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Seduced by daughter's friend.



Tightly gripping the steering wheel and staring straight ahead, Jason's mind was going even faster than his car as it sped through town, headed home. In a burst of reality, Jason was startled out of his zombie like state by the sound of a blaring car horn. Without thinking, Jason had run a red light, just barely missing another driver.

Quickly pulling to the side of the road, his heart beat wildly as he cursed himself under his breath. "Shit you stupid moron, get your head out of your ass or you'll end up getting killed." Jason took a moment to get his bearings and began to slowly calm down.

Still a few miles from home, he remembered a parking lot just down the road that butted up to a dance club Addie had brought him to on occasion. A few minutes later Jason parked his car in an isolated corner of that same parking lot as he tried to unwind.

In spite of his pain, Jason found himself unable to resist and began glancing through the transcript. Even though a bottle of water was helping quench his thirst, it was unable to flush the bile taste left by the reading material.

Tears rolled down his face as the reality expressed on the pages began to sink in. The four times Addie and her lover had been caught together were so vividly described, it caused his grief to grow and spread like cancer.

Jason could just hear Addie's lust filled comments as her voice rang in his ears as he read. "Yes Bart… yes deeper, I want it all…. Fuck me lover, fuck me till I can't walk." Every word she had used to encourage her lover, Jason had personally heard hundreds of times before. Each one now pierced his heart like an arrow.

Reeling in misery, Jason lost track of time and looked up in shock to find the parking lot had filled up. A group of people were amassed at the front door of the club waiting to get in.

The music from the club brought to mind the last time he and Addie had been here. Jason could still seeThis is so erotic.'

In the back of his mind Jason knew that getting home was tantamount to being able to relax and take the time to think things through. So after shaking free from his nostalgic interlude, he began rapidly flipping through the remaining pages. Suddenly, like a moth to a flame, his eyes were irresistibly drawn to a highlighted section of conversation.

"Damn it Addie… after this weekend I'm going to feel very slighted. In spite of how much I want, the only other time I get before your wedding is when you go to the spa."

"Believe me Bart, that isn't going to be our last time. After my honeymoon, you and I are going to find ways to get together a lot more. You're too damn hot and after this weekend Baby, there's no possible way I'm going to give you up. So don't worry, for a long time to come you'll be getting more of me than you can handle. Trust me… I've got everything under control, it will all work out."

"Baby I do trust you and I can't give you up either. Addie you're not only the sexiest, but also the most adventurous little hottie I've ever met. Now get up on your hands and knees lover, we're going make some puppies."

(giggling and laughter) "Ohh Bart… ohh yeah… put it inside me… now." (moaning) "Yyyeeeaaahhhhh baby, that's perfect."

The words began to blur as Jason's eyes filled with tears just before they trickled down his face. With heart pounding in his ears, Jason's breath became tortured gasps. As he stared unseeing at the cars parked around him, the transcript slid from his grasp.

His world shifted as Jason's life with Addie crumbled under the weight of his pain and loss. The picture perfect life he lived up to this moment was crumbling all around him, like a sand castle being systematically ravished by decimating waves.

"Why Addie, why?" Jason repeatedly asked while rocking back and forth, slamming into the headrest.

Jason didn't know how long he had been staring into space when he noticed a mo

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