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Sheila's First Taste of Bondage.

"It tastes best straight from the source," Laurel says as she waves his cock in front of Zinda's face. She gives it a loving lick while Zinda pouts. The two of them walk closer to the defeated strawberry blonde and wave his cock in front of her nose. Zinda's face gets painted with cum as it travels from cheek to cheek. Her forehead and lips also get glazed with pre-cum while she firmly keeps her lips closed. Batman pulls away and grabs Laurel's head. Getting the message, she opens her mouth again to give him another blowie. She's more comfortable with his girth now and glides along while he fucks Laurel's mouth. Zinda's jaw begins to slacken as she watches Laurel enjoy herself. Combined with the smell of precum on her face and the perverse show in front of her, she pants in anticipation. Laurel lets up and sees the wanton look on her face. The two ladies look up to Batman as he now traces his length against Zinda's lips. She tries to suck him down.

"No, no, no, you got to really let him go deep," Laurel says as she takes hold of Zinda's head to properly deepthroat Batman's cock. Even with her forceful puppeteering, Zinda only makes a fourth of the way before gagging, sputtering from the length plugging her throat.

"God damn! Have you never sucked cock before?" She pulls Zinda off and leans in to slobber his knob, doing her damnedest to go deeper than before, but fails to do much better. Zinda then lowers her head to feel his nutsack on her tongue as his male musk fills her nose. The two blondes lavish his cock with licks to his shaft and balls. Soon, they feel his nutsack quiver and shake while Black Canary continues to stroke him off. He erupts in their faces and his thick cream splatters the both of them.

Now marked with his cum, Batman gently lays Zinda down and grabs her ankles to fuck her. He goes slow and deep inside her as she gasps from the sensation of expanding to accommodate his girth. Her moans become muffled when Laurel sits on her face to put her hungry mouth to beneficial use. Laurel's thighs squeeze together as Zinda slurps away at her cunt, but Zinda taps out on Laurel's thigh from the intense pressure to her skull.

"Oops! Sorry. I was really close though," Black Canary lets up on her vice-like grip while Batman continues to pound Lady Blackhawk. With her mouth free, she wails in delight as her pussy squeezes his cock tight as she orgasms. Likewise, he dumps his semen deep inside her before pulling out of her creamed pie.

That's when Black Canary leaps onto Batman's shoulders, smothering him with her pussy while she squeezes his head tight between her thighs. His palms rest on her ass to stabilize her as he eats her out. Just like Lady Blackhawk, her gasps and moans drive her insane with ecstasy and shudders as his tongue penetrates and massages her inner walls. Laurel lets out another Canary cry and the entire room shakes. Batman sets her down on the mat next to Lady Blackhawk. While Lady Blackhawk gasps in exhaustion, he flips her onto her hands and knees to sample her unused butthole. He pries her cheeks open to reveal her unused butthole and probes it with the tip of his penis. He slowly inserts it, as it gives him far more resistance than her pussy. Zinda gasps as her bowels feel filled with his girth. She tries to brace herself as her entire body rocks from his powerful thrusts, but her arms give way and her face plants to the floor. Batman grabs her ankles to straighten her legs to use her as a plow. Her pants and gasps soon build up and she orgasms from the ass fucking, her limbs become rubber as she basks in the strange afterglow of her anal orgasm. He pulls out of her fainted body as both of her holes drool out his cum.

Sunday, January 8, 2012 -- Night:

Six Hours Later:

Thea opens the front door, when her brother Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow storms in followed by his ex-girlfriend Laurel Lance, aka the Canary, who is a good friend of Thea, and Oliver's new girlfriend, Chloe Sullivan who is the reason

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