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She panics when her Master sets stricter rules.

I looked back at Jason on his knees, bottom going forward and backward at tremendous rate.

"OH GOD!!!!" Sarah came, and quickly pulled away from me. Pushed me forward so he could get a better hold of the headboard. I noticed Sarah had the video camera out and was film us. "This is so sexy!" She said.

Jason spun me around so I was on my back and continued to pump in and out of my hole, still holding the headboard. I could believe anyone could move so fast, he must have been well fit! He stopped and dropped his lips down to my lipstick-covered lips.

"I need a breather for a few seconds. While I'm fucking you, masturbate, okay?" He said.

"Sure." I replied.

We kissed, tongues mingling. Then he grabbed the headboard again.


"Yep." I replied.

He started pumping in and out of me again, this time with fresh energy, he seemed faster than before! I rubbed my dick for all my might. Then I came all over his chest and stomach.

I felt Jason increase speed, he flung his head back and gave one last severe ram up my ass, further than it went before, and I felt his hot cum shoot all the way up me. He collapsed next to me and we kissed. Sarah joined us.

"So what did you think of you first fucking?" She asked. "As good as you wrote?"

"Fuck! Much better than I ever imagined!!! That was the best thing to ever happen to me." We all laughed.

"Well," said Jason, "they'll be more where that came from, from me and from Sarah's dildo!"

"First, let's get you kitted out in some nice underwear." Announced Sarah.

She literally dressed me up in the same thing she was wearing, satin red bustier with black lace, and a lace-up front. However, she didn't seem happy with it and told me to take it off and go into the shower.

I spent about ten minutes in the shower, when Sarah came in with two tubes of hair remover. She rubbed it all over my body, even my face, except my head. Fifteen minutes later, she used the plastic knife to scrape the cream off me, followed by a shower to get the rest off. She then rubbed baby-oil all over me to stop a reaction. I was completely free of any body hair!

"That's much better. Hey, you know what?" She asked.

"What?" I replied.

"You really have a feminine body. Your legs are perfect, long thin, yet curvy, just like models legs, and you have a small bottom, and a flat tummy."

"Well thanks. At least I'll like good for you and Jason."

"Yeah. You're gonna look sexy in that underwear now. And I have the perfect wig for you to wear!"

I put the bustier and stockings back on, but left off the panties just as Sarah had done. Sarah then applied plenty of foundation and makeup to my face, and then the dark brown, long straight wig. She adjusted the wig so that a few of the hairs fell forward over the left side of my face. She turned me to face the mirror.

"Tada!" She said. "What do you think?"

I was in shock! "Fuck me I'm sexy! Wow. Even my eyes look sexy."

She suddenly remembered something. "Eyebrows. I forgot to pluck your eyebrows!" She thinned them out, pulling away at them, very painful indeed. However, when she'd finished, I looked even better. If it weren't for my long thick eight and a half inches between my legs, you wouldn't have known I was a man!

"Come on, let's see what Jason thinks." She said, walking with me into the bedroom.

Jason was sat on the bed waiting. I watched as his erection instantly returned. "WOW!" He said. "I want a piece of that!"

"Nope." Said Sarah. She was strapping on a long thick black dildo, and inserting something into her pussy. "She's mine first. But you can suck her cock while I fuck her ass."


Sarah positioned me onto the bed, hands gripping the headboard, bottom sticking out. Sarah got behind and rubbed lube on my hole and on her dildo, the placed her left hand next to mine on the headboard and used her right hand to guide the fake cock into my ass. Once the head was in, she put her right hand next to mine and began to push the cock up me.

At the same time, Jason had slid under me and began slowly sucking my cock.

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