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Eddy meets Laura; the girls graduate.

The runners started to thin out into a long line, with Dycke in fifth place about 20 yards behind the leader. Harry Rodgers' had pulled out of the race because of leg cramps, so there were only seven runners remaining.
At the 4000-meter mark, Dycke wanted the leader, Steve Temple, to see him during the next turn, before he started to close the gap. So he waited. When he saw Temple turn his head, Dycke thought he saw a smile on his face. "That's all for you" Dycke thought to himself and he quickened his pace by half again. When Temple breezed around the next turn, he looked at the spot where he thought Dycke should be, but Dycke wasn't there and there was a group of three runners 40-meters behind him. He thought Dycke had fallen back into that group. He knew now he was in the clear but at the 4500-meter mark he wanted to make sure, so he drifted out from lane one into lane three and looked over his left shoulder. Again, all he saw was the same group of three runners and now they were further behind then before. As he came around the second to last turn, he drifted back into lane one and slowed his pace slightly. Out of the blue came a voice that said "Were you looking for me?" as it flew by him like a streak of lightning. By the time Steve got over his shock and picked up his pace to full speed the race was over and Dycke had won by 30 meters.

Temple was pissed. How could he have known anyone was that far outside of him. He had not heard a thing. He walked off the track after shaking Dycke's hand and saying "I'll get you for that." Unfortunately for Steve, he came in second twice again, to Dycke, during the meet. He lost to Dycke in the mile by 1.4 seconds and by 30 meters in the cross country because he slipped on a tree root and fell, while he was in the lead.

Steve swore he would get even with Dycke one day and set his sights on the possibility of a college rematch. All he had to do now, was to find out what college that punk was going to and he would go to a college in the same conference.

4. Payne: What goes around comes around!

Payne had grown up being called all sorts of names by other children: Dog Face! Pit Bull! Scar Face! You name it, she had heard it before and would more than likely hear it again. Her parents had hoped that if they lived in the same area and Payne grew up with a small group of friends, over the years all the lurid remarks would stop and those bonds of friendship would form based on personality rather than about Payne's outward appearance. They were wrong! People are cruel. Kids are crueler. Kids will dig at an open wound until it not only bleeds, but until they see bone. Payne had some erstwhile friends while she was growing up. They would play with her when they had nothing else to do. They would always play with her when it was cold outside, because she was the only girl whose father put in a solar-hearted swimming pool. To her parents, it looked like Payne had a few friends that had made the transition they had hoped for. Things took a radical turn for the worst when Payne and her friends entered their junior year of high school.

Now, Payne's sometime friends had their driver's licenses and more freedom then ever before. Boys became the subject of every conversation, and Payne could not add to the discussion because no boy would look at her face unless it was absolutely necessary, much less talk to her outside class. Her friends now had boyfriends and no longer had time for Payne. She felt lonely and alone. She saw them every so often but they were always on the arm of one boy or another. As the school year moved on, she heard the name of Cynthia Morgan, one of her now distant friends, being talked about by a group of boys as having been part of a gang bang. What she heard disgusted her and she hoped it wasn't true. Payne decided she would talk to Cynthia, as soon as she could, because of the friendship they once shared.

Payne had a Debate Team meeting, after school Friday, which would last until eight o'clock.

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