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The battle of wills continues.

I hoped I was meeting or exceeding his expectations.

I had worn a loose long skirt and matching tank top. My nipples were poking through and my 44D's were ultra-sensitive against the material. I was wet and the crotch of my cotton panties drenched. As I stroked his hard cock....I took his hand and placed it on my lap and lifted the shirt. I felt his hand gently exploring, and when he reached the stiffened nipple, his cock throbbed in my hand. I could not have cared less about what anyone named Skywalker was doing. I was loving this!

His fingers rolled my nipple, and little shock waves traveled through my body, straight to my ever-expanding clit. I felt the wetness spreading and the damp spot growing bigger. I moved a little in my seat enabling his hand to cup my entire breast and I could feel him hefting the weight, relishing the feel of it. I was beginning to squirm in my seat, with the combination of his cock in my hand and my breast in his. This was overwhelming. I got up and excused myself, and went to the bathroom to catch my breath.

In the bathroom I took a few minutes to relieve myself and remove my sopping wet panties. They were drenched and the scent of my free flowing juices was strong. With no hair on my pussy, the wetness was dripping on my thighs. A sane woman would stop this right now. But being slightly crazy was either going to be my downfall, or my path to some of the most erotic adventures of my life. I straightened my hair, tweaked my nipples encouraging them to stand at attention, and returned to my seat in the theater.

As I walked by Steve, I brushed my breasts lightly against his face, and the scent of my body perfume and my secretions wafted through the air. He looked at me with puppy dog eyes and grinned. I glanced down and saw his jacket across his lap. As I slid into my seat my hand slipped into his lap, as if drawn by a magnet. His cock was throbbing and dripping. My index finger swirled around the tip and scooped up the pre-cum, and lifted my finger to my mouth tasting his secretions. As I licked my finger, sucking hard, I caught Steve staring at me, his mouth open and his breathing heavy. I leaned over and kissed him for the first time. Our tongues twined together, gently stroking and pulling against each other. I could not restrain myself and I whispered "I want to fuck your mouth with my tongue". Our tongues lashed and our teeth rubbed as we mouth fucked, tongue to tongue, lips swelling and flushing.

My hand began to stroke his cock in a steady rhythm, and I knew he was ready to blow soon. As we kissed, his hand stopped stroking my breast. I knew that he was entirely focused on the feeling of my hand. I knew that pushing him over the edge was so simple, and I leaned over and whispered in his ear "Give me all you cum. Cum for me Steve....all over my hand and let me lick it off, come on sweetie.....give it to me", and that was it. His head moved back and his hips lifted as he began to shoot. Pulsing and throbbing his cock pumped all over my hand and coated it with cream. He must have spasmed eight or ten times before he began to relax and breath again. He turned and looked at me, and watched as I lifted my hand to my mouth and licked off his cum. My hand was coated and after a few minutes of licking and sucking, was finally cleaned of all his fluids.

I smiled and leaned over and kissed him softly murmuring "I love your taste, your scent."

"Oh Karen," he replied, in a voice shaky with passion, or maybe it was relief!

"How can I please you?, he queried anxiously.

By way of an answer, I took his hand and slid it under my skirt, placing it on my thigh.

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