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Fun in the woods.

Nice seeing more. No one seems to be paying attention, so I just enjoy the view for a moment.

If I can get her to wake up just a bit, maybe she knows where Sara is, so I reach over and adjust her shirt so she is covered, then shake her. All I accomplish is to make her shirt fall open again, Megan is clearly out! Never one to miss an opportunity my right hand grazes one of her nipples. No reaction. Looking up I can see that no one is watching, so I fondle her a bit more, enjoying her firm small breasts.

I jump back when she moves a bit, but she doesn't wake so no harm done.

Stepping over the mass of bodies I start down the hall where a line of boys as formed in front of one of the rooms. They all have hoods or hats on, pulled down so I fit right in.

Not wanting to raise anyone's attention I wait a bit, and turn away as the door opens and a husky kid with short hair comes out, smiling and holding the door for the next in line. I can't see much through the door, but can hear a muffled groan that sounds feminine. The kid in front of me is laughing quietly now, repeating 'I'm gonna get me some of that strange...' over and over.

This routine repeats itself until I am next in line. As the door opens I slip into the room, my eyes adjusting to the slightly brighter light quickly. Looking around I can't see anyone else, at least no one sober. On the beds are a couple of passed out girls, their cloths in various states of disarray.

'take the one on the right, the others a bit .... Used.' Says a voice, coming from a dark corner. 'Have some fun, I have to go get something to eat and hit the head.' With this I see a black kid with a dark jacket on get up from a chair and walk quickly past me, out into the hall. As the door closes I can see that it is solid wood with a deadbolt lock, which I throw to buy some privacy.

Fearing what I might find, I walk over and start looking at the girls on the bed. I start with the girl on the right, the one the black kid described as 'used'. There she is, unconscious and completely naked, my little girl, Sara. She is stoned and clearly part of some gang bang routine. My first reaction is rage. I reach over to pick her up so I can carry her out, but as I press my hand under her thighs my hand slips and slides between her legs and I feel her moist pussy on the side of my hand. Then I freeze as Sara smiles and rolls her head over. Clearly stoned, eyes only half open, she slurs 'just use a rubber dude.... be nice........'

This is too much. I have been her dad since I married her mother when Sara was 3. At 18 she is lovely and my feelings for her range from fatherly to lustful. Her petite frame, perfect ass and perky tits are simply too much to ignore. I have been looking down her top and checking out her ass for the past several years. With her like this I can't help myself, I push my hand firmly against her pussy, feeling her warmth as my fingers gently slide up, then in past the folds of her young flesh.

'hmmmmmm,' she moans 'fuck yeah.......'

Having wanted to see and touch her for so long, I can only thank god for my luck. Here she is, my tender baby naked and too stoned to know who was molesting her, and liking it to boot! Not saying anything lest she figure out that it is me, I gently caress her firmly rounded tits, gently rolling her on her side, her face away from me both to improve my access to her chest, but also to reduce the amount of time she is looking directly at me.

I find it simply delightful to fondle her sweet body while she moans, what a little sex addicted slut! As I run my hands over her tits, then her ass my cock comes to complete attention. God knows how many times she had been fucked so far and she still loved it. I wonder if she likes it this much when she is conscious.

I push her over so she is on her stomach, her legs slightly spread.

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