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A woman receives a curious book.

After tramping around for half and hour we were finally getting ready to hack down our trees. While Dave and I crawled under the tree the ladies shouted out instruction. Like don't let it fall and crush the branches, and hurry because they were getting wet.

It took another 45 minutes to get both trees in the van. By the time we were back at Dave and Nancy's the four of us were cold and damp.

Dave immediately offered some brandy to warm us up. After a couple of brandies Dave and I unloaded the trees and were back in the house shivering again.

Pat suggested that Dave jump in the shower to warm up while I help set up the tree, under the guidance of the ladies.

With the three of us working the job was done quickly, with the one exception of Nancy falling in to the tree twice. With Dave still in the shower Nancy suggested that she and Pat find out what was taking him so long. This was my second hint that they had continued to imbibe rather heavily while we were outside. With that they both went upstairs. Soon there was giggling and laughter coming from the bathroom.

I having been left alone in the kitchen made my way upstairs. I entered the bathroom expecting to find three bodies but saw none. Looking to where all the noise was coming from I found that Nancy and Pat had joined Dave in the shower. Nancy was on here knees in front of Dave and Pat was kissing him.

After a couple of seconds Dave broke the kiss. Seeing me he said, "I was just standing here when these two walked in." Both Pat and Nancy stopped and looked at me. Nancy suggested that I join them and Pat started to grab at my shirt. I hesitated saying that my clothes were just starting to dry out. Pat stopped and looked at herself and Nancy. You're Right, she said. With that she quickly stripped off all her clothes while Nancy, with some encouragement from Dave had gone back to giving him a blowjob. Pat started working on my belt and I figured what the heck. Shortly I was standing in the shower kissing Pat with both hands on her ass. I made a comment about getting some of that warm water. Dave agreed and we all started to shift places. This was quite a feat for the four of us and bodies were rubbing. I had taken my place under the shower or warm water with Nancy between Dave and I when Pat said that it was highly unfair that Nancy was the only one still dressed and that Dave and I should do something about it. I could see the smile on my wife face.

I put my hands around Nancy and started on her blouse. Dave started on her skirt. Nancy to make things harder was slowly turning around like a ballerina. Then Dave asked me to switch. Curious I looked at him to see that Pat was reaching around him and grabbing his balls and dick.

I moved my attention to Nancy's skirt and found the zipper with which Dave had been fumbling. The zipper was in the back the best way to get to it was for me to stop Nancy's "twirl" when she was facing me. As she came around I grabbed her hips and kissed her. This did stop her but also prevented Dave from continuing because I had to pull her to me to hold her. I freed Nancy's skirt and let get. Pat had taken advantage of the break to slip in between Dave's legs and was now in the process of swallowing his dick. Nancy turned and said "Oh busy I see." This caused us all to giggle.

I grabbed Nancy's panties and started pushing them down. Dave trying to continue reached forward to get to Nancy's blouse. What a sight!

I followed Nancy's panties down and was looking at her well-trimmed bush. As she stepped out of her panties she moved back so Dave could get to buttons. To do so she had to spread her legs and straddle Pat.

I moved forward grabbing Pat's ass while diving in to Nancy's bush. Soon I had my fingers in Pat's slit and was also gently massaging her clitoris. Nancy was as quickly heating up with Dave massaging her breasts; yes he finally finished getting her blouse off. And I was eating her sweet cunt. It wasn't long before Dave went off and the two women followed.

After regaining their co

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