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All is revealed; reward and retribution.

I start to rub my tits and my pussy. I just keep looking out letting him know that I am waiting.

"What do you want, Kinki?" He asks me. I feel the goose bumps once again.

"I want you to fuck me." I tell him. "I want to taste and feel your hard cock."

Then I hear the sound of a door slamming shut and my heart begins to race! I just lay there quiet, listening for footsteps. Then I hear him, getting closer. I am nervous and frightened. I don't even know who this is, coming to me. I hear the door open and he steps inside. I close my eyes in fear at first, not knowing what to expect. Then I feel his hand on my leg. The feel of cool leather...is he wearing gloves?

I am afraid to open my eyes. What have I gotten myself into? Then I hear the sound of metal! What...I start to open my eyes and he covers them with his hand. "Shhhhhh, don't make a sound." He tells me. Then with his other hand I feel him putting hand cuffs on my wrist, first one then he tells me to give me the other one and he cuffs it as well attaching it to a strap at the top of my bunk. He tells me to keep my eyes closed. He makes me promise to keep them closed until he tells me. I do.

I hear him rustling around. I hear one zipper and then I hear the sound of something hitting the floor, twice. His shoes I think to myself. Then I hear another zipper, being unzipped slowly and the sound of clothing being removed. "Ok" he says.

But I am still apprehensive to open my eyes. I finally do. It takes a few moments for my sight to adjust to the light, or lack of light. I see his shadow; he has a cap on, like a baseball cap. He is kneeling with one leg on my bunk, the other still on the floor. It is still dark and I notice he is wearing gloves and then I notice the cap he is wearing has some type of emblem on it, something shiny...a badge! Oh my! I can't believe it. I call out his name, "Flipper?"

"That's right, Kinki, I told you to watch out." "Come on." He said, "you know this is my territory, you knew I would be looking for you." "You knew it when you stopped, didn't you?" "You wanted it as much as I did, didn't you?" I didn't know what to say. Perhaps I did stop here subconsciously. I hadn't thought of Flipper that way, not really, he was a cop and I hadn't even seen him close up.

"Now, I know what you have been waiting for." He comes towards me and puts his cock close to my face. He starts to rub his hard dick around my lips and it is a nice one. His cock is so hard and I want to taste it, I open my mouth for him to give it to me and he puts it in my waiting mouth, but just to the head, and I struggle to raise myself up to take more of it.

He pulls it out and slaps my face with it. He then sticks it in my wet mouth again and pushes it in a little farther. I try to suck it into my wet mouth, wanting to taste it. But he continues to tease me with it. He pulls it out and starts to stroke it with his gloved hand. It is so stiff and shiny from my spit. I notice that his cock and balls are shaved and it makes me want to taste it even more.

"Please" I tell him, "please let me have it." "I know you want me to suck that big, hard cock." He grins. Then he shoves his big dick into my mouth again, letting me have the entire length of it. I suck it down my throat, all the way down to the smooth balls and start raising my head up and down, fucking him with my mouth.

He leans into me, pumping my face. I start to gag with the force of his big cock being rammed down my throat. But I like it; I want him to plunge deeper and deeper. I am so wet and want to touch him, but I am still cuffed. He uses one of his hands to reach down and pinch my hard nipple. His cool gloves stimulating my nipples making them so hard.

He pulls out of my mouth suddenly and begins to stroke his long, hard cock into my face. I open my mouth and stick out my tongue, "yes" I tell him, "shoot your hot load all over my face!" I want to taste his cum in my mouth. Just then he sprays my face and shoots his cum in my mouth and all over my lips.

I lick it off of my lips

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