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A wild orgy for a farmer and his wife.

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Shaking himself out of the drooling daze, he looked back to his friends. "And this guys, is Kendra. I met her in Aidan along my journey."

Joren snapped out of his own lust-filled dreams to look to him. "You met her in Aidan? Does she have a sister? Dear gods I hope so."

Kendra chuckled softly and shook her head. "While I do have plenty of sisters, none reside in Aidan, Joren. Your good friend here rescued me from a bunch of thugs wanting to rape me just outside the city walls."

These words caused his friends to look to him with a proud approval that their friend had done something great. Blaze couldn't help but scratch the back of head and grin admittedly her words were true. Of course, he was that way until she spoke again.

"And I made sure to 'thank' my hero in the best way a lady could," she hummed knowingly. His jaw simply dropped as all three looked to him in shock and disbelief.

Holt looked back and forth between the two of them before roaring in laughter, "Richard! You scored with this vixen? Get the hell out of here! And I'm the king of the Sonel Sea with a mermaid as my wife!"

Joren and Gram laughed with Holt, obviously thinking this was some joke Blaze was pulling on them. Kendra simply watched the guys laugh with a knowing smirk before a wicked look flashed in those emerald eyes. She grabbed the still gaping warrior by his shirt and pulled him in to plant a hot wet kiss right on him. The laughter cut off almost immediately as his friends took their turn to gawk in disbelief at the sight of the vanilla-haired beauty kissing their pal wantonly right before them. Blaze overcame his shock and returned the lusty kiss, both their tongues caressing each other visibly to their audience. Kendra moaned into the kiss and pressed her body up against his, her breasts scrunched into his chest and pushed upwards enticingly with more visible cleavage between them.

When she eventually pulled away from him in breaking the kiss, all Blaze could do was sway there in a daze. What a kiss! He finally came to his senses to look see Kendra smiling sensually away from him. His gaze followed hers to see all three men gawking at them with their jaws hanging open in shock. Kendra's arm slipped in around his waist as she smiled to him knowingly.

Clearing his throat, he looked to the village behind his friends. "Well it was really good seeing you guys again. I'll try to find you again soon so I can tell you some of the details of my trip." They simply nodded, still speechless as, arm-in-arm, he and a pleased demoness walked past them into Kyros. He couldn't help but notice the envious looks his friends had, but also the looks of being happy that he'd found a real special woman. If they only knew how special!

Word spread like wildfire through the rest of the fishing village of his return and the radiant woman with him now. People he knew growing up now gazed at the both of them wonderingly. Most of the older men he respected simply smiled and gave him their nods of approval in finding such a fine woman. All the rest simply stared at Kendra drooling and undressing her with their eyes. The reactions from the women greatly varied. From warm, motherly approval of Kendra to fuming hatred that their girlhood crush was now taken. Most of the reactions were frustration from young women with tans yelling out for Kendra to give up her secret on tanning. Little did they know, her toasted-almond brown skin was hers naturally.

All the while he took this in with embarrassment, the succubus simply smiled all the more as her amusement grew. She was enjoying this way too much! He didn't even want to begin to try to understand why. They were finally at the outskirts of the other side of the village and walking up the path to his home. The small house was the same as the day he left it and sure was a beautiful sight to behold again. They had barely reached the front door when it opened and Ina rushed out. His mother seized him in her arms in a mother's tearful embrace.

"Richard! You're home! I was so worried about you!" Ina cr

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