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Anyway, Rachel's face didn't show any amusement at my outfit when I stepped out, as she merely led me to the room where the fitness review was to be given. In the back of my mind I was hoping for a real physical with her wearing a stethoscope and making me undress for her pleasure. But the reality was a small cluttered room, with her holding a questionnaire, a blood pressure gauge, a scale, and a couple of pieces of fitness equipment laying about.

I thought it odd that she had some more health questions to ask since she had started asking those questions prior to the tour. Why would she have asked a couple of questions, and then stopped? I told myself that it was their schedule, and there were a couple of other people expected tonight. Anyway, we went through some more questions, which included my age (56), height (6'4"), weight (235), and my level of physical activity (low). She took my blood pressure (120/80) and my pulse rate (75). She asked if I ran, since those results were better than she expected.

I said "No. I only jump to conclusions, and only run stop lights." She just stared at me, with no response whatsoever. "Tough crowd." I thought.

She then had me hold a little device with both hands that read my body mass index. She showed me the result of 26.2, and said "Oh. That's a little high. Technically, you're obese. You don't really look like it, but the machines don't lie."

I think I finally scored something she thought was appropriate for me. It looked like she was pleased. I was a little unhappy with the result. I thought I might be on the heavy side of ideal, but not overweight. But I guess that's how they sell their services; scare the customer. She saw the displeasure on my face, and said, "Don't worry, it just means your improvement curve will be so much better. OK, now I need to get your height, weight, and other measurements. I think you'll enjoy this." That last statement didn't register with me, as I was still considering the implications of obese.

While I was still pondering my BMI score, she said something that I obviously didn't understand. I asked her to repeat it, and she told me to undress, so she could weigh me.

"Completely?" I asked.

"Yes", she said sweetly, "You'd be surprised that so many people cheat on their weight, so we always weigh you nude. It's only so we can provide you with the best exercise advice possible."

I wasn't sure what to do, but this certainly coincided with my earlier dirty thoughts about young Miss Rachel. Slowly, and with misgivings, I took off my shoes and socks, shirt, and began pulling at my shorts. "Everything?" I asked.

"Yes, everything James; It's no big deal, we're all adults here." was her cheerful reply.

I pulled my shorts down, and realized that this little conversation and the idea of being naked in front of Rachel had excited me a bit. My cock hung up on the elastic of my shorts, and it was obviously a little swollen as I pulled them down. She didn't seem to notice, and told me to stand on the scale.

The scale was one of the balance types with the weights on a scaled bar. She slid the weight on the lower bar to 200, and then moved the top bar weight to 35. The bar didn't tip. She moved it to 40, then 45, then finally 50 where the bar teetered up and down. She said "250 pounds it is."

Her look told me that she had found another culprit who would lie and cheat when it came to their weight. My reaction to disappointing her, and in my weight itself, showed in my cock as it drooped immediately.

She then reached up to move the bar that measures height. Rachel was only 5'6" or so, and so she had to stand on her tip-toes to move the bar up high enough to measure me. To balance herself, she put her hand on my arm, as she measured me at 6'4". At least I hadn't lied about my height.

She then had me stand in front of her and measured my neck, chest, and hips using a seamstress measuring tape.

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