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A wife finalises the transformation of her husband.

'I'm a dirty slut, always ready for sex, master,' she recited.

'How are you ready, Suzanne?' he asked.

'My cunt is wet and open for cock, my ass is stretched for cock, and my mouth is ready to swallow cock, master,' Suzanne readily said.

'Who's cock, Suzanne?' he asked.

'Anyone my master gives this slave to, master,' she said, completing the recitation.

'Good girl. Follow me upstairs,' he said.

Her master's words were like a magical incantation. This had been worked hard for over the last few days. This moment was so close, she had redoubled her efforts into being an obedient slave-girl for him. Some weeks ago she thought of escaping, but now all she thought of was having a hot shower, and applying make-up.

How many weeks had it been, just washing over a grill in the floor from a bucket of cold water? Sometimes there was enough water to partially wash her hair, but not often. The washing water flushed away her toilet. There was never enough food to completely wash away the hunger.


After a hot shower, Suzanne was standing naked in a spare bedroom. Pure bliss! The walk-in dressing room was filled with clothes, which attracted her like the smell of freshly baked bread. The bread would have attracted her more, as her stomach ached for food. After being naked for several weeks, the prospect of wearing clothes, and shoes, was wonderful.

'Pick out an outfit to wear. Everything here should fit you. No make-up yet,' Harry said. 'Join me in the kitchen when ready,' he added.

'Yes, master, thank you, master,' she eagerly replied.

At last clean and refreshed, she was ecstatic from just looking through all the clothes. For a moment she forgot herself, and held up to her body an expensive cocktail dress. It looked expensive and that brought her round to reality. She was a mere sex slave, and didn't deserve such a garment.

What would her master want her to wear? That was the key to her choice. Suzanne reminded herself that she was a thoroughly trained slave-girl, and must think of her master's wishes at all times.

Pleased with the look, she walked through the house to find the kitchen. The enticing smell of frying bacon was easy to follow.

Suzanne walked into the kitchen to find her master cooking breakfast. Being in her master's presence was wonderful, and seeing real food was wonderful too. She stood to attention with head bowed, waiting of an order.

'Slave is a good girl, and looks good, I approve. Slave has lost excess fat, leaving a sexy curvy figure. I like the choice of clothing, well done slave. You can sit and eat,' he said.

Suzanne swung her hips in pleasure from her master's compliments. Her ambition was to be the most obedient and best serving slave-girl ever. She was proud of the fact that her master hadn't needed to punish her for three whole weeks. It meant she had been a perfect slave-girl for him, and she felt ecstatic just thinking about it.

The little skirt didn't cover much more than her hips, and the blouse was see-through. Knowing her master would like this outfit made it the only possible choice. Nothing but her master's pleasure motivated her now, and she no longer thought of anything else. His training had been thorough, and she appreciated all the time and effort he spent on her.

'Oh!' she yelped when sitting.

'I'll take it out after breakfast,' Harry told her.

Suzanne dare not fidget, as the butt plug gave a twinge of pain. Besides, her master didn't like her fidgeting. A small breakfast was soon finished. As her stomach had shrunk, she had to be careful how much she ate.
'Come over here, slave,' Harry told her, and pointed at his lap.

'So sorry, master, slave is sorry, master,' Suzanne chirruped, with a look of consternation screwing up her face.

'Silly little thing, it's not a punishment. Your master is going to remove the butt plug!' he laughed.

'Oh! Thank you, master,' she giggled.

Over his knee, bare bottom up, he carefully eased the butt plug out.

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