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The boy in the corner.

It also would keep him hard on the short trip.

Between visions of Lisa sucking his dick and his wife tied to the door, Henry had no trouble keeping hard. Thoughts of what would come later made him twitch and want to touch himself. He resisted the urge. He was already turned on too much as it was.


Lisa was standing next to her car as he pulled into the parking lot of the store. In the bright lights of the lot, she could see his hard dick standing up easily. Opening the car door, she bent and looked in, her eyes going wide at the sight of him.

"Is that for me?" She asked as she got in.

"What have you got for me?" Henry asked her in return.

With a quick look around, Lisa opened her long black coat to reveal she was naked underneath. "How is this?" She replied and then started to close the coat.

"Leave it open." Henry whispered sharply.

Lisa paused in closing the coat and then shivered as she opened it back up. With a soft whimper she leaned back in the seat and spread her legs as wide as the passenger space would allow.

"Much better, "Henry whispered as he took her left hand and placed it on his dick. She gave him a light squeeze and then whimpered again as he placed her right hand on her sex.

"I want you sopping wet by the time we get to my house and I don't want you to come, understand."

Lisa nodded and then groaned as her fingers moved in her lap. "I've always dreamed of riding naked in a car and maybe being seen but I never have," she said softly.

"Tonight, a lot of dreams are going to come true," Henry, replied as he put the car in gear and slowly drove across the brightly lit parking lot.

There were cars and trucks, going and coming, and people at the gas pumps. Lisa moaned softly and squirmed in her seat but she did not close her legs or cover up.

As they reached the far side of the lot and stopped at the curb, Lisa moaned again as two cars turned into the parking lot. Both cars were on the driver's side and anyone looking could easily see her and she knew it.

Henry removed her hand from her pussy, brought the fingers up to his nose, and sniffed. Her scent was strong and her flavor stronger as he sucked on the two middle fingers. Lisa whimpered and squeezed his dick hard.

"Don't! Please don't! I'll come big time if you keep doing that. My mind is thinking of your tongue in my pussy the other night and how hard I came," Lisa got out between whimpers and moans.

Henry pulled her fingers out of his mouth and licked his lips before he said, "I loved the way you came on my face, your smell, your taste, the feel of you coming. They all excited me. Licking that wet flood off your sex and thighs was the best of all."

With a deep groan and another squeeze of his dick, Lisa nearly came from his words. If she closed her thighs and squeezed them together she would come. Her knees moved inward slightly and then jumped back wide open.

Henry noticed and smiled. She was primed and set on a hair trigger. He pulled out on the street and slowly drove home, going the long way around past the mall and down several very busy streets.

Lisa was literally shaking by the time they pulled into Henry's driveway and on into the garage. When he stopped, he asked, "Do you want to come now or wait?"

"I'm.... I'm not sure I can wait," Lisa replied between ragged breaths.

"Then slip your coat off and get out of the car." Henry told her.

Lisa looked around at the brightly lit garage and then turned her head to look at its open door. She could not see out into the dark but knew the street and other houses were not far away. "I...." She whimpered and then groaned as she shrugged the coat off her shoulders.

"Get out and walk around to stand in front of the car facing me. Spread you feet a half step each way and spread your arms out wide," Henry prompted.

With a deep groan, Lisa got the car door open.

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