look. I slowly and very carefully pulled my jeans off, sticking my ass out as they slid over my full, round cheeks. I bent over so that I pulled my jeans all the way down to my ankles and I stepped out of my jeans slowly. I pulled my black socks off and then looked into the mirror. I wished so desperately that I wasn't doing this for myself: that I could see the lusty eyes of a man trying to look at the smooth skin beneath what clothes were left.

I reached up and glided my hand over my stomach making me shiver with goosebumps. I used my right hand and slid my bra straps over my toned shoulders and then reached behind me to unclasp my bra. I unsnapped it and then pulled it off of my shoulders one by one and let it drop to the floor. I touched my bare nipple very, very softly so as only to touch the extreme tip. I tilted my head back as i did so and moaned slightly. I slid my hands down my curvaceous body to the top of my white lace thongs. They fit me perfectly and the strings were nothing more than about an eighth of an inch wide. The back came together in a small triangle that served to define the shape of my ass. I moved my thumbs between my strings and my hips and slowly pulled them down over my toned, soccer player legs. I stepped backwards, out of my panties, and turned around after a final look into the mirror and laid down on my soft bed.

I ran my hands over my smooth legs to my inner thighs slowly and then worked my way back out again. I felt up my calves to my hamstrings and to the smooth contour where my legs and my ass are joined and worked back down again. By now my pussy was hot and throbbing - desperately wanting to be touched. I let myself touch my lips, slightly squirming and dying for more attention. I rubbed my thighs and each time I would come closer to touching my soaking wet hole. I finally touched the very beginning of it softly, and began slowly letting my finger venture inside as if I were a virgin. I slid my finger out of my hole and let it travel upwards to my pulsing clit. I barely touched it just over the hood. I smiled as I felt myself get hotter and I let my imagination run wild.

I leaned over my bed to the small box that contained my favorite toys. I pulled out a dildo and set it onto the bed next to me. I ran my fingertip from the center of my chest down my stomach to the top of my pubic mound and up again. It gave me goosebumps and my back arched slightly in a wave from the chill. My left hand traveled down my stomach to my awaiting clit and I began to massage it very lightly and slowly. I took the dildo in my right hand and put it just at the entrance and waited. My pussy burned in anticipation and I finally let it enter me just about an inch or so. I let it travel deeper, keeping time with my left hand on my clit. I quickened the pace only slightly and squeezed my muscles around the dildo. My back arched and I tilted the end I was gripping downward so that it would massage my G spot. I moaned to myself and felt myself get more turned on by the sounds of my own enjoyment.

I felt my muscles tighten involuntarily and I quickened the pace a little more. I felt my temperature rise and my nerves were sent into overdrive; I began to fantasize my boyfriend's large cock slowly entering my body and sending fire through my veins. I imagined one of his hands playing with my swollen nipple, and his other hand holding him up. I envisioned my friend Ashley sucking my nipple into her mouth and flicking her tongue over it simultaneously. I wanted so badly to kiss her now and to tangle my body into his and hers.

I moved my finger faster over my swollen, now exposed clit.

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