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A not so innocent drive gets naughty.

When nothing jumped out at her, she smiled to herself. See? Fine.

She walked to the back of the house turning on every light on her way to the kitchen. Light was good. The boogyman couldn't get you with the lights on. In the kitchen she turned on the over head light and sighed. She needed some milk. Yes, milk. That would help her get some sleep. Mother always made her warm milk when she couldn't sleep at night. Maybe that was all she needed.

Ten minutes later she sat at the table in the kitchen sipping the warm milk. Glancing at the clock she sighed. She was going to have to get up for work in an hour. It was nearly two a.m. already. "Grrr...." Brenda stood and dumped the milk out. No reason to go back to bed now. She could go to Serevello and get an early start on the bread. Yes, that is exactly what she should do. She'd always ment to start earlier in the day. Smiling now, she trugged her way up stairs and into her bedroom, showing quickly and dressing even faster in loose fitting jeans and a clean white t-shirt.

As she slipped her Nike Crosstrainers on and slipped a coat over her shoulders she could have swron she herd a voice. "Works too much..." Brenda smiled again and shook her head. Now she was thinking that Dan was here? Laughing at that, she grabbed her purse and keys, heading out of the house. There was nothing like getting a head start.

Kell watched her get ready and tried not to smile. She thought she had a purpose. He supposed she did. He'd listened in, as if he could help it, on a phone call she had apparently made to her business partner. She had been bragging about how well the business had been going thus far. How popular it had become. He supposed she had something to be giddy about if the truth was what he had herd her say. She had built the beginnings of an empire it sounded like. But it also sounded as if she didn't want to expand. Just a small store, she had said repeatedly.

When she slipped her large coat on, Kell couldn't help himself from mumbling "You work to much." Brenda had looked startled for a moment, but then must have decided that she thought it, because she smiled that smile again. Kell felt something deep inside him clench everytime she smiled like that. This time wasn't any diffrent. Ah, but if he had a body.... He knew that he wanted her. She was an attractive thing, and that smile... Aye, he wanted her. "Damned foolish thoughts," he berated himself. Aye he wanted her, but how was he to have her? He had naught a body to hold her, or lips in which to kiss her.

"Damned foolish thoughts." He growled again. "She's turning me into milk toast." With that hanging in the air as she vanished out the door, he disappeared.


It had been the day from hell. When Bren arrived at Serevello, everything seemed to be going well. She got half the product she needed done for the day done by her quarterly break. Pleased with herself, and not the least bit tired, when Jack came in at nine, Bren smiled at him and told him to go home.

"You don't mean that Bren. I mean, we've got the weeks worth of rolls to do today, remember? For the McAfaree order? Its not possible that you can get it all done by yourself." Bren smiled and led him to the bin that held all of the fresh breads. "Holy christ, Boss, you've got half the order done already. How?"

Jack stared at her waiting for an answer. But she didn't really have one. "Just felt engergized I guess." She shrugged her shoulders and headed back to the work table.

"I still think I should stay boss. I mean, what if something goes wrong?"

"Jack! Go home. I thought you would enjoy a day off."

"I would-"

"Then GO!" Brenda said laughingly. Waving him away, she listened to him whistle as he left to enjoy the beautiful day.

It had all gone down hill from there.

By noon, Brenda was over her head in orders for the week, and no way to do it on her own.

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