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18-year-old Sandhya finds different family within.


She fluffed out her hair.

"Speakin' of hungry, you fancy some Wendy's?"

"Maybe a soda but I'm not hungry."

"I'm so hungry I could eat the balls off a low flyin' duck, singin' always makes me hungry."

Jodie had never thought Wendy's a particularly romantic place but it was while they were sitting at a table that Melissa finally stepped across the line.

"You know you're the best thing to happen to me."

"How's that?" Jodie sipped on her Coke.

"Before you got here I was just bummin' around and screwin' Josh whenever he could book a motel room for us but now I'm thinkin' of goin' to college."

"To do what?"

"Performing art," she answered a few moments later, "I got the creative bug, it's what I love doin' but out here I feel like I'm stuck in limbo. Then this hot woman blows in from New York and afore you know it I'm thinking about goin' to college."

"You probably always had it in you," Jodie replied.

"Maybe," she took another mouthful and chewed slowly.

"But you had something to do with it," her eyes shifted to Jodie's front, "and you do look as hot as hell in that shirt, it's weird that mom wears it and I don't notice it but when you do I notice."

"So, you're attracted to me?"

"Does a bear shit in the woods?" Melissa took a mouthful of root beer, "if'n you put your hand between my legs I wouldn't be fightin' you off."
Jodie winced at that and Melissa kicked her gently.

"Ooh yeah, that tickled your fancy," she took another mouthful of her hamburger, "so," she went on a few seconds later, "you gonna take the hottest girl in Spencer back to your place?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Okeley dokely," she grabbed her root beer, "but we gotta pick up Dog first."

Jodie felt a slight twinge of anxiety as she waited outside the house. At some point she saw Julie in the front window and they exchanged a wave and shortly afterwards Melissa came out with Dog and headed for her pickup.

Jodie's phone rang as they were heading back to her place and she frowned at the number. It was from Deborah, an old and trusted friend, she sighed as she swiped the screen.

"Deborah, how are you?"

"Just sitting watching the Late Show, what about you?"

"On my way back home with a hot woman."

"Ooh, anyone I know?"

"Nope but I'll call you tomorrow and fill you in."

"I like getting filled in," Deborah giggled, "leave nothing out."

Nevertheless, Jodie felt nervous as she pulled into the drive, Melissa parked behind her and for a few seconds she actually thought about calling the whole thing off. She had the reasons lined up like little dominoes. She worked with her, she knew her parents, she would be gone in a few days, the list went on and on but when Melissa opened the door and her boots hit the dirt Jodie felt the familiar looseness in her belly. As the younger woman passed her Jodie got out and was greeted by Dog's wet nose on her hand.

"Hey Dog," she murmured.

Melissa looked completely unconcerned as Jodie unlocked the door and let her inside but Jodie felt as if she was walking on eggshells. She'd been here before, with Angie and look how that turned out, she blinked as Melissa hung her denim jacket on a coat rack in the hallway and then looked down the passageway to Jodie's bedroom door.

"Fancy a nightcap?" Jodie took her jacket off and hung it beside Melissa's.

"Sure," Melissa shrugged and stepped into the front room, "I'll have whatever you're having."

"I'm having wine."

"Works for me," she replied.

Melissa was sitting on the couch when Jodie came back in with two glasses of wine and a bottle, she'd taken off her boots and was rubbing Dog's belly with her foot. He noticed she'd come into the room and turned his head slightly to follow her progress.

"He likes you, they say dogs are intuitive."

"How does he take to Josh?"

"Josh has some allergic reaction to animals, I have to leave him at home when I meet him and then I got to have a shower and not wear certain perfumes."

"Is he i

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