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He takes his life back after he catches his wife cheating.

He indulged himself for a beat, imagining himself diving right into the valley, and then looked up at his aunt's face.

"You might not mind, young man," she said, "but I do. Don't forget, I'm doing you a favor here. It's not my fault you decided to come here to sulk and not have fun. You're going to help me look, come on, we've got boxes of old clothes in the guest room closet." She turned and started back up the stairs, her hips swinging her ample ass and taking Theo's mind to images of burying his face in another valley. Damn I'm horny, he thought. Snap out of it, man, that's your aunt.

Theo followed Linda up the stairs and down the hall past the family's bedrooms to the guest room. Linda went to the closet and beckoned Theo to come over. "Come on, Theo, I need you-I need your height to get these boxes down. Looks like we've got two labeled 'Mike', I'm sure there will be a pair of trunks that'll fit you in one of those."

He walked up and stood inches away from his aunt in the narrow opening of the closet doors. He could feel the heat radiating off her body, smell her shampoo and sunscreen. He reached up and grabbed the closest 'Mike' box, bringing it down to hand to his aunt. She took it over to the bed, leaning over it to open it up and immediately start looking through. She'd set herself up so that she was standing sideways to the closet, and to Theo, and he stood transfixed as he watched, through the wide side opening of her swimsuit, her breasts sway and jiggle as she pulled out clothes and tossed them onto the bed.

At this point he was practically fully hardened. He pulled his gaze away from his aunt, turned to pull down the second box, and as he did his shirt lifted just enough to reveal an inch of his abdomen. Linda had just pulled out an especially egregious example of '90's fashion and turned to show it to Theo as he was raising his arms to grab the second box, as his shirt was lifting, and as her sideways orientation to him revealed her goods, so did his sideways orientation to her reveal, for a moment, the engorged head of his penis sticking out of his waistband.

It was just a momentary glimpse, but his purple head seared its image into her mind. She wasn't sure what to think, but her body was quickly forming an opinion. She'd noticed him adjusting himself on the way to the stairs, and she'd certainly noticed him checking out her tits, multiple times now, but she'd just chalked it up to men and their hang-up on breasts. Now, though, she could see that he was aroused, and her body was responding. She could feel warmth in her loins. This was interesting. But no, she thought. Man or no, hot or no, horny or no, Theo is your nephew, so the answer has to be no.

"Theo," she said, brandishing a neon shirt with scattered geometric shapes, "Can you imagine your uncle in this?"

"Nope, but not for fashion reasons. I'm not sure that'd get past his neck." Unaware of his exposure or Linda's internal conflict, he brought the second box to the bed and set up across from her to start looking through it.

"Hey, that's mean. You wait until you're forty, see how easy it is to keep that body."

"You don't seem to have had the same struggle."

"Was that a compliment? Thank you. But I know I'm a little thicker than I used to be. I used to be a tiny little stick of a thing. Did you know I was a gymnast in high school? State champion. Can't imagine myself doing some of those things now."

"I didn't know that, that's cool." Theo had pulled out a lot more god-awful shirts, but still no swimwear. "Thick's not necessarily a bad thing, though."

"Theo, I'm blushing. I had no idea you were such a fan of my body."

His face turned immediately crimson. He looked up from the box of clothes. "I didn't mean, I'm not-"

"Don't worry Theo," Linda cut him off, laughing, "I'm just teasing you.

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