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Sexy honor student does what she must to keep her grade.

Olivia just coolly tapped her finger on the laptop screen, just like she had done exactly the same way four viewings earlier.

"Haha....look, Mom's fruit bouquet didn't even freakin' tip over!"

His one-armed catch of the infant never ceases to amaze her.

Warren rolled his eyes, as this was also basically the same damn line she had made since the very first viewing!

He banged his fist on the kitchen countertop. "Hey, did you not hear what I said?"

Olivia didn't even flinch. She simply kept on, throwing him a wink and biting down on her lip.

"Is honoring a hero so wrong?!"

Warren knew he was no hero. He was just there at the right place, at the right time when the nervous mom let go of her baby three stories up from the burning building. Sure, there were others around him, but the idiots were either too busy taking pics or just watching to jump into action despite the woman's pleas.

"Of course not, baby.....but just not like this!!"

He then watched in horror as Olivia took a knife to the sheeny, clear plastic wrap around the bouquet.

"Hey stop, that's your mother's--not you!"

His words ad threats once again fell on deaf ears. She snipped the top, conical piece off and just threw it out over his head.

"Shut the hell up-- I do whatever i want!"

He just sat there in awed silence over her bold sexual antics. Moreover, her foot has now successfully fondled him into a full erection.

She stopped her foot tease altogether. They both noticed the wet spot on his pants formed by his pre-cum.

"Can I please go now, sweetie?" he asked nicely. "I think you had your fun..."

She dove two fingers into the hole and finally dragged out the crowning strawberry on the towering bouquet after several digs through the tight opening.

"You're kidding me, right?" she cracked, pinning him back into his seat with her toe. "The fun has only just begun!"

Olivia took her time nibbling on the piece. She was purposely tormenting her poor Dad. And as savory as the chocolate-dipped thing is, she was really drooling over what she would be putting into her mouth next.

She then wiped her hand briskly on her shirt, took her leg away and dropped herself down beside his stool. She threw her head back and opened her mouth.

She gave a couple quick yanks on the leg of his pants. "Hurry, come on now--let me taste you!"

"I hear strawberries and fresh milk make for a delectable treat!!"

Warren almost fell out of his stool. His daughter was a fucking nutcase! Her total and absolute impudence just floored him. He just could not believe his ears! Did she just ask him to cum in her mouth?

"Honey, are you just out of your freaking mind?!"

He again rose up to go, but Olivia doesn't take no for an answer. She clamped down on the legs of the chair with her arms and encaged him.

"Take it like a man!" she howled. "Just shoot it and we're done here!"

She sternly stuck out her tongue and made some wiggles of the tip to nudge him on.

"I'm NOT asking you a second time--okay, Dad?"

Warren knew his spoiled daughter well enough to know not to put up a fight. She always gets her way. Going against her wishes just gets really ugly, he had learned over the years.

No doubt what was happening was all so very wrong. But here she was a mature girl, literally throwing herself at her father's feet and begging to be taken.

She's just indeed every father's dream come true!

It was a real godsend, actually. His balls are brimming with at least 6 weeks of pent-up cum. It was about this time ago when his needs went to the wayside, when his wife Marie got this dumb skillet after seeing a commercial on TV that actually delivered on their promise! The space-age material pan actually produced picture-perfect sunny-side up eggs that rolled around and around. Cursed kitchenware!!

Warren quietly lowered his zipper, took himself out and started jerking himself.

"Oh my--you're handsome looking, Dad!" Olivia commented with a big smile.

Warren let out a quick, nervous laugh. It was just too cute for her!


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