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I put the panties in the bag, and stuffed it in my underwear drawer.

My wife left for work at 7:20am. I emailed Pete and told him I was able to get a cute pair of her panties that she had slept in. He replied back a few minutes later and told me he would meet me at 9am at my office. I put the kids on the bus at 8:15. I then gathered the bag containing the freshly worn panties, along with the bra and a few other pairs of panties from the hamper, and headed to my office.

Pete arrived at my office at 8:45am. He entered, and told me he couldn't get there fast enough. He told me to give him the pink panties. Pete pulled the pink striped panties from the bag, pulled the panties apart, and took a long sniff. He started mumbling about how amazing my wife's pussy smelled. He also talked about how he couldn't wait to lick my wife's pussy. He was engrossed in his own dialogue for a few minutes. It almost seemed like I wasn't in the room. I stood there in awe, loving every minute of hearing this well-hung stud talk about licking and fucking my wife's pussy. His big, rock hard cock was already in his hands. He applied some lube and started stroking while he sniffed my wife's super fresh panties. He commented how the panties were still damp. He licked the slit for several minutes. His saliva covered the gusset of my wife's panties.

Finally, Pete looked me directly in the eyes. He told me to strip down and put on one of the other pairs of dirty panties plus a bra. Pete then caught me completely off guard. He sat down on my office couch, still sniffing and licking my wife's worn panties. He pulled the panties away from his face. He told me to show him what my wife would do if she was in the room now. He chuckled a bit, and said that I should know since I was wearing her bra and panties. I was incredibly nervous at this request. I wasn't sure what I should do and started shaking a bit. Pete then told me to hurry the fuck up, as he didn't have all day.

I nervously dropped to my knees before Pete. He just sat there casually on the couch with his huge, fat cock sticking up past his navel. His hands were now at his sides. My wife's panties were draped over his nose and mouth. My only saving grace at this moment was the thought of what my wife would really do if confronted with this situation. Seeing her kneel before a well-hung alpha male such as Pete got me very excited. I reached out and grabbed the shaft of his fat cock. I buried my nose into his balls and took a deep sniff. Pete then grabbed my hand and removed it from his hard cock. He told me not to use my hands. I started licking Pete's very low-hanging balls. I licked slowly, eventually opening my mouth to fit as much of his sack in my mouth as possible.

Pete called me by wife's name as I licked his balls. He called me his good little ball licker. He made me look up at him and tell him how much I loved the taste of his smelly balls. I did as I was told. I moved my body forward a bit, and started to lick the shaft of Pete's thick cock. I tried to emulate how my wife would lick my own shaft, except Pete's shaft was much thicker than mine, and nearly twice as long. I licked my lips in order to increase the saliva as I moved my mouth up the underside of Pete's shaft. When I reached the top of his shaft, I lowered my mouth on the head of his big, throbbing cock.

I could not believe what I had gotten myself into. For the first time in my life, I was kneeling before another man, and his big cock was in my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and slid down Pete's shaft as far as I could go. I started bobbing my head slowly up and down on Pete's rock hard cock. Pete moaned, and told me to go deeper down his cock. He continued to call me by my wife's name as I sucked. Pete then grabbed my head and thrust his hips upwards. I started to gag, and had to come up for air. He gently guided my head back down on his big cock.

I continued sucking Pete's big cock for several minutes.

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