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A brief Holiday romp that turns into a labor of lust.


George Williams was there, sat in front of a small console and a keyboard. On the right I could see through the glass panel into the dressing room. I was looking through the mirror, it was two-way, he had seen all my stripping, shaving, dressing, the photos being done. All of it from there. He stood up as we entered.

"Raelene, you look gorgeous, you really do. But I need to go now, Michael, can you take over here. Elaine is not feeling too good today, I want to see she is okay."

He left us alone in there. Michael just stood as I looked round, then he reached over past me and slid up a wide blind, just like the one in the dressing room next door. I looked past him through the large mirror he revealed - and into the bar. The very same bar where I had my first encounter with the gorgeous Michelle. We were looking through the other mirror, the one behind the bar in the room next door. Sarah was just entering the bar, with a man who was obviously another client. She led him by the hand and invited him to sit at the bar.

After a couple of minutes chitchat, during which she got them both a drink, she moved behind the bar and reached down. I recognised the scenario as she handed over a laminated sheet. I imagined the set of pictures on it, rather like those I had seen of Michelle and now of Raelene. Sarah was standing in the way, I couldn't see it but I did see his reaction. He was happy, very much so, I recognised the delight, the anticipation, I had 'been there'.

Michael tapped me on the shoulder. "Ready for this?"

Then Sarah moved and I saw. I read it upside down.

'Raelene - raunchy and raring to go'.

And then it hit me. The bombshell. Or rather the first of a series of bombshells, which I should really have seen coming much earlier.

Maybe it was my own excitement, the whole sexual tone of that day and two days earlier, they had confused me. I looked towards Michael. He was studying my face carefully, looking for my reaction. I spoke, hesitatingly, for the moment not sure of what my reaction should be.

"That picture sheet - it's me! That means, he's going to... with me. Streuth, what a turn-on!"

Michael began to move, I noticed him press a small button on a 'control box' next to the PC. Through the mirror I glimpsed a little green LED flash on. An indication that systems were go, everything was ready. That I was ready. But was I? I was still gob-smacked, still reeling with the thought that...

"Okay Raelene, it's up to you now."

I looked at Michael. Hesitant, obviously. He looked back, stared me straight in the eyes.

"Richard. You are going to do this, I know it."

HE knew it? What about me, it was me who was going to have to go through there, have myself lusted over by that guy, and then - well - really do the job. I looked at Michael yet again.

"Okay. Now listen to me. I'll tell you what is going to happen Mr. Wood. You are going through there in a moment, and you will go through with this, and that guy will have a sensational time screwing the gorgeous redhead he's just seen in the picture. And you, Raelene, will have a sensational time too. And after that you will buy the company. I know it. Because you're a natural, you have a sensational appetite for sex. You'll be in dream-world running this operation. After all, you did fuck Michelle three times didn't you?"

Well, yes I did. That experience had been wonderful. And now, dressed like this. I looked through the mirror again, Sarah was still chatting to the client.

Hang on. WAIT. If he was going to screw a guy dressed as a woman, then when I was with Michelle, what did that mean? Surely not...

Michael spoke up again.

"Yes, that's right, you've been here before, on the other side of the fence. If Michelle could get away with this then I am damn sure Raelene can. So go and get fucked."

He moved to open the door. That second bombshell hadn't been enough, the third hit me...

"Michelle. MICHELLE!"

"Yes, you're right.

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