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I had invited a few friends from classes, but never bothered getting an RSVP from them. If they showed up, great, if not, meh. I was happy to see Donna already there when I arrived, wearing one of those oriental-style dresses which that really actuated her curvy figure. If she didn't bring a guy back to her room, I would be shocked! For the first part of the party, she and I hung out together. Mo and Jake were busy entertaining and welcoming both invited and uninvited guests to their party. At any hint of a couple trying to get in, they'd call Pablo, a sophomore buddy from the track team. He was a thrower... about 6'3", 310 lbs. Nobody wanted to mess with him! If he told you to leave, he wasn't asking. Of course, most people didn't know that Pablo was as gentle as a lamb. Even fewer knew that he was gay, something he confided in me early into our friendship on the track team. I guess he sensed that I'm a liberal guy; I don't care if you're gay, straight, bi, trans, etc. As long as you're a good person and you're not hurting anybody, do whatever makes you happiest.

Pablo, Donna and I chatted during the early part of the evening. The wine I brought was a huge hit, guess most college students are more used to drinking Natty Lite than they are a good shiraz or sauvignon blanc (my personal favorite, though I only had 1 glass). The party started at around 8ish and by 9:30 it was in full swing. People were hanging out all over the room, different groups of people chatting and mingling with one another, our mutual pseudo-hatred of couples was a good way to break the ice.

At around 9:45, Lucy's cell rang a few times. At first, she tried to ignore it, but by the third call from the same number in under a minute she excused herself to the hall so she could take the call in a quieter setting. When she came back in, she looked pretty upset.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Oh, Erik, it's awful!"

"Oh shit," I said jumping to conclusions. "Nobody's hurt or anything are they?"

"No, nothing like that," she replied, "it's our dorm room. A pipe burst down the hall and soaked the entire floor! They're asking all the students who can, to sleep somewhere else this weekend so they can bring in some heavy duty fans and driers so the carpets don't mold!"

I ran my hand through my hair, "Is your computer okay?"

"Yeah, they said the floor blew a fuse when the pipe burst, so all the electronics should be alright, thank God. I don't know what I'd do if I lost all my work on my computer! Anyway, I know you were looking forward to finally having a room to yourself for a few days, but do you think I can sleep over with you until this mess is cleaned up?"

"Donna," I began, "How many times have I stayed with you? At this point you shouldn't even have to ask. Mi casa es su casa!" ___ College With a Cane, Freshmen Year, Part 2

Even though it was only around 10pm, Donna and I decided to leave the party and check out her floor. After we moved some of her stuff to Sean and my room, we could always go back, depending on what time it was. Water was dripping from the building when we got there, but it looked much more under control than we thought it was going to be after she got the call from her RA. We took two flashlights a number of people from the housing department in addition to campus safety were handing out before entering the building.

"And I thought they smelled bad on the outside," I said imitating Han Solo when we opened the door. It really did stink, and would have been just about impossible for anybody to sleep in. I hoped everyone else in the dorm would be able to find somewhere else to crash. The carpets were completely soaked, and every light except for the low-voltage emergency ones had been shut off. Some of the overhead fluorescents, however, flickered, presumably caused by overload or short circuits. The low lighting mixed with occasional flickering fluorescents made it difficult to see, but not impossible.

"Shit," I cursed under my breath when we got to the s

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