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It's Shelly's birthday. James is her present from Sully.

"I should have made that distinction when I sent the formal letters of academic probation to Hope Song's and Chastity's Adams' parents," the Chancellor gloated. "Your aunt received a notification as well."

I felt there was no need to ask how she knew who my companions were last night. I was going to know that soon enough.

"Cool. Is there anything else you need to tell me?" I grinned, which did nothing for her disposition.

"I wanted you to know that you are dragging more and more people down with you," she countered.

"Hmmm..." I stroked my chin. "I'm not sure what I'm on probation for but I'm definitely sure Chastity and Hope didn't break any laws or school rules; but knock yourself out."

"Any action that puts the school in a bad light, or actions of an immoral nature -- as defined by me -- are grounds for academic probation," the Chancellor quoted.

"Oh, well, if you are just going to make this shit up as you go along, why am I even here?" I wondered.

"I want you to keep up-to-date with the wreckage you create in the women's lives who have chosen to support you," she told me.

"Oh, please," I sighed. "You are a sadist, and a bitchy one at that. Your updates are pointless because we both know they didn't do anything and I'm not going to feel guilty because of your lack of principles."

"If you have finished wasting my time, I've got important things to do, Chancellor Bass," I said in a bored voice.

"You find this amusing, do you, Zane?" she responded with a sinister smile.

"No, but I'd rather not have to listen to you pretend you're clever or listen to you delude yourself that you are getting one up on me," I explained.

"Get out of my office, Mr. Braxton," she snapped.

"Have a nice weekend, Chancellor," I quipped, then turned and left. Rhaine, Joy, and Mercy were waiting for me when I got out.

"Well?" Rhaine asked.

"Academic probation," I shrugged.

"You can challenge that," Joy blurted out, then looked highly embarrassed.

"Thanks, Joy," I smiled at her. "How does that work?" Joy continued to look worried.

"An Academic Review Board goes over the conditions of your punishment to see if the situation justifies it," Rhaine informed me. "They are appointed by the Chancellor."

"Let me get this straight," I chuckled, "the Chancellor picks the people whose job it is to tell her she's done something improper or not? That's rich." The girls shrugged and we moved on. After that piece of news, I wasn't sure how to react, and I was still mulling things over when I got to Archery Club. I tried to apologize to Chastity but she laughed it off. I still owed her a date, or so she claimed.

Painless Acts and Re-enactments

Karate Club was a bit different this time; I was actually asked to instruct part of the class. After stretches and warm-ups, Coach Gorman asked me to help her recreate my fight of the previous day. I got to play Me, Gorman was 'the Talker', Wilhelmina was 'the Weasel' and Cappadocia got to be 'the Shy Guy'.

"Okay, girls, after Mr. Braxton put down Mercy Chaplain in ten seconds, I began to accept that while I was teaching you the fundamentals of the art of Karate, you might also need some practical experience in defending yourselves," Dana Gorman began.

"As most of you know, Mr. Braxton -- Zane -- was in a fight last night involving him and three opponents. He put two in the hospital overnight."

"Why did you do it, Zane?" Evangeline asked abruptly.

"Mr. Braxton was defending two fellow students," Dana answered for me. I'm not sure what inspired her to alter the retelling of events. "That really isn't relevant; what is important is that he was confronted with three opponents but won."

"Now, Zane, what was the situation," Dana asked.

"Okay, they followed us to the parking lot so we were fighting on asphalt. Our lead antagonist was about here," I positioned the Coach, "the toughest fighter was here," I positioned Willy, "and the third guy, who never got into the fight, was here," I set Cappy in place.

"How did things begin?" Coach led off.

"Once I knew there was going to be a fight.

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