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Her husband looks scary, but they can't resist her.

Could they be hurt, or worse? Maybe Mary is some sort of evil fairy, and has now captured me as a new pet?

"Hello?" i heard my mom say.

I instantly breathed a sigh of relief. She was alright.

"Hey mom, just wondering where you were."

"Oh sorry dear, our phones didn't have service when we tried to contact you, but your father and I just got called into a meeting out of town. We don't know how long it's going to take."

"It's no problem mom." I said calmly. "I should be fine on my own."

"Did you find a job yet?"

I tried to hold back a sigh.

"Not today mom, I didn't feel all that great when I woke up this morning."

"Jason, you need to get a job. I know your last job was... difficult, but that doesn't mean it could get any worse."

"I know mom, I know."

"Just don't be so picky dear."

"Alright mom, I'll see you whenever."

"Alright" my mom said, finally giving up. "I'll call you whenever we're on our way home."

Before I could say anything, she hung up the phone. I sighed, and turned back to the bed. Mary was sitting up with a look of concern on her face.

"What's this about your last job?"

I did my best to hide that story from her. "It's nothing, it just wasn't the job for me."

Mary stood up and laced our fingers together. "What happened?"

I looked into her eyes, seeing she was serious in wanting to give me help. I just wasn't ready for her help.

"All in good time." I said to her.

She nodded and looked at me, tracing her fingers on the mark around my heart.

"So what's the story behind the mark?" I asked her.

She smirked. "Is that a question?"

"What do I have to do to get extra questions for a day?" I asked, running my hands along her back, pulling her in closer to me. Her breath was a bit more rapid, and her heart was pounding in her chest.

"Maybe give me a bath? I've never had a great one indoors before."

"I'm more than happy to oblige."

She nodded, and I went to my bathroom, and started running warm water for us. I saw her watching, and I smirked at her, her body on full display. I finally filled the tub, taking he and, leading her to the water with me. Her eyes widened as the warm water touched her feet. We slowly into the water, turning her around, so she could lie on my back in the water. She sighed softly, lacing our fingers, smiling brightly, relaxing. Her breathing was calm, refreshing almost. Even in the water, her skin felt like silk.

She looked back at me, her smile burning out any light I had ever seen.

"You get a question dear."

I thought for a moment, since one question was all I could get. Finally it came (Hehe came) to me.

"Are you an external spirit?"

She nodded.

"Fairies are similar looking to humans, but we also are created from magic mixed with passion. Every time two people have intercourse, a fairy gains the power to move around. We are born similar, through mating, but we gain our power through human intimacy."

I nodded and held Mary close to me. She sighed, and relaxed, resting her body onto my chest. I grabbed some vanilla soap off the counter, and began scrubbing at her body. She sighed in content. As I washed her, I felt stress in her shoulders had been building up. That was concerning to say the least. Why did she have tension built up? What was concerning her?

My thoughts were interrupted by her moans. God, whenever she moaned, I was practically putty in her hands. She grabbed my hands and put them around her breasts.

"Wash them the best please."

I happily obliged. I did my best to squeeze, and rub them. Her moans encouraged me to keep going. I was also getting rock hard as well. She started moving her head back, so she could kiss any part of my body. Her lips finally find the mark, and she kissed it, my heart now fluttering in excitement from her lips.

My hands find my way down to her thighs, and start caressing them. She moans through her kisses and she turns around to kiss me fully. Our lips crashed hungrily against one another, and she grabbed my hands, lacing our fingers together.

"If we don't get out of this

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