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Sexy corporate ladder climber gets forced into her place.

Since this was now my rodeo, I didn't give him the blowjob he so clearly expected. No, I wanted the whole enchilada, and I meant to get it. Glancing over at the barman standing there in shock, I bent down and pulled off my boots, then undid my jeans, dropped them to the floor, and kicked them aside. "Now," I said, "who wants to help me out here?" I gestured to my panties to clarify, in case there wasn't enough blood going to the guy's head. He sprang into action, shoving my panties down and pulling my shirt off over my head. I dealt with the bra myself and then moved forward to hover over Jack, my legs spread and my hands on his shoulders. I quickly pulled Jack's sweater off, baring his golden-brown skin so I could run my hands over him. His nipples tightened up, and I flicked one with my fingernail as he wriggled his jeans down past his knees and kicked them off along with his shoes.

The bar guy stroked my skin, zeroing in on my breasts; he leaned forward and captured my left nipple between his lips, sucking so hard my knees buckled. He spread his large hand on my back to help support me while I eased down on Jack's cock. As I lowered onto him, I looked into Jack's eyes, watching them blur when he felt my heat just barely touch him. I couldn't resist breaking eye contact and looking down to the point of entry -- as my nether lips parted and his cock forced them further open, my mouth dropped open, too, and a groan gasped out of my throat, my head tossed back and my whole body arched forward to accept his length. That first moment of penetration is what I'd been longing for all night, and I was sopping wet from the anticipation.

Jack's chair was the perfect height to allow me to plant my feet solidly on the floor, giving me total control of how deep he could go into my cunt. Using my thigh and ass muscles, and gripping his shoulders with both hands, I rose and fell just enough so his cockhead rubbed against my g-spot. Meanwhile, the man hovering around us touched me wherever he could; stroking down my back until his fingertips teased my sensitive asshole, while the other hand played with my tits and occasionally darted down to find my clit. Jack didn't even bother trying to touch me -- he just held on to the seat of his chair, enjoying the view of my white breasts being mauled by the bartender, and the sensation of my wet pussy engulfing him.

I took it slow, just sliding up and down on the stiff pole inside me, undulating my hips in circles so I could feel him everywhere. I kissed him softly, just brushing his lips with mine, not letting him go deeper, then teased him by turning my head and offering my mouth to the stranger. He kissed me aggressively, thrusting his tongue into my mouth and grasping my breasts hard. He tangled his hand in my hair and pulled me back so he could bite at my nipples, still holding me by the hair. My body was now off-balance and my cunt was pressed tight against Jack, who pushed the other man aside and pulled me back up against his torso. My bruised nipples gloried in the feeling of the rough hair on his chest, and I grinned at Jack in anticipation of the lengths he'd go to in order to prove that I belonged to him.

Taking control again, Jack discovered that his position on the chair gave him the leverage to thrust up unexpectedly, making me squeal in surprise when he jammed his full length into me, hard. He knew the excitement I felt when he asserted himself, so he wrapped his arms around me and stood up, knocking his chair over and letting his cock slide out of me. He held me for a moment to make sure I had my balance, and he whispered in my ear, "He can have your cunt, but only I take your ass," letting me know that one of my favorite fantasies was about to come true -- I was going to have both holes filled tonight!

I reached out to grab the bartender and pulled him in for a deep, slow kiss while my hands were busy at his waist, loosening his pants and pushing the

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