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Day 4, Black Whip's care and a second bonus round.

I wondered if this was what it was like for my girlfriend as I opened my lips and let his firm penis slide into my mouth. I heard him sigh as I bobbed my head, sliding my mouth along his length, coating his cock with my saliva, his precum flowing thicker and thicker until it coated the insides of my cheeks and stuck to my palette.

"Mmm," I hummed, feeling my dick begin to drool against my leg as his drooled along my tongue.

"Ohh, yeah," he gasped, beginning to rock his hips gently as I sucked. I let my lips slide down his slick shaft until they were nearly against his scrotum, his pubic hairs tickling my nose as I took him all the way into the back of my throat. He was so deep that when the tip of his erection throbbed I nearly gagged.

I backed away, holding the fat head of his penis in my mouth as I undid his belt, letting the strip of leather smack me lightly in the face while I moved my hands. As his pants fell exposing his, or rather our, hairy balls, I tried to think of what I might tell my girlfriend later.

We were a pretty experimental couple, and granted this might be my only chance I would get to have sex with myself she might understand. That's assuming she would actually believe me.

That's when he really started to fuck me. His balls bumped against my chin as he held me by the ears, thrusting, the same way I did with her. I tried to keep my lips tight around his shaft without gagging or letting my teeth touch him, the same way she did. I had never sucked a cock before and already I was learning how much skill was involved.

"I'll have to pay her more compliments from now on when we fuck," I thought. Then as he was thrusting in and out, salty, precum flavored drool running down his balls and covering my chin, a thought occurred.

"I wonder if he knows how badly I want him to take me in the ass?" I thought. In the fantasy I had been having I was always the one being fucked. I was the submissive version of me and he was the dominant one. It was a paradox that I was always aware of in my fantasy environment. Since we were both me we would need to take turns doing what we both liked.

I looked up at him with my lips around the stiff base of his cock, my whole mouth tasting like groin sweat and precum, the smell of his crotch filling my nose. I started undoing my belt and he lifted his shirt over his head, exposing his pale chest.

I think some things about the mirror me were truly like a reflection, in the sense that they were the reverse of how I actually was. It explains how he knew what to do when I pulled off my pants and crawled onto the bed before him.

He was the opposite of me sexually. He wanted to be dominant and I wanted to be fucked. He followed me onto the bed putting his hands on my naked hips. I felt him spread my butt cheeks with his thumbs and I shivered as he teased my asshole with his saliva slick cock.

My penis was painfully hard between my legs, a string of goo dangling from its tip, my balls ready to explode.

I felt my joints quiver as he wetted by butt crack with my own spittle, and then he stopped, placing both his hands on my hips with the fleshy tip of his erection between my cheeks. I arched my back, getting ready for the push, knowing it would be painful at first.

Then it came. Slowly my butthole spread around the head of his erection. I gripped the sheets and tried not to clench as he slid into me.

"Ooohh," he shuddered, pushing his entire length into my ass, his scrotum squishing between my butt cheeks and the hair at the base of his penis touching my tailbone. He drew it back slowly and then thrust it back into me a little faster, picking up pace with every eager but considerate push.

I tore at the sheets and grunted from a mix of discomfort and pleasure as he fucked me, my cock bouncing between my thighs, our balls bumping together each time he slid inside.

The pain eventually turned to a dull ache, and I began swaying on all fours, meeting his bare hips with my roundish ass and feeling my butt jiggle as he took me.

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