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Michelle finds "fullfilment" with a gangbang.

Julianah just pushed her aunty down and got between her legs.

"Aunty Sutinah Reymon has done a good job shaving your cunt, now it looks simply gorgeous" she said and started licking aunty Sutinah's hairless puffy cunt lips.

"JJJUUULLLIIAANANNAAHHHAAAAA" aunty Sutinah gasped at being helpless and Julianah taking control of her. Julianah cupped her entire puffy cunt lips in her mouth and sucked on it hard.

'JJUULLLLIAANNNAAaa... UUNNGGOOOOAAAWWSA" aunty Sutinah started moaning as Julianah's flicked her clit at the same time shoving her fingers into her aunty's wet and warm cunt. Aunty Sutinah found that she had no control of the situation as she moaned loudly as Julianah licked her cunt lips and her inner thighs.

"AAAAAA...UUNGG...DEAR JULIANAHHHH...MY SEXY SWEETHEART...KEEP LICKING MY CUNT...DON'T STOOOPPP" aunty Sutinah grunted continuously. She was writing in the bed while a series of orgasms swept her entire body. Julianah lifted the moaning aunty Sutinah on her lap and started kissing her breasts...sucking...kissing...and licking them.

While sucking on her boobs, Julianah shoved her fingers deep into aunty Sutinah's wet and wanting cunt and began finger fucking her harder and harder. Soon aunty Sutinah was swept with a series of shattering orgasm and she screamed in pleasure. Aunty Sutinah now made Julianah lie on the bed and she spread her legs wide apart. She could see that Julianah's partly shaved cunt was puffed, engorged and gaping. She could see the inner pink areas and the erect clit at the top of the upper folded cunt lips.

"Julianah you are great my baby" she said.

Aunty Sutinah hungrily brought her mouth to Julianah's erect and prominent clit and sucked it hard and fast. Aunty Sutinah nibbled Julianah's clit gently at first and then hard.

"SSSSSUUUUTTTTTTTIINNNNAAAAHHHHHH AAAATTYYYYYY" Julianah moaned loudly as waves of intense pleasure swiped her whole body. Aunty Sutinah gently pushed her stiff tongue into Julianah's wet cunt. Julianah was flying in pleasure.

"OOHHHH...UUUNNG... AAAA!!!!! AAAAAA!!! AAAAUNYYYYYYAAAA" she moaned and moaned loudly and lifted up her big buttocks to meet the thrust of her aunty. Aunty Sutinah pushed her tongue deep into Julianah's tongue at the same time fingering her clit. This was too much for Julianah and she was forced to the summit of her shattering orgasm at once.

"AAAAUUNTTYYY... YES... YES... Yes... YESS.. LICK IT... YESSAAAUUNNTTY" she cooed and grunted loudly twisting her whole body as she reached her climax.

Seeing her sexy niece in throes of multiple orgasm, aunty Sutinah squeezed Julianah's big butt and pushed her two fingers into her tight anus to increase Julianah's pleasure even more.

"ITS TOOMUCH AUNTY.........!!! AAAAAUUNGG!!! AAWOOOOOAA" Julianah groaned with deep pleasure. "Julianah I am going to fuck you now with my dildo" she said and strapped on her dildo around her waist. Julianah was surprised to see a big artificial black cock between aunty Sutinah's stout thighs. She hugged Julianah and placed the dildo at the entrance of her cunt lips. Julianah was already dripping and the dildo went inside her cunt smoothly. Aunty Sutinah suddenly changed her mind and pulled it out of Julianah's wet cunt. She once again began teasing Julianah's clit and Julianah began to moan louder. Aunty Sutinah undid her strap on and moved the rubber cock around Julianah's round navel and moved it up to her boobs and finally shoved it up in Julianah's mouth. Aunty Sutinah behaved as if she was teaching her sexy niece how to pacify a throbbing cock with her mouth.

After a few minutes she pulled it out of Julianah's mouth and pushed it inside her cunt. Julianah's cunt lips stretched fully to accommodate the huge rubber cock. The feeling of it rubbing her cunt walls was pleasurable. Aunty Sutinah began to fuck Julianah with the dildo and Julianah began to moan loudly.

"AUNTY YOU ARE MAKING ME WET AGAIN...AAAA" Julianah cooed. Julianah raised her big ass to meet the trust. Aunty Sutinah then paused, wanting to prolong Julianah's pleasure.


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