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Roger gets a surprise visitor.

Standing there with my back against the door, fingers clutching at the back of Sarah's head, cock plunging in and out of her suctioning mouth, balls and shaft being meticulously primed for firing by pumping, stroking fingers, I wanted nothing more than to let go of the volcanic pressure building within my rod and let a sackful of viscous cream explode right into the hooker's hungry belly. I may have even said the words "I'm going to cum!" aloud, though I was so delirious with pleasure at that moment that I still can't be entirely sure. All I know for certain is that just a few more strokes of those magnificent lips and that clenched left fist and I was going to cum harder than I'd ever cum before.

Sarah suddenly stopped, releasing my dick and looking up at me. "No," she said, a cunning smile on her face.

"What?" I muttered, shocked. "You can't just leave me hanging!"

She shook her head. "Oh, I'm not going to leave you hanging," she said, rising from her squatting position. "I just want you to get your money's worth. And I think I know just the thing for a neglected husband whose life has gotten a little dull!"

She quickly pulled the little blue dress up over her head and tossed it aside, revealing a tight, compact hourglass frame that suddenly made me wonder if I was underpaying for her services. Her dark pink nipples were fat and rock hard, her areolas perfectly round, silver dollar-sized circles centered on firm, natural little breasts. Her stomach was even more taut and beautiful than that of the blonde beach babe who'd rejected me a short time earlier, the muscles clearly defined but not overly hard or rigid. Stripped down to only a pair of light yellow panties, her hips looked even more rounded and inviting. She peeled the panties off and dropped them onto the floor, revealing an exquisitely tapered, neatly trimmed diamond of dark, curly hair, pointing down toward the light pink lips of her pussy.

"Follow me," she said with a wink, turning and heading toward the sliding glass balcony doors, her thick little butt wiggling as she walked. I was confused, but there was no way in Hell I was going to argue with a gorgeous naked woman while my aching cock was standing on the brink of a Category 10 eruption.

I followed her out onto the seventh floor balcony, where I found her standing bent over the railing, legs spread a little wider than her shoulders, gorgeous bare ass, glistening snatch, and pretty face all smiling back at me. "If you want to fuck me, married man," she said, "you're going to have to fuck me out here, where the whole damned world can see you do it!"

I looked around, seeing vacationers lounging on the balconies of their rooms in the adjacent hotel, spying couples and families walking and driving around the grounds below, spotting various swimmers and sunbathers (including the big-breasted blonde) frolicking and relaxing on the beach. Fishing and sailing boats cruised by in both directions just out to sea. A twin engine airplane passed over head, trailing a banner advertising a local surf shop. About a mile away, a Coast Guard chopper buzzed over the pier. I looked around and saw that a luscious, naked brunette I'd never seen before in my life was standing spread-eagle on the deck outside my room in broad daylight, begging for me to fill her full of my erect manhood until we both came in full view of God and everyone, and I smiled. In 43 years of life on Earth, I'd never been hornier, and never felt more alive.

When I pressed the fat crown of my dick into the folds of her tiny little puss, Sarah gasped, and I was certain this time that the reaction was a real one.

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