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"Yeah, hard day, good to be home, "Tom's uneasiness grew not using the proper address at being in Taylor's presence.

"Honey Taylor and I were just getting ready to settle up on a little bet we had going, "Lisa commented.

"What kind of bet was it, "Tom searched each of their faces in turn.

Lisa and Taylor shared a glance and Taylor smiled widely at Lisa who seemed to have just a little poutiness to her countenance. Taylor spoke first, "why don't I just show you Lisa, "Taylor turned her head back and stared Tom in the eyes, "on your knees slave, "her sultry voice said.

Tom was in the middle of thinking how he would get out of a fine mess with Lisa as he found himself sinking to his knees on the floor. Taylor turned back to Lisa, "I told you sweetie, any man is breakable. Forget reason or being sweet all you really have to do is get a hold of his sexual energy. Men spend every day fighting urges society tells them are wrong and after a while it gets to be exhausting for them. Some rape, some go to whores or strip clubs, some look at porn, and some simply fantasize so they can release and be free. Tom is likely a porn or fantasy guy because his main concern is still his love for you."

Tom was still on his knees and aware of the conversation taking place but could not move or speak at the moment, "you think that would stop him, "Lisa said acidly.

"Don't blame him sweetie, all he did was what comes natural to him. I used and manipulated those urges to get past all his defenses and in the end I had to use hypnosis to properly alter his behavior patterns. If Tom was even a little lesser of a man I would not have needed it."

Lisa looked from Tom to Taylor as she took in what Taylor was telling him, "So now how to I get him the way I want him?" she asked Taylor.

Taylor let out a soft laugh, "oh dear that's easy. Taylor turned to look at Tom, "relax deeper for me Tommy, breathe deep and relax...now sleep, "with a snap of her fingers Tom's eyes slammed shut. He could hear a voice in his thoughts as he drifted off, "to a deep sleep, that's right Tommy feel all your thoughts fading away..."

When Tom awoke he found he was lying in Lisa and his bed and from looking at the window determined it was night time. He went to get up and found he could not move though he was not sure anything substantial was holding him down, "so you're awake now?" He immediately identified the voice as his wife's.

Lisa looked down at him with her blue eyes. She was wearing a black silk nightie that stood in sharp contrast to her well tanned skin, "time to solidify the changes that were made then my little Tommy, "she smiled as she climbed on the bed and straddled his waist, "does the sound of my voice make you feel good Tommy?"

"Yes Mistress, "came out and Tom could only wonder why he had called his wife Mistress.

"Yes it does, and you feel so relaxed. So at ease and as you relax more you feel the pleasure that listening to my voice brings you, "Tom could only stare up at his wife as she slowly deepened his trance, "ohhhh yes Tommy you are getting so turned on by all the wonderful pleasure I am bringing you. You have been reprogrammed and now will know soooo much pleasure as you are about to surrender to me completely, "Lisa inserted Tom's hard cock into her warm pussy and slowly began moving up and down. She softly moaned as she began closing her eyes as she moved up and down.

Tom's body felt like it was on fire and his cock felt as if it had been electrified by Lisa's warm, wet sex.

"Yes Tommy pussy goes up and down washing away all resistance to my voice. You want so badly to surrender to me don't you my sweet?"

"Yes Mistress, "he responded.

"You've always wanted this haven't you baby? To be mine utterly and completely?"

"Yes Mistress, "somewhere something clicked inside Tom's mind and he knew she was right, he had always wanted this. To serve his wife like the goddess she was.

Lisa's hips began moving faster and her voice started repeating the word "yes" with each thrust.

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