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Sometimes the week is dreadfully slow.

I was never one for super thin women. I want my women with some curves, I want a woman, not a ironing board. When we had met she was one hundred fifteen pounds, I was one hundred twenty myself. During her pregnancy her breasts had grown from b-cups to I would say c-cups, and haven't shrunk any which was nice. However I am not a breast man, I enjoy the ass much more.

Speaking of ass, hers is to die for. Firm, nice round maybe a bit of a bubble butt but small enough that when she bends slightly she shows those nice shaved pussy lips.

She is always dressed classy. Nice button up blouses. Matching thong and bra. Always in thigh highs, dress slacks, skirts, boots with heels, or pumps.

Very classy in everything she does.

One thing about her and I don't know if she does it on purpose or not, but if you watch her for a while sure enough some nice cleavage will burst out of her blouse, or she will bend over just far enough to show that sweet ass. I always wondered if she done this in public.

Needless to say the woman constantly gives me a hard on.

Getting back to the lack of sex we were not having and the reason for this story relating to that cold January night. She had went to bed early around eight o'clock. I like a dummy asked her if she wanted to mess around, she responded very politely no. I asked her if things were ok with her, she very politely responded yes, I am just wore out due to the kids and the household chores, something I need to start helping with she reminded me as she walked away.

I not being a big t.v. watcher logged online to my favorite poker site and started to play.

I started to notice some of the women's user names on the tables.

"easyjen69" "brabustamom" "likmegd6969" I started to think of sex. I was pretty sure the wife was sleeping so I started to surf the internet looking for porn videos. Anybody who has done this knows immediately I was getting my fix.

I watched beautiful busty women do the dirtiest things I could only imagine, all I could think of was why can't the wife and myself do things like that.

I would rub my stiff cock and even though I was watching other women, I couldn't help but imagine my wife doing those things to me. I also imagined her being the one in the videos taking those men on and being treated like a slut.

I finally got to the point where I could hardly keep my eyes open, and slipped into bed.

She had fallen asleep with the t.v. on I noticed when I went in. I quietly started to look for the remote to turn it off.

While looking through the bed for the remote I noticed the blankets were off her butt and she had on a tan lace thong on.

Still rock hard from the porn videos this discovery took me over the edge.

My heart started to race, my dick started to throb, I stood there eyes fixated on her perfect ass and that thong stuck way in it.

I slowly and very gently and shaking placed my hand on her ass.

She did not move. I started to very gently rub her ass getting closer and closer to her tong in between her cheeks. She suddenly moved I immediately yanked my hand off of her and noticed I was breathing like a wind tunnel.

After she was done stirring, I noticed she had cocked up one leg onto her body pillow and her ass was up in the air, totally exposing her thronged pussy.

I couldn't resist no more, I slowly stuck my face as close to her ass as I could and took a smell. All I could smell was her sweet pussy, and I was now stroking my dripping cock hand under my boxers.

I moved my face closer and stuck out my tongue and lightly licked her thong. She didn't move. I licked harder the next time, and got a nice taste of her pussy. Her thong was slimy with her wetness and I caught a glimpse from the television light of her sweet wetness sticking from the tip of my tongue to her thong, my body began to shake. I could no longer take it.

I without any care in the world shoved my face in between her ass cheeks and hungrily, lustfully, frantically started to lick her pussy and shove my face in h

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