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In the lions' den.

April was orchestrating everything. She had me lay on my back on the bed and had Nadine position herself so her pussy was over my face. Finally, I was going to taste this sweet thing. I slid a finger up into her slick channel as my tongue flicked at her clit. She started moaning right away and one hand gripped the headboard while the other played with her nipples.

I had no idea what April was up to until I felt her weight on the bed followed by her warm, wet mouth on my aching cock. I figured it wouldn't take either of us very long to climax, so I focused my efforts on getting Nadine off while enjoying April's attention. I was licking and sucking Nadine's clit and pumping my finger in and out of her and her moans were getting longer and louder.

April's lips slid up and down my pole while her fingers caressed my balls and her hand pumped up and down the base. I felt her tongue tasting my balls and circling the head before feeling my cock again engulfed in her hot mouth. I could feel my orgasm beginning to build and it was incredible. I started playing with Nadine's asshole with my free hand while eating and fingering her pussy and she responded by cumming and flooding my mouth with her pungent juices.

I drank them all down as I felt my orgasm reaching its peak, my cock swelling and finally exploding into April's mouth.

Nadine swung off me and sat beside me on the bed. When April released my cock, I slid up and sat beside Nadine, leaning against the headboard. April was still dressed, so she stood on the end of the king-sized bed and started doing a striptease for us.

She was wearing a short skirt and blouse and started by raising her skirt to flash her black panties at us. We egged her on with some rude commentary. She held her skirt around her waist and gyrated her hips at us then turned and bent over, showing us her ass. She pulled her panties up between her cheeks and shook her ass then turned around again showing us that her panties were also pulled up between her lips.

She rubbed the material against her clit, masturbating for us, then abruptly yanked her panties off and kicked them to us. I held them to my nose and inhaled her scent, slightly different from Nadine's though I couldn't explain exactly how. I handed them to Nadine, anxious to see what she did with them, but rather than sniffing them herself, she wrapped them around my limp cock and started massaging it back to life.

Meanwhile, April had unzipped and dropped her skirt, showing us her narrow strip of a black bush hiding her pussy lips. She was pulling her blouse up and running her hands over her stomach and hips, down her thighs and over her pussy. She moved her hands up to play with her tits, then pulled the blouse over her head. Her nipples were straining against the material of her black, lacy bra, so she pulled that off as well.

She danced naked for us for a few minutes, pulling her nipples and fingering her pussy, and I could feel the blood beginning to return to my prick.

April walked up over me until her pussy was in my face and I immediately began to lick it, my hands gripping her bare ass. After a minute or two, she asked me slide down the bed and when I did she turned and lowered herself onto my face backward so she also had access to my cock. She beckoned Nadine to give her a hand and as I ate April's pussy, the two of them alternated sliding their mouths and tongues over my growing prick.

I was slipping a finger in and out of April's pussy while licking and sucking her clit and drinking the juices that were dripping into my mouth. I could feel both of their mouths on me at once, one on my balls, the other on my shaft. I heard April tell Nadine that it looked like I was good and ready and she should go ahead and mount me.

April later told me that Nadine had positioned herself over me while April had grasped my cock and as Nadine lowered herself, April took her first opportunity to touch Nadine by holding Nadine's pussy open as I slid in.

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