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A housewife slips into the world’s oldest profession.

"I like your penis very much, most pleasant."

Mary took a deep breath then deep throated him until his cock head hit the back of her throat. Her eyes watered and she gagged once but recovered with sheer expertise. She felt her pussy twitch as she mashed her nose against his pelvic bone. Then she released him and left a string of spit that stayed connected by her lips to his knob, finally breaking and running down the underside of his twitching stalk.

"Now the question might arise when you have reached the point of no return of your partner will suck or swallow. Are you ready?"

FUCK YEAH, Bert screamed in his head.

"Quite ready, Mary," he actually whispered.

"Then, I think I shall swallow."

She gave a sniff with her nose and then Mary resumed her sucking and salaciously slid her mouth down on his length once more. Her slippery tongue was all over the plum like head, darting here and there, teasing and tickling him. He looked down at her fine head of hair as she knelt at his feet, moving up and down without a care in the world. His balls ached for relief and he couldn't last any longer, and he roared loudly.


Bert shot his seed and spurted down the throat of the accommodating woman. Expecting a big load Mary held still and felt her mouth fill with the hot, thick goo. There was certainly a lot and she had to choke the salty stuff back with several big gulps. She kept his cock in her mouth until he stopped pulsing.

"Strike me pink! You ARE quite the pistol!"

"Born and raised in Texas."

Mary stood and put the back of her hand to her chin.

"In the morning we shall discuss sexual intercourse. Theoretical and practical I think."

Fucking A! Thought Bert.

Bert rose and ate breakfast of a bacon and egg taco and coffee. When he entered the room where Mary Poppins had been giving him lessons she was nowhere to be seen. He noticed a hand written note on the rustic wood table which read simply 'come up to my bedroom.'

"Gee, I could sit still for that."

Faster than greased lightning he ran up the stairs two steps at a time, kicking his boots off as he went. The door to her room was half open and the young Texan cautiously entered. There, reclining on the bed was the seductive tutor in a crepe satin step in chemise in salmon pink. The short hem was rucked back to her nether region as she bent her left leg at the knee provocatively. Up to knee level she wore black stockings of flawless silk with a seam effect back. Bert thought she looked like something from the 1920's, as in the Great Gatsby, yet the slim, leggy woman was surprisingly enchanting.

"Welcome to my boudoir. Take off your clothes as I tell you about the Kama Sutra."

As Bert stripped eagerly he looked around the room. The bright Texas sun was blotted out with the drapes drawn, and several lamps made the room dimly lit, presumably for a more romantic feel. Once naked Bert sported a raging hard on in anticipation of what was to come. Mary crooked her index finger to him and he sat by her on the bed. As he drew closer he realised the alluring woman wore no underwear under the chemise. A suggestion of lavender wafted to his nostrils.

"Despite being centuries old the Kama sutra is just as relevant today. To add some spice to your relationship, and keep your partner interesting in the bed, different positions help matters." Without thinking Bert rubbed his erection, his attention rapt. Was she going to let him fuck her? He saw her left hand at her snatch seemingly applying some Vaseline or lubrication as she spoke.

"We'll take the foreplay as read, agreed? Now the most popular position in the world is called missionary, the male settles between the woman who lies on her back. Let me demonstrate."

Mary hiked her garment high up on her stomach and exposed the welcome sight of her trim pussy. Bert rubbed his stiffness harder, they were going to have sex! He smacked his lips at the erotic picture before him, her lithe straight pins and her flat belly.

Mary was equally pleased at her first look of the

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