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When grown up daughters embrace, do fathers get a hard-on?

My right hand still hovering over my loose shirt, I lean back on my left.

"You are no distraction at all. To the contrary, with you here, I am sure that everything will be taken care of in no time. What's the first thing in the pile?"

I carefully grab the first file, trying not to get any closer, worried and anxious about your motive. I begin to explain its contents when you untuck my shirt and stand up embarrassingly close. You brush aside my hair off my neck and place your lips at the corner of my jaw. You unbutton the rest of my shirt and push it aside. I stop reading and gasp at your teeth nipping my collarbone.

"Please continue," you take a pause to say. When I begin to read again, you swiftly lift me up by my ass and place me on the edge of your desk. Your hands slide up to my shoulders to push off my shirt. You lift my wrists to remove the shirt completely, taking a small bit upon each; my voice catches each time. One hand finds comfort resting on my exposed thigh while the other plays with the lace rim of my bra. I drop a hand to my leg to hold yours in place. I toil to concentrate on both what I'm reading aloud and where you fingers and lips are. I see a grin flash across your face and disappear before I even have time to process its meaning. There is a quick snap and a chill runs up and down my back as your fingers graze me and slide my bra away. Lips and teeth encircle my nipple already hard in the cool air. A moan escapes me, and my protecting hand on my leg grips your fingers. I hear you suppress a chuckle and loosen my grip to inch your hand closer.

"...Oh, wow... wait... oh" I sigh and arch my back closer to your lips. I try to tell myself to stop this now, come up with multiple reasons why this was such an idiotic idea. But I close my eyes and bite my lip instead.

"Now, how can I get my work done when you close your eyes and stop reading? I need you to continue so I can continue."

Your voice snaps my eyes back open. The challenge in your eyes makes me blush with a bit of shame for my next decision: I open the folder again and continue reading. I see you grin and nod before sitting down in your chair. You slide both hands to my skirt and push it up to expose my stockings and panties. Your thumb strokes gently across the already moist material. You trail kisses and bites from my knee to your thumb. I can feel you breathe in my scent before your thumb begins to rub a bit harder.

Your other hand reaches around me and retrieves the scissors. My eyes widen and voice staggers as I watch you bring the scissors right up close to my vulnerable pussy. You pause, glance up at me with a warning, a warning of stopping. I continue to read as my pulse races. You pull the stockings away from my body and swiftly slice them open with the scissors. The cold metal briefly touches my thigh and makes me jump. I look at your face, blush and grin while I keep reading. You push aside my damp panties to find the source. I close my eyes at the touch of your rough fingertip upon my sensitive skin. Your thumb finds my clit again, this time it's so much more intense.

My voice gets breathier and slow.

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