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A Persian MILF reveals she likes it Greek style!

Man I want you so bad; I rock back and forth on the bed, forcing my puckered asshole past your lips and tongue.

I moan softly when at last your wet finger probes my asshole. You withdraw your finger and work a little more spit into me. This time it slides in with ease and I start jacking myself off. The pleasure in my ass is so intense, but I need more. I stroke my hard shaft, hoping you will hurry up and slide that long, beautiful cock of yours into me. My chocolate starfish, my winking brown eye, the centre of my being desires you. You take your time, working a dollop of lube into my ass. I hear you pant and know that at last you will give me what I desire.

You enter me in one long, slow push, filling me to completion. I shiver at the intense thrill of having your manhood fill me up so beautifully. Your hands stroke my back as you gently start stroking into me. My ass responds to your gentle fucking and soon I am completely relaxed and ready to take the pounding I know will come. You slap my ass. A loud thwack echoes through the room. I gasp and you pull you eight glorious inches all the way out of me and slam back in. The power of your forceful fucking just about takes my breath away. My hand is going crazy on my cock now as I writhe about on the bed.

You fuck like a madman, like I'm your plastic blowup doll, and I love it. Each stroke triggers a mini wave of pleasure to pulse through me. My balls are drawn up tight and each tug on my cock takes me closer and closer to the edge. Your sweat drips onto my back. I hear you murmur, and then you start to pant; this is followed by your bellow. My hand goes into overdrive. Tingles shoot up and down my inner thighs, my cock is so sensitive now it can barely stand my own touch. You grunt and flood my ass with your warm ball juice as my own cock explodes in my hand, pumping out a massive load onto your sheets.

Later, I get to have that beer while you tell me all your news. You parade that tight little bubble butt of yours around in front of me and I look forward to giving you a deep drilling later that night.



I always used to be embarrassed by the size of my balls. They just started growing one day and never seemed to stop. Whenever I'm in a locker room or shower or something I always sneak a quick look at the other guys, just to see how big their balls are, and somehow I always seem to have the largest pair.

It used to make me feel like a freak or something, that is until I met Dave. He is totally crazy about my balls and I know that he loves them more than he loves me, but I don't care. What Dave loves most is to lie on his back and have me kneel over him. Then he goes to town, playing with my smooth orbs and licking them. By the time his tongue is sore my cock is so hard that it has to have some relief.

Fortunately for me Dave loves it in the ass. He quickly turns over onto his stomach, presenting me with his firm, smooth ass. I lube him up quick cause I'm such a hurry to blow my load. Dave's a real pro at getting nailed; he doesn't seem to need much more than a moment or two of finger fucking. I lower myself into position and let my beefy cock into his ass. I wish I had more than five inches to give him, but he says it is more than plenty and what he loves more than length is girth, and that I do have.

Sometimes I don't know who is fucking who, the way he moves that ass of his about on the bed. It is like his ass is milking my shaft; it is just the most delicious thing in the world. All too soon I can feel my orgasm building. All I can do now is try and get as many strokes in as I can. You can only hold back the flood so long and my cock is just too sensitive. I take my last stroke and then world stops turning. I let out a loud grunt and my balls start to gush their creamy load. Dave wriggles about on the bed and drains the last drops out of me.

He turns over and I quickly jerk him off.

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