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Romance is in the air.

..but only briefly as she felt the cold blade on the tender skin of her inner thighs. Her eyes flew open.

He grabbed her tight grey skirt, pushing it up around her waist, giving Him full view of the hot pink silk panties and lace topped thigh high stockings. His smile was almost evil as he looked at her...holding her gaze to he ran the cold steel on the newly exposed skin of her inner thighs. He grabbed the crotch of her panties, another wry smile on His lips as He felt how wet they were.

"Hmmm, My little girl likes this, I see", he said in a mocking tone.

With one fell swoop, He cut her panties. He was pleased with what He saw. She already had a "landing strip"...well groomed and perfect.

He could tell she was mortified, totally embarrassed that He had discovered her enjoyment of being manhandled. He raised His hand and gave her clit a resounding slap, so hard she screamed. Before she could protest, He slid the knife handle into her soaking wet cunt.

"Do NOT let this knife fall to the floor", He commanded as He walked to the iron door and disappeared.

She wanted to defy Him. Let the damn thing fall, she thought in a moment of misplaced bravery. But the ache of her nipples, the stinging of her clit, were reminders that He was in control. The bindings were reminders that she was at His mercy.

What seemed like hours of clenching her pussy tight to hold the knife in place, but in all actuality was only a few minutes, He reentered the room...His dungeon. He walked to her. She smiled, proud that she had accomplished the task He set forth for her, yet He did not smile, did not even notice it seemed. He removed His expensive jacket and hung it on a hook above her head. He proceeded to remove His silk tie, expecting Him to place it with the jacket, but using it as a blindfold, placing her in darkness once again.

She listened intently, trying desperately to follow His movements, but was unsuccessful. He pulled the knife from her cunt and immediately began to slap her clit...over and over again...until she was sure she couldn't take any more. Her lips, her clit, her entire pussy throbbed with pain...and pleasure when he thrust his thick fingers deep into her. Biting her breasts, her nipples, her stomach, as He pounded His fingers into her. Oh my! She was going to cum. From this? From being assaulted? NO! NO! She couldn't! She mustn't. But her body was not listening to reason.

He knew. He could hear her moans of pleasure grow louder and louder. And just as she got to that point of total release, He stopped.

"No, no, no", he said. "My little cunt cannot cum without permission."

She heard him walk away. Heard the creaking iron door once more. Did He leave? Was she alone? Tears streamed down her cheeks from under His embarrassed that she allowed herself to enjoy what He was doing. She was thankful for the time alone, to gain her composure, to build up a defense to His pleasurable assault. She would NOT lose control again, she told herself.

After some time she heard the door, His footsteps, and what sounded like heavy breathing and the rattle of a chain. She was determined to show no fear, no enjoyment, regardless of what He did...and her body stiffened with new found resolve. As if He could read her thoughts, He chuckled into her ear and said, "My little cunt thinks she can be defiant, huh? We shall see."

She heard a "whoosh", followed by a burning sting across her thighs. Then again across her stomach. She whimpered in pain as a whip bit into her skin. No area was left untouched...her legs, her arms, her stomach, her breasts, her pussy. Her entire body ached and burned from the many lashes He laid to her. She knew her skin would be raw, probably bleeding, from his experienced aim. She cried aloud, no more defiance. No more dignity. No more "fight" in her. She shook uncontrollably with pain, and sobs.

She, then, felt a warm soothing lick on her calf.

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