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An old flame presents a new problem for Rachel.

At this point in the past, soiled panties would have been stuffed into the woman's mouth and taped, so that she couldn't spit them out; however, the women had complained about giving up too many expensive panties and a newer, more diabolical gag has been agreed on. The women have been wearing tampons, but not necessarily because they were having their periods. They have not been told by DeeDee how long they must wear them, but some more sadistic of them have had them in their vaginas for many days.

Four of the women, including DeeDee, remove their tampons and stuff them into the mouth of the sacrificial lamb. Although they don't tape her mouth, she would have a difficult time spitting them out. Her facial expressions reflect that she finds her gag disgusting; the taste must be vile, as the tampons have been soaking up vaginal secretions in them for days, possibly weeks. The vaginal secretions are no longer fresh and tasty. They may possibly have begun to 'ferment' in the tampons into an unpalatable wine.

DeeDee places a small cardboard box on the table and each of the women picks out an odd implement. It consists of a one-inch thick wooden dowel rod about eight inches long. One end of a six-inch length of surgical tubing has been inserted into one end of the stick and stapled to hold it tight. An inch of the free end of the tubing has been folded over and tied tightly with nylon string. The gadget looks like a one-sided slingshot.

When Karla asks DeeDee what the gadget is for, she replies that Ken used a long plaited whip on the clitorises of his witch-bitches, but he had to practice for many hours to hit his mark. The women could not duplicate his ability having no way to practice with the long whip. The one-sided slingshots require little or no practice to hit the target.

DeeDee and the eleven other women lined up and one after the other placed the dowel close to the lamb's genitals, pulled the folded end back and snapped her clitoris. She shrieked through her gag, twisted and squirmed, and after the ninth snap, fainted. The remaining three women snapped her clitoris even though she was unconscious. It was obvious that her labia were swelling and she would awaken to a lot of pain. Ken would have thoroughly enjoyed this substitution of his 'art'.

Not finished, DeeDee placed a tapered candle in the lamb's vagina leaving more than half of the candle protruding from her. She lit the candle and the women moved to another part of the basement, leaving the candle burning.

Celia was shocked and horrified at the woman's torment and would have gone to her rescue several times, but Karla stopped her. She whispered something in Celia's ear; Celia nodded and sat down.

The women joined hands and formed a circle facing one another. DeeDee picked up a new sjambok, a whip made from a rhinoceros' penis, that she purchased through a mail order catalogue from South Africa; after administering a dozen strokes to each woman's buttocks and thighs, she had them turn around and proceeded to inflict another dozen strokes to their bellies, pubes, and inner thighs. When one woman fell to the floor, DeeDee beat her until she stood up and received the last of her dozen strokes. If a woman cringed, flinched, or cried out during her ordeal, DeeDee exacerbated her torment. She had the woman pull a tampon from another witch's vagina and put it in her own mouth. If she made a face or gagged, she was made to suck on another tampon. Within the first few minutes of sjambok usage, each of the remaining tampons was in someone's mouth.

Celia and Karla were sickened by and tried to tune out the sounds of the whip striking bare flesh and the sobs of the women, but they didn't interfere.

DeeDee wasn't finished yet.

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