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Jim gets dominated by the forceful and cruel Claretta.

Just outside the door to our history class Ashley turned and called out "Reese!" to a huge black boy. He was easily 6'2 and 225, dwarfing her in comparison. He walked up with a smile and put his hands on her waist, pulling her in for a kiss.

Something about the contrast between their lips and skin made me shiver, and when he ran his huge black hand through her hair it stirred something in me, although if I didn't know what it was at the time. They were beautiful together, and they looked so happy. When the warning bell called off their display of affection, she waved goodbye to him and he entered another classroom. She turned and met my eyes, and must have seen how wide they were. "Oh, that's Reese, my boyfriend." She laughed. "He's the fullback on the football team."

We went into the classroom but I found myself flustered. I took a seat next to them and class began, but I couldn't shake the thoughts of his dark chocolate hands on her lily-white skin. My mind drifted to seeing those hands run up her naked back before I was interrupted by Javier giving me a little push on the shoulder. "You okay there? Did we lose you?" He and Ashley laughed. "Too much Ritalin, or too little?" He joked.

"I guess it's just been a long day so far" I grinned, rubbing my eyes to shake it off. History passed quickly because I had already taken it over the summer, and we spent most of the time in the back goofing off. Ms. Kohler the teacher didn't seem to care about anything at all. Most of the class had their phones out or were talking, but she just kept right on going.

"She's close to retirement" Javier told me. "She just doesn't fight it so the day gets by easier. She'll only stop you if you're doing something crazy."

Ashley spent the last half of the class texting Reese, and when I noticed her start to blush I did my best to sneak a peek at the screen. He was telling her all about the "studying" they would be doing after school and when she typed "lmao stop!" he replied: "That's funny because you usually ask me to never to stop when I'm stretching that white pussy". She turned beet red and hid the screen to her phone.

Fortunately, she hadn't noticed me looking and I soon found myself getting wet, the thoughts from before returning. I quickly excused myself to the bathroom and as soon as I got to the stall I noticed I had pretty much soaked through my panties. Thank god I had another pair for gym. "Oh shit!" I thought. I had forgotten about having to change in from of the other girls. Particularly in front of Ashley and Alicia. I really hoped they wouldn't notice that I had been wet.

After cleaning myself up and exiting the stall, I looked at myself for really the first time today in the full-length mirror on the wall. Sure enough, I looked like shit. On Erin's advice I had put away the wrinkled cardigan but my outfit still didn't make any real sense.

I was slim, 5'4", with long auburn hair that I braided most of the time. I had played field hockey both in school and on a club team for the past three years, and I was in pretty good shape. I didn't exactly rock a 6-pack, but my stomach was toned, and I had very strong thighs and an ass I was actually pretty proud of. My ex would make disparaging comments about it. Maybe I could finally find someone to appreciate it. I had freckled cheeks and a few scattered around my body, but overall had pretty good skin. I had always been very pale, which worked better in the rainy forest of the northwest. "I guess I'll either tan or burn." I said out loud, pressing my fingers to the skin on my neck.

"You'll probably burn.

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