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Retiree comes across new underwear.

First day at his place, he show us the room for me and my daughter, it is one of the two rooms in upstairs and the other one is their master bedroom. My mother-in-law's room is down stairs, as she can't climb stairs.

After my daughter left home to school, I went to use the toilet and as I enter it with out knocking to my shock I saw Ramesh bathing naked. I was really taken back and tensed and started to admire his body, and the water running all over him and to my surprise I saw his cock and it is a huge and really thick I could not take my eyes off. All this time Ramesh didn't notice me, then suddenly he turns to my side and looked at me and kind of embarrassed, I said sorry straight away and he apologized for not closing the door properly, but never made any attempts to cover his prick.

After that incident I made my decision seduce Ramesh. I started wearing see through sarees, folding them below my navel and exposing my belly. I noticed Ramesh staring all over my body and even making accidental brushes when moving around. Friday morning I called Ganesh and told to pick our daughter from school and she will be going to dance class for the weekend from our house, as it is easier for her. Ganesh agreed to it and ask me to pick her up again after school on Monday.

This leaves me a good time to employ my seduction seriously on Ramesh as I had almost three days. Friday night I put on a sexy nightgown, it was arm cut and revealing neck and in the bottom it is an inch or two above my knees. He wears a sarong and came out with bare chest it really turned me on, I admired his hairy chest. While we were watching Television I sat across him and did some Sharon stone stuff, now I know that he really wanted it and started talking some adult chats and some double meaning jokes and the conversation went on well. After a while I said I needed some clothes so I asked him whether he can buy them when he is going out tomorrow, he said yes and ask me what kind of clothes I am looking for. I said I need couple of tops and skirts to wear at home and some Bra's.

He asked about the sizes, I said, "Well can you guess them" and I stood up for him to take a good look at my breast. He looked at them, this time staring at them with authority and said "Well I don't know may be 36 or 38". I said "ok tomorrow you buy them and come we will see how effective your measures are".

Next day he came up with Couple of tops and very short skirts and asks me to try them on. And he also gave me couple of bra's and said, "I hope my guesses are correct". I took them all and went in, I checked at the dresses, both the tops were kind of see through and deep necked very revealing. I could sense I slight bending of my body would reveal my deep cleavage. I got the Idea what this bastard is up to and thought he really has hots on his elder brother's wife.

I saw at the Bra, and it was 38c cup so I put that on I saw my self in the mirror, both my 38d were popping out, so I decide to wear one the short skirts and then call Ramesh. As Ramesh came in and saw me in one of those tiny skirts almost 3 inch above my knees and my bra at a ready stage to break up. I can see his eyes all over my tits.

I said, "Look what you bought its really not my size this is a smaller one". He said, " Yeah but it looks good and sexy". He continued "You have a sexy body sharadha and Ganesh is very lucky, specially you have an attractive belly and a navel to die for. No one can't resist playing with those ample tits".

After saying all these he looked at me with a kind of fear. To make him feel a bit easy I said "well thanks for your comments, do you want to feel my tits" saying that I opened the bra hook and took his hand and kept it on one my breast.

He started squezing them on and took me closer and

pinched my nipples as I began to really excite him with my soft hands.

"Be gentle, you're very large..." I whimpered as i prepared for the entry of this obscene cock. Ramesh grunted and filled my mouth with his tongue in response.

"Gentle" he said.

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