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Because even stars need a good fucking.

One of her hands was busy rubbing my cock while her mouth sucked it and the other one was massaging my balls while her mouth was busy with my 9 inch prick. I thought I had better start using my tongue to get her in her sweet spot to cum soon or I'd be the first one, it had turned into a contest and I was damn determined to win. I put my mouth up to her cunt and started to dart my tongue in and out while using my fingers to explore her amazing ass, once I found the anus I started to occasionally push a finger or two in it and felt her muffled yelp of pleasure wash over my hardened cock. I got more aggressive now and pushed her cunt into my face and started to suck out the sweet melon tasting salty nectar from her pussy which was oozing the juice. That was when she started to shake and her pussy juices started to squirt out into my mouth, she took her head off my cock to scream, "Oh god Chris, fuck yes, oh dear god yes."

I had won the competition, but seeing her yell in pleasure was getting me even closer and I knew I didn't have long before I would burst. She seemed to sense this as immediately after her orgasm subsided she flung her mouth back onto my cock and started to suck like there was no tomorrow. I felt that familiar squeezing in my balls that I had felt on the bus and I came, reaching her head and pushing it down to make sure she got all my seed and swallowed it all. Like I said, I think she was a pro because she managed to swallow every last drop.

She got up and the cum from earlier was still on her. She used her fingers to get it all and then looked at me with a look of pure lust and said, "Chris we have got to do that again SOON."

I then quickly packed up my stuff and got dressed as I was sure that the bell had rung for second period, which meant history for me and a new class for her. I hurried to my second period.

I walked past my second period class only to see a near empty class and a teacher boring the two students there, so I decided to skip. I headed to the library figuring it would be the quietest part of the school and I would be able to actually wrap my head around the events of the day. Once I got to the library I saw my friend Jill in the corner, she was supposed to be in the same class I should have been in at that time, she waved me over and I started to walk towards her.

As I got closer to her I started checking her out. She had long dirty blond hair that went just beyond her shoulders, was about 5'2" and thin, and she was smiling at me. Her face was simple and kind of average other than her eyes, they were quite stunning. She was wearing a thin, white, blank T-shirt you could see her bra through; it was black and lacy and covered her B cup breasts well. On her bottom she wore an extremely tight pair of yoga pants that made me want to know what her ass looked like badly.

As I made it to the seat beside her, she was blushing and play slapped me as she said "Hey Chris, you wanna stop checking me out? Thanks."

Jill was known as the, well I guess you could call her the innocent girl of the group. As far as we knew she hadn't done any sort of sex, didn't watch porn or even masturbate. So it wasn't often a guy came over checking her out because of her reputation as a prude.

I simply responded back with, "Well what do you expect, you look amazingly hot today Jill. A guy would be crazy to not at least glance at you today."

She blushed even more and said, "I don't care how 'amazingly hot' I am or you think I am, it is not prudent to stare at a woman like that."

"Well why not Jill? You know it can lead to some great fun, and looking at those yoga pants I bet your ass looks terrific."

"Oh come on Chris, you're about as experienced as me when it comes to sex- what would you know?"

"Trust me, I'm a little more experienced then you are, and trust me it can work out great for both people involved.

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