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He pushed himself all the way in until his balls hit her chin. She gagged and her throat muscles squeezed him, almost making him come right then.

Pulling out, he thrust in again hard, and her throat shuddered again. Then he began moving at a furious pace, no longer thrusting, but slamming her head down onto his cock, enjoying the feeling of her throat muscles convulsing around him as he choked her with his cock. He shuddered as he felt his balls tighten, burying himself in her mouth, her throat squeezing him deliciously as he came, swearing loudly. Softening, he pulled out, cum dripping from the ring gag onto the woman's pale chin. He removed the ring gag, and, as she was catching her breath, inserted a ball gag in its place, trapping the rest of his salty seed in her mouth.

He stood back, examining her. He still wanted to take her ass, but she had drained him dry, and he needed time to get hard again. That won't be an issue, he thought, smirking as he reminded himself they had all the time in the world. Boredom wouldn't be an issue either.

"I want you to fuck yourself on that giant dildo until you come." Anna's eyes flicked up to meet his, shock reflected in her wide blue irises. He smiled salaciously down at her. She shook her head, unable to shame herself in that way in front of a complete stranger, and one who had broken into her house! When he saw her hesitation, he leaned down to whisper in her ear, feeling her jerk away at the warmth of his breath.

"If you don't do it, then I'm gonna fuck your tight little ass until I come, and you're going to enjoy that a lot less." Anna trembled, terrified at the idea of the man's sizeable cock in her tight, virgin hole, but she could feel herself growing wet at the idea of it. She had never tried anal before, but thinking about it aroused her, though she never thought she would have the courage to try it. Feeling she had no choice, but also now wanting to get off, she lowered herself slightly, feeling the lubed rubber head resting against her lips. She now thought she might have overestimated the size that her tight cunt could accommodate, and paused, nervous, before hearing the man's voice once again in her ear.

"I'm waiting, pet. You wouldn't have bought this massive rubber cock if you didn't intend to use it. I want to see the whole thing disappear inside your slutty little cunt. Now."

Anna whimpered but lowered herself again. She moaned as the head pushed the limits of her narrow entrance, finally entering with an almost audible pop. She could feel every vein and contour of the dildo as she lowered herself further and the enormous girth stretched her. She finally thought she could go no further. The head was so massive that it stretched her walls almost painfully as it forged a path for the rod behind it. She gasped as it filled her completely, stretching her more than she had ever been stretched before, pressing against her walls. Her pussy throbbed in response to the invasion.

"All the way down, pet.

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