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A young guy goes to college and finds and finds himself.

He paused before answering feeling as if his answer was pivotal. "Yeah," he murmured.

"What are you thinking when you say something like that?" she asked the absurdity of the answer making the corners of her mouth curl up.

Unable to believe her response, he blurted exactly what he had been thinking all day long until his brain stopped him, "Do your panties match and..."

"And what?" Ashley asked blushing and looking down.

Mick looked down too, unable to believe what had come out of his mouth. With the thought racing in his head he glanced over at her thighs and noticed her dress had ridden up and he could see where the lace began at the top of her stocking.

As if by its own resolve, his hand moved toward the delicate fabric. He watched as his fingertips touched the hem of her dress covering a portion of the lace. He failed to notice her inquisitive glance and proceeded to rest his hand on the top of her thigh. He could feel the warmth of her skin through the stocking.

Ashley relaxed, easing back in the booth.

Mick's hand moved up under the taught fabric of the dress. He felt the top of her white stockings. "You need to help," he whispered.

Ashley ignored him, closing her eyes.

"You look hot. I mean you're really attractive," He corrected, "I've been thinking about you since I first saw you this afternoon. When you first spoke to me, your voice caught me off guard. I bet you practice sounding that good, don't you?" he whispered. "Your perfume, your collarbone, your fingernails, your... your demeanor. How could I refuse?" he asked hoarsely.

With each word, Ashley relaxed allowing his fingertips to cross over the top of her stockings onto soft warm skin. Urged on by his low voice, she edged forward causing her dress to ride up higher.

His fingertips reached the gauzy fabric covering her. He ran them along the leg band next to her vagina. He waited, listening to her breathe and watching her chest rise and fall. Gently, Mick slid his fingertips under the elastic and the back of his fingers pushed up against her sex.

Ashley looked angry with her eyes open, but they closed again and the rate of her breathing increased.

Mick gave a gentle tug and Ashley placed her hands palms down next to her hips and lifted up. Her panties came down to the top of her white stockings. Casually she sat up sipping her wine and tossing her hair, glancing around as her pink panties slid out from under her dress down to her knees, only her breathing betrayed the tension she was feeling.

Mick's heart skipped a beat as he leaned back in the booth too, observing Ashley's cool demeanor. He slid her panties over her knees, past her calves and onto the floor and sensed her excitement as she freed one foot, crossing the other leg over, allowing him to take the panties off her foot without anyone seeing.

Still looking around, she leaned into him and softly stated, "I really hope they simply whet your curiosity."

As Mick looked around he knew it was slow in the restaurant, but not slow enough to satisfy their common curiosity. He spotted a door with a sign above it reading Private Reserve. Excusing himself, he looked in finding a family gathering. Returning to the table, he found Ashley sitting bolt upright with a hint of a smile on her lips. Her bra strap, barely visible. Their looks conveyed their excitement.

Before he sat down, Ashley stood and took his hand. I really need to satisfy my curiosity now," she said, stressing the last word. She passed the waiter, "We'll be right back."

Mick followed her down into the basement to the rest rooms and wine cellar. "We could try it in the men's room," he suggested cocking his eyebrow. She smiled back at him over her shoulder revealing perfect white teeth between generous pink lips, leaving him thinking, "What a sexy mouth."

Ashley flung the men's room door open pulling them in as her heels click clacked across the tile floor past the washroom attendant and into the large handicapped s

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