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We both believe you can never have enough sexy panties. In fact, my wife introduced me to wearing panties.

We had purchased a white see through blouse and wanted the perfect lacey bra to show off her 35D tits under it. We found it plus a very sexy matching pair of panties. Upon leaving the store, I jokingly said,

"I love panties so much. Someday I may buy myself a pair of VS panties."

She said, "What are you waiting for. You are welcome to wear my panties anytime you want."

I was shocked and excited. My wife had purchased me thongs and other underwear gifts, but her offer to enjoy my desire to wear silky panties with me was a fantasy come true for me. I couldn't wait to get home. My wife keeps her "fuck me" panties in a special floral hat box near her dresser. I got it out and went through it with my wife. We looked together at some older panties that were not as skimpy as the current VS styles. She made comments like,

"You would look good in these." or "These will fit you. Go try these panties on right now."

I wore her panties for sex that night. She sat on the bed and I stood in front of her. She played with my cock in her silk panties for an extended period of time. I felt so good. I loved every squeeze and stroke. Eventually, I pulled the panty leg to the side and slipped my balls and cock out. She kept her panties on and I kept my panties on and we fucked with a special passion. She made it obvious that she loved my wearing panties by constantly reaching for any ass and rubbing the panties as I fucked her. She made comments like, "Your ass looks and feels so good." all night.

After a very long and inspired love session I had one of the biggest cum loads in years. I lay behind my wife and massaged her tits after the session ended. Eventually, she had to get up to go to the bathroom. I put her panties back over my balls and cock and allowed the last drops of cum to drip into my wife's panties. I walked to her spot in the utility for her lingerie and put the panties I was wearing there to be washed by hand.

The next night I wore another pair of my wife's panties to dinner. We were both fired up at dinner and talked about sex the entire time. The sexual energy was at a peak. When we got home my wife sucked my nipples and played with my cock and balls in her panties. We fucked and then I reached for our butt plug. I got on all fours with my head on the silk sheets and my ass in the air. My wife pulled my panties down and slowly inserted the lubed butt plug into my ass. I said,

"Get it in deep please."

It felt so good to have my ass full.

I said, "Stroke my ass real slow with the butt plug." My wife slowly worked my ass.

Then I said, "Stroke me real fast and hard."

She did and I went crazy. My dick was throbbing for her pussy. I took the ass pleasure and then turned around and got my wife on her back. I pounded her pussy hard and fast. She was moaning and screaming. I rolled her on her side and straddled her on my knees behind her. I can get real deep in her this way. I stroked her pussy real long and slow, mixed with hard and fast stroke. The energy of my wife's panties, her sucking my nipples, the butt plug and some great fucking was so special. I eventually had a massive load for the second day in a row. My wife was content and so was I.

I love wearing panties. My wife and I fucked nine out of ten days when she asked me to start wearing her panties. I found myself consciously trying to be more attentive and loving all day long. I was sending erotic texts to my wife daily. I thought of fucking her all day every day.

Sex after 60 is great if the two people enjoying it communicate and take care of each other. My wife's pleasure and orgasms are just as important as mine. The new ideas that come to us are always so much fun the try. Anything that the two of us enjoy is OK to us and we both like just about anything that brings sexual pleasure.

It's been months now since my wife suggested I wear her panties.

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