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Edward Teach's reign near Bath, North Carolina.

"Naked. Now!" Betsy commanded, and he let his shirt fall from his shoulders and kicked off his jeans. She seized his briefs and pushed them down to fall on the denim as he stepped out.

"Turn around," she whispered and began running her hands up and down his torso, pinching his nipples and gently bouncing his package in one hand as she kissed and bit her way down his neck.

Justin sighed. "I am supposed to be working on my dissertation."

"No, you're supposed to be getting well fucked-because I say so. And you will, probably at least twice a day until Michelle gets home. Laurie says she's checking her temperature so she'll know the exact day you should plow her field. Then the three of you can start the baby factory. Now, let's head for the bedroom. And grab a towel on the way. This is going to be messy."

The amateur power-lifter easily lifted her lover and tossed him over her shoulder and strode down the hallway, stopping, as she said, to grab a towel. Justin, remembering the times he'd done the same thing to Michi, reached down and grabbed Betsy's buttocks and got spanked for it. That was about right. He responded the same way to Michi's play so it seemed that he was getting into the role reversal pretty well.

Betsy dropped him on the bed and then pinned him down for a hot, penetrating kiss and then worked her way down his body, nibbling, licking and sucking. Standing up she turned her back and looking over her shoulder slowly peeled her Levi's off. When her butt was bare she raised an inquiring eyebrow. "You like?"

"I want!"

"I know," Betsy replied with a wiggle, "and you can go on wanting. Laurie, Willow and I have declared our pussies and asses off limits until Michelle conceives. Once your DNA is on route to the future, young hoss, then we'll play again. But come next week you have some very important breeding to do. Futter College wants to insure that there won't be a lack of Heityme brainpower in the next generation. The days of letting genius forget to reproduce have come to a screaming halt. You, Justin my toy, are a national resource and I don't mean just as a source of investment capital."

She stepped out of her jeans and pulled off her tank top revealing her naked body in all its sinewy glory. Justin knew he could put a stop to the whole thing by just saying, "No" but what fun would that be? Struggle was futile. Tough and wiry as he was, Betsy was seven inches taller and a good forty or more pounds heavier than he was. Besides she could bench press almost twice his weight. So the only reasonable approach was to go with the flow. He rolled over face down onto the towel with a sly smile and lifted his hips.

"Come and get it," he murmured, "you know you want it."

"And you," Betsy responded reaching into her tote bag, "want this."

Pulling out a Feeldoe___ Stout, she stuck the bulb end in her mouth to get it slick and, spreading her labia, pushed it inside and hummed quietly to herself. Then she pulled out a LubeShooter___ and grinned mischievously at her quarry.

"No going back now, Justin m'boy. Your ass is mine!"

Playing the girl's role was fine with Justin but he wasn't about to do 'cute' so he refrained from wiggling his butt but he did sigh happily when she spread his cheeks and slipped the slim applicator inside and squeezed out a generous portion of lubricant. Betsy lay down beside him and pulled him up on one side.

"Lift that leg!" she growled and when he did, positioned the dong and thrust forward with well-practiced hips to drive it hilt deep inside.

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