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Santa enlists an elf to help test a toy for Naughty Girls.

And now, it was finally happening. Happy fucking birthday to me. I'd get this out of my system once and for all-one and done. Had to be.

A door opened and shut on the other side, rattling the flimsy wall between us. I jumped to the side and held my breath. The last thing I needed was the guy on the other side sticking his eyeball up to that hole. Bad enough the bouncer and some of the guys in line had seen me.

I flattened my back against the wall, waiting and listening with all my might while my pulse raced out of control, hammering so hard in my ears I could barely make out the sounds. The jangle of a belt buckle, the soft slide of a zipper, the rustle of clothes sliding to the floor. Heavy boots shuffled closer, just one thin wall dividing us.

I imagined the man on the other side. What was running through his head right now, seconds from being sucked off by a complete stranger? His cock would be fattening up, getting hard for a hot, eager mouth. For my mouth. My cock twitched against my zipper, the ache building in my balls.

And suddenly, there it was! A pair of sexy bikini briefs appeared, then moved closer, lining up so the hole was completely blocked. Fresh, crisp, white, snug, the kind I would have bought for myself if I had the abs or thighs to pull it off, which I never had, not even in my twenties.

But he had it all, including the unmistakable outline of an enormous boner pushing against the material. I could see the whole glorious cock, lying on its side, waiting for me. My mouth watered with anticipation. I wanted that cock as I'd never wanted anything in my life.

A hand entered the picture and brushed across the bulge, side to side, base to tip, then moved away. The white lump moved closer, blocking out everything else. Your turn, it said.

I stood, paralyzed. My fantasy was standing right in front of me, and I couldn't fucking move.

His voice was soft, but it startled me. "You still there?"

Crap. I hadn't planned on talking. "Mmhmm."

He stroked himself again. "No need to be shy."

I sank to my knees and shuffled in front of the hole. My heart banged against my chest. The point of no return. I lifted my hand, flattened my palm against the length of the bulge and pressed. The cock pressed back. Hello. I held my breath as I slid the heel of my hand toward the tip. The cock twitched.

The second time was easier. I got a little braver, curling my fingers around the shaft as I palmed it and stroked it again and again. Between strokes, the cock waited patiently and silently, but as soon as I touched it again, the hips pushed forward, pressing that hard cock against my hand. Fuck, it liked me. We got into a rhythm, my hand and those hips. A wet spot appeared at the tip. I needed to know how that tasted.

I shuffled forward and swirled my tongue on that wet spot. Salty and bitter. I needed more, and I knew how to get it. I pressed my open mouth along the shaft and blew a stream of warm, moist breath. The hips pressed forward. I moaned. I moved my lips along the length of the shaft until the whole thing was wet. The hips pulsed against my face.


A drop of precum escaped the edge of the briefs, and I lapped it up with my tongue, catching the very tip of the cock. My cock banged hard against my zipper, the jealous motherfucker. Heavy breathing came from the other side of the wall.

Fuck, I loved teasing him, but my own need was nearly unbearable. I got more adventurous, slipping a finger inside the edge of the briefs and exposing the tip. I had never seen an uncut cock up close. I swirled my tongue around the rim, fascinated by the way the hood pulled away and slid back again.

I bunched the fabric out of my way and wrapped my fist around the shaft.

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