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Brian Arrives. Mistress has surgery.

To be fair Carina's pussy had pretty much constantly been in Sarah's face even when they were discussing Ellie but the blonde literally couldn't breathe, her senses being consumed by Carina's cunt. Which of course Sarah loved.

Knowing talking would be pointless anyway Sarah quickly returned to eating Carina's pussy, the blonde trying to take her mind off Ellie's fate and more importantly make her rival forget about Ellie if only for a little while. It was easy at first because Carina was right, Sarah was a pussy craving slut, and thanks to the other woman's training she had become an expert cunt lapper. Especially when it came to lapping Carina's cunt, Sarah using her previous experience against her frienemy to make her screaming coherently with joy. There was also some good old-fashioned force involved, Sarah slamming her tongue into Carina's twat as deep as it would go and then bobbing her head back and forth relentlessly, curling that wet muscle inside her just to the right angles to attack her sweet spots. Her G-spot was the main focus, Sarah ruthlessly attacking it until she could tell just by the way her 'friend' was trembling against her mouth that Carina was about to cum.

Of course that was when Carina found the ability to speak, "YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS! That's it you fucking rug muncher, fucking eat me out just like that. Just. Like. That. Fuckkkkkkkk, I've missed that tongue! Mmmmmmmm, I've missed that made for cunt lapping tongue of yours Walker, ohhhhhhhh fuck, I'm so glad you haven't lost your touch while trying to stick to just sucking and fucking your precious Chuck's dick. Ahhhhhhh fuck, not that you managed to stick to just his dick you fucking whore. Mmmmmmm, yeah Walker, you're a total slut, oh, just like me, mmmmmmm, monogamy isn't for the likes of us. Oooooooh, especially when there are such cute little pieces of ass around here like Ellie Woodcomb. Mmmmmm fuck, you never told me if she tasted better than me. Ha, I bet she does. Mmmmmmm, I bet she's sugar sweet and fucking melts in your mouth. Mmmmmm yessssssss, oh fuck, mmmmmmm, I can't wait to find out myself. Mmmmmm, I can't wait to spread those pretty legs and bury my face in Ellie Woodcomb's cunt, mmmmmmm, tongue fuck her until she's screaming my name, mmmmmm fuck yes, I'm going to have her begging to be my bitch, ahhhhhhh fuck, your precious little Ellie begging me to be her Mistress, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK!"

Sarah ignored her, and the way Carina grinded her cunt against her, the experienced rug muncher keeping her eye on the prize until she could literally taste Carina's cum. She wasn't waiting long, which wasn't surprising as Sarah could make Carina cum quickly even if she wasn't worked up beforehand. In what felt like no time at all Carina was screaming, bucking her hips and practically drowning Sarah in her cum, the blonde spy desperately swallowing the heavenly cream as much for her own preservation as the fact that she actually liked the taste. More accurately she loved the taste, Sarah gulping down as much of the delicious liquid as she could before quickly shoving her tongue back into Carina's cunt until the redheaded spy's orgasm had subsided so she could make the other woman cum again and swallow her juices. She had done it what seemed like a thousand times and expected this time to be no different. Sarah expected wrong.

Far too soon for both spies liking Carina pulled back and away from the reach of Sarah's tongue. This caused both women to let out a groan of dissatisfaction, the difference being Carina quickly recovered and grinded down on her friend/rival, "Sorry Walker, as much as I'm sure you'd love eating my cunt all night long I just can't wait another second to fuck you."

Sarah smirked, "You mean you're worried you won't have the energy to fuck me."

"More like I'm mildly concerned if I spend any longer with that talented little mouth of yours on my cunt I won't have the willpower to move.

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