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Batman and Huntress don't quite see eye-to-eye.

I couldn't help but notice her nipples pushing against the fabric of her top. Ok, maybe I did more than notice.

When Beth invited me to join her and Mary and Tim for lunch I was more than pleased. Spending more time with her was what I had hoped. I put on my shorts and she put on a tee shirt. What lovely breast.

We chatted about the dive and sooner or later someone will ask about my dive history. I've been to so many places that I have a difficult time remembering where. I recounted several and added that the Red Sea was high on my list for this year.

After lunch Mary and Tim left us to 'go for a walk.' I had a feeling the way they were acting that they were going to spend the time in their room and walking was not on their agenda. I was more pleased that Beth was agreeable to join me at the pool. I quickly changed swimsuits and headed to the pool and I was fortunate to find two chairs that had sufficient shade.

Beth looked stunning as she walked toward me. Her cover up had large enough holes to reveal her green two-piece swimsuit. The way she removed her cover up was about as good a strip tease as you can get. I offered to get us some drinks in part because I needed to make room in my suit for a growing dick. It was a good thing I made a wardrobe adjustment because when after untying her top she asked me to apply sun screen I had a full erection. I was doing pretty well until I was going down her sides and I was at the contour of her breast. If it was her intention of torturing me, she succeeded.

We spent the afternoon talking and I will say we revealed a lot about ourselves. I loved to hear her voice; it was like music to me. She had been through some bad times yet she wasn't bitter or blaming; rather she felt she was ready to move on. All too soon it was time to get ready for dinner.


I called Mary's room and she answered after a couple of rings. "Did you enjoy your walk?"

"After we left you and Gary I told Tim I would rather go to the room and I would fuck his ears off."

"TMI Mary, TMI."

"You should see the smile on his face. And speaking of smiles; how was your time with Gary?"

"We had a wonderful afternoon talking just about everything. He was so easy to talk with. I really like being with him sis. We are meeting for dinner at seven and you and satisfied Tim are welcomed to join us."

"We plan to do room service and then Tim wants me for desert."

"You two are killing me. See you tomorrow at breakfast."

The shower felt wonderful and I couldn't get the image of Tim and my sister spending the afternoon fucking out of my head. Mary has provided me on more than one occasion some graphic details of their sex life. After my divorce Mary and I had a chat that after some adult beverages became more intimate and explicit. I asked her about her sex life and she got pretty detailed. She talked about how much they both really enjoyed oral sex. Her orgasms with Tim eating her pussy were exquisite and she really enjoyed bringing Tim off in her mouth. Even better if she could take him into her mouth after a good fuck and she could lick her cum off his cock. I had never experienced any of that with my ex. He thought oral sex was dirty. Mary was surprised and saddened that I had not really experienced the joys of sex.

As I washed my breast I closed my eyes and imagined Gary standing in the shower with me and it was his hands caressing and fondling them. One hand instinctively reached down and starting rubbing my pussy. It felt so good and I found myself jacking off seeking the relief of an orgasm. The whole day was a build up to this point and when my orgasm came I had to hold on the rail and catch my breath.

I put on one of my favorite sleeveless dress that was low cut enough to show some cleavage. I debated whether to wear a bra or not but decided that maybe I should. I was out the door at ten till seven thinking I would be early. Much to my surprise we both met at the same time walking toward the dining room.
He was wearing slacks and a yellow polo shirt that ha

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