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Salma Hayek meets Tony Diaz.

As I pull away I suck on her bottom lip a little and let it slowly drop from my mouth. I can't repress the "MMMM..." that rumbles in my throat.

I can feel myself getting wet. Jess is making my knee wet too.

I lean down again and nibble her ear. I run my tongue down her neck to that place where neck and shoulder meet. There I lick and then kiss that spot...she likes it as much as I do. I can tell by her reaction. She moans a deep moan and squirms, rubbing her cunt against my leg.

I take my fingers and run them over her again, but this time downwards and a little harder until I spread them again over her hips. I'm retreating backwards myself and bringing my head closer to her nether regions. I run my tongue, darting, over her hips and only stop long enough to nibble or kiss here and there. She's breathing quickly and squirming trying to anticipate the next touch. I take a moment to kiss her where her leg meets her hip and then bury my face in her pussy.

She arches her back and takes in a sharp breath as my tongue flashes over her clit. My mouth is covered in her wetness and she's so warm. I let my fingertips lightly scratch her inner thighs as I dig with my tongue. My tongue is full of her taste. I'm there, face inside of her, ass in the air. I sense my Master behind me in the dark...his sex is aroused and it's strong. I smile to myself knowing that he wants to break his own rule and join us. He's conflicted...wanting to watch and give me this gift, and wanting to take something for himself.

I suck her clit in little spurts, quickly and hard. I take my fingers and tease her hole, running my fingertips around the outer edge.

She's breathing heavy, moaning softly...almost in a whine, as if she were begging for me to commit to one sensation.

My fingers deftly penetrate her and she involuntarily spasms against the restraints as she lets an "ooohh" escape. My fingers feel her hot and moist, she starts to drip over my hand. I push and turn my fingers, again and again-still teasing her clit with my mouth and tongue. She begins to bear down on my hand; I can feel her muscles clinch around my fingers each fold moving in an overall wave of contraction. I bring her so close to climax that I don't want to stop. It's making me so wet that I'm dripping onto my leg.

I suddenly stop. She's squirming, trying to hint non-verbally for me to continue. I'm on my knees and I turn and look over my shoulder at Master. I say nothing but hold his gaze. Then I look down at his bulging lap...I know that organ is aching. I smile at him as I take my hand from inside of her and then lick my fingers. Then, I penetrate her again, solely to obtain more of her liquid on my fingers. I dismount the bed and walk over to Master's chair. I kneel in front of him and place my clean hand on his cock that is trying to break free of his slacks...the wet hand I raise to his mouth in offering. There is a tense pause, he's trying to decide if he should accept or punish me for including him. Ultimately though, he leans forward and very slowly, licks her juice off of my fingers...taking the time to suck briefly on my fingertip. We say nothing.

Then I rise again and walk over to the table...looking over my choices. She's been primed and could cum very easily, do I want that or do I want to delay the outcome?

I think of it like this, I have been given my own toy.

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