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Breathing silent. Like an angel.

I rest, kneeled at your side. Watching you dream. So fragile. So.. beautiful. Knowing my own dark-side, my dark secret, I feel unworthy. Your beauty reminds me of a more gentler time. When death and torment was no option. What is your name I wonder? I look upon your angel face. And your angel hair. I recognize the flower peddle in your hair. Your town had an infinite amount of these flowers; before it burned to the ground. Perhaps being the last peddle of your home, I decide to preserve it. How precious a peddle can be, when it is the last.

You sigh, like a child, as I lean over to set the peddle upon the thick bed post. Your head lifts off the pillow to look around. You sigh once more and lie on your back. Our eyes meet. You say nothing. Instead smile. And giggle faintly. We look into each other. Your expression changes to that more serious and you make your head more comfortable within the grouping of pillows. You reach out your hand and graze my shoulder with your finger tips, and study my bandaged arm. Your touch is soothing. Your presence impossible to define. I watch your eyes as they wander my skin. I study your eyebrows. Your fingers gently slide down my arm and rest upon my knee. Your eyes hesitate below my waste, then look me briefly in the eyes as if to ask permission to look upon my man hood resting next to my leg. You have my full attention. And permission.

Gently you glide your fingers up the shaft of my trophy, and back down again. So provocative. So stimulating. I harden in your hand as you shift your grip back and forth. My heart begins to race. Then, with an almost sinister grin you lean over and taste your interest. I gasp. Your tongue.. so warm. And wet. I feel the back of your throat as you slide as much of me in your mouth as you can fit. My heart beats almost out of control as you stroke my rod with your mouth. Your stare keeps me sober, and I remember to breath. I hold your hair out of your face as you bring me to full mass. So passionate, so eager to please.

I smile.. and throw your blankets aside as I spread your legs; eager to return the favor. You sigh, and press your nails into my shoulders as I bury my face in your garden. So sweet, and wet,.. I long to please you, and search for your favorite spots to be touched.. and I touch you there. As much as you like. With my tongue. The caged owl in the corner feels the energy and awakens, as do you.

The sun shines brighter as we kiss. Only our tongues touch. I squeeze your breasts while you stroke me on. The anticipation fills the room. I slide a finger in you, knowing we both want more. "Make love to me," you beg. And I abide. Grabbing a hold of myself, I place the head of my cock at your door and force my way in. Your juices splash around my main frame as half of me bares into your tight little hole. I barely fit. You pull me the rest of the way in. Deep. Perhaps deeper than I should be. But you find pleasure in the pain. Your nails dig into my back, and I grow even larger. I slide back out for the first time and drive my way back in deeper, taking your breath away. You climax, and I feel your cum flow onto me.

You hold me close as I begin my assault, and pound your defenseless nudity into ecstasy. I lean back and hold onto your knees. Penetrating you even deeper. You moan. All of me glides in and out of you. Slowly. Firmly. You pull my face to yours and we kiss. I love your tongue. I keep my eyes on you. So beautiful. Your hands run down my chest and below my waste. Tickling me just a little. You grab a hold of my man hood and pull it out of you to play with. Ensuring my full arousal. Your wet juices make it easy to stroke. I take a deep breath and my eyes roll back. You smile, knowing I'm loving your touch.

Then, you lay me down and climb on top of me.

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