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The farm and meeting Papa.

Just like their personalities Sandy had much more exciting stories then Jan. Sandy would joke to Jan about the hot men and women she saw in the club and how she would love to jump on the men or watch the women. The conversations would usually make Jan turn red but Jan deep down was intrigued and wished she could be a little more like Jan.

Sandy and Jim had only moved into their home just 6 months ago moving from across town. This house was larger and they were still fine tuning things. Sandy and I started seeing each other almost every day and both of us were opening up to each other about almost all topics.

One night we decided to get some wine and watch some chick flicks. We needless to say both had too much wine and the topic led to sex. I pretty much told her how my sex life had never been very eventful. It was all about my husband. He was a wam bam thank you mam type. We never did oral sex and I pretty had an orgasm with him because all the attention was on him. Don't get me wrong I loved him just the sex was not good for me.

Sure I did masturbate on occasion and I had to hide my toys. I would dream about having sex with other men, never women. I truly only had an orgasm once during intercourse and that was only because I was masturbating thinking I had the house to myself when Jeff came home. He had been drinking and was horny and wanted sex right away. He almost caught me playing and I barely got on my night robe when he ask me why I was dressed like that and I lied that I was going to take a bath.

I can't believe that he didn't notice how wet I was. As he was fucking me I continued my masturbating thought and dreaming it was another man. Afterwords he ask me what got into me? He admitted he liked it but I was too shy to tell him.

Okay you now know about me what about you Sandy? First off I am so sorry for you Jan not to be able to enjoy sex. Sex is really a wonderful thing. Jim and I have always enjoyed sex. We have been somewhat adventuresome. I have never went down on a woman and we have tried a threesome mmf and ffm once for both. It was pretty surreal. To be honest having sex with two guys was very hot, just wish they would have spent a little more time with me but having a cock inside me and sucking on a cock at the same time was very orgasmic he he.

Since I am not really into oral sex with a woman or kissing her it was a little weird but watching my mans cock being sucked on by another woman and watching his cock sliding in and out of her pussy was hot. That part was a huge turn on. It is just too bad that he can't have more than one orgasm like I can.

Now I really really like to have oral sex both giving and receiving. There is just something about sucking and licking a mans cock and having total control of him. Having him explode his cum all over I just can't get enough of. Yes I do swallow! I admit it took a little to acquire the taste and not gag. Kind of like beer, the first time you taste it you don't really like it but after a while you do.

Same thing with him going done on my pussy, I love love love it and it just feels so wonderful. At first I was conscious about what I might taste like but when Jim assured me it was okay I could then let go.

We both like to be either in control of our partner or be controlled, it all depends on our mood. Lets put it this way we very seldom have just plain sex. Oh my gosh I can't believe I told you all this. I have never told anyone before. Don't take me wrong but talking all about this I am really horny what about you?

I blushed but admitted to Sandy that I also was horny.

I don't know about you Jan but I need to go to my own bed and take care of business if you know what I mean!! That's okay Sandy likewise I think I will go home and take care of myself, I can't believe I just told you that as I giggled.

Don't take this wrong but just for fun I will show you mine if you will show me yours. What do you mean Sandy?

Pull down your pants and panties and let me see your pussy that is what I mean! Oh I don't know

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