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Spa Day and the "Skimon".


Jenny looked up as Susan told her, "I'll have you know he gets that nasty sarcasm from his father not me."

"You are such a liar mom," Craig yelled.

Susan gave a mock gasp and hugged the laughing Jenny in tighter to her, "Again, you heartless child, you wound me to my soul. Jenny, please ignore his vicious words."

Jenny leaned up to peck Susan on the cheek and then took the sodas from her before turning back into Craig's room.

Susan put her hand on the door knob, "Should I close this and put a ribbon on it?"

An exasperated and even longer elongated "MOTHER," came as her answer from her son as Jenny shook her head, "No, we really need to get back to studying."

Susan put her hands against the sides of her face to mock gasp, "Oh forgive my ill-timed interruption young sir; please don't kill me then ground me for life."

Jenny still giggling sat back down at the desk after giving Craig his soda.

"Jenny?" Sue asked.

Jenny swiveled her head to stare as her boyfriend's mother quickly pulled her t-shirt out of her yoga pants then pulled it up to her neck exposing her bare wobbling breasts before just as quickly dropping it again.

"Now we're even, so you don't have anything to be embarrassed about."

Craig could only sputter as Jenny gasped then laughed out loud.

Susan winked at them as she closed their door.

Cindy Morgan wiped a white, fluffy cloth across her sweaty forehead. Tony's had been surprisingly busy for a Thursday night and were short-handed beside as a waiter called in sick. Cindy wasn't sure if it was sickness or the Physics test that had the entire senior class of the high school in a panic. Cindy looked around the two dining rooms split by two short walls jutting out from the side. She suppressed a sigh at the sight of the glaring elderly woman.

Mrs. Wilson started in before Cindy even got to the table. "I don't know how you stay in business with this deplorable service. I've been waiting an entire half hour just to pay my bill and leave. I won't stand for this."

Cindy thought how she had just brought Mrs. Wilson her cannoli just ten minutes ago.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Wilson," Cindy began before being cut off.

"My time is precious and if you ever want my business again you will see to it that there is a sharp deduction in my bill for my sadly lukewarm meal and utterly pathetic service."

"I'll see what I can do, Mrs. Wilson," Cindy responded before heading back to the counter and cash register. She didn't know why Tony just didn't kick her out for good as they were losing money on her every time. She knew the stories of how she had mercilessly bad mouthed businesses among her snobby friends until they were driven out of business but had a hard time believing it. Well, Tony was the boss, and he said let her get away with it, so half price dinner it was.

In the end Mrs. Wilson only cut a few more snide remarks before leaving. Cindy just had to cash out, prepare the deposit and clean up to go before heading home after such a long day.

Stephanie looked at her sister and then at Diana. As much fun as the three of them were having it was clearly getting late in the evening for all three who had a full work day starting in the morning.

Gwen put her hand on Diana's arm, "Thank you so much for coming out tonight. We had a lot of fun."

Diana smiled, "I did too, thanks for asking me to join you."

Gwen smiled, "Our pleasure would you like to join us again next week."

Diana nodded her head, "I don't see why not."

All three beamed as they collected their coats and purses.

Before long Diana had parked in her garage and was about to pull down the door when she watched Cindy's familiar car swing into swing in to the left side of the driveway.

Diana reached out and hugged Cindy, leading her toward the house, "You poor girl, you look like you had a long day."

Cindy shook her head, her long raven hair swishing side to side with the motion "You have no idea. I need a long, nice cuddle with Matt."

Diana smiled and led her through the house and into the hall separating their bedrooms.

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