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Chapter 2 New Beginnings.

Finding the correct room, Joe knocked on the door so timidly Dan snickered from the other side. He opened the door quickly, and ushered his buddies in a small suite furnished with a king sized bed, large TV, and DVD player. Already the opening credits were playing and Dan kicked off his shoes and lay back on the bed. Joe and Carl followed suit, and the three men watched in silence as a thug type student undressed a very handsome professor.

Dan was the first to massage his aching prick in his pants and his two friends quickly followed suit. After Dan felt all three of them were completely hard under their suit trousers, it was time to go to the next step.

Joe and Carl watched as Dan slid off the bed and stood by the TV, where the professor had been undressed to his white boxers.

"Ok, Joe and Carl, time for the unveiling. Get over here."

His buddies got off the bed achingly slowly, taking their places on either side of Dan.

"Joe, you take off my socks, and then Carl can remove my shirt."

With shaky hands, Joe managed to wiggle off Dan's black dress socks. At the same time, Carl unbuttoned Dan's white starched shirt and slowly let the garment fall to the floor. Dan was wearing a white sleeveless undershirt, which Carl slowly pulled over his head. Then Joe reverently unbuckled a wide leather belt and slid down Dan's bulging zipper exquisitely slowly. His expensive pants slid to the ground, revealing muscular hairy legs and baby blue trim boxers with adorable little slits in the sides. Joe ran his fingers along the fabric around the slits, loving the feel of Dan's silky hair. He then fingered the mound in the left leg of Dan's boxers, causing him to grunt with pleasure.

Dan pushed Joe away from his crotch, not wanting to cum so soon.

"Come on Carl, let's strip Joe."

The two men worked quickly to rid Joe of his striped shirt, gray slacks and silky socks. In a matter of seconds he was naked except except for a pair of green plaid full cut boxers. Joe's thin 8 incher was poking the right leg out to form a miniature pup tent. Dan just gestured to the bulge and grinned.

"Looks like this undressing is really turning you on, buddy!"

"You're not exactly soft yourself!" Joe pointed to the prominent protrusion in Dan's boxers.

"Come on, it's Carl's turn."

Dan started to unbutton Carl's white dress shirt as Joe divested him of his hunter green pants. A v-neck t-shirt was then whipped over his head, and Carl stood beet red, clad in only a very tented pair of white boxer shorts.

All three men scooted back onto the bed, their cocks bouncing in their boxers. On the screen, the professor was getting a sloppy wet blowjob from the hapless skater punk.

"Oh yeah, I love hanging out in my underwear, it feels so good." Dan was in heaven at the way things were progressing so smoothly.

"Me too, but my wife hates it." Joe glowered.

"Don't mention wives, ruins the spell!" Carl rubbed the front of his shorts vigorously as the professor jacked off the young thug as if his life depended on it.

"Yeah, and I want to concentrate on bigger and better things, like this." Dan abruptly reached into the fly slit of his boxer shorts and manuevered a fat 7 inch cut cock and ample balls out of the generous hole.

Joe's jaw dropped. "Nice dick Dan, I like the way it looks sticking out of your shorts."

"Take yours out, it's aching for some air." Dan smiled widely at his best buddy.

Joe sheepishly worked a thin very firm 8 inch cut prick out of his boxer fly, followed by enormous balls that spilled out of his underwear impressively.

Now it was Carl's turn to whistle. "Whoo-ee Joe, that is a nice one!"

"Looks like your the odd man out." Joe pointed to the large mound in Carl's boxers.

With a shaking hand, Carl eased out the largest cock either of his friends had seen on a white man. It was easily nine inches, with a wide mushroom head and firm ballsacks just waiting to be loved.

Dan passed around some strawberry flavored lube and watched as his buddies squirted the joy j

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