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Adventures of two young women.

Dar was pulling Hanya off down the hillside towards Tenth Sietter now, doubtless with the intention of sneaking into his tent for half an hour, or however long it took for him to inveigle Hanya into fucking him senseless. Tashka shouted out at him: "Hey, Vaie, you dog! Where is it you are stealing my junior off to?"

They swung round, Hanya's face was already soft with yearning desire, his expression tightened up to look anxiously at her but Dar sniggered filthily as he let Hanya go, shouting back, "you were not wanting him for your sweet self were you, you sly fox! Your own junior!" Hanya looked in appalled astonishment at him and the troopers gasped to hear Captain Maien so addressed.

"Watch it, slut!" Tashka grinned, strolling lazily over to them. "It is not the junior I have got my eye on, you know."

Dar Vaie became convulsed with laughter, the troopers stared at Tashka and at him, then in mute horrified appeal at their Lieutenant. "You have got the morals of a virgin slut's cat, el Maien!" Dar shouted.

"At least I have got morals!" Tashka retorted, coming up and standing in front of Dar and Hanya with her hands on her hips, a huge grin on her face. "You priest's doxy," she added. Dar sniggered again.

"Er, Captain, I'll not be long," Hanya assured her, looking uncertainly from the one grinning officer to the other. "I know you only have Trait and myself to rely on, I will be back in ten minutes."

Tashka raised a mocking eyebrow at Dar. "Ten minutes!" she snorted. "Is that all you intend to give my Lieutenant, Vaie? I hope you are not going to treat him like your usual bits of trimming and oblige me to offer you a glove on his behalf. So Lein, you mean to just have a little ten minute chat about the disposition of the encampment, is it? You must make me a report on it, I am sure it would make fascinating reading. Why are you not asking for an afternoon's leave?"

Hanya gave her a suddenly huge smile. "May I?" he asked eagerly.

"Get on with it," Tashka laughed. "Tell Flava I'll be here all day to support him. You must be back the evening though," she looked meaningfully at him. "The Commander will have the other Captains to dinner the night so I will have to look to the whole troop and I will need your support with the Quarter. The evening, you must be back, mind."

Hanya grinned shyly, blushing, and pressed her left hand in gratitude. He did the ritual stamping steps of the H'las junior leaving a senior officer which Dar inspected with a gleam in his grey eye and ran off to make a few final arrangements in the two Units he was responsible for, shouting: "Wait on me, Dar! I will not be long!"

Dar was busy watching his big buttocks in black felt breeches flashing above the tops of his black thigh-length boots as he ran. Tashka gave him a buffet on the shoulder that caught him off-guard and rocked his lean rangy body back, he sniggered and made a mock punch at her jaw. She started to chat about the problems of the terrain they were encamped on and how soon she thought they ought to move on further into the Sietter Hills. Although she was still only a Captain, Dar listened deferentially to what she was saying, considering her points with the respect he bore her from long association with her military mind. He considerately turned his eyes away from the paperwork in her hand, noticing this, she waved it deliberately under his nose and drew several quite sensitive bits of information on it to his attention, making sure that any troopers around them could see and hear her doing so.

When Hanya came back and they were walking away through the camp together with arms casually about each other's shoulders, Dar overheard one of the troopers say to another: "He was the brother officer of the Captain's.

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