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The boys' first year in college.

The charcoal drawing that the unknown artist did of her lifeless face brought goose bumps to my body. Except for the closed eyes she looked almost like the spirit I had met. But I wasn't sure. She had become solid only for an instant. Reading on I came to the part about cause of death. She was stabbed thirty-four times. Her body was mutilated savagely, but the killer didn't stop there. He had raped her also. He was a sick bastard because he took advantage of her even after she was dead. The strangest part of the murder was the half-eaten apple that was rammed into her open mouth.

After twenty years the case was still unsolved so all they did was name her Jane Apple and bury her body in the large orchard behind the stable. It was an apple orchard.

Now, in 2005, the streets were named Orchard and Apple. The large grove of trees has been whittled down to twenty. One strange thing about the orchard was the fact that I had never seen a gravestone in it when I had walked through it.

I closed off the computer as I saw LT's car come back. She came in quiet and just ate, surfing the net as her over stuffed cheese-Coney dribbled on the keyboard. She didn't even bother to clean it off.

Getting tired of watching her stuff her face I said, "I'm going for a walk; call me if you need me." As she nodded her head I walked out and headed for building 29.

When I finally arrived there, I didn't even bother going in, I went around back to where the grove of apple trees was. As I walked, crunching the empty shells of dead apples under my feet, I shined my light around the ground until I saw a small mound in the center of all the trees. I had never noticed this before and I carefully got closer to it.

As I shined my light over the hump I realized it was half of a gravestone. Broken off right at the bottom, you couldn't tell where the rest was. I searched the undergrowth looking for the rest of the stone, but I didn't have any luck.

After twenty minutes I finally gave up and decided to go back to where this all began.

When my foot hit the final step to the fourth floor the door in front of me flew open as a blast of wind forced me into the room. Once inside the door closed and I felt the air around me begin to grow colder.

I'm not one to talk to myself a lot, but I thought maybe I could try communication, "What do you need? How can I help you?"

The whispers came again as I felt a puff of air hit my cheek.

While I stood there with my light shining in front of me a form began to take shape. It was her. This time she kissed my lips. She felt solid this time, her lips tender and inviting, but I dropped my light with a bang and reached for her shoulders, pushing her away.

"I want to help you. How can I help?"

This time I got a response as her hand, which I could see through, grabbed mine and she led me back to the far end of the room. I heard her whisper again when she came to a stop, but I still couldn't make out what she said. Finally, she gave up and pointed to the floor.

That's when I noticed the large piece of sheet metal laying on the floor, braced against the wall. There were a few pieces of debris on top, but I managed to lift it off and move it away. There was something there but I had to return to where I dropped my light.

By the time I got back to the corner she was still there. I could barely make out a very sad expression on her face. As I shined the light onto the object my heart began to beat faster when I realized what it was: The other half of her tombstone. All it had on it was her name and the year she was found.

At first, I didn't realize what she wanted. Then as she pointed to the rear of the building it came to me. She wanted it returned to her grave. Maybe as another practical joke someone brought this up here. Or it was just all an early Halloween prank. Even the ghostly figure that was standing beside me may not be real. Unless, I thought, all this was just a dream.

No, maybe it wasn't. I would have made LT look a lot better then she does.

I reached to pick up the top ha

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