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"Holy Shit!" exclaimed Cindy. She was stunned at recognizing the last piece of underwear that she had sent Megan home with. To see Vanessa standing here with that thong on suggested so many things to her that she had trouble trying to put a couple of coherent thoughts together. Before she could come up with a sane answer, Vanessa spoke again.

"Will you teach me how to have lesbian sex?" she asked.

"Fuck! You really want that? You want me to fuck you?" asked Cindy incredulously.

"Yes, I've been talking with Megan and I want to try it. She thought that you might be willing to help and sent me over as a present."

"Oh wow, your sister continues to amaze me Vanessa. She is so wonderful. I'd be happy to make love to you, I've always wanted to but I didn't think you'd go for it, you were always talking about boys so much. Well, until recently now that I think about it. Come with me, let's go be comfortable in the bed room."

Vanessa meekly took the hand that was offered to her and followed Cindy up to her bedroom, her pussy wet with anticipation of what was to come.

Cindy led her friend into the room and sat down beside her on the bed. She didn't want this to be like some sort of instruction video and so she let her body do the talking. She leaned over her friend, lowering her mouth to meet the luscious lips that were being nervously licked before her. Vanessa's tongue happily stopped their nervous licking as her lips parted to meet the advance of her friend. Their tongues tangled, twisting and twining about each other, feeling out teeth and lips.

As they kissed, Cindy pushed her friend back on the bed, climbing up to straddle her hips, her hair falling about her friend's face like a curtain of privacy as her lips again locked in, kissing passionately. She ground her pussy against the body of the girl beneath her, feeling it begin to ooze its love juices in response to the fun that she was having. She let her hands wander over the belly of her friend, sliding up under the top to caress her breasts. Vanessa thrust them up towards the firm grasp of her friend's hands, having passed any barrier that may have been in her mind regarding girl-girl love were well and truly destroyed at the first touch of their lips together. There were no inhibitions now and this was not her sister. She loved the way that Cindy's small hands explored her firm breasts, bringing the nipples out to spear her palms. She thrust herself up against Cindy's crotch, which was rubbing at her mound, grinding away to bring pleasure to them both. She let her hands slide under Cindy's top as Cindy had to her. She reveled in the touch of the smooth skin over her belly and ribs, sliding up to find the mounds of her womanhood. She grasped a breast in each hand, fondling and squeezing in response to the pleasure that she was feeling exacted on her own breasts. Wanting to feel more, she reached up and around behind Cindy to release the clasp on her bra before sliding her hands under the wire to feel for the first time another girl's naked breasts in her hands. She adored the firmness and the subtle differences from the feeling of her own breasts.

Cindy was tugging at her t-shirt, pulling it up and Vanessa disengaged her lips and hands to facilitate the removal of her clothing. Cindy sat back out the way so that Vanessa could sit up and remove her bra.

"You're nipples are beautiful!" exclaimed Cindy, eyeing off the light brown buds at the tips of Vanessa's breasts. She leaned forward to take Vanessa's left nipple into her mouth, sucking on it, drawing it away from the breast before releasing it. She then repeated the action on the right nipple before sitting back and admiring the way in which they arose in response. Vanessa groaned in pleasure.

"God, that feel's awesome," she told Cindy. I can't believe how wet you're making me.

"Suck my nipples," Cindy told her.

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