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Tara's neighbor acts on her constant window teasing.

For a little over an hour I laid on the table while the old man worked on my ass. All the time I watched as Suze moved her head and tongue back and fourth between Angel's beautiful feet. Judging from the sexy smile that often formed on Angel's full lips, I could tell she was enjoying putting the spoiled little slut through her paces. I often felt myself dreaming of Suze working her talented tongue on my own feet.

After he had finished, Angel's father helped me off the table as Angel grabbed a hand full of Suze's beautiful auburn hair and pulled Suze's head up. "Your turn, bitch," Angel nearly snarled. Then she added, "Don't say a fucking word to Barbie. We don't want to spoil her surprise do we, girly?"

"No, my Nigger Mistress, we don't" Suze answered obediently.

As I stood up Angel commanded, "Turn around, Barbie."

Silently I turned around, presenting my ass and new tattoo to both Angel and Suze. At the same time I tried to look behind me to see what had been put on my ass. It was impossible for me to see, but as I watched the color drain from Suze's cheeks and her lovely jaw hit the floor, I didn't have to see it to know that it was something dreadful. The small gathering of black people outside the office was also laughing and pointing.

"Outstanding job, daddy, its prefect," Angel complimented her father.

"Thanks, baby," he said as I moved out of the way to allow him to lead Suze to the tattooing table.

"Barbie?" Angel inquired, "Want to take a look, girly."

"Of course I do, my Nigger Mistress," I lied. I didn't want to know what had been branded onto my ass for life.

"Well, take a look in the mirror," Angel laughed nodding towards the full length mirror on one of the side walls.

Silently I walked over to the mirror. As I walked I could hardly take my eyes off of my bouncing titties and the nipple rings that decorated them. Stopping a few feet short of the mirror, I turned my ass towards it without looking, steeling my nerves and taking a deep breath; I allowed my eyes to look down. A soft gasp escaped my lips as I perceived the words that had been forever stamped on my ass.

For a full 20 seconds I stood absolutely still as tears once again filled my eyes. Horrified didn't begin to describe my emotional state as I read the two tiny words over and over praying they would magically change. The two words were written in black, using Old English lettering. One word was written over the other with a pronounced offset. I spelled each word letter by letter hoping that they didn't spell what I damn well knew they did spell.

Nothing I prayed or hoped for changed a fucking thing. After what seemed like an eternity, I had to admit that which couldn't be denied. My white ass had been tattooed for all time with the hideous words "Nigger Meat."

I fought hard to keep tears from leaking down my cheeks. My mind raced to think of something positive before I wept openly. Certainly, while the words were quite ugly, the Old English letters that made them up were quite elegant. I swallowed a lump in my throat, and one couldn't deny that the black ink contrasted nicely with the creamy white skin of my ass.

Somehow I managed to ward off the urge to cry my eyes out. "Okay, slut, that's enough," Angel said. "Come here and kneel at my feet."

Silently and stone faced I turned around and walked the few steps to where Angel was sitting. I noticed Suze had assumed a face down prone position on the table just as I had while Angel's dad busied himself prepping her. Even with her eyes closed tears once again streamed down her cheeks. It was easy to see that the sweet thing was completely terrorized by what was happening. It was made doubly so by the fact that she knew what was about to be etched on her innocent flesh while I'd only been to wonder and pray for the best. She knew and it was obliviously ripping her apart. In my mind I smiled warmly.

Then I turned to face Angel and knelt quickly.

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