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Bored wife, Laura Reading finds a glory hole in her wardrobe.

She never did finish with anything coherent.

"Flip her onto her back. Easier for us later." I explained to Richie as we forcefully subdued the blonde.

Helen couldn't believe her eyes as I produced the cuffs and pulled her outstretched arms back. As she lay helpless on her bedroom floor with Richie holding her down with all his strength I clicked one cuff on her left wrist.

"Don't struggle Helen. The more you struggle the tighter these babies shut and they ain't coming off till you've been a good girl and behaved yourself." I informed her

I fed the free cuff around a large bed leg. It was an old house with old furnishings. The bed was a large four poster with a brass-railed headboard. I had planned to get my cousin cuffed to that but the fight she had given us had put that plan on hold. As the second cuff clicked securely on her right wrist I felt Helen stop struggling.

"Okay boys. You've got me hitched to this bed. What do you intend to do to me?"

She looked curious as to our next move. I guessed she didn't think we'd do much to her. She was older and worldlier than us. I was pretty sure she still thought of us as kids she could have fun with and no comebacks. She hadn't realized just how much she had inflamed her brother's lust when she had played with the poor boys dick.

"You stripped Richie bare and had your fun with him. You and Carole are both going to get the same. We are gonna strip you first. You won the lucky gold ticket. No point fighting us. You are trapped. Can't lug this big old bed far."

As I was talking quietly to Helen both Richie and I had been making ourselves comfortable. We had knelt by the side of the blonde and now began our fun.

"Please boys!" Helen implored. "Richie, Wyatt. I know I went too far but COME ON! This has gone far enough!"

I felt Helen tense as I slipped my hand under her white T-shirt. It was tight on her body and those nipples were poking through nicely. I swear they rose even more as my hand caressed her flat, toned stomach.

I looked at Richie who hadn't moved a muscle to touch her. He was just staring at the prostrate form of his sister lying in front of him totally helpless.

"Help yourself" I said to him and nodded at her tits. "Your turn to strip her! Don't be shy!"

"No!" Helen pleaded "I'm your sister for God's sake"

The cuffs held her firm as she struggled against them for the first time

"You should have thought of that before you stripped him!" I said with a smile.

In reply to her plea Richie and myself slowly pulled the cotton material upward over her bra-clad tits. They looked even bigger as they were held in place by a bra that was struggling to contain them. The bra wasn't of the see through variety but had lacey bits that enhanced the sexiness of it. The vision of her in that brassiere is indelibly burned into my fantasies to this day.

"Okay, okay boys" Helen gabbled out. "I can see you mean business so how about we cut a deal?"

"What kind?" I enquired.

"If I kiss you both..You know...like you've never been kissed before...then you let me go."

"Topless." I said sternly.

Helen looked back and for and saw two horny teenagers. She gulped.

"Okay. But uncuff me and you'll enjoy it better..."

"Yeah sure" Richie scoffed "Like that's gonna happen. Cuffs stay on till you keep the deal."

With that said Richie eased the T-shirt up over her head and pushed it up as far as it would go out of the way.

I found my voice once again. My cousin was becoming subservient to us. Time to get the blonde more naked.

"The jeans come off as well Helen. I want to see you topless and in just your panties. No problem with that I hope."

I shot a look at Richie who gave me a big grin back. This was going great. Helen seemed putty in our hands.

"Okay...slide them off me."

Helen raised her nice ass off the bedroom floor and Richie and myself eased them down, inch by inch.

"You can struggle if you like big sis...more of a chance of the panties accidentally coming down as well" Rich chuckled.

Helen glowered at us both but she

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