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She loves flashing in porno theaters.

God DAMN was he hot. How had she never noticed before? Had a man ever been so hot? He was hardly a man at all - more like an Adonis, perfectly sculpted to inform her every sexual desire.

She had to have him. Kiss him. Touch him. Fuck him. Oh shit, she had to fuck him. Get him inside her. She hardly cared where. Her mouth, her pussy, her ass. Her tits, even. Guys had been begging to fuck her tits practically since she grew them. Finally, for once she would be more than happy to let someone.

No, not let. Beg. Beg him. She'd do anything for him to fuck her. It didn't matter what it took. She'd never been so happy to be blessed with her big tits, her round ass, her gorgeous face. They could help her get this perfect man to fuck her. They just had to. She didn't know what she'd do if he wouldn't.

These thoughts took place over the span of about half a second.

Then, she was sauntering across the room and pulling Arthur in for a scorching kiss, her tongue darting right into his mouth as she squealed in happiness. Her mouth moved down his jawline and to his neck, sucking on it like a love-stricken teenager.

"It... it worked! You really can...!" Arthur exclaimed.

"Told ya, dawg. Now she's good and..." he paused, as if concentrating on something, before finishing the thought. "and ready, so you want to do the rest, you go for..." again, a pause, "...it. I'll be here, doin' my thang."

"Could we have some privacy, actually?" the agent said, eyes fluttering as the busty starlet reached a hand down his pants and started grasping at his hardening cock.

"Sorry, no can do. Would if I could, but it takes... concentration. You gonna forget I'm here soon enough, buddy... now c'mon, get to your plan."

"Mmm, what plan, Art?" she asked between sucks on his ear lobes.

He took a deep breath. "Stop calling me Art."

She winced at how stupid she'd been. How could she never have learned what he liked? "Of course, baby - what do you want me to call you?"

"Oh wow, she's really..." he said to the other man, then turned back to her. "Um... sir? Call me sir?"

The top-heavy blonde nodded vigorously. "Oh yes, sir. If it makes you happy, sir." She resumed grinding her pelvis against his hips, annoyed with all the stupid clothes getting in the way of her goal.

Arthur looked relieved to see her go along with it. "And another thing - I want you to apologize for how rude you were to me earlier."

She could do that. No problem. If it was a hurdle in the way of getting his cock in her, she'd do anything to clear it.

She sunk to her knees. In her loose silk top, he had an easy look at the 34DD's contained within. She wondered if he knew her size. Her measurements were easy enough to find on the internet after all, and now, he'd get to see what those letters and numbers meant firsthand. "Of course, sir. I'm so very sorry. Sometimes I can be a little bratty... can I make it up to you? I'll do anything." She nuzzled her face into his crotch shamelessly to make sure he knew what she meant by it.

"We'll see," he said. (We'll see? Here she was, one of the most lusted after women in the world, on her knees offering to blow him, and he says we'll see? Her tits had made one of the lamest video games ever made into a national phenomenon without even showing a nip, for fuck's sake!)

"Hey, one quick... thing before you two get to it," Arthur's friend spoke up. Oh yeah, she'd forgotten he was here. I mean, who cared. It was Arthur. She'd be proud to be seen begging to suck him off. I mean, annoyed by the audience, but not enough to stop. Never enough to stop.

"Something wrong?" Arthur asked, smiling down at her on-going nuzzles.

"I needs to get paid, ya know."

She was glad the man kept interrupting. Arthur wasn't paying enough attention to fend her off as she undid his belt and fly. "I thought you said this was pro bono? This is an under-handed renegotiation technique, Shane..."

"Naw, dawg, not... you. Her."

She blinked, momentarily gazing over at this man.

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