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Dean has special feelings for his younger sister & their mom.

Even if I wanted to make it last he couldn't manage it. His cock erupted in my mouth in under five minutes, fulling my mouth with hot bitter cum. He must not have jacked off or fucked his wife in over a week because it was a lot of cum.

Brian apologized for cumming so quick, but I said that it was fine, as I had to get back soon anyway. I told him that any time he was out in his van alone and wanted head to let me know

The last time, Brian drove his older Town car with no console, just a flip-up arm rest in the middle. He said, "I was thinking of your comfort." And believe me, it was much easier to access his cum loaded cock. Maybe one day we will get a room, but for now I'm content to give him car head.

I've since sucked him off in several more parking lots since and looking forward to many more.

As much as I like sucking his cock Brian's wasn't the only cock in town. I recently hooked up with a Feeder on Squirt and arranged to meet him in the evening at a local mall parking lot. I parked beside him and when I climbed into the front seat of his pickup truck he started driving. Too many parking lots have security cameras these days. When he got onto the highway and settled into a safe and legal speed I scooted off the seat and kneeled on the floor boards.

When I reached to unbuckle his belt he raised his tilt steering up to give me better access. When I unzipped his pants, a nice thick piece of uncircumcised meat popping out. I put my hand in his pants as best I could and started massaging his balls while my mouth went to his cock. I used my lips to slide his foreskin back so I could tongue his head. He had that musky, hardworking scent and salty taste, like he had been doing hard manual labor all day. A smell that never fail to turn me on.

As I sucked his shaft and deep throated him, his cock grew in my mouth. As his cock started to pulse I felt his balls tighten and his speed got a little erratic too. Feeling his leg muscles tighten I knew I was about to receive my reward. As he exploded in my mouth I continued to suck and swallow, taking every last drop of his cum until his balls were empty.

As he relaxed his speed slowed. His now flaccid cock in my mouth, I felt him exiting the freeway and returning onto it, heading back in the direction we'd come from. I continued to lick and suck on his cock, hoping for another load but knowing it wouldn't be coming. As he pulled back into the parking lot he said, "Thanks buddy. Any chance we can meet again?"

"Definitely," I responded. "Email me."

As I watched him drive off I could still smell the sweat from his groin, taste the salt from his urine and I had that pasty feeling in my mouth from his load of cum. It was the perfect drive.

That nigh I fucked Barbara like there was no tomorrow. At first she wondered what had gotten into me but a dozen little orgasms later she didn't give a damn.

There was a bus stop where sailors caught the bus back to the base. I first met him one night when he was the only one waiting. It was pouring down rain and fairly chilly, so the other sailors had already returned to base earlier or probably not that many went on liberty that night. Anyway, I offered him a ride which he quickly accepted.

We mostly talked about sport but he guided the subject matter towards sex. Just before getting to the base he asked, "Have you ever tried playing around with another man?"

I figured I could safely answer, yes. There were enough ways to wiggle out of that answer if it appeared to be the wrong answer. But apparently it was the right answer because he asked a couple more questions and then offered to show me his cock. Once he had it out, he asked, "Would you like to touch it?" then once I was stroking it, he asked, "Would you like to suck it?"

After driving past the base and parking in a darkened area behind an abandoned building, I gave him head right there in the cab of his pickup truck.

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