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Picked up hitching by an insecure redhead.

As I asked, I ran my hand over the redhead's ass, and you saw her nipples harden through the ribbon. You pulled on the end of the ribbon keeping the bow in place, and exposed her completely. She came closer to you, pushing her hips up against yours and offering her mouth up to yours. Before you could kiss her, the next woman, a taller woman with long blond hair and seemingly unending legs came up from behind the red-head, grabbing her breasts and asking you to please unwrap her as well. Once you had unwrapped her, the average height woman with short dark hair, and the shorter woman with short blond hair approached as well, wanting you to strip the ribbons off them, too.

While you were unwrapping your present, I also stripped off my clothes, and then came from behind the women and told them that I thought you also wanted to get rid of your clothes. Immediately, there were four sets of hands, helping you to remove all your clothing, hands caressing your flesh as it was exposed. Soon all your clothes were off, with four different women stroking and beginning to lick your body. Your eyes found mine as I approached the tall blonde; I started kissing her, our tongues playing with each other, before we both found your mouth, our three tongues mingling. While we were kissing, the short blonde started stroking your cock, while my hands wandered over the redhead's body. You pulled away from the kiss, and I heard you growl before grabbing the tall blonde, turning her around and bending her over. The short dark haired woman knelt down, licking the blonde's wet lips and the head of your cock just as you penetrated the glistening pussy.

The short blonde, now that she was no longer stroking your cock, turned her caressing attention to your chest, playing with your nipples. I watched as you made a fist in her hair, pulling her head to the side so that you could bite down on the tender flesh of her neck. As you did this, I pushed the redhead towards your chest, making her suck your nipple, while I knelt behind her, licking her wet cunt. I felt hands stroking me, and realized that the blonde you were fucking was running her hands over me, and then sliding her fingers into my cunt. Soon, my attentions brought the redhead to climax; you watched as her body writhed while still sucking on your nipple. You released your grip on the short blonde, and pulled your cock out of the pussy it had been pounding. The women all trailed you as you walked to the bed and sat down. You grabbed the short blonde, and picked her up, then brought her down on your cock. The short dark haired woman clambered onto the bed, too, as you leaned back to lie on the bed, allowing her to kiss you while the short blonde rode your shaft.

You heard the dark haired woman moaning into your mouth, and opened your eyes to see the redhead with her mouth buried in the dark haired woman's pussy. At the same time, the short blonde riding your cock was kissing the tall blonde, who was on all fours on the bed. I climbed onto the bed as well, and started licking and sucking the redhead, tasting her juicy cunt. As such, my cunt and the tall blonde's were facing towards you; you watched both of us leak, as we got wetter and wetter. Unable to resist, or perhaps just unwilling to, you plunged the fingers of your right hand into my cunt, and your left fingers into the blonde's. Soon, the six of us were all grinding and moaning, giving and receiving pleasure. I felt the muscles of the redhead contracting as she reached her climax, and was so aroused by it, that I came as well. I was aware that the other women were writhing and moaning as well, as we all finally got that release.

I pulled back from the redhead's slit, and reminded the women that we were here to be your present, and that you had still yet to cum.

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