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A wife cheats at school reunion.


"What you are telling me is that my wife has been having an affair with this Jenkins guy."

"Would you like some coffee, Mister Saunders, or a coke?"

"No, damn it, but I would like to know where this guy Jenkins is, so that I can pay him a visit. At least tell me where he lives."

The conversation went downhill from there. The house that I was painting in Trexlertown was an empty rental. Nobody could verify that I was or wasn't there. I had actually painted it the day before. All they had was the phone call that I made to Carlotta, which really wasn't proof of anything. The rest of the weekend, I was never out of sight of my wife. I even made sure that I was with people on Monday and Tuesday, just in case. After two hours, Detective Williams and his cohorts seemed frustrated and told me that I could go.

I told them that under the circumstances, they should convince my wife into staying somewhere else until I calmed down. They left me sitting in the room for another hour, and finally a patrolman came for me. Carlotta was going to be staying with Sharon for a few days.

I spent the evening drinking beer and smirking to myself. The next morning, I moved all of my stuff into one of the spare bedrooms. I would not be sleeping with Carlotta again.

The next evening, Tony, Greg, and Sharon all came to talk to me. Their mother admitted to the affair and was extremely regretful. It was a mistake and she never meant to hurt me. It would never happen again. I listened to the crap for thirty minutes and I tried to be as polite as possible. Once I agreed to allow her to come home, everybody was happy and all smiles. After they left, I had a few more beers and started smiling again.

Carlotta returned to the house the next morning and my euphoria was short-lived. We never talked about her affair with CH. If fact we never really talked about anything. Our conversation was limited to whatever words were necessary to function. I never accused her of anything and she never offered an explanation or apology. The police never contacted me again. There were a few small articles in the local newspapers and then it all died down.

The situation with Carlotta, however, did not go as I had hoped. There was no remorse on her part and the old anger and bitterness started to return. She lost her lover and finally realized that he was not coming back. I was up early in the mornings and usually got breakfast, lunch, and dinner at one of the local diners. By the time I got home at night, I was always ready to take a shower and hit the sack. Carlotta took care of the house and washed my clothes. I never asked for more. We still had joint banking accounts and credits cards, but she never abused any of them. There was no sex between us. The few times that we were in the same room were stressful. All of the old digs, innuendos, and insults were back. I found myself hoping that she would find a new lover, and I regretted the demise of the first one.

Even though she was not cheating, she was treating me like a cuckold. She knew that I was fully aware of her affair and that I was doing nothing about it. What kind of a man finds out that his wife was cheating on him and then just rolls over and takes it? A wimp. I could see the contempt in her eyes every time she looked at me. To her, I was a nothing. She had no idea that it was I who pulled the strings. It was I who controlled the situation. It was time to bring her down a notch.

The kids all planned to have Thanksgiving at our house. That seemed like a great idea to me. It would give me the opportunity to straighten things out. The kids had become aware that Carlotta had returned to her old, nasty self, but didn't know what to do about it. I think that they thought it was my fault.

Tony's wife, Greg's wife, Sharon, and Carlotta were all busy in the kitchen as the men monitored the football games. I never liked watching sports, but today was special. I was glad when Sharon announced that the meal was ready.

There were eight of us around the table.

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