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For my Master.

He gives me a supply and I use it and report the results back to him. I'm field testing it so to speak. Based on my testing they may be able to find a market for it. What it does is make her want to fuck. A full dose would make her want to fuck for twelve to fourteen hours, but the dose I gave her will only make her want to go for three or four hours. The beauty of it is when the Ampth wears off she will still want to fuck."

"We can't do this man. She'll call the cops."

"No she won't. She's aware of what's going on. She is going to want every inch we can give her and then some. Once she starts begging for cock we tape it and then warn her against telling anybody what happened. She can't tell her husband unless she wants him to know she is a cock crazy slut and if she does tell him and he comes looking to kick ass we show him the tape and tell him to back off or we will let the whole world see what a slut his wife and the mother of his kids is."

"I don't know Ty. It sounds like we are flirting with jail time here."

"Too late my man. I told you she was aware and wants it right? We have to follow through."

"What was the phone call?"

"Got some help coming. I want her so sexually stimulated that she behaves like a sex maniac while I tape her. You want to be first?"


Actually I really did want to be first, but just then the younger of Sandy's two babies started to cry. I finally figured out she was hungry and I searched through the bag hanging on the back of the baby carriage and found a full bottle of something that I figured was baby formula. I ended up feeding Sandy's baby while watching Tyrone feed Sandy his cock. I found out as I watched that I got a huge charge out of seeing black on white. I had the baby on my shoulder burping her when the help that Ty had called arrived. I knew a couple of them and I was not surprised that they were all black. One that I didn't know looked at me with a smirk on his face, "Who's the wimpy white dude? Her hubby? He gets off on seeing his pretty little white wife turned into a nigger loving slut?"

"What the fuck Ty? You invited this racist asshole into my home?"

"Shut the fuck up Derek. He is our host and my friend and that's all the fuck you need to know."

Just then the baby burped and I said, "That's right sweetie, you tell him" and everybody laughed.

On the chaise lounge Tyrone was slamming his cock into Sandy's tender young pussy. Her head rolled from side to side and her arms were grabbing at Ty's back and her legs kept trying to wrap around him. Ty looked over his shoulder and said, "Some body get ready. I'm close to shooting and we have to keep her going."

Everybody stripped and when Ty gave a grunt and held himself still for a moment we knew he had cum. He pulled himself off Sandy and I didn't get to be next because I was changing the baby's diaper and I didn't get to be third either because I was feeding Sandy's other baby. When it was time for the fourth man to climb into the saddle I was changing diapers again. I told the guys to carry her into the house and take her up to the bedroom while I put her two kids down for a nap.

When I finally got my turn Sandy was starting to look glassy eyed. As I sank my cock into her hot, wet and no longer tight little box I almost came. It felt so incredibly good. I would never have believed that I could find sloppy sixths so exciting. Sandy was moaning I was pounding into her as hard as I could when suddenly she arched her back and cried out, "Oh fuck!" and Tyrone laughed and said, "Way to go white boy, you made her cum" and all the others cheered me on. I lasted another two minutes and then I came.

Ty was next and as he banged into her she gave a loud moan and her legs came up and she dug her heels into the back of Tyrone's legs and he laughed, "Now is when it gets good. We will give you lots of climax's baby. You will be going home well satisfied today."

After Ty Derek mounted her and by then she was begging for more cock and for Derek to fuck her harder.

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