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Lizzie/Ellie faces tougher hazing at big sister's sorority.


"Start with your breasts. Get them out for me."

"OK. I show them to you."

Kelly looked down at her chest for a moment and then carefully inserted two fingers into the top of each of the cups and stretched them down over her breasts. Smith gasped in amazement as the huge brown, spotty circles of her areolas came into view. She wriggled her bra side-to-side for a moment in an effort to work it fully down, causing her nipples to suddenly pop out like two hard, black, cylindrical pencil erasers. He gauged they were about ten millimetres long, thick and rubbery in texture, with deep creases in the ends.

"Wow, they really are very rubbery aren't they?"

As she fumbled with her bra again to make it comfortable, her breasts finally flopped out over the cups - thrusting themselves forward in a very provocative manner and causing her now very erect nipples to point straight at him.

"Lean forward a little so I can see how they hang."

She obediently bent forwards and let her pendulous breasts dangle out in free space right in front of his face.

"They're not breasts, they're more like udders! Would have been fun to have milked them when Carly was little. Sway them about for me."

They hung like long, distended, rubbery brown melons with whitish stretch marks clearly visible where they grew out from her chest. The entire end of each melon transformed into massive spotty areolas. They were not neatly defined circles, but slightly oval in shape with very soft edges where the contracting light and dark brown breast tissues blurred into each other. Examining them closer, he could see that in fact the pattern of spots, which were very big and angry looking close in to her nipples, became finer and more regular towards the outer edges of her areolas. They then continued all the way up and around the contours of her breasts looking almost a rash of dark freckles.

As he continued to focus his gaze, he realised that out of most of the very prominent pimples which appeared randomly around the base of her teats, sprouted an extremely long, wiry black hair. But they were not straight at all; they were oddly kinked at strange angles just like the hairs on an old woman's head.

"Hairy nipples! That's so unattractive; how embarrassing for you," said Smith.

Kelly immediately crossed her arms and covered her breasts with her hands.

"Don't do that, please."

"Stop staring then. I never let anyone see."

"I can see why. Just how long are those hairs anyway do you think?"

"No idea," replied Kelly. "I did shave them off once but they just grew back even thicker."

"Let's measure them shall we, just for fun? Stretch one out as long as it will go."

Smith reached into his jacket pocket and brought out a small, plastic, child's ruler. He repeated his instruction for her to remove her hands and then reached forward as if to do it for her.

"I said no touching! I will do it."

She dropped her hands and then reached back to caress her left nipple, drawing her fingers through the sparse, crinkly hairs until finally grabbing the end of one. She then drew it out full length until the hair follicle was straining at its root, distorting the fat brown pimple it was attached to.

"Here's the ruler."

Kelly took the ruler in her other hand and tried to hold it up steadily alongside the hair.

"How long is it?" asked Smith.

"Just hold on! This isn't easy." She immediately lost the hair and searched out another one before repeating the exercise with the ruler. After peering at the scale for a few seconds she announced: "Its thirty seven millimetres long." She it let it go and rubbed her breast.

"Will be interesting to see how that compares with the hairs round your cunt."

"You're one weird guy."

"True. So how about you show me eh? Pull your panties down now. Let's measure the hairs round your vagina."

Kelly took a deep breath and ever so slowly peeled off her briefs.

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