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Mickey explains how she became Mistress Michelle's slave.

The whole time though, all I could think about was 'Is she wearing that silk underwear?' and 'Did she read about touching herself?' I kept that all to myself. Dinnertime conversation was an important part of the day for her. If I interjected our sexual experiment into it, I risked ruining everything.

After dinner, I began to open a new bottle of wine I had just brought home as she was washing the dishes.

'Oooo... what kind did you get baby?'

'It's a surprise. You'll find out AFTER your bath. In fact, I'm going to draw it for you while you finish washing up.'

I grabbed a glass and took the bottle upstairs. I lit several candles all around the tub. I ran the water just hot enough so the aches and pains of the day would melt away. The bubble bath fragrance was intoxicating. If it was anyone else but my mom, I would have said, 'screw it' and gotten in myself. Finally, when the bath was ready, I poured a glass of a wonderful rare vintage I considered my all-time favorite and set it on the tub's edge.

I came downstairs as mom was wiping down the table. I walked up behind her, grabbed her by the shoulders, kissed her behind the ear and said, 'Your bath awaits.' She spun around, tossed the wash rag at me. Then with a sultry smile and an exaggerated flip of her hair, she turned and headed up the stairs. I called after her, 'Which robe are you wearing tonight?'

She replied, 'Speaking of that, you'd better be in one yourself when I come down.'

'No problem there,' I thought to myself. When I heard her bedroom door close, I raced up to my shower. When I was sufficiently clean, I sprayed on a slight bit of cologne I've never failed with. I then donned one of my favorite black silk robes and went downstairs to wait.

It felt good to be so free in my house again. At the same time, I felt a little nervous, even a tinge of panic over my immodest state. I had never felt that before. I dimmed the lights a good bit.

I was flipping through the television channels and I didn't hear mom walk down the stairs.

'What's with the romantic lighting'?

I turned my head just as she stepped off the final stair. I was amazed. I had never seen her look more beautiful. She had chosen the ivory robe. Her hair was done up in a bun, which accentuated the naked skin exposed from her neck to her chest where the robe closed. Her breasts were full and irresistible. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Not only were her breast lower than I had ever noticed, but her nipples poked through outrageously. The most striking feature of her appearance though was the glow of her face. It stemmed from a combination of happiness, confidence, self-discovery, slight embarrassment and love. I just fell in total and complete love with the woman there. She could have passed for an angel.

'Oh my God, you are gorgeous.'

I had planned on complementing her for the next week as a way to promote her sexual self-confidence. It was now apparent I wouldn't need to tie a string on my finger to remind myself to praise her.

'I... uh... you are unbelievably attractive, mom. I had no idea.'

She smiled and put her face down. 'You need to stop.'

Even in the dimmed light, I could see she was blushing.

I turned off the tv and stood up. 'Have a seat, mom. I'll get you another glass of wine. '

'Oh yes, that one you brought home today is delicious.' She put her hand on her hip and looked me up and down when I stood up. 'Speaking of gorgeous, look at you in that little thing. Your sexy chest all exposed and your strong legs as well.'

I laughed as I went to the kitchen but actually it was my turn to blush. This had turned from day one of mother's education to the hottest first date of my life. I came back with two glasses and the rest of the bottle. I sat next to her on the loveseat. Normally I take the lounge chair during our evenings at home. 'So tell me about day one of our experiment.'

She took a long, deep drink.

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