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Airport search has amazing consequences.

What's more, she seems happy with him so what's the problem? If she's unhappy she'll leave him when you two go off to university."

"I guess that you're right Georgia."

"Anyway, you two are a lot happier than when I saw you the other day so it hasn't turned out too bad for you. Oh, and don't tell your father what I've just told you."

"Okay; enough serious talking, what are we going to do about these 2 geeks? Zoe said, "We could just go on teasing them or we could fuck them, take their virginity and give them something to remember for the rest of their boring lives."

"There's 3 of us and only 2 of them." Kate added.

"That's okay, you two can have them; this egg is good enough for me at the moment. You can have your first sea fucks if they don't cum from the anticipation."

"Are you sure Georgia?"

"Of course I'm sure, but you'll have to take those vibes out first. You don't want the geeks thinking that all girls have a metal object in their pussies."

As Kate and Zoe squeezed their vibrators out, and giggled as they watched the geeks watching them, Zoe said,

"So when did you have your first sea fuck Georgia?"

"A few days ago; you remember that aircraft carrier that filled the harbour the other day, well I met some of the sailors and they took me to Talamanca beach and they fucked me in the sea."

"How many is 'some of the sailors' Georgia?"


"Five!" Exclaimed Kate, "You got gangbanged by 5 sailors; in the sea?"

"Yeah; some of those Yanks have big cocks. It was fun."

"I bet it was;" Zoe said, "and we're just going to have a couple of weedy geeks. I think that we've got some catching up to do."

"Those weedy geeks may not be capable of fucking you." I said.

"Only one way to find out; come on sis."

Zoe got to her feet then pulled Kate up. The she marched over to the geeks and said,

"You 2 coming for a swim? We may just let you touch us if you do."

I've never seen 2 young men get to their feet as fast as they did and they'd caught Kate and Zoe up even before they got their feet wet.

I watched 2 awkward young men lose their virginity (probably) to 2 randy young ladies. Well I assumed that was what was happening. It was all under water but the positions that they were in and the movements implied that they were fucking.

Kate and Zoe confirmed that the geeks were no longer virgins when they returned to their towels and we watched 2 more confident and happy geeks return to their towels.

A short while later I asked the geeks if they'd watch our towels for us. Of course they happily agreed and 3 naked girls went to the beach bar for an ice cream.

No one seemed to care that we were naked and we'd finished the ice creams before we'd got back to our towels.

There was still quite a bit of space behind us and I was feeling a little restless so I asked Kate and Zoe if they'd join me in doing some exercises.

They agreed and I told them to do whatever I did. Zoe laughed and said,

"Just so long as you don't start rubbing your clit for the whole world to see."

"I won't, but I might rub yours." I joked.

I then put the 3 of us through a whole load of stretching exercise that I'd done at the gym and in that gymnastics class. Shortly after we'd started I saw 1 of the geeks sneakily taking photographs of us.

I smiled and walked over to them and said,

"You can take photographs us if you like, we don't mind. Come on guys get those phones out and take some close-ups of us."

The geeks looked at each other, not believing how well their day was going; then they jumped up and followed me back to Kate and Zoe.

I continued putting the 3 of us through the very revealing exercises whilst the 2 geeks got lots of close-ups of our pussies. There was a short break when my egg got the better of me, me being pleased that Zoe had left the egg on gentle purr after she's used it to make me cum earlier. The geeks closely watched my body jerking about.

The other thing about the geeks was that they seemed fascinated by my butt plug.

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