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Zoe gets more than she expected from her photoshoot.

"I'd love to, thanks."

I walked behind her as we made our way across the bar. I think Jackie put a little extra wiggle into her perfect heart shaped butt. As we approached the table, she called out, "Donald, its Christopher from the plane this morning." For the first time, I noticed how drunk Donald and all the men were. Donald slurred a greeting and gave me a half wave. Jackie introduced me around the table, ending with Susan. I pulled up an empty chair for an adjoining table and sat between the two girls. It turned out that Susan was married to one of the old guys. Jackie teased that she was a trophy wife.

Over the next hour, the men ignored us and talked and drank. I had a ball talking with Jackie and Susan. As I was in the middle, I had to turn my head back and forth as they talked. I was amused, when I caught each woman staring at my cock every time I turned my head. There attention excited me further and before long, I was stretched to my full eleven inches. The women were practically drooling.

Shortly before eleven, the party started to break-up. As Susan and her husband, Jeff, said their goodbyes, she gave me an innocent hug and kiss on the cheek. I looked over her shoulder and could see no one was paying attention. I let my hand slip to the small of her back, pulled her crotch against mine and ground my cock into her cunt. As I stepped back, Susan groaned a disappointing, "oh God." I smiled, winked and wished her a good night. As Susan and Jeff left the bar, I again sat next to Jackie.

Jackie gave me a knowing smile, leaned in and whispered, "if you do that to me, I think I'd cum on the spot."

When it was our turn to leave, it was obvious that Donald was to drunk to get back to the hotel. As their Marriott was next to my Hyatt, I agreed to help Jackie get her husband to the room. The Marriott was less than half a mile away, but because of Donald's condition, we took a cab.

The bouncer helped me get him into the cab and the bellman assisted me in getting him out. It was a struggle, but we finally made it to their 27th floor suite. I walked him through the living room and into the bedroom. I let him fall into the bed. Poor Donald was asleep before he hit the mattress.

Jackie was standing at my side. She was shaking her head in disgust as she looked at her husband. She started to say something, but I reached out, put my arm around her waist and pulled her toward me. I pulled her face to mine. My tongue pushed past her lips and into her mouth. Jackie resisted for half a second and then gave up. Her tongue was soon in a mad fight with mine.

I reached down her back and over ass. I pulled up the back of her dress. Jackie was wearing thigh highs and a microscopic black thong. I roughly grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her against my cock. Jackie buried her face in my neck and groaned a muffled "your dick feels so fucking good."

Jackie spread her legs as my fingers explored her asshole and cunt from behind. She was franticly rubbing her soaked gash into me. "Ready to suck some thirty year old dick, baby?" I teased.

"Yes...yes, anything. Take me to the living room."

I pulled my hands from Jackie's ass, put them on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. "Sorry baby, right here, right now, in front of your passed-out husband." I grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled her face against my pant-covered cock. "Take it out baby. Suck me good and I'll take you to the other room and fuck you till you can't walk."

Jackie turned sideways and looked at her sleeping Donald and then back at me. She was a woman possessed. In a flash, my belt was undone, pants unbuttoned and falling to my ankles. Jackie hesitated for a second, than pulled my boxers down. My eleven-inch cock bobbed in front of her face.

Taking another hand full of hair, I ordered her to put her hands behind her back. She meekly complied. I stepped in closer and let my dick rub against her cheek and across her face. "Open your mouth, slut, I'm going to shove my young meat into your throat."

Jackie's mouth opened wide.

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