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Daniel looked at Edgar, holding his eyes.

--Then you will not find them. I have a task for you. Edgar interrupted him, speaking in agitation.

--By the great globe that gives life to us all... Edgar said with irritation. His soul fire reignited in a sudden 'whump' of combustion. ...Will we run from this war? Will we not fight now? His wild eyes and thought searched Daniel with the question.

--Run, Daniel snarled, his anger and impatience tumbled from his thoughts. ...Run! The roar of his thought burst over the hall. Edgar's ears fell back. Daniel continued. ...All snakes have a head and I'm stomping this one as soon as I find it in the twisting coils of its evil body. He put his face close to Edgar's and snarled louder. ...I ...will stomp it, Ed ga ri, at my leisure and not with your instigation. You, however, will command our reserves and be ready when you are called while I maneuver our forces. Edgar was silent in the face of his ire, waiting.

Daniel drew straight, waiting for reply; when there was none he spoke in the formal words of the people.

--Ed ga ri, Savior of the those who fled before the evil, Guardian of the path to the Endless Sea, Brother to Mar gay na Regis, the Mother to the surviving Tir na nOg. Do you stand in service to the Shining People?

Edgar stood tall and proud. He answered in a clear strong voice.

--I do, Lord Sand. Daniel felt the truth in his words, truth that was never in doubt, and loyalty that was never questioned.

--You will return to your service at the temple. Edgar never moved at the words but the tears fell about his face as he blinked them out of his eyes. Daniel continued in a softer voice.

--You will take with you the lesser Fay; they will continue to labor in the Endless Sea, finishing what the few were not able to accomplish. Help them to achieve what was started so long ago without the sweet water. Go now to your chambers.

Harry felt the eye and thought of Daniel fall on him as Edgar strode, straight-backed to the portal between the great oaks; his aura trailed, dragging behind, as if the Great Hall would keep him from leaving.

--Well, Dreamer, there is nothing to do but stumble and continue on, no matter how far to the next step. Need I tell you that you will not fly again until told? Harry shook his head. Daniel searched his face for a moment then continued; ...tumbling stones sometimes bring luck as well as misfortune. Let us give this gift of time our full attention. Come, let us show you the wealth of the temples knowledge.

Daniel turned to where Margay waited with a golden tablet, covered in ideograms. Harry nodded to Wayne then studied the ancient artifact, as Margay began to speak.

--These are the old words of our ancestors that tell the truths of our race, Har ri na; and these, she said indicating several small glassine objects, can decipher those truths by using the emblems on the golden page. She stopped, frowning in thought, and began again. ...We are having some difficulty in using them. We should have studied more before leaving the teachings of he who fell with the shining ship, but we were drawn to the Sweet Water of the land and the bright sun above; we thought of no other thing. Now we pay. She sniffed the air, nose wrinkling, then looked to his vomit soaked tennis shoes. ...Clean up then return to Memphis and bring Sandra, Donna and Mira back immediately. There is a task for you to complete.


Once again the Fay were gathered on the heights of the hill. The service of the people was divided now into two great tasks. The Fay descending to the island in the Endless Sea sang the Song of Great Deeds to their brethren who would sing their own Song of War in the Great Hall after the portal was sealed to the island below. Daniel and Edgar stood together, alone with their thoughts, as the lesser Fay moved into the distance of the path.

--I would... Edgar began. Daniel placed a hand on his chest and thought.

--I see it.

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