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I need to get the plants we got today in the ground."

"I'll call you for sure. And listen, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you. Lidia was right; I am sort of an introvert and don't make close friends easily. It is unusual for me to get as close as we have this quickly."

"Last night I told you that I felt like we were two peas in the same pod. Nothing that has happened so far tells me anything different. I am the same way." She leaned over and kissed me gently and then we both stood up.

"Uh, we've been worrying about me going home; are you going to be ok tonight?"

"Oh yes, I expect that he is already asleep and I'll probably work on another story for awhile before I go to bed. Sleep well and I'll talk to you tomorrow." We kissed again and I started walking down the street toward my house.

Everything we had said was true. I am mostly introverted and don't make close friends very easily. Natalie was an exception for two reasons; we clicked very quickly and she was a woman. Most of the friends I had were men. To date, a lot of that had been because of Lidia. She pretty well dictated our social life and with her being the center of attention like she was, I was often at loose ends when we socialized. As I walked I wondered how long she had been screwing around on me. I admitted to myself that it had probably been going on for some time at least since she had started traveling.

She was good at her job and had earned her way up the ladder. Three years ago she became a district sales manager and began traveling around the state. A year and a half ago, she was promoted to regional sales management and began traveling for a week at a time throughout a six state area. With each promotion, her confidence level increased and so did her dominant attitude. Since she was gone most of the time, I usually let it slide as I was focused on my work. Most of the things she left for me to do were things that I had already decided to do anyway; so her attitude didn't really bother me.

But what had happened today was pretty blatant and obvious. She had crossed several lines and obviously intended to cross even more. As I turned the corner to my street, I finally asked myself the questions I had been avoiding. Did I care and what was I going to do about it? I didn't have an answer when I walked in the door but I knew that it was time to start addressing those questions in earnest.

When I walked into the house, I heard no sound but saw a couple of things. First, her caftan was still thrown over the back of her lounge chair. I went out to bring it inside and also noticed Greg's boxer shorts underneath his chair. First, I did as I tell my clients to do; I took a dated picture of it with my cell phone. Then I put the boxers on top of the caftan and put them both on top of the washing machine. She would notice that for sure. I turned off the lights and went back to the bedroom and was greeted by the second. She was lying in bed on her back and was sound asleep. Her breasts had several fresh bruises on them, probably from when they went "dancing." Her legs were spread and while she had made some effort to clean herself up, her pussy was still red and swollen and her thighs showed signs of drying fluids on them. I took another couple of pictures including a zoom of her breasts and the fresh bruises.

I made my first decision then and there.

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