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Before heading home, Brad takes care of old business.

I stressed that a good fucking wasn't an excuse for not taking her meds, and got her to promise she would take them before retiring.

Noreen opened her door as soon as I knocked. She was wearing a bra and black leotards and that's all.

"I was hoping you'd come by," she giggled.

"Here I am, baby," I said, smiling down at her. "So, how did your afternoon go? Did you get it on incestuously?"

Laughing, Noreen slapped my shoulder. "Nooo, silly, but I got to see him fuck Haley's brains out!"

"And then?" I said waiting for Noreen to fill in the rest.

"Want the long or the short version?"

"I prefer the longer version. But I may start on you while you're telling it."

"Fine with me," she chirped as she unhooked the bra and tossed it at me. I caught it and rubbed it against the bulge in my slacks. She giggled again and slowly peeled off the leotard and began rubbing her recently shaven pussy.

"We drove over to Haley's and had a couple drinks to sort of loosen up. I could see that Johnny was horny as hell; I mean, he had this stupendous stiffy poking out of his pants, you know?"

I nodded. I knew how it felt to be with two girls knowing you would be fucking one sooner or later.

"Anyway, we decided ... actually Johnny decided we should play Truth or Dare. Haley was all for it. I didn't care, well maybe I did ... anyway we started playing and continued drinking.

"Johnny took the nearly empty bottle and spun it. It pointed at Haley, who shrieked with laughter."

Noreen's eyes sparkled as she confided that Haley had not stopped telling her how good a fuck her brother was. "I was really tempted, I really was, but Haley saved me by fucking him silly. But I'm ahead of myself."

"That's all right. Tell it your way."

"Truth or dare Haley?" he asked,

"Truth" she replied,

"Is it true that you sometimes go to school without wearing panties?" Johnny asked and Haley nodded, "Umm, yeah, especially during the warmer months."

I laughed and called her a slut. She replied, 'It takes one to know one,' but there was no malice in either of our voices as Haley spun the bottle.

Of course it pointed directly at me. "Dare," I said.

"Take your panties off" my brother said.

I was shocked to hear him challenge me that way. I glanced at his crotch and saw a small wet spot had formed where I thought the head of his penis should be. I equated it to the wet spots a girl gets when highly aroused. In fact, I probably had one myself at the time."

"Really; you really expect me to do that?"

"You elected Dare," Haley said. Go on, you have to do it."

So I stood up and reached under my skirt and without revealing any of my anatomy, pulled my leotards down and threw them at his face.
"I asked for panties not pantyhose," Johnny said. Haley giggled wantonly.

I knew then that she was saturated down there. I faced my brother and told him, "They are my panties, pervert!"

"My asshole of a brother pulled my leotard over his head and pretended to be a bank robber. But I'm sure I saw him sniffing at the crotch."

Noreen picked up the discarded leotard from the floor and handed it to me. "Here, smell them yourself."

I obliged her. There were two distinct odors assailing my nostrils: one was a slight smell of urine. The other was much stronger and it was of Noreen's arousal from the earlier party and from waiting for me to show up in her room.

"It was my turn to spin," Noreen said, "and I did. Haley was selected and also selected dare. I told her to lose her panties too. She did, but already wanting to fuck my brother, she made a point of flashing him after removing them. I saw that she'd shaved since the last time I'd seen her pussy."

"When was that?" I inquired. My thirst for knowledge was unquenchable.

Taking me seriously, Noreen's forehead furrowed as she thought about it.

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