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She smiled back at him as she undid his shirt and pulled it over his head, her eyes drawn to the powerful chest and flat stomach revealed to her. He pulled her tight to him for a soulful kiss, and her heartbeat jumped as their tongues explored each other, the taste of him, the feel of her breasts pressed against his chest. Silence but the sound of their breathing noisily through their noses, Jen could feel Lex's strong hands lightly stroking her back, letting her know he was there. and sharing her new found pleasures with Ken. She broke the kiss and leaned away from Ken, slowly slipping the straps of her bra from her shoulders, lowering it oh so slowly, feeding on the excitement in Ken's eyes as he saw her nipples escape, pointing long and hard towards his chest. The heat in her groin grew stronger as she felt his manhood twitch, a low moan from his lips as he whispered "beautiful", pulling her lips back to his as her thick nubs rubbed sensuously across his bare skin, his kiss so much more urgent than before.

She could sense Lex sliding down her back, his fingers and lips moving to the top her skirt, releasing the buttons and slipping it down her legs, helping her to step out of it. Ken's lips moved down along her jaw line to her neck, sucking and licking along her neck out onto the swell of her breasts, and she leaned back to give him better access to her tits, loving the feel of his tongue and lips on her skin, coaxing him towards her eager to be suckled nipples. This forced her centre ever tighter against the bulge of his package, so hot, so hard for her.. Lex had her bare bottom in his hands and was kissing her rounded cheeks gently, he had moved to his knees behind her. She thought how erotic this must look, another wave of excitement coursing through her as she realized they could easily be watched. Her whole body was focused on the pleasure her breasts were receiving from Kens fingers and lips when she felt Lex slip his tongue deep between her butt cheeks for a long lazy lick.

"Oh God Yes" she moaned, "Yeah, like that." Four hands and two sets of lips on her body were just what she craved. She pressed Kens mouth firmly against her breasts and arched her ass out as Lex separated her cheeks to lick and suck along her crack. Ken firmly pulled her back tight against his cock, holding her butt cheeks apart so Lex could continue to tease along the tiny string of her thong. She stuttered through a small orgasm as she writhed between them, her tiny hands moving to Kens belt and zipper, finding no underwear to impede her progress, just how she loved her men. Her fingers encircled his hot throbbing smooth rod, jerking involuntarily under her touch.

"I need to taste you" she blurted to no one in particular as she dropped to her knees, taking Ken's slacks with her.

Lex moved tight behind her, his hands cupping her breasts as his lips moved to her ear. "He's so hard for you baby, let me watch you suck him."

Her eyes locked on her lovers as Ken stood still, her fingers gently rubbing his cock along her cheek, across her lips, then squeezing up his shaft to bring a glistening wetness to his slit, her eyes closing for a second as her tongue licked up this little treat.

"Eyes open my pet" Lex ordered, "Watch him as you make love to his cock." His fingers moved to torment her nipples as her gaze moved up to Ken's face, her lips opening to welcome the head of his prick into her mouth, feeling him tremour with delight as her tongue swirled to wet his tip, the moan as her lips dropped over the ridge of his plum coloured head, her cheeks hollowing as she gently sucked him deeper. She felt so incredibly hot watching Ken's eyes as Lex spoke softly in her ear, telling her how sexy she looked with Ken's meat in her mouth, making him swell even more with need, how he needed to see her make him cum, watch her swallow his seed.

"You have been teasing him so long today baby, he's going to cum quickly, and hard for you, lots of thick cream for

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