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He should have known better.


"No man, my friends are taking good care of her. They will keep her occupied and she will not be bored, either."

The little wife fucked and sucked all three men while AK scribbled away and, you guessed it; he wrote over-the-top and unbelievable. The men read the critic's notes and laughed at his drivel as the wife was sucking and swallowing the cum of the man that had been in the rest room with AK.

They stopped at the counter on the way out and AK told the clerk how bad the movies were. The elderly man told his friends to take AK back to the office to make a copy of his review for the owner. AK smiled with pride as he went back to make a copy. The clerk ordered the wife to come behind the counter and suck his big black cock. The white wife willingly complied. She was then told to take cum in her mouth-but not to swallow it; and when her husband came out she was to kiss him and transfer the cum into his mouth.

AK walked to the counter, handed the clerk a copy, and told him to make sure the owner saw it. His wife threw her arms around him and gave him a big sloppy kiss. The cum was successfully transferred to AK's mouth. "What's that taste? Have you been eating something?"

"Oh yeah, I did have a piece of cream candy. Don't you like it?"

"It's very good. I just didn't recognize the taste, that's all." They all looked at each other and tried not to burst out laughing at the fool. As they left, the clerk threw the copy in the trash, where it belonged.

When they got to the car AK thanked them and said goodbye. The men informed AK that his wife invited them home to keep her company while he was busy criticizing the stories. On the way to their house, he could not figure out why his wife's head kept disappearing and what the slurping noises were.

Once they were in the house, one of the men went upstairs with AK to keep him company and watch him work. "Look at this! What bullshit, black guys fucking a white wife in the ass. Who would ever believe this shit? Have you ever been with a white woman?"

"No man, that shit only happens in stories and movies."

"Just as I thought, it's all unbelievable crap."

Down stairs, the wife was riding a big black cock like a cowgirl, while another cock was stuffed up her ass. The third man was standing and feeding her mouth his cock. After shooting a load of cum up her stink-hole the man went upstairs to relieve his friend so that he could have some more white pussy. On the way down he passed by the daughter's room, she came out the door and bumped into him. The daughter asked who he was, he told her to come with him, and her mother would explain everything.

When they entered the living room the daughter was shocked; there was mom popping up and down on a huge black cock way up her Hershey highway, while drooling all over the big fat black cock that was fucking her mouth. The 18yr. old girl just stood there wide-eyed and open-mouthed as she stared at the erotic scene. A big black hand fondled her tits, another went under her little panties, and finger-fucked her sopping pussy. He whispered in her ear, "You're not a virgin, good. How many dicks have you had up your little fuck hole, bitch?"

"Just three, my boyfriend and a couple of his friends."

"His friends! You are a nasty little white bitch, get on your knees and take my pants off." The blue-eyed-blond daughter got on her knees, unbuckled his pants, and tugged them down, and then she pulled down his jockey shorts and was slapped on the face by a big black cock.

"Oh, my god!!!"

"You want to suck my big black cock, little girl? Did your fuck friends have cocks like this?"

While stroking the monster she cooed, "Yes, I want to suck it and no, none of their little dicks compare to your weapon!"

"Beg for it bitch, let me know how much you want it. Before you suck my cock, kiss it, lick it and worship it."

She kissed and licked his shaft and begged him to let her suck it.

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