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A daughter gets smitten by good samaritan dad.


A women doctor burst through the room and immediately went to Aurora, completely ignoring the writhing, groaning ex-captain on the floor. A handful of security guys crowded in and picked him up, being none too gentle. It seemed he didn't have many friends here. Hell, no one had even asked what happened. Michael supposed the rest of the crew thought him sketchy too.

Aurora wouldn't let go of Michael the entire time people were coming in and out. The doctor just smiled and continued her examination. The ex-captain was hauled off to the brig, the doctor saying she'd get to him when she had time. It was decided that the second mate, now the first mate, could take over for tomorrow and would let the watch stander know. Aurora didn't want to be alone that night and Michael took her in his arms easily, quite a feat for anyone watching considering she was as tall as Michael, and Kat led the way back to their apartment.

As they walked up the stairs to get to the top deck, they didn't see the two pairs of eyes staring at them from across the open deck, behind netting in a darkened corner. Pandora did though, and highlighted them in red for both Michael and Kat. They turned their heads as one to look straight at the crouching Japanese twins, drawing a gasp and a curse, and continued their ascent to their room.

* * * * *

"That was seriously scary, sis!" Aki exclaimed. "There's no way they should have been able to see us."

Rin remained quiet, going over the implications. She'd searched for them in the passenger list manifest which usually had passport pictures of all the guests and had come up blank. The cameras in the ship didn't seem to have captured them at all; it was like they were ghosts.

Then, she looked for those cabins that were occupied and didn't have pictures attached to them. The Royal Suite showed a picture of an older lady and a portly gentleman, but Aki had been certain that when they first started searching, that cabin hadn't had a photo. It was like something had recognized what they were searching for and adapted to the change. The thought ran a chill down her spine.

Now, after hearing of a disturbance on the security frequency they'd broken into, they'd gone to investigate and who should show up but the two in question themselves. Now they knew the two were holed up in the Royal Suite, but they still didn't know anything about them. Where did they come from, how could they afford the Royal Suite (because Rin 'knew' it was too high profile to trick the system- that's why they had chosen a modest cabin), and if they recognized them from Osaka, would they turn them into their father?

Rin grabbed Aki's hand and led them back to their room. They wouldn't be able to get to the suite without going past the steward and there was still that blonde woman as an unknown variable. Whatever they were going to do it would have to wait until tomorrow. But it 'would' happen tomorrow she promised herself, whatever security they were running was just too frightening to ignore.

* * * * *

By the time the trio had reached the room, Aurora had calmed down a bit and began feeling embarrassed about being held. As he set her down on the balcony couch she whispered, "Thank you, master."

"Shh, none of that," Michael told her. "It might help you forget about what almost happened tonight, but it won't let you confront it and move on." He helped her get out of her clothes and helped her into the hot tub to soak.

Kat, knowing instinctively what Michael wanted, retrieved the foldout massage table and began setting it up on the balcony, the cool night ocean breeze and moonlight creating an ambience that scented candles and cheesy music would never achieve. She and Michael had been taking couples' massage classes since they came onboard and were becoming fairly adept at it. Michael was a natural and his fingers felt 'so' good that for a fleeting moment, Kat felt envious of Aurora.

All three of them were naked and sitting in the hot tub, looking up at the stars, talking about home, funny stories they knew, and what A

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