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Smart mouthing and a proposal...what's Jane gotten into?

"How was your bath?"

"It was nice."

"You're still tense my dear." He picked her up still wrapped in the towel and carried her to her bed. "Lie on your stomach." He whispered and removed the towel. He covered her lower half with the sheet and massaged her back. He rubbed in a soothing lotion and felt her relax under his hands. Brian started humming as he massaged her, relaxing her further. Then he lay down beside her and pulled her close to him. He kissed her gently yet firmly, letting a bit of his own passion into that kiss.

"You're still wearing clothes." She whispered against his lips.

He smiled. "So quick to want me naked eh?" They both chuckled and he began to remove his own clothing down to his boxers. Her hands wandered over his naked chest and she reveled in the feel of him. Her hands traveled lower until they rested on his navel. His erection was straining against the fabric of his boxers and she traced the hardness with a single finger, she was curious to see more but was hesitant. Brian sucked in a breath and took her hand away from there. "Not tonight, tonight is for you my lovely."

He kissed her again and his hands traveled over her body. Gently caressing and building the fire within her. He wanted to bring forth that desire and give her pleasure like she had never felt before. Brian kissed a trail from her lips to her chest, but avoided the sensitive areas where she wanted him most. He kissed his way down to her stomach then back up again. This time his kisses trailed across her breasts and he gently laved her nipples, made her arch at the contact. He cupped one breast in his warm hand and let his mouth please the other. She moaned and shifted beneath him and he almost moaned with her for what he felt for her. As he caressed her breasts his hand traveled lower to her hips, and then to her thighs. He stopped his attentions to her breasts and took her mouth with hers again. He watched her face as he moved his hand between her thighs. She stiffened a little and looked up into his eyes. He saw the trust and love in her eyes, but also the slight fear too.

"Trust me sweetheart. I will not hurt you." He whispered. He began to caress her and find her pleasure spots.

She gasped and closed her eyes, arching to feel the pleasure. He slowly stroked her entrance and feeling her wetness slowly slid a finger into her, carefully watching her reaction. Her eyes snapped open and she jerked away from him.

"No!" She said fearfully and drew her legs up close to her chest, covering herself with the blanket. She closed her eyes tight and hugged herself.

Brian had been afraid of that; he had not known for sure how she would react to his touches. He looked at her with concern.

"Katarina? It's all right, it's only me." He sat opposite her, not touching her.

She slowly opened her eyes to look at him. Yes it was Brian's face. For a moment she had seen the Dom's face, grinning with perverseness. But it was Brian who was with her, looking at her with concern and care. Katarina relaxed and sagged into her bed. Brian was immediately by her side and holding her.

"I'm sorry." She whispered against his chest.

"No don't be, it is no fault of yours, just an obstacle to push through."

"I'm trying to trust you, and I do trust you but...nightmares get in the way." She sighed.

Brian held her tighter. "I know, little bird, I will help you. I will force nothing on you and we will take this slow."

She looked up at him, relaxed again and she could feel her arousal now that her moment of panic had passed. "Will you continue?"

"Only if you wish it." Brian said.

"I do." She whispered.

Brian kissed her and began his ministrations again. He took his time, slowly exploring every inch of her body, building up that feverish desire again. When he felt she was ready he moved his hand lower to rest on her mound.

"Open your eyes, Katarina, look at me." He said softly.

She opened her eyes and looked at him.

"Trust me, little bird." He whispered, then slowly slipped a finger inside.

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