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Lovers meet for the first time.

You're sexy and gorgeous and I obviously can not behave normally in front of a woman I like."

Eve had no idea how to respond so she didn't. They simply continued their walk until they made the loop back to the front doors. She stretched while he sat on the bench next to her. He was pretty cute even though he was larger. She giggled as she caught him staring at her thighs as she stretched. Without saying a word she held his chin to raise his face up to hers. He was not at all tense or scared.

Time stopped. Everything stopped. His piercing blue eyes went straight through her and she realized that he was being sincere. She, on the other hand, was being a bitch. She had turned into a "type" and that made her angry. Right now as she held his face her mind was racing. Would he be brave enough to make the next move? Would she need to do something?

"I have to go to work," Darren blurted out. As he stood up she pulled away.

"Can we do this tomorrow?" Eve blurted out.

Darren just smiled.


And so the routine began. Every morning before work they'd do their short circuit of walking. Eve started tracking their speed and was impressed that slowly they built up to four miles an hour. They then started walking the loop twice. The conversation got easier. Eve told Darren all the things she had not told anyone, ever. Well almost everything.

It was almost the end of summer and they had just done their walk. As they waited for the elevator Darren suddenly started breathing hard. Eve wondered if he was having a heart attack. Eve looked over, eyes wide.

"Do you want to come over and have dinner with me?"

Eve laughed. He wasn't having a medical emergency. He was nervous. She bit her lip.

"Of course."


Eve stood in front of Darren's apartment door. She had never been this nervous. She had spent an hour picking out her outfit. She had spent another hour doing her hair and make up which was ridiculous considering she had very little make up to put on. She had finally decided on a tight jean skirt with a pink low cut top. She had curled her hair around her face and put on a bit of eye shadow and lip-gloss.

Her hands were sweaty as she knocked on the door. She waited a few moments, which felt like an eternity. When Darren finally opened the door Eve calmed down.

"Wow. Hi," Darren stumbled over his words as he greeted Eve. He stepped aside so she could walk in. He closed the door and kept staring.


"What?" Eve asked. She bit her lip, her face blushing once again.

"I guess I'm underdressed in jeans and a singlet."

"I like it. Shows off your muscles," Eve replied.

The tension was thick in the room as they stood on either side of the kitchen island. Eve could smell lasagne baking in the oven and she saw a salad bowl on the neatly set table. Looking into Darren's deep blue eyes she wanted only two things.

"Why am I the type to not like you?" Eve finally asked. It was an answer she wanted to hear.

Darren turned away. He did that a lot when he didn't want to answer a question. She waited as he served two plates and carried it to the table. Eve graciously sat down across from him and waited.

"I'm overweight and ugly. No one as beautiful as you should pay attention to me. But you have. For the whole summer. I know it's just walking around the block but it means a lot to me. And now you're here. It's like a date."

"It is a date Darren," Eve interrupted him and leaned over the table and kissed him. She really had no idea why she did that but she knew it would calm him down. She pulled back and sat down, beginning to eat as if nothing had happened.

"Um. So anyways that's my issue. Guys like me aren't supposed to get girls like you."

"Well you have me."


Eve lay back on the king size bed.

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