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What happens when Santa sends you an IM?

"I got about two hundred." She said reaching over to her stand for her purse, not realizing her skirt showed her pink thong a little bit, but enough to make him get a hard one.

"Okay." He said adjusting his crotch so she wouldn't notice it as much. "That is a start, still leaves a balance of six hundred seventy-five." He said getting hot under the collar as he looked at her big tits and nice tanned body.

"Here you go, I will have more for you in a few days." She said standing up as he did and she saw his crotch and looked down.

"Um, sorry Stacey, he likes you..." He said putting the money away.

He turned to leave as she stepped around him and went to walk him to the door. He looked down at her nice ass and grabbed her arm. She looked at him as he smiled and pulled her towards him. She looked up as he looked down at her blue eyes and smiled at her.

"How about we finish catching up your rent." He said grabbing her ass as her eyes widened realizing what he wanted.

"This isn't a good way to pay." She said as her skirt was unzipped and it fell to her ankles showing her pink thong and nice ass cheeks. "Stop this please..." She said as he locked lips and kissed her as he ran his hand up to her firm tit and squeezed it and he pinched her hard nipple.

She struggled as he felt up his sexy tenant. She felt her bra unhook as he pulled it off and out from under her tank top. Stacey was slowly turning on as he ran his hands all over her tanned and toned body. One hand found itself rubbing the front of her thong and prodding her tight pussy with a finger. Stacey had tears running down her face as he tore her tank top off and exposed her big breasts. He moved down and began to suck her tits as her thing slid aside and he was fingering her tight body. She never had anyone do this to her but it was turning her on as her pussy got wet.

"Please no..." She said feeling three fingers in her tight body.

"Sorry Stacey, but you needed this and it will catch your rent up." He said biting her nipple and pulling it as she moaned. "Just accept it." He said ripping her wet thong away as he pulled out his cock and bent her over the back of her couch. "This is what I do to sexy, nonpaying blonde renters with a new BMW outside Stacey!" He said ramming into her tight body and he was fucking her as she moaned and took it deep.

He pounded her as he held her bent over the leather couch. She moaned and took it as he gave it to her deep and hard. She smiled as she felt herself get off and she realized it had been awhile since any one was in her except her dildo. Stacy felt him deeper than anyone had been in a long time. She was always working or at home and not going out to get dick like her friends. Seems the dick found her and was helping her save money as he slapped her firm ass and fucked her like a slut!

He pulled her blonde hair as he shoved as deep as he could get making her moan and her cum flow around his cock. Stacey loved the fact her land lord was fucking the hell out of her as he thrust in and out of her body. She was getting off as he pounded her rougher and faster. He smacked her firm ass as he had her getting off and squealing. She jumped with each hard slap on her ass cheek.

Sweat covered her tanned body and she was over heated as she panted for him. He held her hips as he got ready to finish her off. She felt him slow down and thrust hard over and over making her clinch her pussy lips around his cock. He groaned as he began filling her body with his cum. He fucked her until he was done. He pulled out as she fell to her knees and turned to sit on her ass.

Stacey looked up at his as he let his cum drip to her big tits.

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