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Exposed and restrained, Clair discovers her need.

. . for you, of course."

Angelus considered her plea. He didn't like her mention of Oz and he didn't like his Willow taking an interest in Spike, but it pleased him to hear her restate his claim. He wanted to give in to her, but Spike really had it coming. Suddenly, an idea struck Angelus. "Spike, get over here." He motioned for Spike and Willow to sit on the end of her bed. "Willow, we're going to make another thumb-wrestling bet."

"Thumb-wrestling?!" Spike burst out laughing. "Bloody poofter. You've been spending all this time with that delicious red-head thumb wrestling?"

"Shut up, boy." Angelus smacked Spike in the back of the head. Spike winced, but couldn't keep the grin off his face. "If you win-"

"You won't be mad anymore?" Willow said hopefully.

"No. You're not getting off the hook this easily." He frowned at her. "If you win, Spike can go. I won't hurt him. This time."

"Like you could, mate." Spike had a tire iron in the back of the DeSoto that came in happy for cases of "When Angelus Attacks". Of course, he was kind of weaponless at the moment. Not to mention, Spike knew that Angelus would never seriously harm him. It was just customary for the two of them to tear each other up every few months. Kept things interesting. They were vampires, they didn't have to make sense.

"If I win you swear that you'll never try to resoul me again." He thought for a moment. "Or have anyone else do it. Or leave the spell out in easy reach of someone. Or tell someone where they might find it."

"Or post it on the internet." Spike added helpfully.

"Yes" Angelus nodded his head imperiously.

"Hmmm." She said. "Are you sure you haven't been eating lawyers?" He glared at her. "Okay. I'll do it." She said, shrugging her shoulders. She had found a copy of the spell and put in the database for the Watchers' Council that she was working on for Giles' birthday. He hadn't mentioned anything about that! She started to reach for his hand, but he pulled away.

"Not this time, little one. You thumb-wrestle Spike. It's his ass you're saving." Angelus grinned. If Spike won, he could beat him up. If he lost, he'd have to handle that humiliation, which would be retribution enough.


Willow and Angelus stood on her balcony watching Spike walk away in a huff. "Who knew he was such a sore loser?"

"I think its me. He's just afraid of me." Angelus said, puffing out his chest as he thought of the beating he would have given his childe. "Probably thinks I'll change my mind."

"Because your such a big, dangerous vamp."

His eyes glittered. "I am."

"Uh, yeah, guess." Willow smoothed a piece of hair behind her ear, desperate for a topic change. "I don't get it. About the fighting, I mean. Why do you do that? When Buffy makes me angry I don't try to kick her butt."

He smiled. "Maybe you should. I could help you with that." Yes, punching the Slayer would improve his mood.

Her forehead wrinkled. "Of course, if I tried it, she'd probably throw me through a wall."

"Never happen." She looked at him doubtfully. "She might be a Slayer but only a fool would mess with you, little one." He smiled at her tenderly and then stopped himself. He schooled his features into a non-committal half frown.

She couldn't help but grin. "So, that would make you a-"

"Don't say it." He scowled. "I'm still upset with you." He turned away. Truthfully, he should be torturing her with something by now. A branding iron maybe. No one treated him like this and lived to tell the tale! But somehow, she did. And after being in her presence again he just couldn't muster the anger necessary to properly deal with her. His heart just wasn't in it.

"You know what? I'm sick of this!" She grabbed his arm and turned him around. "If you're gonna punish me or whatever. . .just go ahead and do it! I'm not going to put up with your little mood swings and your-"

"What did you say, little girl?" He came closer.

"I said just do it! Do you have a hearing problem?"

"No, do you?" He got in her space, backing h

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