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The extraordinary adventures of Ozzie Hanswater.

Wouldn't want to ruin it for you."

I still hadn't said a word but was getting less worried. I smiled and thanked them - explaining quietly that it'd been a bad day, taking a long, deep drag and exhaling slowly after I'd finished my sentence. I knew they were still looking at my legs, and then at my breasts as I inhaled.

The one crouching nearest to me knelt, and stroked my knee with his rough hand, "Maybe we can cheer you up some," when I moved my leg away he held it tighter, looking at me when he told me that he wouldn't tell my school about my weed if I did something for them. His hand was sliding further up my thigh and I smelled beer on his breath as I realised my blazer had the school name on it.

His hand was up under my skirt now, just about to brush against my wet pussy. I felt lighter, smiled again and bent my knees, opening my legs so they could see the black strip of thong that barely covered my pussy. I could practically feel their eyes on it, waiting as I reached down and pulled the material aside to show them the pink, shaved cunt underneath.

His hand paused as he stared between my legs, half in disbelief that I was actually doing it. Finally he reached up and slid my thong off as I raised my hips, pulling my legs apart again and holding my pussy open for him and his friends to see.

I felt ashamed that the attention was turning me on more, but it was. I stubbed out the joint and licked my fingers, slowly, and moved them down to my pussy, pushing two inside and then stroking my clit.

It seemed to be a cue for them - the one sitting next to me kissed my thigh, then up, and licked the outside of my soaking slit. He ran his tongue over me and pushed it in, moaning as he tasted my juices and lapped at my clit. I couldn't help opening my legs more and grinding against his mouth.

Another one walked over to me and pulled down his pants, pushing his glistening cock against my face and telling me to look up at him. I opened my mouth, hoping to keep control of the situation but he just grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed his dick deep into my throat. I gasped. I tried to gasp but couldn't - he pushed further, until I almost gagged and held it there, smirking at me as I desperately tried to breathe. Finally he pulled his dick out and started to slowly fuck my mouth, watching my mascara stream down my face as he did.

I felt hands unbuttoning my skirt, pinching my nipples and licking them as the first man sped up his licks. His fingers pushed into my pussy and moved in time with his tongue. Another hand pressed slightly against my ass and I couldn't take it any more, I came with a shudder and a groan, pushing my hips up and feeling the juices run out of my pussy and over his hands and face. I wanted to recover but he just kept licking, making my legs shake as my mouth was fucked mercilessly.

He stopped licking and pulled me down so I was lying on the floor. In seconds he had a hand pinning me to the floor and my legs on his shoulders, unbuttoning himself before he thrust into me. The others stood and watched as he pounded into my pussy so hard I could barely breathe. I moaned as I came again, feeling him fill every inch of my pussy. I felt helpless, and used. His hands moved to my throat and squeezed as he blew his load into me - streams of hot cum filling my sore little pussy. And I still had two men to please.

He pulled out of me and I felt his cum trickle down my thigh. He held me open again and pulled out his phone, pushing his fingers into me and taking a picture up my skirt, then again without the fingers. He angled the camera again, squeezing my tits as he snapped again and again, finally slapping them and pinching my nipples.

The man I'd been sucking came next - he turned me over and pushed his fingers into my cum-filled pussy, telling me to get on all fours as he reached around and massaged my tits.

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