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Latina & Frank play dress-up.

You hear me GUNS!" I said, hearing Stephen laughing over the phone.

"OK, don't panic just get any information you can and get out of there. You can do it Carla"

He hung up on me, I was so fucking mad, he had left me there alone. You Bastard, i yelled, then i realized where i was, in million dollar mansion, full of armed cops. At least i was hidden from view by some bushes, while i gathered my thoughts. I spotted a jacket with a crime scene investigator logo printed on it. Perfect, a plan flashed through my head. I put on the jacket, it was a little big for me, but would be able to blend in with the cops. I picked up a leather bag that was laying by the jacket. I was immediately spotted by a couple of cops who pointed me towards the house. So far I am heading where i want to go. I had no problem entering the front door, two cops removed the crime scene tape and stepped aside to let me through.

There was tons of cops, CSI inside, most of them was in the main hall. I looked to me left it looked like a small office. Opening the door slowly in case there was someone in there, the room was empty as i hoped. I shut the door behind me to block anyone's view, i gazed around the room looking for any clue of the tablet. After sifting through some papers on the desk, I spotted a safe half hidden behind a filing cabinet. I remembered a few things from spy school, this type of safe has a four digit combination, someone punching in the combination only use four keys. 4X4X4 = 64. I just need to find the four digits used then it's a one in sixty-four chance.

I looked in the leather bag i picked up as cover to get in the building. As i expected there was fingerprint powder, whooo! Once i found the right four keys i got the safe to open on the seventh try. Inside was the tablet wrapped in a canvass, i took it out the safe, it was heavy. Now all i have to do is get it out of here unnoticed. The leather bag would make a perfect place to hide the tablet from prying eyes.

It was heavy on my shoulder, i tried not to make it noticeable walking through the main hall. Then a cop started walking towards me, i had to think up a story fast. I picked up a roll of crime scene tape.

"What are you doing Kate, he said looking at the name tag on the jacket." What a piece of luck the jacket belonged to a female CSI.

"I came in through the rear entrance, there was no crime scene tape across the gateway. I was about to fix it, if that's OK with you sir?"

"Yes that's a smart idea, i will look into why that was never done. Well get to it Kate!"

"Yes sir." I said squeezing past the two cops at the main door.

I can't believe i had got away with that, well i haven't yet. I need to get out fast before they send someone to guard the rear entrance. I quickly disposed of the CSI jacket and the leather bag. The rear entrance was only 100 yards away. I was not even a third of the way. This tablet probably weighs 20-30 pounds, right now it feels like 130 pounds. I wished i had kept the leather bag, it would be much easier to carry. I knew in my mind it was the right decision to ditch the bag, the less evidence leading to me the better. I have to grit my teeth and get the fuck out of here.

I dropped to my knees from exhaustion as i arrived at the rear gates. Tired or not i had to get my butt in gear, i could hear a car coming down the driveway. As the air whooshed out of my lungs, I turned to look, the car was almost upon me, it was time for me to think fast. I hid behind some bushes at the end of the driveway, I wasn't sure if they had seen me. An idea came to me, there was an old cemetery hidden behind the bushes where i was hiding. A great place to hide the tablet, amongst the headstones. My time was limited as the car was arriving fast. I lay the tablet down, spacing it equally with the other head stone, to make it less obvious. Then covered it with dirt and grass.

I managed to sneak out from the bushes unseen, just as the car arrived. "Hey what are you doing, this is a crime scene" one of the cops shouted.

I turned my h

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