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She read my submission though and completely entered me with her finger. She began moving her hips with a sense of urgency and moved her finger in and out of me - she was fucking me with her tiny cock.

She teased me, "Tell me I'm fucking you." Her hot breath was right in my ear.

No words came out. I tried to turn my head away from her face but she pulled me back. I couldn't look straight into her eyes but the glazed look of lust in her face was clear nevertheless.

Her teasing became more insistent. She added a second finger inside of me and her words became an order, "tell me I'm fucking you!"

The pleasure in my ass became pain as her second finger stretched me. The change in sensation pushed me over and I realized I was close to orgasm. I was grinding my own hips into the bed in time with her.

"You... You're fucking me," I said weakly.

That set her near the edge. Instead of pulling, she began to push my head into the bed. She used the leverage to push into me even harder with her hips. Her legs began to pry my legs apart opening me up further and making me feel even more vulnerable. She bucked violently, fucking me as hard as I had fucked her the night before. As her excitement came to a crescendo she added a third finger. My whimpers of pain clearly carried her over the top. I could feel her clit engorge obscenely with her juices flowing onto me. When she came she had all three fingers in me to the knuckle with her full body weight behind them forcing them into me. She was screaming as she climaxed.

The whole scene was too much for me and with her cries of pleasure I felt the pressure in my groin build up. I was soon spurting right into the sheets. I was embarrassed though -- I held my breath and hid my pleasure by biting my free arm. As a result I came with a minimum of noise in stark contrast to her operatic performance.

In fact, it soon became obvious that she had missed my orgasm completely. She shoved her fingers roughly into my ass once more just to hear my gasp and then pulled them out with a little pop. She then turned me over feverishly and climbed atop me with the intent of mounting me.

I was too embarrassed to speak but slowly told her to wait. I was not in time though. As her hand reached below herself to grab my now partially tumescent cock covered in my own juices she looked up at me in shock.

"Oh my God," she squealed half in shock and half in awe. "You came too!?!" She was grinding her insatiable clit on my spent cock.

I couldn't look at her and wanted to disappear.

She sensed my shame and hesitated. She moved both hands to either side of my face and forced me to look at her, although I diverted my eyes. Would she laugh at me? Would she be disgusted?

Her eyes showed a strange mixture of empathy, love, lust and power. She finally spoke, "It's OK baby. That was crazy. I loved fucking you and I think it's hot you loved it too."

I wanted to correct her. To tell her I hadn't loved it. To tell her it was all so wrong but I couldn't. I couldn't speak. I couldn't look her in the eyes. My shame and embarrassment empowered her.

"Admit you loved it."

It was cruel but she could be a little sadistic at times.

"Admit it." Her voice was quiet but forceful.

I finally looked her into her eyes, "I don't know... I didn't... but..."

She reached beneath her and then put her hand in from of my face with my cum smeared on it. She wiped my cum on my lips and said once more, "Just admit it baby, the evidence is all over you."

A weak "yes" finally left my mouth. I could taste myself on my lips as I said it.

Her hand went back to my cock to try and coax it into service. However, between the awkwardness I felt from the situation and the exhaustion from having just orgasmed...

She briefly used my cock to massage her clit but it wasn't enough. She quickly worked her way up my body with no hint of subterfuge. As her knees alighted on either side of my head she told me with no shame, "if you can't fuck me, you will eat me."

I stared into her cunt.

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