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James and Allie accidentally watch porn together.

He stands up and removes my bra leaving me standing completely naked in front of him. He looks at me and commands me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I willingly get down and undo his pants and pull them and his boxers down to reveal his throbbing cock. My mouth is watering and I can't wait to wrap my lips around his hot prick. I take the head into my mouth and swirl my tongue over it. I probe the hole with the tip of my tongue.

He's getting impatient and he pushes the back of my head to let me know he wants me to take more of him into my hot mouth. I ease his cock further into my mouth and relax my throat to take him all the way in. I gag a little at first but then get used to the feeling and enjoy his prick in the back of my throat. I slowly ease my mouth back up his shaft then greedily suck him back in. Using my mouth and hand to work his member close to the point of cumming. I slow down when I feel him tense, making him hold off from cumming just yet.

He's getting frustrated and says, "Keep teasing me and your punishment will be worse." That's exactly what I'm hoping for, I think to myself. He starts to thrust his hips into me, fucking my mouth. I take my free hand and slide my fingers between my cunt lips and rub my clit. Now I'm sucking and stroking his cock wildly. I want to taste his cum. He moans and says," That's it...suck my cock...make me cum down your throat."

I'm rubbing my clit hard and fast. I'm so close to cumming. All I need is to feel Andy's hot jizz shooting into my throat and I'll be cumming. I feel him tense up and force my head down further. He let's out a moan and says, " I'm cumming baby...suck me...swallow my load...eat my cum." It sends me over the edge. I'm cumming too and I'm trying desperately to swallow all of his seed. I don't want to lose a drop. He tastes so good. After I have sucked and licked his cock clean, he collapses onto the floor and pulls me down on top of him. We lay there for a little while just catching our breath. I look down and notice that his cock is semi-hard and I know that there's lots more punishment in store for me.

He tells me to go to the bedroom and wait for him. I make my way to the room and sit down on the bed. A few minutes later he comes in with a small black bag. I'm about to ask what it is but he says, "Lay down and put your arms above your head." I do, and the next thing I see is some kind of silk scarves being pulled out of the bag. He ties my wrists to the bedposts then spreads my legs and ties my ankles to the other bedposts. I'm fully exposed and completely vulnerable. The thought of it makes me even wetter than before. He sits down between my legs and runs his hand up my thigh, stopping right below my pussy. I'm moving my hips trying to get his fingers to touch my soaking cunt.

He pulls away and says, "tsk tsk, naughty girl, I'm in control here you need to stay still and take your punishment." I moan and lie still. His hand makes it's way back to my upper thigh and finally he spreads my pussy lips apart with his thumb and forefinger. He leans down and flicks his tongue over my swollen clit.

I let out a loud moan and plead with him, "Please Andy, lick my clit...fuck me with your tongue."

"Keep begging," he says. "Please baby, I need to feel your fingers sliding in and out of my pussy."

" Andy, make me cum in your mouth and all over your fingers." To this Andy says, "I'm gonna make you scream baby."

"Gonna make you cum so hard." He leaned down and drove his tongue all the way up inside my hole. The sensation causes me to scream.

He pulls his tongue out and runs it up over my cunt lips and finally on my aroused clit. As he's masterfully tonguing my clit he jams two fingers into my hot, wet, pussy. He slides his fingers in and out at a jackhammer pace, all the while his tongue working my clit. I can't take it. I yell out, " Oh Andy...I'm cumming...I'm cumming." He licks up all my juices from my dripping cunt then he sucks my cum off his fingers.

Andy's cock is now fully erect and ready for more.

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