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He returns early to give her a sensual surprise.

I shrugged it off as I got quite accustomed to it.

I regret the lack of light as it didn't give me a view of the cute little number anymore. I sighed and was about to shift my weight on my other leg when something startled the hell out of me. It was a hand a soft small hand slowly reaching back and bracing on my upper thigh. I knew it was her, after all she was the only one in front of me. I froze as she started back her little game again. She eased her left hand higher up my thigh and started making little circles with her fingertip. Then she reached back with her other and copied the same movement. I was awestricken, and boy was I getting aroused. I wanted to touch her myself but as I reached for one of her hands she grabbed it and put it back on my side, "hmmm" I let out a little sound to mimic my displeasure in her actions. My head was pulsing and my thoughts kept flashing of her tight little body. And what she was doing.

And then I felt it the oh so sweet curve of her ass as it slowly pressed into my waist. She began to stir those hips and press harder into me, I was screaming in my head at this point. I decided to push my luck, there was no way in hell this little cock tease was going to get away with this. I extended my left hand and slowly slid it to her flat tummy and pulled her closer, she resisted a little at first but gave in and leaned her whole body into mine. My breath quicken as I took in the smell of her, I nuzzled by nose to the edge of her neck and slowly trailed my lips across her cascading hair towards her shoulder. Her movement became a little more aggressive she was now sliding her butt right over my hard on letting it be crush in the middle of those two wonderful globes. A sigh escaped her lips as my lips got to her shoulder, she ever so lightly tilted her head to the side of my ear and in the tiny of whispers she said "more". At that moment I became a little self conscious of our surroundings, I began to ask myself how hasn't anybody noticed us, but it became apparent we were oblivious to the crowd as everyone was either in a conversation or chatting about being stuck and the resolution to it.

I refocused myself to her by sliding my other hand to her upper right thigh and slowly caressing it through her dress. I wanted to feel her to taste her right then and there but it would be too risky, so continued my present efforts. Her hands were no longer on my thighs they were sizing up my erection by slowly tugging it back and forth. She was so hot, I felt the need to return the favor. My right hand continued his course towards the hem of her dress slowly tugging it up to get access to her sweet little pussy. She doubled her efforts as I approached, and squeezed so hard when I slip a finger through the waist band of her panties and glide across her protruding lips. Oh my god.. She was so wet.

My face left her shoulder almost immediately and my mouth searched for her lips, the kiss was hard, uncontrollable. We couldn't get enough of it, when she pulled back for a breath I grabbed her bottom lip and brought her back in for more. As our passion intensified I took the opportunity to slide a finger pass her soft folds to her inner treasure. Slowly teasing her clit with my index finger. Now I wanted more, I wanted to taste her so bad. I slowly withdrew my fingers from her and brought it up to my lips and gradually licked her juice from it. I edged closer to her ear and whispered " delicious". She shuddered for a brief moment and resumed her activity of working my cock. We were out of control and needed release.

I replaced my hands on her pussy but this time I held her straight and very slowly grabbed hold of her panties and slid them down her legs, as the bunch up by her feet she instinctively stepped out of them.

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