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A story of the 'There & Then' for the 'Here & Now'

By the time we made it to the bed, Naudia had my shirt halfway off. She mewed like a cat, working the buckle of my belt open. I pressed my face between her shirt-covered tits.

"I think I've see you in pants long enough." Naudia said while she slipped them down my legs.

A minute later all but our underwear was on the floor in a pile. I felt her cock lodge between my thighs as we frantically kissed and continued to scratch at the few articles of clothing we still had on.

Naudia slid her frilly panties down her long legs and I saw her cock for the first time. To tell you the truth, I was expecting a little pink cock. Instead, my eyes bugged out as I saw a thick, veiny, whale of a cock--even bigger than my own.

"She likes you, Julian. Just look at how big she got."

"I can see..." I said, a little dumbfounded.

I looked up and Naudia had pulled her bra off. Her soft, round tits and hard nipples made my mouth water. I kissed up her stomach, pulling my boxers down as I did it. Our dicks instantly linked together. She laughed as I excitedly mauled each of her tits with my mouth.

"And it looks like your boy down there likes what he sees, too. Mmm... that's good." Naudia's hands massaged across my back as I loudly sucked on her nipples.

"Those your girlfriend's?"

I followed the trail of Naudia's eyes and saw a pair of Bridget's panties hanging off the knob of her nightstand.

Her nipple fell from my lips, "Yeah."

A mischievous grin played across her face. She leaned over and grabbed Bridget's panties.

"Is this a child size? I didn't know sizes even got this small." She giggled.

Naudia edged off the bed and I started to get a little frustrated, my dick aching against the mattress. She slipped the little pair of panties up her legs and they stopped midway up her thighs, unable to go any farther without snapping.

The eroticism of the moment took over complete control of my brain. My girlfriend's underwear were on Naudia and they couldn't even get past her curvy thighs. Meanwhile, Naudia's rock-hard cock bobbed up in the air. I fell to my elbows on the bed and engulfed Naudia's reddish purple cock head into my mouth. She groaned, her hands immediately covering my head.

Sucking my first cock felt as natural as anything I'd ever done. Naudia's spongy, hard cock slid deeper into the warmth of my mouth. Her cock twitched and it sent tremors throughout my body. I could feel every movement of Naudia's body; every intake of breath; every jab of her hips.

"Oh fuck, Julian, you're more adventurous than I thought."

I smiled around her cock, sucking deeply and running my tongue over the sides of her shaft. Her dick tensed and Naudia inhaled sharply. My hands ran up her smooth thighs and teased her low-hanging balls.

"I'm so charged. About to cum. I hope you don't mind swallowing." Naudia spoke slowly, pausing in between each sentence.

Naudia's hands held my head more harshly. She thrust her cock deeper into my mouth than it had been before and then shouted, hot liquid suddenly spewing from her cock. I swallowed hard as several mouthfuls of sticky cum spilled down my throat.

"Mmm... I love a man who can clean up his own messes." Naudia slowly wrenched her shrinking cock from my mouth while I licked up the last bits of cum from her shaft and balls.

I licked the sticky discharge from my lips, "How'd I do?"

Naudia arms wrapped around my back, her lips crushed against mine and her tongue ran in circles through my mouth. We embraced for a long moment, my hands kneading and spreading the bare flesh of her big butt.

"That was fantastic! I think my girl loves you forever after that. And you've never done that before?" She smiled.

"Nope. Never done that before."

Naudia's hand grabbed a strong hold on my cock; her hand stroked up my shaft. I was going to explode any minute--all this excitement had already gotten to me.

"A girl should clean up her messes too.

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