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Is it a sin to love an Angel?

When they returned to the car, Shelly got in back with me and lay on her stomach across the back seat. She pulled down her skirt and panties. Then she asked Candice to mix the leftovers from all three of their meals, and put it all on Shelly's bare ass. Kneeling on the floor behind the front passenger seat, I ate my lunch (forbidden to use my hands) off of Shelly's butt. Since the blanket was not covering us, it's possible that some truckers passing by did double-takes catching sight of that.

At the house in Kennesburg, my every waking moment was spent... well... as a total slave. Just doing what I was told. Candice and Shelly both liked cooking, so they did that, but every other household chore was my job. I did dishes, I did everyone's laundry, I vacuumed, I swept, I picked up after all three of them, I made beds, I mowed the lawn, washed the car, everything. All I got to drink - well, besides piss - was water, which I drank from a bowl on the kitchen floor. When I wasn't doing chores I spent plenty of time licking. Licking feet, balls, ass, pussy, licking everyone's ass clean after they pooped, and of course drinking everyone's pee. All three of them used the remotes to vibrate my butt plug or shock my balls whenever they felt like it. And of course, Tyler would fuck my ass when he was so inclined, or any of the three of them would fuck me with my dildo, or have me fucking myself with it.

As Tyler had promised, the first night in Keenesburg included a belt-whipping. Since he knew watching it would turn Shelly on, and she would want to fuck him, Candice was appointed to administer it. I was placed on my hands and knees on the floor, facing Tyler and Shelly's bed, while Shelly rested on her elbows and hung her face over the side as Tyler fucked her from behind. This meant her face was just a few inches away, and she could savor the pain on my face, and the tears Candice brought to my eyes, by beating me with a belt on my ass, my back, my thighs, and my balls. Shelly also held the remote for the ball-shocker in one hand, and regularly shocked me during the whipping. Her face was a vision of ecstasy the whole time.

The first whipping was supposedly punishment for having given my parents the impression that Tyler and I were less than "best buds". But the subsequent beatings, which occurred several times weekly, were quite obviously just for Shelly's pleasure and not punishment for anything. There was nothing to punish me for, because I did everything I was told immediately and without complaint. My behavior and obedience were impeccable, but did that mean I'd be spared ball-shockings and belt-whippings? Of course not.

I almost never got several hours of uninterrupted sleep. Tyler was always home unless he and Shelly went to a movie or went out for some time alone. Candice had a regular 8 to 5 job; she would come home during the noon hour for lunch. Shelly's hours were irregular, but she never worked before 11, and if she worked a dinner shift, she'd be home around 9 or 10. She always stayed up latest. Even if she got in bed with Tyler until he fell asleep (usually around 12 or 1), she might get back out of bed and stay up until 3 or 4. If so, she might require me to be up with her, to crawl into the kitchen and fetch her something, to be her footstool, to eat her out, etc. But then I always had to wake "Mom" up at 6:30 by coming into the room with coffee. Then I'd have to slither under her covers, get between her thighs and lick her pussy to help her wake up. Then I'd drink her morning piss when she was ready, and crawl into the bathroom with her, to lick her pussy softly while she took her morning dump. Then of course, I'd lick her ass clean, after which I had to just kneel outside the tub while she showered, dry her off afterwards, help her get dressed, and help her make breakfast, which she would eat from a plate. But whatever she fixed, she mixed my portion all together and made a little pile right on the kitchen floor.
Other meals I often ate off of someone's ass.

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