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Young teacher learns her submissive nature.

But then I, well, made sure I could. The lights never went off and the door never closed.

Soon he was kissing me and caressing my bare ass. He whispered in my ear so softly I could hardly hear and he said "if I knew you were bare I would have played dice a little longer. I now had my hand down his pants and gently stroking his veiny hard on, I was amazed at how swollen his head was. That royal tease had done us both great. I couldn't help but think that he was whispering because you know who was there. Now Rand seemed a little nervous. By now he would have had all of his clothes off but his shorts were still on. I told him to kiss my ass. He moved around me and as he did I could see feet in our door way.

Wow this was a turn on. He began to kiss my ass with parted lips and I spread my legs so he could get a better aim at my pussy. His hands were working magic on me. I put my head back which let me peek from under the blindfold. Standing there in an open robe her hands caressing her body was Kate. I pulled off my tee shirt and well gave myself a better view of my sister as my blind fold was rearranged. (No honestly it just sort of rearranged itself :-)).

She had the dildo in one hand rubbing between her legs and her other tweaking her nipples. She liked watching, you could see it in her eyes. Next I backed up pushing Rand onto his back, cock facing my sister. I did a dance over his face my pussy brushing his face. My swollen glistening pussy was wetting his face with strands of wetness. I could feel his breath on my folds and when he reached his mouth up I would slide on his lubricated lips. He could take it no longer and grabbed my waist , pulled me down, and sucked my pussy into his mouth. I leaned back to give her a view of pure cunt licking pleasure.

As his tongue dove into my hole and then up to my clit with periodic sucking in of my lips into his hungry mouth. My mind kept swimming between my audience and my pussy. As I peaked under my blind fold I say that Kate was now on all fours and up to Rands knees, stroking his legs and starring at my crotch. This sent me into a tail spin that wound up as an intense orgasm. As I finished I saw her hand reach up and grab his cock as it pushed agent his shorts.

Now it was his turn So I grabbed his short and pulled them off. He stopped licking my hole right away. He was still nervous. I came to the front so that my tongue was were he liked it the best. Besides if she wanted to stare at my juicy cunt she could. I kept sucking and looking between my legs but no Kate. After what seemed like a long time I decided I need him inside me. So I twisted my head to peak at his face. There was my little slutty sister standing over his head Dildoing herself. I felt like taking off my blind fold but I figured the only one that would really be surprised would be him and I needed to fuck him or steal that dildo back. So I moved up and slowly lowered myself onto his throbbing cock. It filled me and my moans made no balls about it. I new where her eyes were so I fucked him and gave her a show. I moved up and down. Leaned back and played with my clit. The sensation of being watched and wanted and just plain jealousy was like nothing I had ever felt.

It just burst out as I was ridding him hard and just starting to orgasm.

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