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Ann joins Karen on the road with the help of others.

"Cortney, because we do not know each other, I want you to feel free to talk to me openly."

The cheese was almost gone before she spoke. "Sir James, did you know Andrea well?"

Cortney could hear a heavy door open. She heard a rattle of chains and could feel someone approaching. Andrea was nude except for her chains. Her head was lowered and she carried two small beautiful crisp salads. She sniveled as she meekly approached and properly served the salads and cleared the cheese plates and used wine glasses.

I stood and walked behind Cortney, retrieving a different wine from the darkness. As I poured her wine, I answered her, "I know Andrea's professional work and I know her body. Until tonight I did not know her spirit was so rebellious." I slipped my hands down to caress Cortney's neck and then down farther to rub first one and then the other nipple. She sucked in her breath. Before she exhaled, I was moving back to my seat.

"Why did you previous Master violate your trust in him and hurt you?"

She was obviously shocked by my knowledge and hesitated to answer.

"Tonight, I will be firm and demanding, but gentle with you unless you disrespect me by not responding to my requests instantly."

She understood, "He said I was no longer pleasing him, that I spoke of wanting a baby too much and that he had prettier and hotter women than me."

"He forgot the privileged place that you had given him. He was a fool. You are very beautiful and desirable. Pick up the little tomato from your salad, close your eyes and crush it with your front teeth allowing its juices to run down your lips and chin."

Again I went to her, leaned over and kissed away the juice running down her face. She sighed and opened her lips slightly. Cortney loved to be kissed. She offered her tongue tentatively and I sucked it. When she took it back I lightly kissed all around her face and slipped my right hand inside her gauzy top, under her bra and rolled her left nipple firmly between my thumb and fingers. As I withdrew I pulled, stretching her breast. I felt it snap back as her nipple slipped from my grasp.

"Your body is welcoming me. I want you. To taste you." I used her hair to pull her head back and kissed her passionately. She rocked her mouth into me trying to get more sensation from our kisses. She could feel the need in me and moaned into my mouth.

Another moan came from the darkness. "Andrea, come here to us."

Still in her chains and with her head down submissively, she slowly approached stopping on Cortney's left side. "Put your hands behind your back Andrea." She did not resist this time.

"Cortney see if her pussy is wet from watching us." Cortney did not hesitate, turned and slipped her right hand between Andrea's legs. There was no prompting. Andrea spread wider and Cortney pushed two fingers steadily and easily to the second knuckle into Andrea.

"Yes, Sir, she is wet."

I knelt on one knee beside Cortney, "Taste her then let me lick her wetness off your lips."

Twice Cortney loaded her fingers with Andrea's juices and licked them into her mouth not swallowing. She turned toward me, mouth open and her tongue slightly out. We shared Andrea; we kissed, tasted, licked and swallowed. During our fourth hot kiss, my hand slipped up to find where her legs met. She gasp but I encountered panties.

In mock anger I loudly announced, "Panties are never allowed in my presence."

The female helpers burst from the darkness pulling Cortney from her chair and onto the table. Her clothed breasts were smashed in her salad plate. I raised her frilly skirt, grabbed a sharp knife from the table and cut them from her body. I reached between her and the table and pulled her up by her bra. "Don't hide your beautiful breasts from me either."

I cut her bra away.

The helpers gathered all the debris, cleaned up the table and helped Cortney settle into her seat again.

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