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Small gathering turns into creamy mess.

Her words were acid.

"What, are you going to kill me too? Anything to cover up for your precious Batgirl!" Huntress almost seemed to be enjoying this. She was right, Tommy wanted to kill her. As she pushed up against him, he realized that he wanted to do so many things to her. He did the first thing he could think of; he spun her around and spanked her through her cape, smacking her firm ass hard with his gloved hand.

Huntress yelped in surprise and stopped struggling. She turned back around and spoke.

"Did you just... spank me?" She asked in disbelief. Tommy suddenly felt shame, as it wasn't the most mature thing to do. He struggled for a response when Huntress suddenly reached around and spanked him in return. He barely felt it through his armor but was surprised nonetheless.

"Hey, don't do that!" He yelled out.

"You did it first!" Huntress retorted. Tommy noticed that her cheeks were red. (Her face cheeks. Her other cheeks were probably red too.)

Tommy grabbed her again, this time lifting her cape with one arm as he brought his hand done with the other. Huntress yelped again as Tommy's hand hit her ass cheek only partially covered by her small costume. The echo of the spank reverberated in the night air.

Huntress and Tommy began to wrestle, struggling to smack each other's asses. Tommy managed to grab both of Huntress's arms and pinned them to her side. She looked at him with anger in her eyes and then did something surprising; she kissed him. She kissed him roughly, her tongue forcing his mouth open and probing him. Tommy's eyes went wide and he pulled his head back. He looked at Huntress, who looked back at him with something different in her eyes. They looked at each other for a moment.

Tommy threw his lips into hers. Huntress laughed into his mouth as Tommy kissed her savagely, their tongues intertwined. Both of their hands were groping each other's bodies. Tommy ripped Huntress's cape off, throwing it to the ground and his hands gripped her ass. Huntress quickly found Tommy's cock and started stroking it through the Batsuit.

Neither of them spoke. They grunted and gasped, moaned and groaned, but they didn't speak. Tommy gripped Huntress by the back of her hair and kicked the back of her knees out from under her, dropping her to her knees. He reached into his Batsuit and pulled out his cock. Huntress smiled and licked her lips seductively. With force Tommy pushed his dick past Huntress's lips and began to fuck her face.

Tommy wasn't gentle. He thrusted hard with his hips, forcing the head of his cock against the back of Huntress's throat. Her mouth filled with saliva as Tommy's cock pounded it, some of it dripping out of her mouth and down her chin. She breathed audibly through her nose and a "glug" came out of her mouth every time Tommy pushed his dick against her tonsils. Tommy noticed that she was furiously working her clit with one hand, her other hand pressed against his thigh.

Tommy had two fistfuls of Huntress's jet black hair, holding her in place so he could fuck her mouth. He shoved his dick in and held it there, causing Huntress's eyes to well up with tears. He groaned loudly as he felt her throat muscles convulse on the head of his dick.

Suddenly, Tommy was thrown from his feet. Huntress had cut his legs out from under him, sending his dick out of her mouth and his back to the rooftop. She lunged on top of him, her pussy next to his face. She pulled her suit to the side, exposing her flaring lips, and pressed down onto his mouth.

Tommy found himself with a mouth full of pussy. Huntress grabbed the points of his cowl and lifted his head up and into her pussy, burying him in it. Tommy struggled to work his tongue inside Huntress's lips, managing to find himself with his tongue against her clit. He mashed his tongue flat against it, sliding it up and down. Huntress moaned harshly and pushed Tommy closer to her pussy.

"Oh my fucking God," Huntress said with no regard if anyone could hear her.

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