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A meeting between friends becomes so much more.

I open the contacts and find her entry. "You just put "Jessica," I tell her.

"You know another Jessica," she asks.

"No but I figured that you'd out in some joke name or something."

"Check the nickname," She says with a smile.

I scroll a bit and blush slightly when I find it. This is not missed by Bobby or Roxie.

"Ooo, what did you put on there Tall Girl?" Roxie asks.

"It must be good, look as his face," Bobby laughs.

"Just a private joke between my lab partner and me," She answers cryptically.

"Whoa, what did we miss," Shelly asks as she and Jody join the group.

"I don't think I've seen Jake so red before," Jody adds as she sits.

"Jessica got him again," Bobby says laughing.

"She's good," Roxie says, "we could have used her freshman year when he was all tight lipped and shy."

"Him," Jessica asks pointing at me.

"He had his moments," Roxie says giving me a look before continuing, "but he was a quiet guy for the longest time."

"Aw, I hate I missed that. The quiet would be so nice at times." Jessica teases.

"Are you planning on abusing me like this in front of your parents tonight?" I ask.

"Wait, what," Shelly asks nearly choking on her grilled chicken.

"I told my parents about the extra credit thing on Saturday and since Jake's taking me, they want to meet him." Jessica explains to Shelly then turns to me. "I'm nothing compared to my little sister. She got Patrick so pissed that I swear I could see steam coming out of his ears."

"Serves him right for coming over without permission," Shelly says. "I still can't believe he did that."

"He's an asshole, of course he did that." Roxie states happily munching on her brownie.

"You still need to call me," Jessica reminds me.

"Not sure I want to now," I joke.

"Now he wants to be quiet," She shoots back. "Just push the button lab partner."

"Yes ma'am," I nod and do as ordered. Her phone rings a moment later and she picks up just long enough for her phone to register my number then hangs up so she can start entering my info with the number. "I expect an appropriate ring tone to be chosen for me."

"I'm making a mental note to download "You Drive Me Crazy" by Britney the first chance I get and you'd better choose carefully for mine mister."

"I'll be careful," I answer as Bobby begins to hum L. A. Gun's song "I Wanna Be Your Man."

"What's that song Bobby," Jessica asks.

"Just a suggestion for Jake and I'm sure he'll tell you if he takes it."

"While I appreciate the suggestion, I'll choose something a little more appropriate for my lab partner."

"Can't use Blinded Me with Science," Jessica tells me.

"I... wasn't."

"Better cancel that download quick Jake," Jody teases and once again, everyone is laughing at my expense but at least I can laugh along with my friends.


At six thirty four I'm standing on Jessica's porch with my finger depressing the doorbell button. She'd told me when we were leaving Art class that anytime between six thirty and six forty five should be fine. Inside I hear the chime sound then take a step back, readjust my backpack nervously and wait.

A couple of seconds pass then the door opens and a man is standing there. "Yes, can I help you?" He asks.

"Um, Yes sir, is this the Golden residence?"

"I gave at the office," he states and starts to close the door.

"Daddy, stop messing around," I hear Jessica say from behind him. He steps to the side and I see her smiling face.

"Hey Jess," I say giving her a relieved smile. "Did I come at a bad time?"

"No, you're right on time; Dad was just having some fun with you." She tells me.

"Nice one sir," I tell him.

"Come on in Jake, it's nice to meet you." He says extending his hand. I start to shake it but he stops and goes, "No way!"

"Okay Dad, enough with the jokes," Jessica tells him.

"So that rumbling was your car pulling up. Is she a '69?" He asks and I realize that he's looking past me to my car.

"Yes sir, sorry about that," I answer. "I try not to rattle the windows but she's always been like that."

"Man, I'd love to take a look at her.

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