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Day 4 - Sunday...Up, up & away!


His face twisted into anger as he grabbed both my arms and pushed me against the wall, pinning my arms above my head and smashing the back of my head against the wall. The sickening thud emphasized the throbbing pain that took over my skull. My vision was blurry, but not enough to completely distort the look on his face. He looked at me darkly and whispered, "Make me."

Fear took over me as my face crumpled slightly.

"Please just leave." I whispered.

Something in his face changed suddenly, his face became expressionless as he lowered his face to mine. He wanted to kiss me! I turned my head in disgust, only to be met by a switch of hands and a quick slap in the face. It shocked me as I now realised he had both of my hands in one grip and the other free to do what it wanted.

There are times in my sexual life where I get excited by being pinning against wall. There are times when I get a rush of sexual arousal by being taken roughly. I even enjoy it immensely when a man completely enjoys himself at my expense and takes it greedily. Having Tom pinning me against the wall like that scared me more than it excited me. His stony expression gave me no comfort or solace as I found that he suddenly wasn't Tom anymore terrorizing me and no one around to help me.

His cold hand stroked my stomach making my skin leap and making me gasp. He watched my expression with that stone face of his, tears slightly stinging my eyes as I felt his cold hand cup my breast. His icy touch sent shivers down my spine but worse it made my sensitive nipples hard. He began kneading my breast roughly as tears began to sting my eyes, I tried to blink them back, but it was no use, my nipples were getting harder and I could slowly feel myself getting wet by all of it. He soon stopped to my relief, only to slide his hand between my legs and cup my crotch. I looked at him pleadingly, I knew what he was doing.

My whispered plea to let me go fell on deaf ears as he unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down to my knees. I wore white bikini panties, but he didn't care much for them as he cupped my mound once more and massaged me. I could feel myself getting wet and aroused by this, he expression never changing, not even when he slipped a finger under the material and stroked my lips, feeling the warm wetness that had collected there. My humiliation was growing, as I could feel him rub his fingers between the lips of my pussy, wetting itself in my juices. Why was he so quiet? Why wasn't he talking? This silent attack on my body was horrible. I looked into his eyes and realised this man was no longer Tom, something animalistic had taken over him and Tom was no where to be found.

He slid a finger into me roughly causing me to wince in pain. His unfeeling stare never flinched, not even when he saw that a couple of tears had slid down my face. He pulled his finger out of me and brought it to my mouth. His eyes told me that this wasn't a time to play around and I opened my lips slightly. He shoved his finger mercilessly into my mouth, forcing me to taste my own juices. I had only tasted myself twice before, and never liked it, this was no exception. I licked my juices off of him, and as I did I could have sword I saw a flicker of vindictive amusement in his face as I grimaced a little at tasting myself.

He pulled his finger out of my mouth and threw me onto the floor. I fell on my stomach and tried to crawl away since my jeans were limiting my movements as they were around my knees. I could feel him grab my legs and drag me back to him. He laid himself on top of me, pinning me to the floor. My tears were flowing freely now as I was truly scared of what he was going to do.

"Please, just let me go Tom, please!" I cried, choking.

I suddenly felt him grab my panties and cruelly pull them down my legs, pushing my jeans and panties off my legs using what I could only imagine to be his hands and legs.

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