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Don't tell Sarah.

Then she noticed his big his cock really was. Just the thought of it made her body begin to tremble with desire. She just kept staring at it until her dripping cunt became a flood soaking her underpants.

Her mind became lost in the vision of Fen standing there slowing stroking his huge cock. Mindlessly Mary stripped and then standing naked behind Fen began to finger her clitoris with one hand and pull on her nipples with the other. All she could think of was that big beautiful cock and how she needed to suck on it. She needed to taste his cum that would soon be flowing from it. All of a sudden Fen turned around.

"Oh Fen," she moaned and without hesitation, Mary dropped to her knees in front of him. She could feel the shower hitting her in the back of her head, but she did not care.

"I need to suck your cock," she moaned. "I need to you cum into my mouth." Then she took Fen's throbbing prick into her mouth and began to slowly move her mouth up and down his hard shaft. On the up stroke she would use her tongue to tease the end of the throbbing cock and then nibble on it before taking it back into her mouth.

In no time Fen moaned, "Here it is Mary, drink it all." Then the dam broke and a river of cum flowed into Mary's mouth. She kept drinking until she swallowed every drop. Even though he had just cum, Fen's prick was still hard.

Then Mary turned around, "Fuck me Fen, fuck me now."

Without hesitation Fen rammed his hard cock deep into her cunt. Mary could not believe the size of his rod. When he shoved it into her it filled her up completely and her cunt had a hard time accepting the intruder. Once inside of her, he began to slowly slide his big member in and out of her at an increasing pace. His rhythm began sending sensation of pleasure all up and down the walls of Mary's canal. She could feel her muscles wrap themselves around the huge rod. Soon she was in the throws of a continuous orgasm.

Mary screamed, "Fuck me Fen Fuck me." Oh my, I'm cumming, I'm, cumming." Then Mary felt her cum spurt out around Fen's dick and down her legs onto the shower floor.

When the orgasms finished, Mary tried to stand upright, but her body was exhausted. She had never been fucked like this before. Out of nowhere feelings of remorse over what she had just done swept over her body. Fen was her son, adopted yes, but still her son. What had happened to her she had no idea. Without turning around she just staggered to her bedroom. She could feel cum drip down her legs with each step. She did not even bother the clean herself she just climbed into bed.

Lying there, Mary had a hard time trying to get to sleep. All she could do was think of what happened in the shower. Although she knew what she had done was wrong, she could not get the memory of the intense physical pleasure that Fen had given her. She had never been fucked like that in her entire life. As she lay there remembering Fen's hard cock, the taste of his cum and the feel of him inside of her; she her cunt began moisten and her nipples grew harder. "Enough," she said to herself, "enough. I'll have to talk to Fen in the morning and apologize and beg his forgiveness." Finally sleep came.

"What!" Mary exclaimed, "Where am I." She looked around. She was lying on some sort of platform in a room with very interesting pictures on the wall.

"Welcome Mary," Fen said. "You are held here by the force of my will, in case you are interested in why you cannot get up. Mary you are in my special room in the house. Although I have designed this house for my personal pleasure; this room is unique.

"I have got to be dreaming," Mary said to herself.

"You are about to experience sensations that are beyond anything you have ever felt before."

All at once Mary's nipples were being gently pulled and caressed by some unseen force.

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