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Some fantasies don't make for good reality.

I think in my inebriated state I would like that better.

His truck was in the driveway, but none of the lights were on, so I knew he had already gone to bed. He has to be back at work in the morning, so I am sure he got clean and went right to sleep. And it appears that he did just that

So I am standing in the doorway of the bedroom looking at my man asleep. I can tell that he has only been down for a little while because the bathroom still smells like bath soap. It is a warm night, so he has dispensed with the covers already, which are now lying on the floor next to the bed. A little bit of light is coming though the blinds, just enough for my eyes to adjust to the darkness and see him in all his glory. His hair is spread out on the pillow behind him, (God I love to run my fingers through that hair!) and because he is lying on his side, I can see how long it is getting. He has been trying to grow it back out for a while, and just recently has it gotten long enough to pull back in a ponytail. Or long enough for me to wrap my fingers in and pull his head down when I am desperate for a kiss or three.

But the part of the picture that is the most intriguing for me is what he is wearing. Normally he sleeps in the nude, but tonight it looks like a different story. He is wearing a pair of nylon bikini panties that I bought for him about a month ago. That is the reason that I haven't gone any further into the bedroom. I am just looking at his hip and his ass packed into a pair of panties that I bought for him. Now, before you go jumping to conclusions, this was not my particular fetish to begin with. A few months after we started dating, he started acting really weird one night, and then finally reached under his bed and pulled out a box full of panties. I am not the snooping type, so I never had any idea that it was there. Apparently it was a serious fetish for him, which would explain the six different pairs of panties that he had bought me already at that point. Not only did he like seeing me in panties, but he also liked to wear panties on occasion under his regular clothes. Not in a cross-dresser sense, since he is way too big to be a convincing woman (6'3'', 240 muscular pounds.) More of like a hetero guy sense who thought that if panties could be pretty on women, they could also be pretty on him.

I keep getting distracted. So I am standing in the doorway of the bedroom looking at my man asleep on the bed wearing a pair of white nylon bikinis that I bought him. I also bought myself a matching pair at the same time, and surprised him one evening with both pairs of them. He definitely showed his appreciation that night! So over time, our games have evolved to the point where if I discover him in a pair of panties it usually means that he wants to be strapped. Which kind of surprises me right now. It also excites the hell out of me, but surprises at the same time. My brain is turning over a million times a second thinking about this, but my pussy is only telling me one thing. I was horny before I even left the house, and now I am almost desperate to get off. But why would he want me to take him up the ass when he is exhausted?

Who cares? The thought of going into our toy box, pulling out one of my dildos, and strapping it on to use on him is just killing me. I can feel my nipples getting harder by the second, so I place my sandals down on the dresser in order to use both hands on my tits. I pull my shirt up and pinch my nipples through my bra while I think of lubing up my fingers and sliding them one at a time into his ass. The alcohol is making my head spin a little bit, but I know that finger fucking his ass in preparation for my cock is a major turn on for both of us. I love to hear him moan when I slide that first finger into his ass. It makes my pussy clench every time we do it. Which isn't a whole lot of times, which makes the idea even more exciting now.

I can feel my panties begin t

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