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Beth's Awakening.

She was so wet when I got to her she only took a few minutes to flood my mouth and face with her lady juice. I was told I could now sit at the table and eat my dinner then clean up the dishes as the "adults" retired to the living room.

I finally finished cleaning everything and went to the living room. They were all talking when I got there and all of a sudden the doorbell rang. I was told to answer it and I opened It to see a rather handsome young man with a large briefcase. He said "Hi, I'm Mike Pierce, and I am here to see Maddy. I invited him in and for some reason found myself staring at his crotch as I pointed to Miss Maddy and said "she right over there."

Maddy stood to greet him then turned to me and asked what I was staring at. "I was just letting him in, I wasn't staring at anything."

Now Brenda, don't try to lie to Mistress. Tell me what you were looking at."

I was, I , I was looking at his crotch Mistress", I said feeling embarrassed from being caught.

"Well there may be a punishment in order later for a lying little girl, Brenda.

"Yes Mistress Maddy, I'm sorry Mistress. It's just that sometimes I forget things lately, I don't know why."

"I am sure you do Brenda, I'm sure you do," she smiled knowing how well her programming was working. Turning to her husband and Dr. Atkins she said, "Any doubts about my programming methods now boys" with a smug smile.

The men just laughed a bit and Mistress went on to introduce Mike as I fetched drinks for everyone. Mike was highly recommended professional piercer, hence his name. They talked briefly of what they were going to do that evening and Dr. Atkins was quite interested in hearing it. He even described an additional treatment that he would be able to do after doing my implants. I really couldn't follow much of what they said.

Miss Maddy arose and said she needed me to do something.

"Do you want me to suck his cock too Mistress?" I asked with a little curtsey.

"That's not what I had in mind Brenda but I bet Mike would enjoy that," she said

"Yes I surely would," Mike said, "but after my work is done."

Miss Maddy excused herself and led me down the hall to a room I had not been in before. It looked like a medical exam room. She explained that Dr. Dane used to see patients at the house. She told me to take off my dress and blouse and sit up on the exam table. I complied without hesitation and soon found my self bound to the table with my feet up in stirrups raised higher than my head. "Mistress are you going to fuck me like this" I asked.

Mistress jokingly told me "don't go anywhere sissy" With that she left the room and returned shortly with the other 4. "Now missy, its time to unlock that sissy clit of yours". She pulled her key from her pocket and removed the spiked chastity from my sore clitty. Miss Annie stepped up with a warm wet cloth and cleaned me thoroughly as Mistress Maddy said that Mike needed to check some things with my clit before we proceeded.

Mike opened his brief case but I couldn't see what he had in it. He was holding my clitty down between my legs, stretching it towards my ass and popped my sissy eggs up in side me. He made some marks on my taint with a sharpie and then a couple more con the end of my clitty. He then looked closely at them and said they would be no problem.

Mistress stepped up and stroked my sissy clit until it rose to its full 6 inches. The tiny spike marks were visible all around. "Sissy you did something that earned you a punishment didn't you?"

"Yes Miss Maddy, I told a little fib before."

"What was it about sissy?"

"About my looking at Sir Mikes' crotch Mistress"

"Do you like looking at mens cocks and crotches sissy?"

They all watched as a slight bit of resistance left in me tried to form the word no, but all that ended coming out was" yes Mistress I like looking at pretty cocks."

Still stroking me slowly Mistress asked Miss Annie to bring her a riding crop. "Is this a cock I am holding Brenda?"

"No Mistress, that's a sissy clittie."

"And t

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