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Maybe he was going to make a serious attempt at this, she thought. Not that it mattered, as she felt that there was no way he could continue this for an entire week. And she was going to be the final judge anyway. Still, she couldn't help but be pleasantly touched that he was going to try.

During dinner, he asked her about her project and the presentation that she was giving the next day. She explained that it was an investment proposal and prospectus that she and her team had developed for long term implementation by the company. They were presenting it tomorrow to the CEO, the President of the company, and key members of the Board of Directors. If they were pleased with it and gave the go-ahead, which she thought they should, it would be a lucrative new venture for the company, and her team would be a major part of the development.

When Jeremy expressed further interest she began to outline the project to him in very general terms, but as he continued to ask very perceptive questions, she began to go into depth, and became excited and animated as she explained more and more of the minutiae.

Rather than starting to seem bored, as she would have anticipated of someone not familiar with her field, he apologized several times for asking her to explain things that he didn't quite understand. She then came to the sudden realization that when her team practiced dry runs of presenting the proposal among themselves, they did so in the data speak that they were all well versed in. Although the people they would be speaking to tomorrow, her bosses, were more familiar with this type of information than Jeremy, they were still likely to often be confused by the technical jargon that filled the report. She then made a special effort to answer Jeremy's questions in more plain English terms, and was pleased when he clearly seemed to understand. This had definitely been her most illuminating practice run. She would have to make sure to brief Michael about this tomorrow before they started, so that they would do the same with the bosses.

As the discussion had gone on quite a while, she allowed Jeremy to help her to a third serving of trout, he again not taking any himself. When she had finished, he told her that he had made her a special dessert. Although already very full, she didn't have the heart to refuse him, and he brought out a home made strawberry-rhubarb tart. When she commented that there was only one, he replied that that was all he had time to make. She let this go at that, although she knew the real reason. She sampled the tart, and soon devoured it all, telling him truthfully that it put Grandma's pie to shame.

After he had finished clearing the table and cleaning the dishes, Jeremy joined Meryn in the livingroom, where she had been sitting doing some very heavy thinking. He asked her if there was anything more she needed him to do. She paused for several seconds before answering, and then decided. She asked him what time he usually got off from work every day. He told her about four-thirty. She then took out the item she had purchased on her way home earlier and gave it to him.

"This is a key to my apartment Jeremy. If all goes well, I'll probably be going out with the team for a few drinks to celebrate tomorrow evening, so I don't think I'll be home until about seven."

Jeremy's face beamed. "I'll have dinner waiting for you Miss Meryn."

"I was hoping you'd say that. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Whatever you say Miss Meryn."

Part Nine: Monday

As she was driving home from work the next day, Meryn admitted to herself how tired she was.

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