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Wild orgy breaks out in Indian family.

"How about you show me your cock too, Danny." I demanded. "I want to know if Tommy's really is below average." I smiled.

Danny looked dumbfounded, but Brian smiled.

"Come on, man. The lady wants to see your cock." He said and nudged him.

His friend sighed and got up. As he went around the table to come closer, I already could see that my demand aroused him. Since he was only wearing shorts, I could see his nipples harden and I think I also saw a bulge in his pants. As he stood only a yard away, he opened the zipper of his pants and pulled it down.

What I saw was amazing. His cock was, though already erect to a little degree, even longer than Brian's. He wasn't circumcised and the foreskin was covering all of his glans.

"Wow." I said stunned. "You are huge."

"Thanks. But me and Brian are just average, you know. The fact is, Tommy's dick is really small. Have you never seen any other cocks?" He asked puzzled.

"No, I haven't." I replied and stretched out my arm. My fingertips softly touched the skin of his cock. It was slightly sticky but really soft. I let my fingers wander around it to his shaven balls. I fumbled around with them, all the time watching as his cock grew larger and larger.

"May I try to suck it?" I asked, my eyes still focused on his foreskin, which didn't expose his glans, even though his hard on must have been fully erect by now.

"You bet." He replied with a whisper.

I got down on my knees and examined him a little more. I admired the veins, stretching all over his prick, the wrinkled foreskin, which must be really sensitive. I leaned in a little, took his cock in my right hand and lifted it a little. Then I put my nose directly on his skin and sniffed at it. It smelled musky, with a fine note of stale pee and sweat. Delicious! As I glanced up at his face, I could see that he seemed a bit embarrassed. He noticed me looking up and said. "Sorry. If I knew, I would have washed first."

"Never mind." I said smiling. "I like your smell. It's true and natural. That's what a dick must smell like, if you ask me. Tommy always washed before hand. I didn't understand it."

"You're one hot chick!" Brian said and went around the table to get a better view.

"Thanks!" I said and focused on the cock again. "Can I pull your foreskin back, or does that hurt?"

"You can, but be careful, do it slowly." Danny replied.

Carefully I did what I requested. Slowly his glans came to view. First only the end if his urethra, then more and more, until the whole head was in clear view. It glistened with liquids. I could only guess it to be remains of urine and some pre cum. Again, I put my nose close to his cock and smelled. Even more musk and more staleness. I felt myself getting really wet between my thighs.

I stuck out my tongue and started to lick only the end of his urethra. The taste was awesome. I couldn't endure my soft licking for long. My lust took over only a minute later, and I opened my mouth wide, swallowing the whole head of his cock. I sucked frantically on it. I wanted to taste every little drop of urine and pre cum he had for me.

I heard Danny starting to moan, as I was sucking him. His hands wandered to the back of my head, as if to hold me where I was. But I didn't intend to back out. Instead, I started moving my head back and fourth, trying to get his cock deeper into my mouth and throat with ever thrust.

"Damn, she gives good head, huh?" Brian cheered. As I took a glance over to him, I saw him stroking his cock trough the fabric of his shorts. While I continued sucking that delicious dick, I waved him to come closer. As he was near enough, I grabbed the hem of his shorts and pulled it down to his knees. Without hesitation, I grabbed his cock and started stroking it.

So there I was.

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