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Mack could see what Mike was doing, and it was very stimulating. He knew what those capsules were, and the 'formula' of the lube Mike had applied. He looked down at Yan's pretty face, her mouth stretched wide around his cock as she slurped at the organ. She squirmed a little at the attention to her behind; but seemed not to be concerned. He glanced at the clock. He had only been here for about 90 minutes. It had been suggested that the anal intercourse could last that long.

"Suck him off Yan. Make him cum once in your naughty mouth while I fuck your sweet cunt." Mike ordered, resuming his strokes into her vaginal opening as he slipped a small vibrating plug into her asshole. The plug had two purposes. First and foremost was to retain the capsules, with a secondary purpose being the stimulation of her rectal chute in preparation for sodomy by Mack's huge dick. Mike knew she would feel it, perhaps even experience some pain; but he wanted Mack to enjoy it - a LOT.

She focused on Mack's smooth penis, sucking hard as she slipped a finger into his ass. Within a few moments his body twitched and he began spurting his seed into her willing mouth. He grunted and groaned, his fingers stroking her hair as her head bobbed up and down in his lap. Mack could feel Mike's thrusts buffeting her body from the other end, his own orgasm spilling into her belly. She experienced a tiny peak from the slap of Mike's balls on her clit, and was happy with that little pleasure. Her mouth remained on Mack's dick, her lips suckling at the head as her tongue lapped his seed clean. A tiny squeak escaped her as Mike pulled his penis from her cunt and slapped her on the ass.

Mike began sliding the slender plug in and out of Yan's bottom, carefully watching her response. When her body shuddered in overt pleasure he knew she was ready. "Mack my man, I think you should come back here and experience this lovely woman's bottom for the first time." he said, pulling the plug free of the sensitive hole. "Maybe... you know... eat her butthole first." he added with a chuckle.

Yan heard Mike's comment and froze in place. Mack's cock was too big for her back there! She looked up at him, a look of stark fear in her eyes.

Mack smiled softly. "Don't worry baby. I won't hurt you." he told her. "Just turn around, lay back, and relax." he added, getting up from the couch and offering his hand. He helped her into position, lifting her knees up and apart to fully expose the plane of her nether regions and her two openings. Mike handed him a damp towel which he used to wipe the juices from her pussy, then he knelt between her splayed thighs. "Gawd your ass is beautiful baby." he told her, working his lips and tongue around her tender anal ring. The little hole was puffy and relaxed, making it easy for Mack's tongue to push inside.

Mike knew what was needed next, and handed Mack the bottle of lube. "Make it nice for her my man. She'll love it." he said.

She closed her eyes and tried to forget her fear of being ripped apart by Mack's huge dick in her rear entry. She'd had a very painful experience when Lam had brought a black guy home, and the man had brutally raped her bottom while her husband held her down, ignoring her screams and the blood oozing from her backside. She never wanted to experience that again. But whatever Mike had put inside her back there was certainly feeling good. She moaned softly when Mack slipped his thick middle finger deep into her ass, his tenderness a marked departure from what she had experienced with most men. His lips and tongue worked her clit as he fingered her hole, then added a second finger to stretch the taut ring of muscle.

Mike handed Mack a long slender vibrator to be used to stimulate Yan's rectum deep inside, getting her ready for his length.

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