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Cole & Briana get closer.

one offer the one he loved to another? How could I not have the backbone to tell her how I feel?

I know why. Because just being near her has always been enough. I figured that someday she would see me for who and what I was and we would be in love together.

I had dreams of us living as man and wife. Dreams that were about to be destroyed because she thought I was gay. I loved her more than as a friend and was afraid of losing her forever by telling her that.

I lived day to day for the next week. I never really tried to find anyone for Melissa. I was troubled by my fears and her request of me. I wanted to tell her. I wanted to be that man for her, forever.

About the middle of the second week Melissa asked me if I had any luck in finding her a solution to her problem. Knowing that I was losing my love if I did but feeling I had no other choice I told her I would by the following weekend for sure.

I talked to a few friends and after seeing a picture of her they were interested very much in going out with her. I held them at bay by not directly asking them. More like showing a picture of a girlfriend around. They were jealous of me, if they had only known what our relationship really was like.

On Friday I finally made my decision. It was the hardest choice I had ever made up until now. I had to do it for her I told myself. Over and over I told myself I had no choice in the matter now. I was truly going to be the friend she needed.

"Hi John. Had any luck in finding me a man?"

She was in good spirits today and being a bit smart-assed. I knew she was expecting me to come through for her. I only hoped my choice would be the right one for her. It was breaking my heart and I was a bit choked up in telling her about her date for Saturday night.

"Yeah. I found a guy for you. He will be gentle and understanding. I talked to him several times about you. He knows quite a bit about you. I hope that you don't mind if I told him about...things."

"Mind? Well John, I trust you. I know you would not hurt me or allow anyone else to hurt me either. What does he look like? Tall like you? Come on, give me something to work with here."

"Well, he is tall like me. His weight is around 180, no fat. He works out regularly and he is pretty healthy. He isn't gay, so you can rest easy about that too."

"When does he want to go out with me then?"

"He said he would pick you up around seven tomorrow night. Are you sure about this Melissa? I mean, this is how your last date started and all. I think you can trust him, but even I can't guarantee what will happen."

"Oh John, I know you wouldn't set me up with a jerk. I trust you and your judgment."

The next morning I got a call from the man I had picked out.

"Can't make that date tonight John. Looks like you are going to have to take her out man. Lucky dog you. I have to fly to L.A. this afternoon for a session. Sorry. Have fun."

I was upset. He was leaving me no choice but to face Melissa with my cowardice. What would I do now?

I debated just calling her, but she would have come right over after my telling her about her date canceling out on her. Then she would feel bad because she would think he was dumping her for her not for the real reason. I was in a quandary for hours. Then I suddenly realized that it was almost time for her date to start.

I showered and dressed up fairly nice. I walked over to her door on shaky legs. My greatest fear was about to come to a head. What would she say? What would she do? I almost turned and went back to my apartment. Something made me stay where I was.

I rang her bell. Waiting nervously for her to answer I almost ran. Still something kept me there. A little voice in my ear saying 'be a man stupid'.

Melissa opened her door. Her look of surprise was complete. I could see her looking over my shoulder for a man. The man who was taking her out for dinner and a fuck. When she didn't see him she looked at me confusion in her eyes.

"He was a no show?"


"No? Then where is.

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