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She smirked at the girl, finding her actions a bit silly, considering she couldn't feel anything. The sight of her daughter eagerly sucking at her fake penis quickly started to arouse the older woman, however. She bit her lip and slipped her fingers through Bree's hair, holding her face against the thick strap on.

"You like sucking Mama's cock, Dear?"

Bree was slurping at her mom's dildo enthusiastically. The toy reminded her of Melvin, and her pussy was creaming as she remembered the orgasms Paige had given her with him! She pushed herself down hard on the rubber shaft, gagging as it pressed against the back of her throat.

"Oh my God... Sweetie... That's so sexy..." Lilian groaned. She started rocking her hips, fucking the toy wantonly into her daughter's mouth. Her pussy was beginning to leak fluid through the thin harness and down her inner thighs. "You want it in your pussy, now, Baby?"

In response, Bree pulled back, leaving thick gobs of saliva on the purple phallus. She leapt back onto the bed and spread her legs wide, putting her pussy on full display.

Lilian licked her lips and climbed on the bed too. She crawled on top of Bree, and the girl pulled her down into a hungry kiss.

"Fuck me, Mommy... Please... I need you so badly!" her daughter moaned.

Lilian felt her pussy creaming, and she lowered her cock to Bree's waiting pussy. She rubbed it lightly against Bree's gooey snatch, driving the girl crazy with desire.

"Stop teasing me, Mommy, please!! Push it inside!" Bree whined.

Lilian smirked, but relented, moving her hips forward. The dildo began to push inside, and Bree groaned, tossing her head back in bliss.

"Push it in deep, Mom! I want it all!"

The older woman obeyed her daughter's request, not stopping until the toy was pressed to the hilt inside Bree's pussy. Bree looked up at her mother with smouldering eyes. They started kissing again, and Lilian rocked her hips, moving the strap on gently back and forth.

Pleasure surged in both women as they began to fuck in earnest. The large dildo stroked steadily in Bree's slippery pussy, while the inner ridges of the strap on scraped delightfully against Lilian's clit. They made out passionately as they fucked, their tongues lashing against each other inside their open mouths. The two women whimpered as they pounded their inflamed bodies together over and over.

Bree pulled her head back, her tongue sliding from Lilian's steamy lips. "Jesus, Mom! Don't stop! That feels so fucking amazing!"

"You like that, Sweetie? You like having Mommy's cock deep inside you?" Lilian panted. Her daughter whined and nodded her head vigorously.

Lilian was on fire. Her nipples scraped against her daughter's breasts. She lowered her lips to Bree's throat and sucked it hungrily. The younger girl whimpered under her ravenous mouth, and pushed their chests tightly together.

The older woman suddenly pulled herself up and flipped her daughter over with brisk hands. Bree landed on her knees, squealing with surprise. She groaned aloud when she felt the strap on slide back inside her from behind.

Lilian gripped her daughter's waist and started pumping her cunt with greater ferocity. Her hips pistoned faster and faster against Bree's bucking ass.

"Ooooooo... Yes, Mommy! Fuck, you're so deep inside me!"

Lilian didn't reply, but brought an open palm down hard on one of Bree's ass cheeks. The slap made her daughter groan, drool running down her chin.

Bree undulated beneath her mother, trembling with arousal. Her nipples throbbed as her breasts swung beneath her. Her body began to shine with perspiration. She pushed herself back hard against Lilian's cock, impaling her pussy over and over again on the rubber shaft.

The sheets twisted in the younger girl's grip as she gyrated frantically on her mom's strap on. She was quickly building to a powerful cum, her pussy squelching with each vigorous thrust.

Lilian was getting closer, too, her clit rubbing raw against the inside of her harness.

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