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Her new young lover leads to a new secret life.

The both of them were now on a runaway train that had no chance of stopping before it ran completely off the rails. They each insisted on taking off each others clothing, until they were both completely naked. Keith unbuttoned Jana's shorts and shoved them down her legs, revealing a tight pair of hot-pink cotton panties. He wondered if she thought there was any chance he'd see them when she put them on that morning.

Jana put her hand over his bulging cock through his pants, making Keith moan and knead her bare breasts with increasing urgency. She then unbuttoned his pants, and pulled both his shoes and pants off. Keith then grabbed her around the waist and flipped her over onto her back, causing her to squeal. As he hovered over her, she wrapped her bare legs around his, pressing him down toward her. As the hard shaft of his erection rested against her pubis, a flash of guilt ran through his head. Here he was, 6'-2" and 250 lbs, damn close to having his way with a much younger (but legal! says the devil inside), much smaller girl, who didn't know better like he did. He looked down between them, contemplating the fact that he probably weighed exactly twice what she did.

Then, as he saw her erect nipples staring at him, he forgot all about his concerns as he lowered his head to suck on these beautiful 18 year old natural breasts. Jana cried out softly and ran her hands through his hair as he nibbled and licked her areolas and hard nipples. she drew her legs up, massaging his back with her feet. She reached over him to take her socks off, as he did the same for himself with his toes. Jana stuck both big toes between his bare hips and his pants, pushing down in a forceful hint that Keith needed to be rid of them. She ran her hands down to unbutton them so Keith could take them off, underwear and all.

Stopping for a moment to marvel at Jana's body, looked at her creamy full thighs, not so fat that they had cellulite, but not thin by any definition. Her calves were toned if a little big for her short legs, and tapered down to a pair of small, well-manicured feet with painted pink toenails. Her belly hung just slightly over the top of her panties, and her breasts spilled to each side of her as she laid down atop dozens of bags of laundry.

"Oh my god," she purred as she locked her gaze onto his fully-erect penis. Keith was standing in front of her, and she brought her feet up to his crotch, locking them around his shaft. He moaned as she rubbed them up and down it's length, wrapping her little white toes around the head and then back down. The view of her body, breasts swaying slightly as she moved her legs, and the view of her delicate feet massaging his big, veiny penis, combined with the massage, brought him closer to the edge than he wanted to be just yet.

Keith grabbed her feet, separated her legs, and lowered himself down on her once again, this time running the engorged glans of his member against the warm crotch of her panties. Jana gasped, then wrapped her legs behind him, massaging his thighs with her feet. First lightly poking, then grinding more forcefully, Keith and Jana fell into a rhythm as he grinded her little body into the laundry that was getting dirtier by the minute. The thin layer of cotton panties was all that separated his straining cock and her soft, moist mound. Moaning softly through their constant kissing, Jana's hips pumped up and down to meet his thrusts and he pinned her hands above her head. "Oh my god, Jana", he moaned, overcome with lust, and ready to fully take her.

Keith grabbed her panties at each hip and pulled them down her legs, raising them to remove the moistened cotton briefs from her feet. Now they were both naked, and Keith knew he had a little work left to do before he could fully make his fantasy come true.

He grabbed both feet, massaging and licking them one by one before moving down to her ankles, then calves, and soon slowly worked his tongue up the inside of her thigh, making her shudder with excitement.

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