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Mitch and Gwen have a propostion.

"Luis started bitching again, saying things like I didn't like to party anymore, I didn't care about what he needed or wanted; how the Baby had changed everything and he was tired of it. That kind of shit. Finally, he got into the pool too. Then Mark started dunking the women. The other couples left and most of the guys took their dates and left too. Things started getting rowdier. Luis just kept staring at me. I knew what he wanted. Pretty soon I decided I just wanted to make Luis happy. I didn't know then a big part of it was the X. Anyway, I took off my dress and waded into the pool."

She paused. I kissed her tummy.

"I went over to Luis and sat on the step under the one he was sitting on, leaned back and wrapped his feet around me. He had my bra off in no time and started playing with my tits. That's when Mark headed in our direction. I told Luis I wanted to get out and he told me to relax. I told him not to let Mark touch me, that I didn't want to get dunked. He just laughed. When Mark got to where we were sitting, he started talking about how good I looked so soon after having the Baby. That's when Luis asked him what he thought about my tits. 'They're fucking great. Even nicer then they were before.' That's when Luis asked if he wanted to 'check them out' ...."

Mary bent at the waist, cradling my head in her lap.

"I-I had let Mark see me before. Luis set it up so he could watch me shower once. But he never touched me David. Never until then; I hated that bastard so much."

I got up and sitting on the table next to her, wrapped my arms around her. I realized I was trembling almost as much as she was.

"L-Luis held my arms over his legs as Mark began playing with my tits. When he squeezed them, one actually leaked my milk; that's when Luis asked if he ever tasted mothers' milk. I wanted to tell him no David. I didn't want Mark to touch me like that. But then he began sucking on my nipples."

She slipped her hand around my waist.

"I tried to move away. Luis held me. Mark was nursing on my breasts, first one and then the other. I felt his hands all over my legs and then him taking off my panties. Luis kept telling me to relax, to just enjoy it. Mark pushed his hand between my legs and slid his fingers into me. Then it was just like in the bar David. I just closed my eyes and let them do what they wanted to do. I got hotter and hotter as Mark kept fingering me and rubbing my clit. Luis started playing with my tits and then told me to open my legs. When I did, Mark was there, lifting my knees, pushing his short, fat cock in me. I came so hard Baby, even with a man I hated..."

Her hand moved between us, pressing against my straining cock under my jeans.

"You want me to suck your cock Baby? Here? Right now?"

I looked around. There was no one, at least close enough to see what I wanted to happen. Her hands were already busy with my belt. I took them in my own and pushed them down. Opening my zipper, I released my aching cock. Her mouth covered it immediately, sucking the entire length hard and fast. I knew it wouldn't be long. I could see her in the pool; Luis holding her from behind and playing with her tits as Mark fucked her. I came fast and hard. She gagged slightly, yet she never stopped using her mouth on my rumbling prick as it emptied my balls deep in her throat...

The walk home was quiet, her left hand in my own, her other hand half way around my waist. When we passed the Finley house, she told me she saw the curtain move on the second floor. We were both laughing as we went inside. She went to the bathroom and I rolled a fat one. As I fired up the freshly rolled blunt as she got back.

"I bet he's still watching the house David."


"You want me to go lay out in the back?"

She was flushed, her hard nipples clearly outlined under the light cotton shirt. She was ready to go and I was no where near it.

"Go ahead."

She kissed my cheek and almost ran down the hallway.

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