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Working with the WWE has its benefits.

"Now get down on the bed and spread your legs," I said, commanding her again.

She resumed her previous position, and looked at me, breathing heavily and licking her lips.

"Rub your pussy for me," I said.

She licked her fingers and started playing with her beautiful glistening pussy. She closed her eyes and rubbed it faster, sticking her middle finger from time to time deep in her now dripping wet opening. I went to a drawer and took two of Mina's dildos, one smaller and one larger. I also took two silk scarfs, a blindfold, a belt and a bottle of body oil. I put it down on the bed and went back next to the camera.

By now Mona was finger fucking her pussy fast. She was moaning and twisting her hips, but I didn't want her to come yet.

"Take the big dildo," I said.

She obeyed. She took the dildo, licked it and started sucking on it while still playing with her cunt. After some time, she took it out of her mouth and started teasing her pussy with it. She was moving it up and down along her pussy lips, rubbing herself, while playing with her tits with her free hand. Then she put it inside and gasped. She slowly eased it in while moaning out loud.

"I want you in me," she said, while fucking herself.

"Please fuck me, now," she said in a pleading voice.

"Please fuck me Rick. I want your cock, I need your cock in me, right now," she begged. "PLEASE FUCK ME OR I'LL GO CRAZY."

"I will, but not just yet," I said.

"Take the other dildo and get on your hands and knees," I instructed her.

"Now prepare that sweet little butthole," I said while giving her the oil.

She applied some of the oil on her fingers and started stretching her amazing asshole. It was a heavenly sight. My best friends' girlfriend, a top model type of a woman, here in my bedroom, on her knees, stretching her sweet honey hole and preparing to stick a dildo in it.

She added one more finger, and after a few minutes a third one. Now she was ready for something bigger.

"Now fuck your sweet ass with that dildo, and fuck it hard," I said.

She laid her head down on the mattress, leaving her ass high up in the air. She grabbed her left ass cheek with her left hand and pushed the dildo half way up her ass with her right hand. She left it there for a few seconds, and then started fucking herself with it faster and faster. She groaned and moaned and I realized that she will cum this time, and I decided to let her do it. She deserved a little reward.

"Oh, oh, oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, aaaahhh, YESSSS, FUCK!" she screamed shivering, and let out a prolonged moan.

She was still in the same position, breathing heavily with a dildo sticking out of her ass. I let her rest for a minute and then I climbed up on the bed. My cock was killing me in my pants. It's never been harder, but I still wanted to do one thing before I take my turn on her.

I took the silk scarves and tied her hands to the headboard posts. She could still move her arms, but only for a couple of inches. Then I took a blindfold and put it over her eyes. She was silent all the way. I left her there and I went to grab another drink. I came back and I set on the floor with a drink in my hand. I unbuttoned my pants to release my cock and it sprang out in full size. I slowly stroke it while watching Mona and sipping my drink.

After maybe ten minutes I stood up and got up on the bed. I positioned her legs so that her ass was up and her legs slightly spread. Her head was down and her arms were raised up tied to the posts. I touched her neck with my fingers and moved them all the way down to her lower back, barely touching her. She shivered. I got to my knees, I took her ass cheeks in my hands and I licked her puckered asshole with the tip of my tongue. She moaned.

I started eating her out alternating between her ass and her pussy, licking and slurping and enjoying her sweet juices.

"Oh my God, oh my God!" she moaned.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" I asked while taking the belt.

"Yes," she said.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" I asked again and slapped her lightly on he

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