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Getting a feel of things.

She loved the feeling of him like that, and the thought of it. He was so deep inside her. He was filling her completely.

She was fingering her clit and bouncing on his cock and her other hand was flat on his stomach and it was tensed all the way. She'd never felt anything so hard and powerful and solid in her life. She held him all the way inside her and dug her nails into his stomach and started circling her hips against his fat tip so it was massaging her cervix. Her nipples were hard and her pelvis was shaking and her clit was hard too and she was grinding it with her hand.

And then it started and she didn't want it to ever stop. It was like she was having two orgasms at the same time, maybe three, right on top of each other. One of them was centered on her clitoris and it was the one she usually had, but longer and harder than most times and breaking over her in little waves. But another one was happening deep inside her, and she'd only had it once or twice before. The walls of her pussy were contracting around Chad's cock and holding him inside her and almost milking him while her cervix gave little warm, wet kisses against his mushroom head. She was shaking and gasping and bouncing up and down on him, just a little, just the tip of him, but quick and hard too.

She felt his cock get fatter and harder and hotter inside her, if that was even possible physically, and he started to groan a little louder and his heavy balls pulled upward and his shaft was heaving and pulsing. She sat down on him all the way and held him as deep as she could and waited for him to explode inside her, white and hot, and when he finally did it felt like a warm white wave of cream and foam and it was filling her up and then she exploded too. Her nails were digging deep into his stomach and her hips were rocking and her ass was in spasm and she felt a warm glow of happiness and pleasure start spreading from the little place between her groin and stomach, just behind her belly, until her whole body was shaking. And it kept on shaking and her mind went blank and the next thing she knew she was still on top of him and he was still hard inside her and she felt relaxed and spent.

She pulled herself off him and collapsed next to him in the grass and pretty soon they were both asleep.

Part 5

Kate had given everyone the evening off and they were all enjoying the twilight and the cool breeze down by the lake. Most of the kids, including Chad, were in the water snorkeling in the little shallow spot where the fish swam in to feed this time of day. She was sitting on a beach chair next to Jess and looking out over the wide blue lake as the moon cleared the horizon and the water and sky began to darken. It was a very beautiful moon this evening, she noticed. A perfect half circle.

It had been a great day and she was savoring the moment. She was sure that her research with the chimps was going to work out. Her mind was relaxed because she was convinced now that Brad and Mahalia were going to go "on safari" soon, and there was a very good chance that Mahalia would get pregnant by Brad, and maybe she'd even give birth to the next alpha male. And probably Kate's paper about it all would be a huge success.

Her body was feeling calm and satisfied too.

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