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A curvy black woman and a voyeur in a small mart.

I have special viewing privileges." I was surprised at that too, but it was now passed 3:00 AM and Stacy and went home together discussing just what sick bastards many men are.

Many forms of risk

Things went on that way for a few months. Stacy and I kept up the lives we'd had before participating in the Lottery but we were tense and horny much of the time. Crystal kept playing and raking in money. In fact, Mr. Anderson arranged for her to do her regular job from London so she did not have to travel so much. She was making so much money, though, that that might not matter much longer. She also was taking money to skip to the second round and we thought she was also betting her life. As a result of her being in London or Bolry most of the time, we only saw her every few months.

We did see Crystal every time she was on the Lottery show. Stacy and I were afraid not to watch. We felt we would lose her forever if we did not watch her participate. Sometimes we would go home after the round she got out and she did not go beyond the third round for the first four lotteries she did after Stacy and I quit going.

After the third lottery with Crystal without us, we did accept Mr. Anderson's invitation to watch the "special viewing" that he had access to. A really hot Brazilian woman had become a sex slave. She was on her thirtieth lottery so she was sort of calmly horrified as she continued to go down each level with her perfect coffee and cream skim, curly hair, wide hips and dark brown nipples. Still, she looked shocked when she got down to the two finalists and had an incredibly excited but extremely nervous smile as they took her away after she lost.

There was a half-hour break in the program as Dimitry said that people with Special Viewing privileges should stay tuned and showed again the information on how to meet the slaves for intimate engagements. The now 60+ slaves were shown one after another before the show went live again.

The Brazilian woman was spread on a bed and two men immediately went to work on manhandling her breasts and figuring her labia and clitoris. She clearly came in an intense orgasm that I felt I could feel in my own pussy. Then one guy stuck his cock in her mouth while another entered her vagina. The camera was careful not to show the faces of the men who probably had paid for the privilege of being the first to use this slave, while a split screen showed close ups of the woman's face sucking cock while the other penis went in and out of her vagina. After an intense 15 minutes or so, the penis in her mouth erupted semen some of which she swallowed but some got on her face. The close up continued of her excited face with semen on it as she continued to be screwed. She came again and a minute or so later the second penis slowed down and the man withdrew. His cum ran down from her vagina as the cameras faded.

I have to admit that it was hot.

We also watched to the very end of that fourth lottery Crystal attended without us although Crystal got out in the second round, having taken the money to skip to the first. Patty and Svetlana kept going and we were sure Patty at least was playing with her life. We learned during the quasi-final interview that Svetlana had also taken the ultimate risk this time. When it came down to Patty and Svetlana, Anderson joked about a battle of the ice queens. It wasn't really a battle as the loser would be picked at random. Also, Svetlana did not really challenge Patty as to who could show the less emotion. Svetlana was smiling with all her might but you did not have to be genius to see she was scared to death.

I don't think Stacy or I could have watched the Special Privilege viewing after that if Svetlana had lost. We were very reluctant to stay even though it was Patty who was taken out of the room in custody, looking like she knew this would happen someday and did not really care. Dimitry, said that while the viewing of a chattel slave would be rough, they would not be doing any serious bodily harm on camera at this time.

As it

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