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She returned my smile and said, " I was watching you watch me. I hope those longing looks express your true feelings. "

"Yes!" I exclaimed, "I am... "

She cut me off, "Good because I find you hot and will do anything to keep our companies working together" I laughed - hot - I am far from hot. I am just over 6', with brown hair and blue eyes. I try to stay active and in shape, but I have found myself about 20 pounds overweight.

As I was finding her comment funny, she walked over and closed my door and flipped the lock. Pressing her back against the door she gave me a sexy look. "I hope you don't think I do this with all my customers, but I cannot control myself around you. "

Robyn stepped forward slipping her coat off her back and tossing it on the chair was sitting in only two minutes earlier. She reached up and undid the buttons on her blouse giving me a look of her white lace front closure bra. I was having trouble breathing; it felt like a weight was pressing on my chest.

As tossed her blouse on top her jacket, she as towering over me turning my chair to face her. As I looked up at this beautiful woman, I silently thanked the company. How often had a complained about the little office with no windows, now I was thanking my lucky stars.

I slowly stood and kissed Robyn's full red lips. She parted her lips and slipped her tongue into my mouth. We stood together tongue wrestling and I brought my right hand up and started caressing her breast. Her nipple stiffened and pressed into the palm of my hand through its lace prison. I used my other hand to undo the closure of her breast restraints and drop the item to the floor. Breaking our kiss, I lowered my head and flicked first her right nipple than her left with my tongue. She moaned slightly as I continued to suckle her full, firm tits. My mouth never wavered as I massaged her thighs moving my hands higher and higher. As my hands come around to the front I could feel her heat. I ran my index finger along the soft, wet fabric covering her lower lips.

Robyn took a step back out of my reach. She unzipped her shirt and let it fall to the floor. I slowly looked Robyn up and down. Red flowing hair, topping hazel eyes, over full red lips, gracing a firm body with full breast (C cup I think), damp bikini panties, long muscular legs. Through the thin covering panties I could see a hint of red. "You are amazing," I whispered.

"I feel funny me here near naked and you fully dressed. May I help you with that. "

I nodded my approval and she closed the gap she had just created. Off came the tie, then the shirt, off came everything except her hand, which found it's way to my hard on. Starting at the top she slowly stroked me down and up until I a drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip. Using her thumb she rubbed the fluid into my skin, the liquid allowing her movements to speed up. She pushed me back into the chair and kneeled between my legs. She smiled up at me and lowered her head. I felt her hot breath on my cool damp skin. Her tongue circled my head; I lifted by hips pushing my cock into her mouth. At first she resisted then she opened her full lips and I slipped in. She bobbed up and down letting her tongue run the length of my shaft.

"Robyn I am getting close." I moaned. This only encouraged her as she sucked my pre-cum and picked up her pace. Her head moving at a great pace, I could feel my balls starting too tight in that familiar feeling. I was on the edge, I was going over the ed... she stopped, lifted her head and kissed me.

"Not yet," Robyn cooed, "I have other plans for you. "

"Your plans be damned." I gently pushed her back and stood. I slipped my fingers in the waistband of her panties which were now soaked through and it one yank removed them. I lifted her by the hips and placed her on my desk. I pressed one finger into her love hole, then another, ran my thumb over her clit.

"Fuck me, Fuck me now," Robyn demanded.

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