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Karen's return to films is almost derailed by the past.

" Rachel said with a queer tone to her voice. "Go ahead and run the water in. I'm ready." She instructed.

I unclamped the hose and could hear the water as it rushed inside her body. My cock getting even harder as I watched her clamp her anal muscle to retain the water flowing into her rectum. Each time her anus contracted, her pussy contracted too. The visual stimulation of seeing Rachel in this position was extremely erotic. Pussy and ass was trumping tits and ass at this juncture. What a fucking turn on.

"Has it all run in? Asked Rachel.

"Um, Yeah." I said as I clamped the tube and removed the enema nozzle enjoying the site of her anus stretching as the nozzle popped out of her ass. A little squirt of water leaked out of her hole before it snapped tightly shut.

"Oops. Sorry about that." Rachel giggled with embarrassment.

"No worries. That's why your in the shower. Easy to clean up later remember?"

After a few minutes, Rachel said, "Ok, gotta go. Help me up again please."

I helped her stand and step to the toilet. Another violent rush of water swooshed out of her bum with more plopping of stool into the toilet.

As she dried herself again, she asked, "How much water are you putting in me? Was it a full bag?"

"No. Only about half full."

"Let's do a full bag. This is really getting me cleaned out. I am feeling so much better already."

I filled the bag up to the top and screwed in the stopper as Rachel knelt in the shower again. "Rach, I think it may have been only a third full. This is going to be a lot more water."

"Good. Let's try. You can always stop the flow if it is too much."

I reached up and spread her ass cheeks without warning her. She pressed against my hand without complaint. As I applied the KY to her anus, she pushed a little harder and the tip of my finger dimpled her anus.

"Ummm. Please be sure I'm well lubed there." she said.

I worked the tip of my finger around the entire area and could feel the muscle seem to relax when the tip pressed against the center of her anus. I pushed just a little more firmly and could feel the muscle start to give.


I quickly replaced the tip of my finger with the enema nozzle and it easily overcame the resistance of her anus and slipped inside her rectum. I pushed it in until it was entirely inside her butt.

"Oh, that was easy. It went right in."

"Ummmm, yes. I could feel it slide way up into my tummy." she almost whispered.

I released the clamp and let the warm water run into her ass. We could hear it fill her rectum and gurgle and slosh into her colon.

"Owww. Slow it down. It's making me cramp a little."

I clamped the tube and stopped the flow of water.

"Whew. Ok. The cramps are gone. Try to run the rest inside of me."

I slowly unclaimed the tube and let the water flow more slowly into her body. She took the rest of the bag without further complaint of discomfort.

"Wow. That feels so different. I really thought I would hate the way this feels, but it is oddly enjoyable. I feel so much better with each enema. I hate being constipated."

She held it for five or six minutes, then asked for help to the toilet again. No urgency this time. She seemed to have the hang of taking in the water and tolerating having it slosh around inside of her. The water jetted out of her ass carrying what must be the remnants of any remaining stool. There wasn't any real formed stool anymore. Just a yellowish brown tint left in the water.

"God. I almost feel normal again." she said as she stepped back into the shower knelt down and put her ass high into the air again. "Since we have it out, let's do it one more time with a full bag." she said as she turned her head and looked at the obvious bulge in my underwear with a warm smile. I'll try to reward you a little later for all your good work Dr. Jess."

I filled the enema bag one more time, but let it stretch the bag fat and heavy.

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