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A young scandanavian woman is sold into a Mayan world.

Just familiar, I thought, since we knew we would be like that sooner or later, so why not immediately. It stayed that way, just touching it each so familiarly. Probably we were going to do something in bed, but that could wait, and it was nice that we could sit like that without wanting to do more.

Then the phone rang, surprising us. Vicky sprang up to answer it:

"Oh, hi Mom. . . . Yes, we're home, just watch TV"

I turned it down.

"Oh! . . . That's nice. . . . We were planning to call you tomorrow and wish you bon voyage. . . . Yeah, everything is fine here, and thank you for planning our meals. . . . Of course, Mom! . . . You both have a great time. . . . No, we won't have any parties here."

She turned and gave me a grin. I nodded, appreciating that her nipples only then popped out, liking that they hadn't before from standing naked while talking to our mother.

"Yeah, I hope it's a good play. . . . Nice that you called, since we would have been disappointed, if we hadn't been able to. . . . And love to you both, too, also from Milt."

She hung up and shrugged with a smile, her nipples relaxed. When she joined me again, our hands back where they had been, she said:

"They're going to a play tomorrow night. You understood the rest. Were we planning to have any parties?"

"I didn't think so, but if she thinks we could be."

"Fourth of July? The big BYO open house?"

"Do we have to keep our clothes on?"

"Oooh! Hadn't thought of that. Hm-hmm! 'Just leave your clothes in our rooms and put your bottles in the fridge.'"

We laughed at her facetious suggestion, fondling each other. I reached over around her and also fondled her other breast for a moment. She hummed and fondled my cock, but then let it slip from her hand and just massaged my balls. We had lost the thread of the plot of the TV program, enjoying now more what our hands were doing. My cock, that she had made swell, rose slightly, but she just let it, her thumb resting around its base, even when my fingers couldn't resist rubbing her nipple. She just hummed in appreciation. After a moment, she said:

"I know what I would like to do, to try, not tonight."

"Tomorrow, before your period?"

"Oh yeah!" Forgot about it."

"What?" I asked, squeezing her aroused nipple, liking that she seemed to have an idea for something we hadn't done.

She fondled my balls, letting her thumb rub up and make my cock wag. Then she replied:

"I want to sit on you again, and see if we can make each other come with just our fingers."

"There and there?"

"Um-hmm, yours not just rubbing."

"But yours, like in the kitchen?"


"Mmmm! And if we can't, we'd know what else we could do."

"Um-hmmmm! Have to wait to see if we can."

"If your pussy can make us?"

"Sometimes you're pretty astute."

We both snickered and fondled, her fingers sliding up and encircling my cock. I asked:

"And if you want to save that for tomorrow? Hm-hmm! Want to think about it all day in the library?"

"Now that you suggest it."

We chuckled, fondling. I asked:

"Any nice young men come in the library?"

"Hm-hmm! Oh yes! I let my skirt hike up when I squat to put books on the bottom shelves."

"I'd better check tomorrow that you wear your panties."

"Just kidding; I'm not that kind of librarian."

"I'll check, anyway."

"Ever go without shorts?"

"No, not yet, but I bet it would feel good, hanging all loose."

"It isn't now."

Her hand demonstrated that my cock wasn't, and we both chuckled softly, and my fingers squeezed her breast. I remarked:

"I was really suggesting what you want to do tonight."

"I know, but then you asked that too. Actually, the only young men who come in the library - not 'come' like that! - are nerdie teenagers."

"Girls' younger brothers. Bet they would like to look just as much."

"But I've got my own younger brother. Hm-hmm! Used to think sometimes that he was nerdie."

"Too nerdie to think of spying on his sister?"

"Had to show him everything."

"Good thing that you didn't, when he was too young to know what to do."

"And when I didn

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