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Erin finds a way out of Copulation for Profit.

Looking at it all I could think of was, it figures. Big men have big cocks. It looked truly formidable.

He took a step closer and his cock was pressing against my tummy, while his hands came up and closed over my breasts. He rubbed them lightly, enjoying the feel of them, while at the same time making lazy movements with hips so his erection rubbed back and forth across my tummy, emphasizing its size and hardness.

"You can't do this," I protested. "I told you, I don't do this sort of thing. Just back off, damn you."

"You're a virgin?" he asked, reading that I was in my blushing face. "Don't let it worry you. I'll take it slowly. You'll soon get the hang of it."

"I don't want to get the hang of it," I said with asperity, which he blandly ignored.

He reached down and dragged his cock down along my stomach, across my mons, and slipped it into the gap between my legs. When he let it go it did it's best to stand up again but my pussy was in the way. It wound up pressed hard against my slit, pressing between my lips and encouraging them to part. Then he started a sliding motion, dragging his cock back and forth against my pudenda, signalling his intentions.

Frustratingly I could feel my vagina picking up those signals. I seemed to be going soft and gooey inside, heat rising through me and moisture gathering. He kept up that slow see-saw, pushing along my slit and then dragging back, building up a slow agitation within me.

Now being virgin means you have no practical physical experience of sex. It doesn't mean you're completely ignorant of how the different parts fit together. Accordingly, I had decided that my manager wasn't actually going to have sex with me, but was just getting his rocks off in an intensely embarrassing manner. Then everything changed.

While he was rubbing his cock against me he was also fondling my breasts, rubbing them and getting closely acquainted with them. I was trying not to look at what he was doing but I promptly noticed when his hand dropped away from one of my breasts. I glanced down to see why and found he was taking hold of his cock. Then he did something and all of a sudden his cock wasn't rubbing against me, it was trying to push its way into me.

Did I say trying? Silly me. His erection just brushed past my lips with zero resistance from me and just like that there was this huge thing butting against my hymen. Not for long, though. His cock was as hard as a rock and my poor hymen didn't stand a chance, yielding with a sharp little stab, letting his triumphant cock surge forward along my passage.

I gave a little yelp when he broke through but after that all I was aware of was his cock, filling me up, stretching me, forcing me to take him, and there seemed to be an awful lot of him to take. He just kept pushing in until I could feel his groin rubbing against mine.

This was now an entirely new situation. It was one thing to have his cock rub against me, exciting me, albeit reluctantly. It was something else again to have that same cock jammed up inside me and doing terrible things to me feelings. Apart from the resentment that he'd dare to do this was the excitement of his cock rubbing against me, letting me know it was the master, and what it wanted, it took.

He dragged himself slowly out of my passage, but not right out, no matter how hopeful I was for a moment. Just before he popped free he stopped and returned. Doesn't seem like much when I say it, does it? He returned. What it actually meant was my letting out a startled cry as this cock came sailing back along my passage, wreaking havoc with my nerves as it came. My god, I'd never felt anything like it before.

It didn't stop at that, either. Where he'd been gently rubbing back and forth along my lips he was now banging back and forth along my passage. No gentle rubbing this, quietly arousing me. This was a full on assault upon my senses, driving me to where he wanted me.

I was quietly amazed, in the back of my mind, to n

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