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Julia begins to find that sex is fun.

And the only person she could think about doing it to, was Dave.

It seemed like the longest day of school she ever attended. Every minute lasted for hours, or so it seemed at least, as she was in anticipation for her final class. Getting to wrap her mouth around his cock. She couldn't focus all day, just imagining taking off Dave's pants over and over again. All day her excitement grew, and she was worried her panties would get soaked.

Finally, the final class was there. She could feel her box becoming wet the moment she laid eyes on Dave.

If the previous minutes felt like hours, now it seemed to be days. Just as she thought she couldn't take it anymore, the sweet sound of the bell relieved her.

She waited until all her classmates left.

"Finally... This is it," she thought.

"What can I do for you Elisabeth?"

"Sir, I was having some problems with our assignment for next week."

"What exactly seems to be the problem?"

Liz sat down and opened her book. She was smart enough to know the correct way to approach the problems, so she pretended to do it the wrong way. He gave her some guidance and she solved the problems correctly this time.

"Good job, Elisabeth!" he said proudly, while he put his hand on her shoulder, like he often did with his students. This was the moment Liz was waiting for. She grabbed his hand, and put it on her boob.

"Wow Liz what the hell are you doing?!" Dave said with a huge face of surprise as he withdrew his hand.

"Putting your hand on my chest. I've been attracted to you for such a long time, finally I want to do something about it. I want to suck your dick!" Elizabeth surprised herself with how forthcoming shejust was.

"Liz, this is wrong! Not only am I your teacher, you've only just become 18 last week! Hell, I'm twice your age!"

"Don't think I haven't noticed you staring at my ass any chance you get. Or my boobs."

"But... that's..." Dave started talking nervously, not being able to find his words.

"That's what I thought." Liz made the coyest face in her repertoire and put her finger to her mouth as she giggled. She drew her body into him, pressed her boobs against his chest as she stood on the tip of her toes, guiding her lips to his. Dave pulled his face from hers and gently pushed her away.

"I'm sorry, but I can't do this... I don't want to..."

"The bulge in your pants is telling me otherwise," she said seductively, as she placed her hand on his crotch and softly started stroking his semi-erection. Dave started moaning as he closed his eyes and tilted his head back, surrendering to the feeling.

Liz could feel her strokes caused more blood being to his dick, and she loved it. She shoved her hand down his pants and grabbed his now almost fully hard dick, while she used her other hand to guide his to her boobs. Within a few seconds his erection was complete. Liz wanted to undo his belt, when Dave stopped her.

"If we're going through with this, we have to do it right. And make sure we don't get caught."

He hung a sign on the door that said, 'Grading papers, please do not disturb', locked the door and closed the shutters.

"It's not a proper blowjob if you're fully clothed. Undress!"

She smiled as she slowly unbuttoned her white shirt. Under it was a beautiful white laced bra safeguarding her untouched breasts. Next up was her skirt. She undid the zipper and let it fall. She teasingly turned around when she took her bra off, covering her beautiful boobs with her hands, and turned around again.

She played with her boobs, flashing her nipples and slowly uncovering them. Dave gasped at her gorgeous chest, how perky and round they were, with the cutest tiny pink nipples.

Dave took his tie and shirt off, and readjusted his boner to be more comfortable. Finally it was time for her panties to come off.

"Turn around, bend over as far as you can, and slowly take off your underwear."

She happily complied. Dave loved the sight of her perfect bum, and her cute pink pussy lips saying hi from in between her cheeks.

"Alright, now spread your cheeks."

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