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Latin-American maid caught stealing gets interrogated.

This time it was the home service, and thankfully it was a nice matronly woman with whom I felt immediately at ease with.


Three days later Monday had arrived, and Ellen had just left after having made me lunch and dinner and put them in the fridge for later so that I could nuke them and have a nice real meal. She refused to let me eat the TV dinners I had had my niece buy for me before she picked me up at the hospital and brought me home.

I was trying to reread Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. I had read it some twenty years earlier in my teens and had wondered for some time if there was more I would understand or discern as an adult. Sadly I never had time to do that. However, time was now in great supply, but the pages, hard to turn, were slowly slicing and dicing the exposed tips of my fingers causing the edges of some pages to acquire coloring not intended when it was printed.

I couldn't wait until my niece dropped of my laptop after she got off work and picked it up from a fellow engineer I worked with.

I must have dozed off, as I woke to a quiet knock on the door.

"Come on it, it is unlocked."

I swiveled around in the recliner again to see Emma. Emma, dear God, thank you, and why, why do you torture me so!

She had her head tilted sideways looking at me with a sly smile upturned inquisitively as I gawked, transfixed and speechless as what stood before me had so completely consumed for any other thoughts occupy my mind.

Again there was a sexy little giggle followed by "Mr. Flint. Hello, Mr. Flint?' now she was laughing.

"I uh, sorry," I was quickly turning a shade of red as I began incoherently apologizing. "Emm - I mean, well, uh, oh jeeze, aw hell AGAIN I am so damn sorry." I was pleading, imploring her to forgive me.

As I stammered out the sentence she shifted her stance and propped her right hand on her now enticingly angled hip. And again I became prey to her feminine wiles. I could not help but notice she had a thin white T-shirt with the words "Oh, yeah? Try me!" glowing brightly in a neon pink air brushed script. It was also extremely short leaving her taught tummy exposed with a hint of bra and the undersides of her pert breasts. She was wearing low cut Daisy Duke jeans that I hoped exposed a piece of her heavenly ass. Her legs had a wonderful sheen that shimmered from the summer heat all the way to her toes which had pink toe nail polish and matched pink rubber sandals.

"Oh my, have I done too much?"

"Um, pardon me?"

I agonizingly pulled myself from my daze and looked up meeting her eyes.

"Have I done too much? Don't you like the look?" she inquired.

I thought for a moment trying to decide the right course of reply. "Oh of course, you look as youthful and a lovely as ever."

"But, that is not what I was going for," she sighed as she looked away.

"Emma? What do you mean?"

She continued to look at the floor, "Well," she began, "Last time I was here I noticed . . . I noticed you had an erection and I hoped it was because of me." She was breathing fast as she finished.

Oh shit, "I did, but I hoped that you had not seen it."

"But," she said looking up, "was it because of me?"

"Yes," I admitted.

She paused then shifted to a new pose, "And does this make you . . . hard?"

I tried to swallow, "Yes," I replied still looking into her eyes, "but it shouldn't."

"Why?" she said as her smiled became a questioning frown.

"Because you are still underage."

Suddenly she laughed, "NO! I turned eighteen the weekend before you came home from the hospital. It was the day you had the surgery to repair your wrists and your fingers." She looked at me with a huge sheepish grin as she waited for me to realize what she was leading me to.

"But you are heading off to college. You have so much more in store for you, And its . . . wrong," I said trying to convince myself.

"You're so darn silly. I thought you were smart."

"I try, but that is not the point."

"No," she said the smile now turning devilish, "the point is right there straini

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