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They went to the hotel hand in hand.

He says I'd be doing everyone a favor by giving you what you need. And he just wants to stick around to make sure everything's ok, you being his wife and all."

"And you're alright with that?" I asked.

"Yeah," he continued. "You know, I've always been pretty shy around girls. I've never really been with anyone, not like that, and those last couple times with you, well, it just seemed so nice and normal, and I wasn't shy at all, and......" I stopped him with my mouth on his. When the kiss ended, he continued. ".....I just really like being with you that way, Mrs. J."

I told him, "I really like being with you, too, Trevor, and you do make me very happy. But you can't penetrate me. We can make each other feel good, but we can't go all the way. That's only for my husband."

"But Mr. Johnson said you were fixed, and when I told him that I hadn't been with anyone before, he said it would be okay. We don't even need to use a condom."

I felt a rush flow through my entire body when he said that. Bill had actually invited Trevor to have intercourse with me. But no, I thought, I can't. That would be going too far for a married woman. "I don't know, Trevor," I said. I felt that I could justify the things we had done so far, and that guilt from it wouldn't eat into my relationship with Bill. But I was afraid, so afraid, that to actually have intercourse would be something that I could never justify, and that I would regret forever as the guilt and recrimination eroded my relationship with my husband. "I just don't know," I repeated. "I am married, after all. I'm not sure it's right."

But the thought of it had certainly inflamed me. While my mind was saying no, my body was saying, "please, please, please, please!" When Trevor kissed me again, I melted into his arms. We fell onto the bed, and he rolled over on top of me, pinning me to the bed. I felt helpless underneath him as he smothered my mouth with kisses. I returned each one with more passion. I put my arms around him, hugging him to me in the thrall of our embrace. He rolled off me to the side, and I immediately reached for his big cock. I felt it in his pants, already hard. I unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and pulled his zipper down. I reached into his pants and found it, waiting there for me. I held it in my hand and squeezed it. I rubbed it up and down. I had missed it so much. I had wanted it so much.

I went to the foot of the bed and took off his shoes. Then I pulled on the hem of his pant legs. His bottom rose up, and his pants slid down. I pulled them off. I reached up and grabbed his underwear, and pulled them down his legs and off him. His magnificent cock sprang to life when free, all of it, sticking up in the air, beckoning me. I moved up to it, took it in my hand, feeling its massive girth. I wondered how it would feel in me. I kissed it. I wondered how it would feel as it slid all the way in the first time. I licked it. I wondered what it would feel like buried deep in my pussy, touching places that no man had ever touched. I took it in my mouth. I imagined what it would feel like to have it ramming in and out of me. I used my mouth like a vagina, fucking him with my lips and tongue. I wondered what it would feel like when it exploded in me, filling me with his warm sperm. I worked my hand in time with my mouth. "Come for me, Trev. Come in my mouth," I pleaded. This was what I had been waiting for all week. I kissed and licked and sucked and used my hand. "I want your cum, Trevor," I almost begged. "Come in my mouth." I felt his cock twitch, then pulse, then he flooded my mouth with his milky sperm. He groaned and unleashed another gush of cum. I sucked greedily and swallowed every drop. I milked the last drops out of him. I was so turned on!

"God, that felt good, Mrs. J." Trevor said as I kissed and licked the tip of his penis. I felt it softening in my hand.

"I think it's time you started calling me Fran, Trevor," I said with a laugh.

"Yeah, right. Fran......that really felt good."

I climbed up him until I could nuz

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