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A schoolgirl discovers her sexuality and seduces her teacher.

Oh you made me so very wet just looking at those pussy lips.'

Now Abby's fingers stroked my folds of skin between my legs, rubbing just along the outside edge, a fingertip playing with a bit of the skin on the inside.

'Oh yes baby. I loved the way your finger slid along the outside of my pussy lips, the way you weren't sure what to do, how you gave in and pressed a finger slowly inside me, that look on your face, the one of the pleasure you felt as your finger and hand was being covered with my pussy juice.'

I peeked at Abby's face; her tongue ran across her dry lips, parted ever so slightly, trying to keep them moist as her hot breath instantly dried them.

'Another finger slid next to the one already inside the wet pink hole. Judy gasped, let out a moan. Susan pulled her fingers from the opening. She held them under her nose for a moment then sighed before sucking them clean. Knowing that Judy would taste as good, Susan leaned down and licked the full length of Judy's large swollen pussy lips.'

I could feel Abby's fingers inside me, mimicking my words. I felt sure her mouth would soon be pressed against my cunt. I know my wetness was now dripping along the skin all the way to my asshole and there would be plenty more to keep her tongue busy.

'Her tongue lifted Judy's clit from its resting place between the soft wet folds of skin. She let out a loud gasp as the tongue pressed harder against the clit, massaging it back and forth.'

Abby's face lay on my thigh; she was kissing my pussy, her tongue playing with my labia, her fingers stroking the small amount of short hair between my legs, a finger grazing against the ticklish skin. I laid the book down and slipped my hips forward, my legs father apart. My hand rested on my breast, my fingers squeezing my nipple, my nipple responding to my touch.

"Oh Abby. I love the way that feels."

"I'm enjoying this so much Kate. I never thought I would. But with you, it makes me feel ... free, sexy, wanted."

The following mornings, I so looked forward to Abby's visits. Not just the possibility of the sex, but everything that our relationship was maturing into. We talked about so much more than before. We were a combination of lovers and sisters, sisters without the fighting.

Nights became almost like torture, and so, so long. I was on autopilot at night. Go to bed, pant, moan, you tiger, fuck Momma, that was so good Bob, you're the best Bob. Quickly "Snore, snore." was all I heard. Get up, clean myself off, and go to the other bedroom to dream of Abby. I was so glad he would do his business as soon as we went to bed and not make me waste a few precious hours available for dreaming, time where I dreamed only of Abby.

Usually I could just close my eyes and I'd see Abby touching me. Sometimes I'd read a few pages, catch a new idea to try. I'd become addicted to her touch, me touching her. I didn't know what I'd do about Bob, what she'd do about Steve. Neither of us would ever leave our husbands I guessed. I kept reassuring myself that our few hours in the morning were enough.

The days became weeks, then months. Our periods often came at about the same time and we would just kiss and fondle each other's breasts, or maybe just a little touching of our asshole, never quite getting to the point of penetration or licking as so often happens in the stories. Sometimes we would take turns just resting a head in the others lap, listing to an erotic story being read while a hand softly stroked our face.

"A little bad news Kate. Steve informed me that we are going camping for a week."

"Holy shit! Not sure I can let you be gone that long."

"I know. I feel exactly the same way. I treasure our few hours each morning. Some days, it's all that gets me though these days."

"Never expected it would get like this."

"I was afraid it would. I was pretty desperate for some contact though."

"I know I sure was. Any chance Steve might ask Bob about us coming along?"

"Oh I don't know if I could stand having you around, but not being able to touch you."

"Maybe they'd go fishing or som

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