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Lyara opened her mouth to hail a greeting to the champions...

Oh yes, oh yes, right there! His clever tongue had discovered her sensitive button.

She widened her legs to give him better access and felt his hum of approval vibrate between her legs.

"Delicious honey pot," he murmured.

With a deep gasp of awareness, Eliza came fully awake. The dark head buried between her thighs was unmistakable even in the near dark.


His finger pushed inside her as his tongue continued to flick her button. Panting, she met his glittering eyes before shamefully closing her own.

"Don't," she whispered, but it had little power, even to her own ears.

Eliza searched for the strength to push him away. Why was she allowing this monster in her bed!

Heat suffused her body and continued to build. She felt driven to the edge of a precipice and whimpered in confusion.

Her traitorous body did not want to be denied. Desire and lust spiraled and twisted around her limbs like a sinuous snake.

Her hips undulated of their own accord against his mouth.

He bit lightly at her slick nubbin and added another finger inside her, curling them slightly as they pushed in and out.

"Come for me now. Give me more of that sweet juice for my cock."

No! No, she didn't want this! Her hands moved down to push him away but instead sank into his dark hair.

"Rockdale, please!"

The orgasm caught her hard. She cried out, body bucking as he held her fast and continued to lash her with his tongue. Pleasure enveloped her in waves of sensation.

"Oh, my God." Breathless and dazed, she finally collapsed back against the mattress.

She felt his mouth against her stomach as he inched her nightgown up.

"My lord will do," Rockdale replied huskily, dipping his tongue into her navel. "But you can refer to me as such if you are feeling particularly blasphemous."

His wicked, self-satisfied grin started her shattered mind to working again. She fumbled for her candlestick, bracing herself to use it and quickly.

He drew her nightgown up over her breasts and paused to leisurely nuzzle and lick her nipples.

"It's in the floor," he whispered against her breasts, nipping her with his teeth.

"How did you get in here?" she demanded and shoved hard at his head.

He tugged her nightgown over her head and tossed it to the side despite her efforts to hang on to it.

"It's my damn house," he returned, kissing the corner of her mouth. "You think to keep me out?"

As if illustrating his point, his hard penis nudged insistently between her legs. She began to struggle in earnest, rearing her fist back to punch him in the face. He grabbed her fist out of the air and wrenched both of her hands over her head.

"I quite enjoyed your moans and cries when you came on my face. In fact, darling, your little pussy was already wet at my first touch. Been thinking of me?" He smirked down at her.

Eliza squirmed against his firm hold. "I wish you had stayed away forever."

He continued to chuckle, rubbing the head of his penis against her folds.

"I'd find that infinitely more convincing if I wasn't covered in all this delightful juice from your pussy."

Eliza gritted her teeth as the blunt tip of his cock abruptly settled into position at the entrance to her womb. Her muscles tensed against the burning stretch she remembered from before.

"Nooo..." she hissed, arching upward. But it was futile. She was snared beneath his big body.

Eliza cried out as the earl's hard length penetrated deep in one powerful thrust. But strangely, there was no pain...only a great fullness.

Her gaze locked with the earl's. She felt open, raw, and vulnerable. Almost as if he could see to her very soul.

He began to move within her, a slow exquisite slide in and out.

"You feel so good, so tight," he crooned, bracing himself on his one free hand above her. "I've missed you, sweet Eliza. Christ! Your pussy clings to my cock like a hungry mouth."

Unwillingly, the whispered naughty words and the slide of his hardness inside set the forbidden spark aflame in her senses again.

"You love having my cock i

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