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They already won their award, now it's time to celebrate.

But we still soaped each other down very thoroughly, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

When we finished, we dried each other off, kissing and touching pretty much every place that could be kissed and touched. Then, with her chest heaving from breathing so hard, Rachael walked out the sliding glass door onto my patio without anything on, and rounded the corner onto her own patio. The last I saw of her was a gorgeous ass moving in several directions at once as she emphasized her sexy walk for my benefit. DAMN, I loved watching her body!

After a full minute to calm down, I started rummaging in my suitcase for something to wear into town. In less than twenty minutes, I was dressed and combed and shaved and sitting on my back patio awaiting the woman I was falling in love with. Naturally, she kept me waiting a full half hour. And, of course, when she walked around the wall separating our respective patios, it was clear once again that she was worth waiting for.

I tried to stammer out some sort of compliment, but I found my tongue was simply not working right. And it didn't really matter, because my brain couldn't think of anything to say. So I just stood there staring, with a huge but stupid grin on my face. After several seconds, Rachael decided to start the conversation.

"Well, do I have to beg for a compliment here?" She tried to act like she was rebuking me for my silence, but her own grin betrayed her. I suddenly found my voice and then some words.

"Uh, Rachael, you take by breath away." That was it. Nothing else came out. But apparently it was enough, because Rae just beamed at my words.

"Thank you, kind sir." And she held up her arms and slowly turned so I could get a close look at her outfit. And I really enjoyed that close look!

She had taken the time to dry and curl her hair, with it again falling in waves past her bare shoulders. And I loved the effect. A slight bit of make-up highlighted her dark eyes and allowed them to shine. She wore a white top of some thin material that buttoned down the front, and she seemed to have forgotten three of the buttons. She showed just enough cleavage to make it obvious that she wore no bra, and her nipples tried to poke through the soft material of the blouse. As she stood there in front of me, the bright sunlight allowed her dark areolae and darker nipples to show through the thin material, and I wondered if I would ever lose my erection around her. She wore a very short skirt in a pale green material that flared out from her waist, which showed off more than half her legs. While I didn't have a ruler handy, I was sure that she showed off at east eight inches of thigh, which simply delighted me. And because the short skirt was flared, and made out of some light material, it promised to put on an awesome show to everyone around her each time there was more than a light breeze. And she finished her outfit with some simple white tennis shoes in a loafer style. All told, this was one sexy woman in a very sexy outfit! I was both thrilled and scared at what might happen on our shopping trip into town. Oh, well, I signed to myself, tough job, but somebody has to do it! And I prepared myself for the ordeal while trying not to grin like a schoolboy at his birthday party.

"Rachael, I believe you are the most beautiful and the most sexy woman I have ever known. I want to thank you again for spending this weekend with me. It has been a real privilege for me." I gazed at her with so much admiration that I was almost embarrassed by my emotions.

She looked at me with that huge smile. She was so clearly pleased that she swelled with pride, and seemed to stand a little taller. Then, after several seconds, her expression was suddenly different. In fact, several expressions passed over her face in just seconds, so quickly that I couldn't identify each change. Then the most amazing thing happened. She burst into tears.

I mean, she sobbed.

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