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Brother's lust for her is revealed.

He moved his hips so that his tip was on her womanhood.

"No!" She said, moving her hips away from his and leaving him wanting. "You need to lick me first. For lubrication," She said and his eyebrows furrowed and he realised that he had been too intent on his own pleasure. "Don't think," She scolded "Just do."

With that command Belcarm slid down her body until his face was level with her womanly part. Tentatively, he gave her one long lick from her hole to her top and she laughed.

"I see I have a few things to teach you." She laughed. Belcarm stiffened at her comment. "Relax, Belcarm, it's not an insult. No one is born as the perfect lover... Now, use your tongue to part my folds, then find the little nub at the top of me and concentrate on that."

Belcarm knew he had done the right thing when she cried out. He pressed against the full nub and grinned with satisfaction when she cried out again.

"Good, now try some different patterns and speeds. You should know whether I like it or not from my reaction," She directed. Despite the fact that Athumat was, most certainly, not Belarm's type, he was finding their interactions incredibly arousing. That, combined with the alcohol, meant that the pain of Livinia's refusal was dulled.

Belcarm was happy to comply, tracing small circles around her clitoris. Next he alternated small licks and nibbles, then sucked, and then when he begun small rhythmic strokes he knew that he was pleasing her. Her hands tangled in his hair and she begun to cry out more loudly,the sounds becoming louder and longer as her hold on his hair became uncomfortably tight.

"Put your finger inside me," She managed to breathe between moans, and he pressed the tip of his middle finger on his right hand against her entrance. "Do it!" She cried, and he slid his finger in with one fluid movement. "Now go in and out. Use your finger like you are fucking me." This was an instruction that he could understand without much difficulty.
Belcarm eagerly rammed his finger in and out of her as he licked her in small but sure strokes. Before long he felt the squeezes of her core becoming closer and closer together, and when she cried out his name she pulsed around him in a way that made him desperate to sink into her. Her moans quickly turned into whimpers and she pulled away from him.

"Enough, Belcarm!" She cried and he stopped suddenly.

"What is it?" He asked, concerned.

"Nothing, I just need a bit of a breather before you continuem" She said, sitting up. "Lay down on the bed. I want you inside me."

Belcarm fell to his back and watched eagerly as she climbed on top of him. He couldn't help but imagine that her skin was the colour of cream, and that her hair was as red as fire. His gut clenched and he tried to block Livinia's image from his mind. It was Athumat that was pressing herself against his eager erection, and it was Athumat who sunk down around him. Her cold core was tight and soft around him and he closed his eyes as the pleasure swept over him.

"Here," She reached down and gripped his hands bringing them to her breasts as she begun to ride him at a leisurely place. "If my breasts are reachable then you should always touch them." She smiled as she spoke, clearly pleased to have someone receptive to her teachings. Moving his palms over her hardened nipples, Belcarm decided that this was a very good mantra. The fell of her full breasts in his hands added to the sensation and his eyes fell shut as he focused on the storm of sensations assaulting him.

When Belcarm heard her moans increasing in intensity his eyes snapped open. Her fingers dug into the skin of his chest, it would have been painful if he didn't have the sensational distraction of her pussy tightening around him. Athumat's face contorted in pleasure and Belcarm felt the build up of his own impending orgasm.

"Don't you dare come!" Athumat moaned as her pace increased "I am nowhere near finished with you!"

The words made Belcarm groan.

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