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..I can't believe I forgot that night." Her fingers had drifted down to the vibrator, trying to push it against her pussy. I pulled them away, resting them on her knees. She moaned a little.

"He started double-timing, not giving me a chance to even feel him deep inside before he pulled all the way out. On the end of each stroke, in, or out, I rubbed my clit raw against the pillow, cresting, getting so close to cumming. It was nothing like this past week, Master Rick." She looked up quickly for reassurance and then down at my hardening cock, smiling at the effect her story was having. "Finally, he impaled himself deep into me, pushing my clit against the pillow and it was too much. I cried out, I remember because it was a hot summer night and the windows were open and I was worried somebody might hear me, and I came like I'd never cum before. His cock just stayed in me, pulsing. I could feel him vibrating and knew he had splurted everything he'd got deep into me." She stopped, out of breath, staring at my hard on.

"Just that once, eh?" I began unstrapping her legs, gently moving them down. She would be stiff, even if the chair was otherwise comfortable. I left the vibrator on.

She nodded, looking at my cock. It sounded a little elaborate for what I was hoping to do, but not too difficult. I had been scanning my memory for a suitable pillow, and what to tie her down with. Belts and ties? Another alternative popped into my head.

"When you're ready to get up, go into the bedroom and lie on the bed, face down."

She raised her eyebrows, licking her lips, but didn't take her eyes of my cock. Apparently, she had learned a little from her research. I left the room to scavenge for the necessary props, a few innovations popping into my head.

"May I use the bathroom, Master Rick?" A little fear mixed with need.

"Absolutely. I don't want you making a mess on my bed."

She had done as she was told, her arms by her side, her face looking to the left. She was pushing her pelvis against the bed in a slow rhythm, and I saw the strap around her waist. That was going to stop after I figured out how to tie her down. I rummaged through Marnie's dresser pulling several bright scarves out. "Perfect," I muttered, thinking how she would have liked me to make use of them. Sitting at the end of the bed, I spread Loren's legs, tying them to the feet of the bed. Repeating the process with her arms, I stood back to admire her. She was looking at my cock, not saying a word, but she moved her pelvis, pushing herself against the covers.

"Push up a little," I instructed, reaching under her shoulder to find her left nipple. She looked at me, watching as I clamped the nipple with one of the oddest tweezers I'd ever seen. I never understood it, or why Marnie had them: it was a typical tweezer, except for a collar that slipped along its length. Pushing it toward the end, I could adjust how tight it clamped.

"OUCH! Master Rick! Shit!"

That would have been just about right, I figured. I moved to the other side and repeated the process; she seemed to be better prepared.

"You ready?" I asked, taking the living room pillow and folding it in quarters.


I pushed my hand under her, and she lifted her ass into the air to make room. With my right hand, I unclipped the vibrator and with my left, I pulled it away. Slipping the pillow beneath her, I made sure the roughest part of the fabric was directly against her clit.

"Like that?"

She nodded, gasping.

I stood back and looked at her gorgeous ass and that amazing pussy, leaking, swollen and begging to be fucked. The vibrator was still humming next to her thigh.

"What do you want me to do?" I moved onto the bed, my knees between hers.

"Fuck me, Master Rick."

"Uhh uhh. What do you want?" I slapped her ass, not too hard. I knew she wanted it.

She gasped and looked around confused. The clamps on her nipples shifted, making her wince. "What?"

"Tell me." I slapped her again.

"Your hard cock. I want you to shove your hard cock into my hot wet pussy!"

I smiled and slapped her again, dem

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