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College girl gets more than she bargained for.

Everybody else quickly followed and the place cheered him aloud. Word quickly spread around campus and soon everybody knew about Henry's speech and reward.

Chapter 1

After returning from his summer vacation Henry was very curious if his plan had worked and girls had started growing out their hair over the break. When he arrived to his classroom all the girls were already seated. To his confusion they all wore long-sleeved jackets despite summer temperatures. As he was about to be seated one of the girls rose and said "we all heard about your speech and your generous offer. We think it is absolutely great how you spoke up against female suppression through screwed beauty standards. Your call to bring the bush back and financial incentive has not fallen on deaf ears." At once all the girls in the classroom started removing their long-sleeves and raised their arms. Henry__s jaw almost dropped in surprise and astonishment. The girls had dumped their razor over the summer and now all spotted hairy armpits. He could see so many different kinds of hair under his classmate's arms. Some already had really thick and dark bushes while others had very light sporadic hairs but they had all followed his call. He had never before seen a girl his age with armpit hair and yet here he was staring at about 20 girls who presented their hairy pits to him. This turned out better than he could have ever had imagined.

As he was walking around campus several more girls came up to him and thanked him for his speech and financial incentive to grow out their hair. Many of these girls continued by showing him the progress they had made in growing out their armpit hair over the summer. Henry felt like he was in heaven as he got to look at all these sexy girls, only half daring to imagine how great they would look at the end of the semester without panties. This was going to be a great senior year.

As the year went by, the scenery around campus had changed completely. One could spot hairy girls everywhere. Hairy armpits, hairy legs or a treasure trail had become a regular sight amongst the female students at this University. When the girls went swimming in their bikinis you could even spot hair coming out of the sides of the undies if you had a watchful eye. Of course the national media quickly turned its attention to the phenomenon as well and the school quickly got the nickname "Hairyfornia University". Every time a girl was interviewed they mentioned how sexy they felt with their new look and how happy they were with the decision to have binned the razor.

Towards the end of the year, the time had come for Henry to cash in. Every girl that wanted the 500$ and a chance at getting the scholarship was asked to meet him at his place to show off their goods. Over a span of about 2 months multiple girls showed up every day in order to undress in front of him, allow him to get a good look and collect their check. Of course it did not always end with a good look; Henry really did get his money's worth more often than not.

Chapter 2

Cathy was the first girl to show up at his place. She was a 20 year old sophomore and part of the Volleyball team. She had brown eyes, dark hair and a very fit figure and was generally very good looking. She had been one of the most vocal supporters of Henry's idea around campus at the start of the semester and really helped his cause. Henry took her by the hand as she entered his house and led her to his room.

"I was really inspired by your speech and agreed with your message that girls are naturally beautiful and do not have to hide anything. I actually decided to grow my hair out because of me, not because of the reward you promised or the chance of potentially getting a scholarship."

"That is great to hear.

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