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She felt her legs open, inviting him inside her, even though she did not want him there. Then he was inside her. She felt out of control and overwhelmed...


Weeks went by before he got to talk to her again. He had to come into Long Bore now and again for supplies but she was often too busy or simply nowhere to be seen. Sometimes he wondered if he was just plain unlucky or if she was avoiding him.

Monique was working the bar that evening on account of Larry being hit by a drunk the previous night. A small collection of clients were in the bar. A rowdy group of girls from a nearby station, "jillaroos" as some called them; a few stockmen, in for a cooked meal and a few quiet ones. A couple of tourists, eyes wide, drinking in the sights of an old fashioned outback pub.

Long Bore was named after the bore which allowed the country to be opened up for grazing. It was dubbed "long" because it was a long way from any town. The bore was not used anymore, but the old place kept the name. Cattlemen, drifters, drovers and backpackers used to camp at the bore, so someone decided to build a pub there. The pub evolved into a store, petrol station and a one star motel over the years. The long running joke at Long Bore was, if a client was telling a boring story or talking too much, stockmen would ask; "Are you the original Long Bore?"

It was Monique who was bored tonight. Same old beery stories, same old complaints about the price of beer. Same old hard work and long long days.

"If you're not too busy, I'd like a Corona, please?"

She looked up to see Paul at the end of the bar. She suppressed a smile and fetched his drink. "You want to pay now or start a bar tab?" she asked casually.

"Actually, I was planning to get a room, so can you get me a room, then charge it to my room?" Paul answered softly.

"Can do." she smiled. She liked being able to do something for him. He looked lovely, she thought to herself, even though he was covered in red dust.

"The Jasper dingoes not company enough for you?" she asked, whilst logging in to the ancient computer. He observed her. Her long blonde curly hair was pulled back tonight, and she wore a plain flowery knee-length dress. It was about as plain and non-flattering as she could have chosen, but still she looked good in it. He cast his eye over the station girls drinking at the back of the room. He knew the sort all too well. Foul mouthed, bitchy gold-diggers the lot of them. Not this girl though.

"Not when there are pretty girls like you serving cold beer in here." he answered smoothly.

"Oh please! A dusty cowboy trying to chat up the barmaid in Long Bore? What a clich__!"

"Paying a pretty lady a compliment is hardly a clich__."

Monique tried to hide her smile. "Here's your key. You're in number 5, it's just outside and to the right. Kitchen is closed but there is some cold serves left. Would you like another corona?"

"I would thanks. I might stay here all night and talk to you."

She was flattered with the attention, but she didn't want to lead him on. She was definitely not what he was looking for. He deserved so much better than her.

"Maybe you should go back to your dingoes. You're barking up the wrong tree here." she retorted.

"Oh really? Then why are you blushing?"

Monique put her hand up to her face, then realised she was giving herself away, so put her hand down awkwardly. He chuckled into his beer.

"To me you're just another long bore." She regretted saying it as soon as she said it. He looked hurt and stared down at his beer. It wasn't his fault that she was a freak. He was a decent, very attractive man, paying her compliments and simply being charming. She wanted to apologise.

Instead she said, "So did you want me to see if there was a cold serve left?"

He picked up his key, drained his beer. "Thanks, I've had enough cold serves for tonight. Good evening."

Monique was in a foul mood for the rest of the evening.

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