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Father gives his daughter a good rogering in her ass.

Fingers had continued to play with her pussy and nipples and Monica had cum a few times while giving the blow jobs.

A man came up to Stephen and asked if he could lick Monica's pussy. Stephen told him that he would bring Monica in the back room. "Come here," he said to Monica. She got up and walked over to him. "Sit down," Stephen said, pointing to the chair next to him. "You've done well so far, I'm very pleased. Now I want you to know that I'm opening all your holes up for everyone. We're going to go into the back room. There is a table in there. There is a gentleman in there who wants to eat your pussy. You will go in, take your shorts off and lie on the table with your legs open. I will remain with you and I won't let anyone penetrate you without a condom. I will not let them harm you, but I will let them use you. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Monica replied.

Stephen stood up and took her hand, helping her out of the chair. He put his hand on the small of her back and led her into the back room. Staring straight into Stephen's eyes, Monica took off her shorts, handed them to him and hopped up on the table. She laid back, spread her legs and waited. It wasn't long before she felt a hand run down the inside of her thigh and someone spread her pussy lips. She trembled and waited for what would happen next. She only had a moment to wait before she felt a head between her legs and felt someone push her legs up towards her head. "Keep your legs spread and up in the air." Stephen said from behind her.

The man between her legs licked, sucked, nibbled, teased, fingered, and lapped at her clit and her pussy, that was becoming wetter by the moment. She let out a low moan and fidgeted on the table. "Let him know you're enjoying it girl. I want to hear your moans." Stephen said. Monica immediately began to moan louder. She looked around and saw a bunch of men standing around. This made the experience even hotter for her. She moaned loudly and came as the man between her legs gently bit her clit as he fingered her pussy. The man lapped at her cum as it dripped from her pussy.

"Thank you." Monica murmured and began to close her legs.

"I'm not done." the man replied and pushed them open again, his head once more going down between her thighs.

"You will not close those legs again. Do you understand me?" Stephen said.

"Yes, I understand." Monica panted as the man was pushing her towards another orgasm.

"Who else wants a shot at the slut?" Stephen asked.

Monica could hear a few men replying they were ready. Stephen told the men that they could fuck her in the pussy or the ass if they had a condom. They could have their cocks sucked as long as they didn't cum in her mouth. She heard movement and turned her head to find a cock waiting for her. She reached out and stroked it as she moved herself to the side of the table to bring the cock to her mouth. She started sucking the cock for all she was worth as the head between her legs was brining her to another orgasm. This man had an incredible mouth! She paused at sucking the cock in front of her as the orgasm ripped through her. She yelled out "oh fuck!" and then continued to suck the cock that had fallen from her mouth. It wasn't long before this man pulled from her mouth and jerked his cum all over her face.

She moaned with pleasure as the warm cum covered her face.

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