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Going further, the education.

"Mmmm Jacob!" I said quietly.

Later on that night my growling stomach woke me up. I hadn't eaten dinner since I'd fallen asleep after my orgasm. I got up to see what I could find to eat in the kitchen. I turned on the light and found Jacob and Leslie by the refrigerator looking for food.

Jacob turned around and smiled. "Hey Kate, sorry if we woke you."

I stared at Jacobs's almost naked body. He was wearing only a pair of flannel boxers. He was so incredible!

"N-no. I was just going to get a midnight snack."

Leslie looked at me and giggled. She wore one of Jacob's long t-shirts and nothing else. "Well, you guys don't have much here. We were going to make a sandwich."

I shrugged. "Ah it's ok. I think I'll go back to bed now."

"You can join us if you want. I'll make you a sandwich," Jacob chimed in.

"No, really it's ok. Goodnight you two." I said walking away.

"Goodnight Kate," Leslie answered cheerfully.

I went back to bed angry. Did Leslie know how much I loved Jacob? She probably did. We girls have a way of knowing when another female likes our boyfriend. She knew, she had to know. She had to see the way I would get shy around Jacob or how I would nervously laugh around him. Jacob would find out someday, but until then I'd have to love him in secret.

* * *

Friday night came fast. I was busy all day making sure we had all the food, drinks and guests. Not too many people would be showing up since most of them had gone home for the holidays. I called my parents earlier that day to wish them a Merry Christmas incase I didn't get a chance to call them the next morning.

I'd made sure to get a lot of alcohol as Jacob has requested. By the time I knew it, it was already eight that night. A few of Jacob and Leslie's friends had shown up. Jacob was at the apartment putting on the music. Once he finished, he came to me to let me know he'd be picking Leslie up.

"Now, I put her present in my nightstand drawer. If I get too drunk give it to her ok? I doubt I'll drink but if I do just know where it's at. It's in a silver box with a red ribbon around it."

"Ok, but you don't drink so why worry about it," I teased.

Jacob rolled his eyes. "Whatever. I'm going to go pick her up and hopefully we can make it until midnight."

"Well be careful. I'll be here."

"Thanks, you're the best," he said and placed a kiss on my cheek. "By the way you look stunning tonight."

I blushed. "Thank you." I had put on my short dark blue velvet dress with black heels and pinned my hair up. I watched him leave and I returned back to the party, alone.

* * *

About 20 minutes later, Jacob walked in with Leslie. Leslie looked so beautiful in her white spaghetti strap dress, which brought out her tanned skin. Her hair was down and curled so nicely.

"Hey Kate! Glad you helped Jacob make this happen," she said sweetly.

"No problem. You look really pretty by the way," I said politely.

"Oh this old thing? Well anyway, where is the liquor? I need me a drink!"

Jacob laughed and unwrapped his arm from her waist letting her roam.

"She looks pretty happy," I said watching her search for something to drink.

"She is. She's so great."

I stared at him blankly. "Is everything ok?"

"Y-yeah why do you ask?"

"Just wondering. Now come on let's go party!"

He smiled and we both headed off to mingle with the guests.

* * *

After three hours, I was feeling tired. I had danced with a few guys and ate lightly. I drank one wine cooler but that was enough for me. My heart went out to Jacob though. I saw Leslie punch drunk dancing with him. She could barely stand. Jacob looked embarrassed but tried to keep dancing with her.

Most of the guests had left and since it was almost midnight, I figured Jacob would want me to get the present he had for Leslie. He sat Leslie down on the couch and she kept moaning something.

"What's wrong?" I asked him seeing the worried look on his face.

"She's so drunk, it's awful, but she wants to go home."

"She isn't going to spend the night here?"

"No she insists on going home.

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