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I better utilize all of my secretary's skills.

We packed our few bits into our bags and Alicia got the car out and drove all four of us to the airport. There were kisses and cuddles all round and some tears from the girls as we walked into the terminal to fly back to Orlando.
During the flight Maddy called Carmen to come and collect us when we landed and they talked almost continuously all the way back to Duncellin. When we arrived we said 'Hello' to Stella and Conchita and updated them on Caroline's condition and how Alicia was handling it.

I drove home after lunch and checked my emails and orders for the 'Pluses', a good morning's work awaited me so I spent an hour on the X-trainer and half an hour in the hot tub. I texted Caroline to say we were home and that there were still no exam results. I went shopping for some essentials sorted dinner and had an early night.

I drove to work and was just printing address labels when my phone rang, it was Stella. She said that there was still no news of their exam results and the girls were getting nervous, they were now overdue and tempers were a bit frayed.

Maddy was quite confident that she had passed with a good grade but Carmen was not so sure about her's. She was snappy with everyone so Stella called me and asked if I could take them for a few days and make them work in the warehouse to tire them out and give her and the Conchita a break.

"Sure Mom, I can keep them too busy to get snappy," I replied, happily, "I'll come and get them now."

I stopped work then drove to Duncellin. I hugged and kissed all of them and pulled Maddy and Carmen to one side.

"I have been informed that you two have been snappy and generally unpleasant to be near for the last few days. Therefore I am taking you to the warehouse to work your asses off and give the others a break."

"I suppose we may have been a bit uptight about our exam results but these are the really important ones that will determine whether we can get the best jobs in our fields Danno." Maddy said.

"Now Danno can fuck our brains out and keep us nice and happy," Carmen said, looking happy.

"Go and pack for a few days, I don't know how many yet but this is not a holiday, you have upset Stella and therefore me, so you will have to earn your pay and any extras."

Carmen pouted but Maddy nodded, "We'll be good little girls and work hard for our supper and anything hard that cums with it," she said.

"Good, now scoot!" I grinned. They came back a few minutes later.

"We're ready to go." Carmen panted.

"No you're not, go and apologise to everyone for your behaviour, then we can go." I said firmly, so they ran off to find Stella and Conchita. By the time they returned to me, I had loaded their bags into my car. They jumped in and we left for 269.

When we arrived they put their bags into the spare room, changed into bathrobes and we headed to the hot tub, I unlocked it and we got in. I kissed and cuddled both girls for a while then sat and discussed their exam fears.

"Carmen, how do you think you might do?"

"Well the first one was hard but I think I did well but the second one was much harder. I struggled with some of the questions but others I knew and did those first. Of the hardest ones, I think I got most of what they wanted but I'm not sure. There were two that I really struggled with, I'm not sure what they wanted so I guessed."

"What about you Maddy?"

"Similar to Carmen, there were a couple of questions that I struggled with in the last exam and one in the first, but I think I have done enough to get a good passing grade."

"Good, I'm sure none of us want either of you to have to do the whole year again, so let's be positive and just wait for the results nicely," I stated. "Now that is said, tomorrow morning we have quite a few orders to pack and post, the rest of the time will be folding and taping boxes, wrapping 'Plus Ones' and some 'Plus Twos', adding the instructions to each box and filling the shelves, okay girls?"

They groaned in unison but nodded so I continued,

"Now that is all settled, how about I do what Carmen suggested a

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