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Two more challenges and the first couple goes up for auction.

I am more than okay with his sordid desires, which he only recently acknowledged to himself. He's that not so rare Black man who secretlt dreams of getting fucked in the ass by a dominant White woman wielding a strap-on dildo. How about that?

Presently, Basil Bertrand is kneeling before me. My big and tall Black male slave is polishing my pearly White toes with his wicked tongue. I smile to myself as I observe him. I am sitting naked in my living room in Barrhaven. Basil has been licking my toes for several minutes. I finger my hairy, wet pussy as he licks my toes. The sight of a big and tall Black man kneeling before me turns me on like you would not believe. After I deemed he'd done a good job licking my toes, I ordered him to stop. When he didn't stop fast enough, I smacked him a good one. Basil looked up at me, stunned. I smiled wickedly. That's what he gets for disobeying his superior White mistress. I will tolerate no disobedience from my Black male slaves. And I punish the slightest mischief quite cruelly.

Not satisfied with having smacked Basil Bertrand hard across his ruggedly handsome, face, I bent him over my knee for a spanking. A man is never too old for a spanking. And I didn't merely use my hands. I wanted Basil's sexy ass cheeks to really sting so I used a paddle. One of those thick wooden paddles that have been used to correct wayward young men since olden times. I gave Basil's fine ass some good whacks of the paddle. The big and tall Black man groaned as I spanked him. It's what his ass deserves for being so damn Black and juicy-looking. They say that Black men like women with nice, big butts. Well, I'm a White woman who likes Black men with nice butts. I squeezed his big hairy Black balls real hard while spanking his ass. His groans turned into squeals. I laughed and squeezed his balls harder, making him practically sing soprano. How I love dominating tough-looking Black guys like Basil.

I've always been drawn to big and tall, tough-looking and downright scary Black guys. Well, the kind of Black guys that other people consider scary. After dating Black guys exclusively for over twenty years, I am somewhat of an expert on the breed. The tougher and meaner they look, the nicer they are. Most Black men I've dealt with were nice, unassuming gentlemen. Regardless of how they looked. If you want to see a scary man, look up my ex-husband George O'Shea, a madman from Calgary currently serving a thirty-year-sentence at Kingston Penitentiary in Ontario for attempted murder. He caught me in bed with my lover James Kurtis, a handsome Jamaican I was sleeping with throughout the ten months of my marriage to O'Shea. Well, dear old George went mad after he caught me with James, and he tried to kill me. I hope he's getting pounded in the ass by an inmate right now. Hopefully the inmate doing the pounding is one of those Black guys his racist redneck ass hates so much.

After thoroughly spanking Basil's ass, I told him I was going to fuck him with my strap-on dildo. He said nothing. Because there was nothing for him to say. I am the dominant White mistress and it's my right to sodomize my Black male slaves with my strap-on dildo. Nothing they or anyone else can say about this. I spread Basil's ass cheeks wide open and spat on his asshole. Then I added lubricant. I stroked my very life-like dildo and pressed it against Basil's puckered asshole. Slowly, I began penetrating him with my dildo. It's eight inches long and a bit thick. Basil's ass is no stranger to anal penetration. I know he can accommodate my dildo's full length in his ass.

Man, I almost came merely from entering Basil's ass with my strap-on dildo.

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