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Sherry Vi reminds me of a sophisticated co-worker Jane.

" They downed the drink and Briggs quickly refilled the glasses. This time he stood behind my wife and started to run his hands across her shoulders and down inside her blouse towards her tits.

Helen is a real sexy woman, just turned 28, naturally blond with brown eyes, tall with a beautiful figure, full ripe tits and shapely legs. She was dressed in a two-piece grey business suit with black stockings and high heels completing the picture. As Briggs reached in and fondled her tits she merely sat there sipping her drink. "Gentlemen, I promised you something special, so, what say we have some fun." This seemed to be Helen's queue. Rising to her feet she sexily sauntered over and stood in front of the two men. Briggs hit the play button on the audio and as gentle music filled the room I watched in horror as my wife did a slow tantalising strip tease. The three men sat in silence as one by one her clothes were removed until all that remained were her panties, suspender belt, stockings and shoes. She stood there cupping her tits, thrusting them out towards the three men while teasing the nipples.

One of the men reached out and with her obvious consent lowered her panties down her long slender legs. "Didn't I tell you what a fine slut my secretary was?" Briggs said, drooling at the sight of my wife's shaven cunt just inches from his face. "And tonight, she's all yours, you can do anything you like to her only don't mark her OK, we don't want her old man finding out and spoiling the fun."

The man that had removed her knickers was busy fingering her cunt while his partner played with her tits. Briggs just sat and watched, rubbing the bulge through his trousers. Helen was forced to spread her legs as the guy roughly shoved three fingers up her. There was a kind off blank expression on her face as she let them feel her up. Not content with three fingers up her cunt, as his partner undressed, he now tried to force another two fingers up her arse. Helen grimaced as they went in but stood still and said nothing. With his fingers still firmly imbedded in both openings, she was forced into a kneeling position. "Oh yeah, she likes that," said Briggs as the other guy stuffed his large prick into her mouth. "Taught the fucking bitch to deep throat myself," said Briggs, now openly wanking his cock.

It was obvious that these men were just using her for their own gratification. Holding her head, the guy fucking her mouth just pushed until his entire length was down her throat. She gagged a little but simply allowed him to fuck her face. The guy behind had removed his fingers and was busy fucking her cunt, holding onto her hips and thrusting forward, almost knocking the wind out of her with each forward stroke. "Yeah, told you, the fucking slut loves it. I've got this one trained so well she'll do everything I say, won't you slut." With a mouth full of cock Helen just looked at Briggs and moaned. "Watch this, this'll make her cum." With the two guys furiously fucking her mouth and cunt Briggs grabbed hold of her nipples and viciously started to twist them. Within seconds Helen had a massive orgasm. "See, told you, she likes it rough, don't you sweetheart."

My heart was in my mouth as I watched the scene unfold.

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