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You have quiet a night planned for him.

I look over to my friend, who hasn't noticed me, and see that her eyes are glued to the screen. As she keeps watching, her hand slowly creeps up her leg, lifting her skirt to reveal a bright red thong. She starts rubbing herself, making small circles all around her pussy through the soft material until I can see the wet spot under her fingers. I watch her a little longer before I remember what I was doing, and sneak quickly back to the kitchen.

I call out that I'm on my way back and make up some excuse about having to let it melt a little, and go back into the room with a bowl of ice cream in each hand. When I get there she has already turned off the tape and started rewinding it, not giving any hint of what she was just doing. I sit down and hand her a bowl, not realizing until then that I'd forgotten the spoons. We decide since there's no one around and it doesn't really matter that we might as well just eat it with our fingers. We sit eating in silence and I try hard not to think about what I had just seen. The cold ice cream melts down our fingers as we bring it to our mouths and lick it off as best we can. Before long she asks me if I'd like to try some of hers since she has a different flavor, and before I can say anything she scoops two fingers into her bowl and brings them to my lips. She watches as I open my mouth and slide her fingers in, sucking them clean as I pull away. Without even thinking I do the same for her, shuddering as her tongue rubs against my fingers.

She takes my bowl and sets it aside, keeping her eyes locked on mine the whole time. She throws a leg over me and climbs onto my lap before kissing me, pressing her body against mine as she does. I kiss her back as she starts grinding her wet pussy against me, making me wet too. I turn and lay her on her back on the couch, pulling away from the kiss to start undressing her. I start with the shirt, pulling it off and tossing it aside, followed by the bra. I flick my tongue across her nipples as I rub my hands over her skin, causing her to gasp and moan. I keep sucking her nipples as my hands go down further and unhook her skirt before pulling it off. I rub her through her thong the same way I'd seen her do it to herself earlier before I slipped it down her legs and off.

We sit up and she starts taking off my clothes, her hands shaking with excitement. When she has me completely naked she wastes no time in burying her fingers in my wet pussy, rubbing my clit with her thumb as my breathing started getting faster. She runs her tongue up and down my neck as she keeps working me with her fingers, not stopping until she feels me shake with an orgasm. She lifts her fingers to her mouth, slowly licking them clean as I watch. I get on my knees in front of the couch, and she throws her legs over my shoulders as I started to lick and suck her pussy. I flick my tongue over her clit, sucking it hard as I rub a finger slowly in and out of her. Then I switch, sticking my tongue in and out of her as my finger plays with her clit. I keep switching back and fourth until I feel her getting close. I hear a knock at the door but I ignore it, not wanting anything to interrupt me. The sound of the door opening makes me freeze, and I suddenly remember not locking it.

I slowly turn, wondering who could have possibly walked in on us.

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