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Vivi continues to lure Sam into her game...


"You just saw me take a swim and decided to ask me out to lunch?"


"Wow I could never have done that. I guess that is how different we are. Have you ever had a long term relationship?"

Natasha pauses and answers carefully, "Yes a few, my last lover left to go back to Canberra to study and I have just taken my time since"

"Do you miss him?"

"Yes, I missed her for ages but now I want to have intimate friends again. Do you still miss you wife?" Natasha takes up her glass as the food arrives.

"No I don't miss Patricia at all now. Did you say you lover was a woman?"

Natasha looks Andrew directly in the eye, "Yes, does that bother you?"



"What do you do, who do you work for Natasha?" Andrew says as he stabs a piece of squid with his fork.

Natasha chews thoughtfully for a moment. She dreads this question as the wrong answer is always the truth. "I'm an investigator in banking," She hasn't told a lie yet and she hopes he will let the subject go. "The squid is great as usual."

"Sure is, they do it well here, which bank?"

"That's the one, I hate talking about my work, don't you?" the lie is only tiny but Natasha looks away not wanting to give it a chance to grow.

"Yep not that many people know what I am talking about half the time. You mean CBA right?"

"MM, please I hate talking work!"

"Why, we probably have some stuff in common?"

"I'd just rather keep that private, you know client confidentiality and some of the stuff I do is not that pleasing so can we talk about politics or art or sex or football anything at all except my work, please?"

"Sorry Natasha, you start," Andrew says.

"Who do you follow in the footy Andrew?"

"Sorry not really my thing but it is West Coast just because they are there, what about you oh and I'm Andy to my friends?"

"I'm still an Adelaide Crows fan; you can take the girl out of Adelaide but not Adelaide out of the girl. I love it when any or the non Victorian teams win though so the Eagles are cool."

"That does football do you really want to talk politics?"

"Art maybe, I like photos, photos of people in edgy situations, erotic situations and have I a few good pieces in my home. I like collecting relics from the earliest days of Australian settlement. I don't have much but I enjoy what I have."

Andrew frowns, "I am afraid I am a dead loss there too, my education is limited to maths and commerce. I can talk all day about futures and derivatives or the Boyer--Moore--Horspool algorithm and string searches but hey I would love to learn, no make that I need to learn."

"What is a Boyer-Moore algorithm?"

"I was only joking about that, it is a technique for finding needles in haystacks with computers but it is not lunch time conversation, sorry I was taking the piss really."

Natasha pouts quickly then grins, "Ok but we could take in the Body exhibition at the Art Gallery this afternoon. I read a write up; I want to see it and it could be a good place to start your education. Later maybe I can show you my etchings."

"Etchings, I recall mother warning my sister about something like that. Will I be safe?"

"Do you want to be safe Andrew?"

"Hey what does safe mean anyway? Natasha please, call me Andy."

"Ok Andy sorry." Natasha smiles apologetically then asks, "You didn't answer the question though, do you really want safe or are you coming with me?"

Chapter 3 Naked Man with Rat

Later when Andy and Natasha leave the art gallery there is a rumble of thunder and dark clouds threatening rain so together they raise the roof on the old Golf.

"What made the biggest impression Andy?"

"I liked the sculptures upstairs, there was one in a cabinet of a naked woman with snakes in her hair and her arms stretched out before her. I really liked the images that developed in my mind, what was she about to do and what had she just done?" Andy enthuses. They finish putting up the roof that is as worn as the rest of the Golf.

"Cool, what else?"

"The Joanna Lamb panels in The Bui

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