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Seeking refuge from the rain, Cutie meets Chris to warm her.

Before sitting down I pretended to adjust the position of my chair, moving around with my back facing them giving them a good view of my round 36" butt. When I was about to sit down, it suddenly started to rain. Our house had a big balcony connected to the living room. I usually put our washed clothes to dry there. So I rushed out to gather the clothes so that the rain won't spoil them. It was raining really hard. By the time I returned back with the basket full of clothes, I was totally drenched from top to bottom.

I placed the basket on the floor next to the couch that I was sitting before with the intention of resuming my conversation. As I sat down, I noticed that the two men were not looking towards my face, but somewhat lower. I realized myself by looking down that my cream gown had become like another layer of skin. The transparent material was barely covering my body, making every curve of my body easily visible. My brown nipples were pointing out towards the two men. I instinctively crossed my arms over my
chest, got up from the couch and ran towards the bedroom. Our house was little small. The bedroom was next to the living room. I got into the bedroom and hurriedly closed the door, almost forgot to latch it well. Although I had flashed my boobs to my husband's friends, I was feeling slightly awkward now. May be because I was virtually naked in front of them. A thought came to my mind to go back there and act as if nothing has happened. But I could not bring up the courage to do so.

I ran up to my wardrobe and pulled out a towel and a robe. I peeled off the soaking gown off my body. While I was wiping my body with the towel, the wind caused the bedroom door to open slightly. I did not care to close it as I was behind the door and not in direct view of the living room. I didn't realize the fact that there was a mirror on the other side of the wall facing me. It was just the right place for the two men to see me undressing through the slightly opened door. I wore the bathrobe. Before I could tie the waistband, the bedroom door started opening slowly. I rushed to the door and stopped it. I tried to close the door. To my surprise it was not closing. I thought something was blocking its way. I grabbed my open robe around the waist with my left hand, went around the door and peeked at the floor on the other side of the door. I was taken back to see a pair of shoes. I looked up and saw Nilesh holding the door and staring at me. Due to the sudden shock of seeing him there, I released pressure on the door. As a result, Nilesh pushed the
door fully open and was now standing inches away from me. He was a tall man and I could look straight at his wide shoulders.

Nilesh brought his hands towards my neck and raised my chin. Ii looked at him in the eye. He planted his lips on mine. His lips opened and his tongue came searching. I opened my mouth voluntarily. Soon his tongue was swirling around in my mouth and nibbling my tongue. He then proceeded to kiss me all over my face. My heart had started beating higher. My grip over my robe weakened. His hands dropped to my shoulders, entered my robe and touched my bare shoulders. A gasp escaped my mouth as his coarse hands massaged my cold and smooth shoulders. His palms then moved outwards, opening up my robe in the process. My nipples were already erect due to the cold rainwater. His hands pushed the robe off my shoulders and my robe dropped to the floor. I stood in front of my husband's friend in just my bikini panties. His hands ran down my bare back, along the spine. He drew my body even closer to him. My breasts got squeezed against his muscular chest. We continued to kiss as his hands entered my panties and kneaded my soft ass cheeks.

I closed my eyes.

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