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How a friend brings forth hidden desires in a shy woman.

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"What's this?" It's hardly a question. Your hand is on my chest and my nipples harden under your touch. I'm pushed up against the wall again. "No bra?" Your hand glides down my back and skirt to my crotch and you let your finger trail across my nether lips and clit through the thin, soaked material of my thong. "Lace. Are you BEGGING to be fucked?!"

"It's hot. And what's wrong? It's just a tank top and a short pleated skirt. And t..that..." My face if flushed. Maybe in anger or shame. Or maybe because your hand is still stroking my sensitive clit.

I'm at your house, but considering my position I don't really seem to have the luxury of looking around.

You put your other hand in the locks of my brown hair and pull me towards you. Suddenly, I feel my thong being pushed aside and you thrust two fingers into me. You swirl them around and bring them out coated with my juices and stick them in your mouth.

"Mmm... You're so sweet." You smile at me and make popping noises as you pull your fingers out of your mouth slowly one by one.

You kneel down, and I feel you slip my thong off and blow lightly on my labia. My body shivers with lust and anticipation.

I squeeze my eyes shut and wait to feel your mouth clamp down on my clit or your tongue enter my vagina, but it doesn't happen. Instead, your hand snakes up the inside of my top and you start to knead my breast, purposefully avoiding my erect nipple.

"Josh... Quit teasing me," I moan and open my eyes slightly to look at you, "I want your mouth on my... My sensitive parts."

You look up with a knowing smile. "What parts, baby? What do you want?"

"Quit mocking me... You know what I mean!" my voice trembles from my unfufilled desires.

"And you know what I want. You know how to get the release you crave."

I can't take it anymore. The idea of my imminent pleasure and release causes me to abandon all modesty and shame.

"I want you to eat my pussy. I want you to make me cum. I want your cock in my mouth. My cunt!"

I'm shocked by myself. Looking down, I find that you're laughing. Sensing my gaze, you turn your attention to my wet snatch.

The touch of your tongue licking down the length of my slit sends a shiver up my spine. Your focus seems to shift to my clit and I feel your tongue alternately flicking against the hard bud and sucking it into your mouth.

You can tell that I'm about to have a mini orgasm, but that's not what you want. You want to hear me cry out as I cum hard from your ministrations.

Your tongue moves to my wet cunt and starts to snake in, and you swirl it around to taste my juices as you do so.

My juices are flowing steadily into and around your mouth, and you drink it up eagerly. Even so, I find that the more you eat me out the wetter I become. I have to brace myself against the wall to make sure my legs don't give way.

"Josh! Don't stop. I'm gonna cum!" the words barely leave my mouth before I cum hard in a string of moans and ecstatic cries. Luckily you're there to hold me up or I'm sure I'd collapse.

I feel myself being lifted and realize you're carrying me just as you toss me onto your bed and strip me completely.

"Good. Now it's MY turn to have fun. Get ready." Your voice is filled with lust and a fierce sense of urgency even as you remove your belt and free your sizable throbbing tool.

Without warning, you pull on my hips and bury your cock in my pussy. Even as wet as I am, I cry out in shock and pain from having you stretch me open. Not waiting for me to recover, you start to thrust into me hard. As I adjust to your size. I begin to moan from the pleasure of you filling me up so fully.

Maybe it's my moaning, or maybe it's having me lie before you completely vulnerable and submissive or that I'm enjoying having you use me like a slut. But whichever the case, you start to go even faster.

Just as I'm having another orgasm, I hear you groan and your hot cum spurts into my cunt and leaks out from the sides.

Having had your release, you get me to suck you clean, something to which I gladly comply.

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