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She took my hand and guided me to stand before the couch. She turned me and checked the security of the blindfold with little tugs. Then she led me out the back door to the parlor and into the unknown part of the house.

She led me down a flight of stairs and into a room that had the cool feeling of a basement. There was no musty basement odor, but the air had that cool damp earth feel to it. The sounds of the floor and the echoes from the walls supported the basement feeling.

The little maid turned me and backed me against a thick pole. It felt like polished wood, almost as thick as a phone pole. She left me there, arms at my sides and my back to the pole. My stomach felt just like I imagined it would if I leapt from a tall balcony. I was quivering with fear and anticipation. The "Lady" in me was dying of humiliation, and knew that more was to come.

I heard his footsteps cross the room. I sensed his body close to mine. My nipples crinkled. I sniffed the air trying to get his scent. He smelled clean and masculine. I wanted his touch.

"Hello, Kim. Welcome to my home." James whispered softly in my ear.


He chuckled. "I think we know each other well enough to use first names. You may call me Mister James, or Sir. I will call you anything I want. How does that sound, Slut?"

Slut! The whispered sibilant word echoed in my head. I felt my body running through its fight or flight checklist. Adrenaline was released and muscles flexed as my subconscious prepared my body to flee. My conscious mind grasped for control.

"Any...anything you say...Sir."

Another deep chuckle. "You seem to understand the rules."

I felt him grasp my hand. The electricity of his touch charged my libido. He wrapped a soft velvety loop over my hand and snugged it to my wrist. My captor/lover then bound my other wrist similarly. He stepped away and I suddenly felt my arms lifted over my head. He pulled them up until I only had the faintest amount of weight on my heels. I wasn't quite on my tiptoes, but I certainly couldn't stand flatfooted.

"Now we begin, my little slut. You must surrender yourself to me completely. That takes time as we must build trust. You can only let go just so far with a stranger. It is not until you completely trust me, until you give yourself completely to me without holding anything back, then you can experience complete pleasure."

His voice was no longer a whisper. He had a rich voice that I recognized, but couldn't place.

"It is going to take some time for you to develop that trust. We will build to it over time. You have already made a lot of progress today. Watching your struggle after you read my note was terribly exciting for me. I knew you were going to strip for me, but I didn't know how long it would take you to realize it."

I felt him brushing the back of his hand up my side as he spoke. My skin tingled. I could smell my own arousal. I hungered for his intimate touch.

"You are quite lovely. Standing there with your arms tied above you. The contrast between your white skin and the black silk on the blindfold is really striking."

He caressed my cheek as he said this. His hand held so much power.

"You are here and in my control voluntarily. That is quite a compliment. Thank you. I want you to remember that everything we do is voluntary for you. You can end our relationship with one little magic word. Do you understand that?"

"Yes, yes I understand."

There was a sudden burning pain in my right nipple accompanied by a loud pop. I gasped at the sudden pain.

"You mustn't forget to whom you speak, slut."

"Yes, sir. I understand Mister James."

"Do you remember the magic word that ends this and turns you back into a prim, upstanding, little citizen?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. To continue in our little session today, we will reinforce the voluntary nature of your participation. For the rest of your visit here today you will ask, beg, for every punishment or pleasure I allow you. That should help you remember that you want these things, don't you think?"


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