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A girl finds herself in love... with a vampire.


Vincent offers to shake hands, and when she accepts he says, 'I go by the name of Vincent now, and I have only started to remember smatterings of my former life as Heathcliff. And I think it is Victor's tale to tell how that came about. I thought you would have heard it by now, you've already spent quite some time together.'

At his knowing look, Victor colours and excuses himself.

'We've actually spent most of the time you were at the theatre sleeping, Mina is not totally recovered yet and needs more sleep than usual. Needless to say I could use it too. I don't know how you manage, playing a show day in day out after working through the night, being wounded quite severely on top of it.'

Realizing this is true, Adison feels a stab of guilt, not having thought of it herself. But Vincent makes little of it.

'Apparently you made me really strong and tireless, I really don't feel worse for wear.'

Mina puts in her two cents here.

'You never slept much when I knew you either. But I'm nearly dying of curiosity now.'

Adison and Victor are both pleased to see her piqued with interest, instead of sad and guilty.

Victor knows it is his turn to explain first, and he doesn't spare himself in his tale.

'The man you knew as Heathcliff was brought into my pathology workshop dying of head trauma. I had been planning to create a superhuman by treating a corpse with a special chemical mixture, then starting the heart again with electricity.

This body was in excellent shape and looked very strong, and the damage that was killing it could easily be remedied once he was dead. There was a severe thunderstorm predicted the day after, so I kept him alive until it arrived, then killed him, fixed the skull, set him up in my machine.

Lightning struck, he came to life, but he was covered in blood through my sloppy suturing and in excruciating pain because of the lightning and probably the chemicals as well. His screams of pain and the blood made him look horrible, and when he saw me and came towards me he seemed mindless and very aggressive, and I fled, leaving him behind to suffer the pain in loneliness.His cries were heart-rending, but I heard them as threatening.

Adison came up from next door in reaction to his screams and saw straight away what I had missed: my progeny was not mindless and violent, but in agony, his mind wiped by my procedure, a true newborn with no sense of self. She cured his wounds and filled his loneliness. She gave him love and instruction. She and I set up a practice together, and Vincent grew up within a few months.

I felt a lot of guilt towards Vincent, for in the beginning he was really afraid of me. When he was grown up, we became friends, and then he and Adison discovered that they loved each other. Though I was afraid they'd leave me, they stayed, Adison and I continuing our practice and Vincent starting a career as actor.

Through my work as medical examiner your father found me, getting us all involved in your situation.'

Mina now feels justified to take a good long look at Heathcliff, or Vincent, as he is now called. She catches his eye, and speaks directly to him.

'You are nearly the same man to look at, you have the same strong body with its erect carriage and proud bearing, the same longish black hair, the same facial features. But there the resemblance ends. Heathcliff had very dark, nearly black eyes and a swarthy skin. Your skin is so white as to be nearly translucent.

And your eyes are very different, the yellow colour gives you the same intense stare as Heathcliff had, but I also see life and friendliness in them. You have a sense of humour, he didn't.'

She stops talking, looks at Victor, and asks him, 'Did your chemicals do that, bleach his skin and eyes? It must have been strong stuff, small wonder he had no memories.'

Then, at Vincent again.

'Your face also looks softer, that may be the colour or because you seem to lack a beard.

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