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Steve finds the busty office cleaning lady intriguing.

My body is becoming wet and readying itself for him. Needles of pleasure are springing up from wherever he touches me.

He lifts his lips from mine, then begins to kiss his way back down my body. He places light kisses on my neck then bites my shoulder. He finally reaches my breasts but he does not kiss them. I whimper from need and cup my breasts in my hands and lift them to his mouth like an offering. I feel his light chuckle right before his lips lock on my nipple and sucks it into his mouth.

I arch my back into his warm mouth begging him for more. He sucks me harder then gently bites my nipple. I moan from the pleasure that shoots from my breast all through my body. My muscles tense and my pussy pulses every times he does that. I am panting for breathe and saying words of encouragement for him not to stop. My whole body is tingling, I feel hot and cold at the same time. I am fast approaching the point of no return.

He feels my body tensing and knows I am about to come. He lifts his head and looks straight into my eyes as he sits up. He looks at my body and I see his hunger for me. Looking into my eyes he reaches out and takes my hands and places them on his shoulders. He lies back on the bed and I move over him and start to kiss his chest. I bite his little brown nipple and lick at it until I hear him groan.

I start kissing my way down his belly. When I get to the waistband of his jeans I run my tongue just under the snap. I feel him shiver and do it again. He laughs softly and pushes me away so he can undo them. When he lift his hips to push them down his legs I help by pulling them all the way off.

I sit back on my heels and just look at him for a minute. He reaches down and grabs my hand and gives it a little squeeze. I look back into his eyes and smile before I lean forward and take him in my hands. I run my hand from head to base and back again. He feels so soft, like warm velvet in my hand. I lean forward and flick my tongue across the head. I taste his precum and do it again. His shaft jerks in my hand so I place my lips on the head and slowly suck it into my mouth.

I run my tongue around it as I slowly suck on it deep into my mouth. He tastes so good, I don't think I will ever be able to get enough of him. I run my hands down his legs as I work his cock in and out of my mouth. I feel his shaft getting even harder and know he is about to cum for me. I push the head all the way into the back of my throat and squeeze it gently with the muscles there. He groans lightly and begins to lift his hips toward my face. He continues to fuck my mouth until he goes stiff and fills my mouth with his cum. It tastes so good. I am becoming intoxicated on it. I swallow all he has to give and it is still not enough.

I feel his hands in my hair and look up at him, still sucking him deep into my mouth. He smiles and just shakes his head at me. He grabs my shoulders lifting me from him and pushes me flat against the bed.

He leans over me and then reaches for my panties and pulls them off. I am so wet the insides of my legs are damp. He runs his hands up them and pushes them apart. He looks at my wet pussy then runs a finger over my lips. It comes away wet. He looks straight into my eyes and puts the finger in his mouth.

Seeing him suck my juices of his finger turns me on even more. I want to feel him moving inside me. I reach for him but he pushes my hands away and lowers his head to lick me. He uses two fingers and presses open my lips and tongues my clit. He licks me for just a second or two just long enough to bring me close to coming.

He lifts his head and moves up my body. I feel his weight settle on me, and then his lips are on mine kissing me deeply. I can taste myself on his tongue and suck it deeper into my mouth. I love my taste mixed with his darker one.

Our tongues dance around in each other's mouths until we both need air.

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