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After months of group outings, two spend time alone.

Clint tried his hardest to pay attention to the road as she bobbed her head over his lap. Her sensually husky voice crept up to his ear with a question if he wanted to cum in her mouth. The sound of her voice mixed with such a dirty question sent him over the edge, his leg shook and his balls tightened as a creamy white liquid spurted from his hot prick. She lapped it up quickly as to not spill a single drop of the warm salty seed.

Finally they pulled up to Clint's apartment, Clint with a newly growing erection. He rushed over to her side and opened the door just as she was placing a small mint on her tongue. She smiled at him and got out of the car. They walked up the stairs touching each other and kissing each other's mouths deeply. She had a way with him that made him weak in the knees. She whispered things in his ear that he only read in smut magazines. She purred in his ear how it has always been a fantasy of hers to be taken from behind in a public place. She winked and glided her tongue over her full lip. Clint grinned at her and tugged lightly at her tank top. She smiled as they started up the stairs that led to his modest apartment. As they walked she got daring and pulled her top up over her head. Clint swallowed hard at the sight of her undressing in the very open stairway of his apartment building that was adorned with many windows and placed on one of the most trafficked streets. Clint once again fumbled with his keys as he tried to unlock the door quickly to let the couple inside before she was completely nude. She smiled and dropped her stuff at his doorway and turned her back to him. She unzipped the back closer of her mini skirt and bent over as she slid the fitted skirt down her soft thighs and then down to the floor. She kicked it into the pile in front of his door and grinned. Now standing in her black lacey bra, matching thong panties, garter belt, thigh high stockings and heels she run her fingers through her long hair and smiled. She walked over to Clint, swaying her hips lightly with each step. She leaned against the doorframe as his shaking hand tried to find the right key. She tangled her fingers in his long hair and took his free hand in hers. She pushed it under the dampened fabric and let his fingers run across her smooth wet lips of her woman hood. Clint sighed, a mixture of relief and ecstasy.

Once inside the apartment Clint slammed his new mistress against the wall harshly and kissed her lips.

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