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She learns it's no punishment at all.

Finally they opened the third cage and released the last of their captives.

With long whips in their hands they flaunted their authority as they directed us back up the steps. Once at the top, they led us to a locker room and told us to kneel just inside the door while they got ready.

We were told to keep our heads down while the women undressed, but I have to tell you this might have been one of the hardest commands I have ever been asked to obey. Up until now we were unable to tell what the women we were dealing with looked like due to their hats, face paint, and bulky attire.

Finally, after a couple of minutes of watching clothes fall at their feet and listening as they pranced across the cold tile floor over to the sink to wash their faces they returned to our sides and removed any remaining collars, cuffs or zip ties we still had on. Then they commanded us to follow them into the large shower area that looked as though it was set up more for a basketball team's after-game rinse down than anything I could imagine doing with two beautiful women.

As we followed them into the shower I took inventory of the two women and two men that were with me. Julie had a real bubbly personality, but without coming across as ditzy at the same time. I had a feeling she would have been a lot of fun to hang out with and could hold her own in just about any conversation or debate. Her hair was blonde and straight and cut just below her ears. Her eyes were bright blue and practically sparkled atop her short but cute nose, and her mouth was small and adorned with pouty pink lips. Her skin had a slight hint of a tan. This looked great on her athletic figure with small, yet round, tits and tight ass.

Bridget seemed to be the perfect compliment to Julie. She seemed to be a lot more untrusting of the world around her. Skeptical might actually be the best description, maybe even a bit paranoid. At the same time she carried herself very well, and just by watching her walk I got the impression she just might be able to kick my ass if she wanted to.

Bridget wore her wavy brunette hair down just past her shoulders. Her eyes were dark and green and had just enough slant to give her the look of a sexy deviant. The curves of her full lips just added to the look. Something about her made me wish I could experience her dominant side under different circumstances. Her body was strong and muscular, but not like one of those freaky steroid-popping competitive types. All her muscles were in all the right places and her caramel tan really set it off. Her C-cup breasts were spectacular, but her ass really got my attention. It was tight enough you could bounce a quarter off of it and it popped out at the top of her sexy legs to make the mouths of men miles away begin to water without even knowing why. She was hot!

Obviously there were two other men with us as well. I will do my best to give an accurate portrayal of them. However, I must admit, describing men is not exactly my fort__. The taller and larger of the two looked like he probably did construction or something similar. At about 6' 5", he had a large chest and arms as well as muscular legs, but judging by the lack of definition and the roughness of his hands he got those muscles the old fashioned way rather than in the weight room. The other indication of his work ethic was the obvious farmer's tan. His ass and upper thighs were as pale as could be, while the rest of him was as dark as some of the women I knew of that tanned on a regular basis.

Like me, there was not a trace of hair on his body, but unlike me he had a more rugged look about him with a stronger, larger jaw and chin, big white smile, and eyes as blue as Julie's. His blond mane was pulled back in a small ponytail and almost reminded me of someone I would have expected to see on a pro wrestling program. I doubt he had any trouble picking up women, but he seemed to enjoy the role he was playing.

The other slave was about 5' 10" tall with an average build.

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