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We got to a point in the pile where I saw both pairs of Linda's panties that I stole mixed in with the rest of the things. My heart sank and I knew my mom had busted me. I prepared myself for the worst and began to think about what excuses I would use and how much trouble I was in.

Amazingly enough, I watched in shock as she picked up one of the panties, folded it nicely, and placed it on the stack of my underwear just as if nothing at all was wrong. Then, she picked up one of my normal pairs, folded it and placed it on the stack. Reaching for the other pair of panties, she finally said something.

"Sweetheart," she started, "I'm not going to pry or ask a lot of questions about why these were in your drawer. But, I want you to know that if you want to talk to me about it or if you have any questions about sex or girls, or anything..... we can talk about it and we can keep it between us."

I was frozen with shame and guilt. I didn't even look up at her when she said it, busying myself with folding my undershirts and sox. She picked through the pile until she found the third pair I had swiped - her panties. As she folded them and placed them on my pile, she paused for a moment and spoke again.

"Listen," she said, "I just want you to know that I'm not nearly as stupid as you and your sister seem to think I am, and, I know it's normal for boys your age to be very curious about certain things and I'm not mad at you. Okay?"

When I didn't look up or answer, she repeated herself saying "Okay?"

I looked up at her, and I could feel myself blushing terribly. My throat was too dry to say anything. I could only nod that I understood. It was the hardest thing I had ever done not to turn and run out of there, but as she folded the last pair of my own underwear and placed in on the pile, she said, "Here you go."

She picked up the stack and handed it out to me. They way everything was folded and stacked, I couldn't even tell the panties were in there, but, I knew they were. I couldn't figure out why she was giving them back to me, but, she was. Reaching out across the table to take them from her, she told me to go put them away in my drawer and then come back to fold some more clothes with her.

Entering the safety of my own room, I looked through the stack just to make sure they were really in there, and of course they were. Putting the stack away in my drawer, I was still trying to figure out why she was giving the panties back to me. She obviously didn't figure out what I really wanted those panties for. What good were these to me now? They were.... well.... they were clean!

"Shit!" I said to myself, feeling my stiffy coming back. "That's all I need right now! A hard-on in front of my own Mom."

I adjusted my cock in my pants and went back down to the laundry room. She was finishing pairing the sox together and moving the stacks of clothes to the side of the table when I came in. "Can you take these up, too?" She asked. Holding my arms out, she gave me the rest of my things and those of my Dad and asked me to take them upstairs. "When you're done with those," she told me, "come right back...... It's time for you to learn how to run the washing machine."

Her voice seemed normal and she didn't seem to be mad at me, so, I just accepted the uncomfortable situation, glad that it seemed to be over, and tried to let it go. Having put the clothes on the bed in the bedrooms, I came back to the laundry room. The table had been cleared of the clean clothes and replaced by her and Linda's dirty lingerie. Seeing all their stuff lying there, I immediately began to panic and I felt my cock pushing against my pants as fear set in.

"Come on," she said, "I'll show you how to do our delicates.

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