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A pilot joins a very special twelve mile high club.

She cocked a tousled head at me and reached out to place a soft but strong hand on my taut belly.

(You are mine.)

I could understand her, even though her lips didn't move, when she touched my flesh. The fairy communicated mostly telepathically, I wondered, so maybe I could too?

(I am yours. But for how long?) Her lips curved upwards and I realized it had worked! We were talking without words, beaming our thoughts into eachother's head without having to use the cumbersome evolutionary technology of our tongues and mouth chambers!

(For however long I want you to be mine. Time does not work in the same way as it does in your world. In my world, the world of the Fey, a minute can be a lifetime, and a lifetime can be a minute.)

I swallowed again, hard.

(And if I want to see my family and friends again? Will you let me?)

Her fangs flashed.

(If I feel generous towards you. But you have to work at making me feel that way. You work for me now. Well, me and whoever else I let use you.)

Laughter sounds strange telepathically, but I swore she was cackling in my mind as she trailed a sharp fingernail up my belly, over my chest, circling a nipple and then pinching it, quite hard.

"Yow!" I cried out at the sudden sensation. Pain radiated in my breast and Kayla slapped me playfully on the cheek.

(Good slave boy. The sensations of life are sacred. But when I want you to be quiet, you need to be quiet. Do you understand?)

I nodded.

( I do.)

And then I saw them.


In the shadows of the forest I saw two other figures, indistinct and murky. As they grew in size I began to make out their forms. Both seemed to be similarly shaped to my darling Kayla. Two women, or rather two fairies, with voluptuous figures and curves to spare. As they moved closer and closer I noticed one had bright blond hair in two wild pigtails above bright blue eyes, and the other had a fiery red mane that framed a heart-shaped face with an upturned nose. Like Kayla, their bodies were covered with swirling tattoos from another, non-human culture, and like Kayla they only wore their long locks and a spattering of jewelry which seemed made from roots and bones. Their hairless bodies gleamed and shifted in the moonlight as they made their way toward where Kayla stood in front of my naked body bound to the tree.

At the sight of these new fleshpots of supernatural carnal knowledge, The Cock began to stir. Kayla noticed and ran a hand down past my belly button past my thigh, and wrapped it around the beginning swell of my hard-on. Her dainty hand covered only a portion of my heavy meat as it began to rise and point toward the two new fairies, who had arrived in our small glen.

They were both smiling and the blonde came up behind Kayla, running her hand up Kayla's belly and cupping her heavy full breast. Kayla craned her neck to the side and their mouths met. They kissed passionately as I looked onward with fascination as two fairy women made out in front of me.

That was when I had a realization.

Perhaps fairy life was primarily about fucking and sucking and doing it all day long? They were like animals in that they had primal needs that they constantly sought to be met, but unlike animals they could meet those needs with magic and spells! So life was much easier for them, and they must occupy the majority of their lives with fucking!

It was a wondrous thought, and I wished that I could be a part of it. Then I realized I was a part of it! Not exactly by my free will, but not exactly against it either! I didn't know if I would run away if I could, to lose being a part of the scene that was unfolding in front of me.

The Cock grew again to enormous proportions, swelling and throbbing as the meat was filled with desire and lust, a hot rod of cum and pussy parting. Kayla's hand now was spread wide as the full wave of my desire pooled in that gigantic love stick, and I panted a little as I was consumed by the desire to ram The Cock into a wet, hot hole, any hole, something to sheath its mighty veined horniness.

(This one is called Terra, and

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