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A sexual awakening with aggressive stranger.

I've been a very nasty girl that night I think."

With these words she brought her - or should I say my - panties to her pussy and wiped again. Afterwards she smelled at them again and grinned.

"That's much better now!" she said.

She held them in front of my face and I could clearly see her fresh pussy juices. Although she held them about for inches away from my nose I could smell her warm, fresh and sexy aroma. Then she wiped my whole face with them and lubricated me with her pussy juices.

"I feel so nasty as I haven't felt for a long, long time. I feel so damn nasty and sexy. Your dad never made me feel like this. I could play with my pussy the whole day. My big pussy is wet all day and waiting for another orgasm all the time."

She grasped one of her tits and squeezed her nipple hard and rubbed it between her thumb and her forefinger. She closed her eyes and seemed to be lost in her lust once again. She was giving me a big show and my member was building a big tent under my covers.

When she came back to earth and back into my room she smiled at me.

"Ever seen such a nasty old woman?"

"Mom, you everything but not old. You look so damn sexy and hot. I guess there is not one man on earth that would kick you out of his bed and I think most women would love to love you too. And by the way I haven't seen any nasty or turned on girl before. You are the first girl in heat I have ever seen. And I know no girl can ever be sexier and hotter than you are."

"You are so sweet. Thank you, honey. But I think it is time to go for a shower or a nice bath. What do you think?"

"That would be great but I think there is a small problem." I watched down the covers towards the tent I was building.

"I think that shouldn't be a problem. Were are both of age and let me tell you, I have seen a hard on before. And I have seen your hard tool before remember last night."

"Okay, then I guess it is time for a nice hot bath. Maybe I could use some plastic bags for my plaster casts to protect them against the water."

"They are already in the bath I had the same idea. But now get out of your bed and out of your boxers and into the bath."

I sprung out of my bed. Mom bent down again and pulled the boxers down. Now I was standing in front of her totally naked with my pulsing hard on inches away from her lustful mouth. She licked her lips.

"You are so sexy, honey, and your penis must be made by angels 'cause I've never seen one more beautiful than yours and I've seen lots of them. But know follow me into the bath. But I think it would only be fair to make us even, don't you think?"

"Don't know what you mean, mom?"

She turned her back towards me. She moved her round and full ass in sexy circles and then let her robe drop to the floor. Now she was standing in front of me only wearing her sexy high heels. Her ass was so damn sexy. I loved it at once. I couldn't but stare at her perfect big as cheeks. If I could move my arms and hands more easy I would have touched her ass. I would have felt to my knees and kissed her perfect white globes while giving them a good massage.

"So young boy love what you see? Just follow my big ass into the bathroom."

On the way to the bath she swung her hips and her ass cheeks more than necessary just to give me a show. Mom already let in the hot water so I could directly jump into the tub. But before she let me she tested the temperature. For that she bent down which caused her white globes to spread a bit. She gave me a perfect look at her moist pussy and of her little brown backdoor. Her big boobs were hanging down and were swinging forwards and backwards.

"Did you enjoy my little show? Have you seen something? Could you see my nasty backdoor while I bent over?"

"You are so damn sexy, I'm speechless. It's a shame that you are my mother and not my girlfriend and lover"

"Jump in, big boy, before the water becomes cold again."

I jumped into the tub.

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