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Bound and Bred for the Billionaire Part 3

"What can I get you?" she asked, smiling.

Due to my upbringing I had very little contact with alcohol.

When I was 17, my best mate and I had bought three 6-packs of beer and drunk them all, which made me both vomit and question the idea of drinking. Later, I snuck out to a night club and ordered a Southern Comfort and Coke -- because that was what the bloke in front of me ordered.

Given that Southern Comfort was all I knew, I asked her if she had any. She did, mixed us both a drink and sat back down to talk.

The drink relaxed me and we chatted for a while. I noticed her stretching her back and wincing at one stage, so I took the plunge and asked her if she wanted a massage.

"Yes please!" was the reply.

We went into her bedroom. Jen switched on a table lamp, smiled at me and lay face down on the bed. I was quick to notice that she loosened her bathrobe and shrugged it down her shoulders as she lay down. By this time I had an erection and the thought of her breasts being bare under her only added to the stiffness.

I started massaging her neck and shoulders, marveling at the feel of a woman's skin -- something I'd never touched before. She relaxed and was enjoying the massage.

As I worked lower on her shoulders I started nudging the bathrobe further and further down. By this time I was massaging her back and could see the sides of her breasts. My erection was painful, pushing furiously against my jeans. I straddled her legs and moved even further down, so her bathrobe was draped over her smooth slopes of her gorgeous buttocks.

I jumped off the bed and started massaging her legs, starting at her ankles and working up. As I went higher and started on her thighs, my excitement was rising ever higher. My breathing was faster and waves of sexual frisson crashed through me... this was the most sexual experience of my life!

I didn't have the experience to know that she was excited too. My only previous encounter with sexuality was in the pages of porno mags -- and photos of a jaded porn star being stuffed with a black cock do not prepare you for a real woman.

I started slipping my hands under the edge of the bathrobe and gently massaging her butt. I was almost coming with excitement -- for the first time I was actually touching a woman's nude bottom! Jen was letting out slight moans by this time, which I assumed just meant she was enjoying the massage.

Suddenly, she reached an arm back. Startled, I stopped, worried that I'd gone too far by touching her arse. But what she did shocked and delighted me... she grabbed the bathrobe and pulled it off her completely, leaving her lying there totally nude.

My eyes must have popped out as I gazed at the sight of this gorgeous woman, lying naked in front of me, her breathing quick and ragged. Her legs were slightly apart and in the dim light I could just see the furriness on her labia.

It's amazing that I didn't come in my jeans then and there. I was so excited but didn't know what to do next. A story from a magazine went through my mind, about a seduction involving an ice cube. My voice trembling, I said "I'll just go and get some ice..."

I had turned and was about to go to the kitchen when her hand grabbed my arm. Her voice, throaty and compelling, said "Come here."

As I turned back to her she rolled onto her back. Suddenly the lovely melon-shaped breasts that I'd been trying to see all evening were right there in front of me. From these creamy mounds her light brown nipples jutted, and even in my excitement I thought "She must be cold!" My eyes travelled downwards, over her smooth belly with its deep belly button, to territory I'd only ever seen photos of.

Her bush was a darker blonde than her hair and was trimmed at the sides, leaving a wide stripe of fur that led down to her thighs which were pressed together. As I watched, she spread her legs slowly and I could see the glisten of moisture on the pink lips that came into view.

As if stunned, I stood there as her hand which gripped my arm led my hand to that incredibly beautiful pussy

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